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  1. That sounds familiar. I've had a double level fusion on to spine. It's been a while ago now but at least I don't have the pain anymore. Take it slow and don't push it, and you'll be back in the garage before you know it.
  2. very funny Bernie. That explains why they are all in my back yard ! Ian
  3. Very nice job and great photos Bernie. I might pop over this weekend and collect my hubcap if you'll be around. How did you get the number 568 for the club registration ? Cheers Ian
  4. Hi Donald and Roger, in Australia you have to get a car roadworthy prior registration and both can be a bit of a trap if you don't know what your doing. both also apply to what we call "club registration" where by you are limited by the kilometres driven per year and you must also maintain a log book of face a hefty fine. Club registration is approx half of the normal registration. It costs approx $680 for registration per year. you are also wise to have insurance. you can get insurance if your car is laid up during restoration. to get a vintage car registered you have to prove its yours which
  5. Great shots Bernie. Very nice indeed. You've done the restoring world proud. Cheers Ian
  6. Bernie, Brilliant job. Looking back at what you started with a lot of people would have given up. I'm looking forward to following the next one. Can you look back and say it was completed on Australia Day ? Cheers Ian
  7. Hi Bernie, You'll be interested to know I'm going out to the airport on Saturday to pick up my cousin and her husband. They are Australians but now live in a little town called Boersch ( I hope I spelt that correctly ) which is near Strazbourg, close to the E35 Freeway. He's ( now retired ) a professor at the University and does research in Inorganic Chemistry. He tried to explain one day what he actually did and I was lost after the first ten words. Don't think he could fix a car though even if his life depended on it !!! Keep the photos coming...like a lot of readers, looking forward to the
  8. Bernie, i would have been surprised if it had not started with the amount of work you put into your cars. although I did hear a bang from my house and I was hoping it wasn't you ! well done ian
  9. hi bernie, are you going to Dave the painter Xmas BBQ lunch at his factory ? if you are could you take my hubcap. talk soon Ian
  10. Hi Bernie, I was thinking of you when I drove past the upholsterers yesterday. I went to pick up my daughter from school and even though I parked in the shade my car was registering 45 degrees in the shade ! I found a cool spot under my Dodge lying on the concrete floor until the sun hit the garage doors then I packed it in. Bernie, your car is looking fantastic and the roof just makes the car all that much better. I'm now looking forward to see the job he'll do on my car's interior when the time comes. Keep posting photos.....it keeps me going on my project. Cheers Ian
  11. Hi Bernie, I too found more enjoyment tinkering with my car than watching horses bolt around a circle. Your car is progressing well. Whats your estimation before you start her up ? Cheers Ian
  12. When I had the floor blasted, there were no signes of repair or panel replacement. Unless the floor pan was replaced. Hmmmmm....I keep haveing a look every time I see a 34. Ian
  13. Bernie, Great progress and I too can't wait for the first fire up of the engine ! You mentioned you can't replate the motometer main body as it is very brittle. What about those placed that do the spray chrome. Its suppose to look like chrome and withstand heat. Anyhow I'd just thought i'd throw that idea into the pot ! Cheers Ian IM WITH BERNIE TOO.....ALL YOU GUYS ON THE EAST COAST....LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES !!! ( and your cars ! )
  14. Jason, Interesting ingo on the tool kits. Again, a few of my friends came over with their 34's the other weekend and I sussed out if they had tool boxes in their cars. Both have Richards bodies and both have tool boxes. I took photos for you as I know your interested in this. Also, where their tool boxes are located in their cars, mine has the solid steel floor. Anyhow, food for thought. Cheers Ian
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