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  1. You beat me to the question I was going to ask !
  2. They said 3 months. That allows for them to do other already prebooked jobs etc....also give me time to work on and have ready a number of smaller but fiddly parts. I'm glad you didn't ask how much......I might end up with the bum ripped out of my pants !
  3. Well finally the old girl moved and is on her way to the Upholsterer. Been a while since she's seen daylight. Now I can finally sort out whats left to do and all the finishing pieces. Hopefully catch up with a fellow 34 owner on Wednesday and going to see someone about an exhaust system. I literally did not have one that came with the car. Cheers Ian
  4. Bit of spit and polish before she goes to the upholsterers
  5. Great to see your back and pain free......guess what....I'm going to see a knee surgeon on Wednesday to get an opinion......I think its catching !!!
  6. My door sill cover were made by : Donald Kuehn Door Sills LLC, I have 2 addresses : 302 Legion Place, Haledon, NJ 07508 United States or 81 Graham Avenue, North Haledon, NJ 07508 United States Phone (973) 423-1196 I bought mine in 2011 and cost me USD$270 which included shipping. Probably cost a little bit more now ! Hope this helps Ian
  7. When I get home after work I'll post his details....I know it took a few months but what an excellent job !
  8. These were my original sill covers. 8 years ago found a guy in the states who made reproduction ones complete with original etching pattern. I love looking at these.....
  9. Looks like I may have bought 36 ones instead of 34's. I'll have to go through all my locks etc and see if I can get 2 good locks from what I have........bugger !!!
  10. Found some original size tubing for the other anti rattle window rollers for the front doors. To get them straight I used bamboo skewers inside them an put them in the microwave for 5 seconds. That heated them up enough to straighten them out. Inserted the two rods and gently tapped them back into the repainted holders. Only problem is they dont seem to fit between the inner door panel to the window...they're about 1/4" too big.....another problem to sort out ! Installed the four little clips that I had that this forum helped me out where they went too. Found and polished the two rear window winder handles and the two front vent window winder handles. Cheers Ian
  11. So I have a question for the forum as I'm not sure about this one. I went to sort out my locking hubcaps and found that I have two different types of locks. One has a three point mounting point to the hubcap base and the other has a two point mount. Any ideas ? Cheers Ian
  12. I try and get as close to original as I can get, but having limited funds ( as we all do ) and an even more limited amount of suppliers in Australia, it is tricky trying the get the result I expect. i did purchase some items many years ago hoping that when the time came that everything fitted in place. Not everything has gone to plan but some things I absolutely thrilled with the result. One item is the sill covers. I found a guy in the States who made replica ones even with the etched Dodge Emblem. I bought those around 9 years ago. I'll post some pics of those little beauties when I remember where I put them. Some of the guys that have made things for the car are no longer with us which is sad as those a truly good tradesmen. More to come !!
  13. Thanks Bernie, I'll say g'day for you. Cheers Ian
  14. Interesting catalogue, I'll save this and have a good look through it. Your correct, the one on top of page 22 is for the 34 DR model. I'd have to modify it slightly as there are no cutouts for the 2 spare wheel support brackets which sit under the dash on each side ( if you look at my pictures you'll see them cut out on the sides. Also I'd have to cut out the steering column housing as mine is a right hand drive. Freight would also add a significant amount to it. This is why I have to try and source things locally as freight is a killer to get things into this country. Many thanks for posting this catalogue.....very interesting.
  15. To cover over the battery hole in the floor I had a 3mm stainless steel plate made. Using furniture caster holders, I cut one side off so they fitted between where the hole is going and the edge of the timber. Tapped them in place, drilled a hole from the top and polished the top as well as I could. Once the carpet goes in you won't really see this but wanted to make it as strong as possible. I ligned the underside with some very thin stick on felt tape to avoid any rattling.