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  1. Ian .. any suggestions about removing the front shocks .. and .. doing a rebuild .. ? my car is shaping up .. turning my attention the the brakes and suspension hood all is ok .. les
  2. Where do you live .. looking at the logistics . les
  3. Ian: how did you approach the restoration of the “rubber” frame around the rear quarter windows .?? like most, mine is damaged and needs some repairs ., les
  4. That’s a KC not a KCl. . Thx
  5. Starting a ‘35 humpback restoration and could use a better frame thx ., les
  6. Starting a restoration of a ‘35 Humpback and could use a better frame .. thanx .. les
  7. Starting a restoration of a ‘35 Humpback and could use a better frame .. thanx .. les
  8. Are these parts still available ? interested ... les 408-201-3829
  9. Are you selling this ?? interested .. les 1934 dodge dr 4-door
  10. overdrive for ‘35 dodge sought.. tx ..les
  11. FRONT fender (sidemount) installation: looks as if I may do this solo .. can you provide as my advice as to a safe and good fitting? ... I may have to do this alone .. so wanna be careful my radiator shell is chromed and painted and the grill is ready to install maybe a few pointers ! tx .. les
  12. Ian .. thx for the excellent pics .. they confirm my understanding .. and .. that I will need to chrome the windshield hinge brackets nice job on those thx .. les
  13. Ian .. after hours of looking i finally figured out the exact mounts .. and was fortunate to find someone who had them .. very lucky !
  14. looking for a pair of windshield mounting brackets (and hinges) for my 1934 Dodge sedan ... please look at pictures thx! les
  15. Ian .. Do you have a picture showing how the windshield hinge mounts to the windshield frame the large flange seems to screw into the interior header area where the are two holes Spaced 2 1/4” apart .. that leaves the small flange with two holes to fasten to the windshield .. right?? tx .. les
  16. Due to minimal clearance with the body the supporting arm might best be attached OUTSIDE the bumper bracket .. this may interfere with placement of the base cap and cover
  17. Trunk rack support mounting: pictures should do the trick support fits without stress .. attached behind the bumper bracket .. les
  18. Yes it as appears that the supports pictured above are the correct length and angle to bolt onto the bumper bracket and then bolt into the the luggage rack rod .. now I have to take the bumper off and see where it can attach with out interfering with the bracket cover plates .. and/or allowing the bracket covers to fit .. I think you know what I’m referring to .??:))) geez ..
  19. Here are the two photos from original purchase .. not that it means they are correct .. ..
  20. I checked the fitting and it seems they would fit near the end of the rod .. either inside or outside .. most likely outside ... where the rod goes thru the main bracket to me that makes sense since it would give the rack some triangular support and be permanent .. funny ...
  21. They fasten to the bumper bolt .. but where on the luggage rack ? i “remember” the rack folding up and down when they were on .. ??? Hen I dust examines the car .. My pictures suggest they were attached to the end of the horizontal support rod .. ?? any of that make sense ??
  22. Of course maybe I removed the bumper and hardware first??
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