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  1. Excellent work....and saw the video of the engine start.....well done. Been off the forum for a while and just started back on the car now everything has settled down. Should be posting again soon. Cheers Ian
  2. The is actually a guy in New Zealand who produces new skins for hubcaps. Unfortunately the 34 with its arrowed ends are causing him a bit of grief. I've sent over to him a sample of my 34's and backing caps and waiting for him to finish them. Its been 12 months now and he's overseas at the moment and I'm just waiting for him to get back to finish them. Once he has done one its a matter of pressing the others out. I'll post some pics if and when I get them back. This is a link to his site and you'll see what I mean re quality im expecting.... http://www.replicahubcaps.co.nz/ Cheers Ian
  3. Nah, had a year off with family health issues etc... getting back on track and hoping to finish it this year.
  4. This is a pic of an original headlight knob for a 34. The others have Ivory inserts but the headlight was an odd looking thing. Hope this helps. Cheers Ian
  5. Hi Steve, I believe the vents on the side of the bonnet were the main change externally. Some have I think 8 vents and some have 4. Not sure which came first but I'd assume the 8 vents were first and to save cost dropped back to 4. Anyone else has info on this ? Cheers Ian
  6. Hi Steve, Have a look back through my posts "slow progress but getting there" and I have a breakdown of the order the horn pieces go in with pictures to match. Cheers Ian
  7. Sorry, got carried away. Just post a picture or something of the garage door, that will do until the sun comes out !
  8. Hi Guys, Another interesting "issue" I had was with my Chrysler 300C. I went to open the door and the lock broke which in turn the door handle broke. The 300's have a wrap around trim so with the door lock broken in the locked position I was climbing over the passenger seat to get in. The car was only 3 years and 9 months old and had only travelled 34,000kms. My mechanic spoke to Chrysler and the only way to get in was to cut the trim ( or a hole in the outside of the door which didn't appeal to me. Chrysler wanted $3,300 for a trim panel. I sourced one myself from the States for $1200 landed. So after paying for the lock, handle, trim and labour I was down $3,200. Chrysler wouldn't offer a "goodwill" payment as I got it repaired by a 3rd party ( my mechanic ). After 4 months of waiting and emails I lodged a claim with VCAT ( an Australian Tribunal that deals with small claims ) stating that under Australian Law it should have lasted as what a reasonable person should expect it to last. They didn't even bother to turn up to the hearing so the Tribunal found in favor of me and they had to pay me $3,200 plus $200 in costs ! Winner winner chicken dinner..ha All in all it took from May last year to February this year to get a result but worth it I think.
  9. Hi John, LDL is well below 70. BP is excellent and I've been taking the two meds you mentioned for 5 years now. Hopefully I'll outlive all my mates who smoke and drink.....well smoke anyway !
  10. I use to walk 7km a day and eat healthy.....then I had a stroke and I was 52. I think i'm on the down hill run !! ha
  11. I know how you feel. My wife had both her legs operated on to reduce the swelling of the Achillies Tendon. She was limping around and this is her first day back at work for two months. Still trying to do small things on the car but I'd like to take a month off work and focus on getting it completed. We'll get there eventually. Now I got a pinched nerve in my shoulder and I've lost strength in my right hand.....what next !!!!
  12. Thanks John, I have missed working on the old girl. Maybe I should pay more attention to the letters in restored cars....I missed my own letter !! Eddy did ring me and we had a great discussion. I was hoping for more info but looked like a lot of records were not kept. I'll keep updating with the car as soon as I start back on it. Cheers Ian
  13. Hi Ron, Nah, I'm still alive. I went on a month trip to Europe and while I was away my mum got quite sick. In and out of Hospitals for 4 months. She's doing a lot better now. A hail storm ripped through just before Xmas and I've been dealing with insurance companies which I hope this week will be all sorted. Then my wife went into Hospital and both legs operated on at once so sh'e just got back on her feet. Inbetween all this I took Fiat Chrysler Australia to VCAT as my door handle broke on my 300C. Long story short, as the trim had to be cut to gain access to the lock and Chrysler wanted $3,300 for a door trim !!! I sourced one for the states for half the price. So to repair the handle, lock and trim it cost me $3200. So I took Chrysler to task saying it should have lasted longer. VCAT agreed and Chrysler have to pay me the $3200. On top of that I bought a small internet based business off a friend of mine ( www.woodbits.com.au ) which has really taken off. I've run out of garage space so I've had to build ( still building ) a storage area for this so I have to get this done asap. I'm hoping to get back to the car in the next 2 to 3 weeks. I would like it finished now as this last year has been really dragging. I have a guy in New Zealand who is making some new hubcap skins but I haven't heard from him in a while. I'm about to take the garnish moulds to a guy who will give them that timber finish. I've also repaired and had replated the vent window opening handle. All small jobs but take a while to do them. I'll start posting again as soon as I've have something decent to post about. I'll be back !! Cheers Ian