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  1. Hey Matt, Not sure if this helps but to remove the bunching up my upholsterer applies heat to the leather. He left the seat in the sun and it disappeared. He also used a hair dryer to warm ( not heat ) the material and again this removed the bunching up. looking great.......you certainly have a lot of talent to attempt this.
  2. Oh my god........you’ve certainly copped both end of it haven't you ! Take care mate, I’m thinking of you........your health come first.
  3. What a great tone the car has and looked great. Well done Bud.....absolutely stunning. Now I feel inadequate !.....thanks
  4. Hey thanks Keith. Yeah both rear brakes I've used it and now I'll do the front as well. Both this tool and brake spring tool make a job I was dreading a lot easier to deal with. Cheers Ian
  5. Thanks Matt, Tried to keep it in with the year of the car. Wish I had the drive and experience you have with the cars. I'm aiming at trying to finish mine mid this year but see how we go.
  6. That’s weird.....I work around the corner from them. This is where my tyres are coming from when I’m ready. Ben and the boys will look after you !
  7. Ok, so back on the car now we've got a lot of my mum's estate sorted. I didn't want to pay a solicitor to do the probate so I did it myself....its actually quite easy with step by step instructions on the supreme court website. ( anyone in Oz that has to go through the same process its worth a look ) Soooo....finished readjusting the rear brakes, cleaned up the pistons and bolted everything back on. I used my nifty little brake adjustment tool I got from a guy in the States. Now I have to redo the front brakes and bleed them. Started back on the interior. I re
  8. Stunning work Matt, it is certainly a credit to you. Where are you getting the tyres from ?
  9. Absolutely stunning.......but for god's sake slow down.....I need to get mine done first !!!
  10. Good job my friend. Great when you hear that engine first fire up. Testament to the great work that your doing. Cheers Ian
  11. Absolutely stunning work. Your detail is amazing. can’t wait to see the finished product.
  12. After a bit of advice. Thinking of selling my Dodge Passenger Car Master Parts List Volume 2 Book. This is an original and not a reprint. Really good condition for its age and no scribbling inside. Obviously suit someone with just Volume 1 i guess. I've never had Volume 1 and I've seen both books go for $300. Do you think $150 is a fair price ?
  13. Hey mate, Thanks for the follow up. It’s stressing me out not working on the car. doing ok.....just so much to do...... Trying to get back to it. I really wanted to finish the car and take mum for a drive in it. Never mind....back to it ASAP. cheers
  14. Hi Les, You mean those damn metal frames which have that damn vulcanised rubber surrounding them that are for those damn rear quarter windows ??? Off and on for eight years I searched for a solution for these things.....they are a s rare as hen's teeth.....only because the water use to sit in them and rust the metal frame out. What I had was that one of my complete frames was in pretty good condition. The guy that organised my glass for the car, I showed him and told him of my plight. At this point I was telling anybody that would listen. He reckoned he could make up a
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