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  1. Great job Matt, you are certainly a master craftsman when it come to this. I'd still be in jail after I shot the person who did this !! It's an absolute credit to you.....well done mate !
  2. Oh Matt........noooooooooo........I've just caught up whats been happening and I cannot believe it !!! I would have sat in the gutter and cried.....how you kept your cool is beyond me.....I would have lost it big time. Glad you and Jude are ok....and that it wasn't worse for that reason. I guess the only positive thing is you built it so you know where everything goes but that doesn't make up for the pride when she was finished. I am so very, very sorry this has happened. I feel for you.....I really do.
  3. This is what I used on mine. Maybe a different name in the States though. If you go to Page 13 of my thread you'll see the process I used of installing my roof. Maybe give you some ideas. Sorry about my thread being out of order, it happened when they tried to merge two threads into one......made a complete mess of it.
  4. Thanks Steve, Still sorting out Estate items which will go on for another 12 months I think. I will get the car finished.....mines now not about money.....everything has been paid for, but more so time.....never enough !! Sometimes I get home after work and I'm absolutely buggered.....I think I'm wearing out. I'll be back to the car this week so still pushing along.
  5. Great work on the roof Richard. I think I only had a few pieces of wood left and I couldn't even get a pattern.....I had to get mine done by my body repair guy. Its getting there !
  6. Sorry I've been off the forum for a while, a lot of things going on as well as leading up to the end of financial year. We run a small internet business from home as well as working which has exploded during Corona so I've had to get another storage shed built. I'm not building it but wiring, finishing and painting all takes a long time. here's a few shots. Its basically double the floor space of the shed next to it. For those that love a bit of detail........notice the dog kennel in the forth photo.....he has his own deck and porch light. This weekend coming I'll be back on the Dodge, I promise !
  7. Looks similar to my 34 but maybe a 33 or 35 ???? ( mine doesn't have the long removable pieces )
  8. Absolutely stunning work....just caught up after a stint away and all I can say is wow. Matt, what would we do without you ! ( i'd probably feel less inadequate but thats another storey ! )
  9. Looks great Ron...........come over here and help me will ya !!!
  10. Not as nice as your car I'm afraid ! Don't know about you but god I'm sick of these damn lockdowns. I feel sorry for my wife....she's a Nurse manager at a medical practice....almost doubled her hours with the Covid Vaccine and now the flu clinics... We had this weekend booked to go away to the country........well thats not going to happen ! Ho hum....
  11. Well Matt, I have enjoyed reading you progress but disappointed your finished.....the inspiration has really spurred me on ( I'm a little slower than you ). You have done an amazing job. Well done. I'd like to catch up one day.......... Cheers Ian
  12. Thanks Joe. Given that the door cards are potentially thicker than that used in 1934 maybe a bit of grinding of the back of the card may help ?
  13. I've actually posed this question under Dodge Brothers and was just wanting to see what other members thought. I'm in the process of installing the door handles ( interior ) to my 1934 Dodge. There seems to be different thoughts as to which way the spring goes and if it does, to what extent is passes through the lining board. Just from looking at it I'm assuming the spring ( small end ) sits against the metal of the inner door frame and passes through a hole cut in the lining board. Again I'm assuming the spring rests then against the padding and interior covering material. The complete upholstered door lining card is then installed. This would then produce two bulges in the material around the shaft that the interior handles are installed on. The escutcheon is then placed over the shaft and pushed back to reveal the shaft. The door handle is then installed and the retaining pin put in its place. Once this is done the pressure applied to the escutcheon ( so the handles can be mounted ) is then released thus giving the finished product. The problem is that the little spring when turned around fits exactly into the escutcheon so was wondering if this is a better mounting option ? Also is what I've said above correct or does the the spring pass through the board, padding and lining material and sit inside the Escutcheon plate ? Experience in this area would be appreciated. I've attached some various pics to look at. Cheers Ian
  14. And to top it off I have a large hole on the window winder and a small hole on the door opener......just to confuse me further.
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