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  1. Hey all, Dropped into the Upholsterer for my weeky visit to the ole girl. Nothing much happening until I opened the car up and they've done a test fitting of the rear seat. The button haven't been done and a few adjustments to do but overall good progress. The previous owner of the business comes in a day or so to help and give advice. Cheers Ian
  2. Hi all, Still chugging along. Thought about the bonnet bump stops and I wasn't really happy with the way they sat. I bought some new ( and expensive ) ones from Steele Rubber. These are the ones with the rivet in them. You can see how they really don't fit. The thickness is also vastly different. There are also two types on the 34 so after parting with $110 I feel better I have the correct ones as I really want the bonnet sides protected. Cheers Ian
  3. Hi Ron, I can just imagine my poor old girl crossing the Nullabour !!!! I was actually over there for a wedding in January which was on the Swan River and reception at the Royal Perth Yacht Club
  4. Couple of pics of the headlining roughed in and with the template of the rear seat in place. Certainly looking the part !
  5. Bit more progress. Bit more testing with the black vinyl and buttons. Original patterns and new boards being marked up and ready to cut out. Sewn leather for the bottom of the rear seat and the rear seat started on. Also picked up the garnish moulds and dropped the door ones off to the upholsterer. Cheers Ian
  6. Hey all, A bit more progress.... Upholsterer made up some paper templates to get a feel as to the fit of boards he's going to make up. Cut out one of the door backing boards which has a lot of detail drawn on it. There's a lot of indented work and curved pleating ( I suppose you call it that ). He made up a sample wher he cut foam, glued a piece of leather, cut again, glued again etc etc and this gave him an idea of how the indentations would look. Its not the interior colour but just a trial. He needs the garnish molds so he can get the backing board correct height. Baby steps but starting to take shape. Cheers Ian
  7. Hi Peter, The guys doing the woodgraining are not doing small jobs anymore. They do high end full restorations....$100,000 up to $1,000,000. I only saw one of their cars at the motorclassica a number of years ago and asked if they'd do mine. I was lucky I'm the last small job they are doing. I believe Wayne's Woodgraining does a good job. He's in Syndney...02 49573696 or 0407017919. The guy who did the pin striping works with the guy whopainted my car. His name is Dave 0433178708 and his mate Simon.......Dave calls him Simple Simon....ha.....he does the pin striping. Both do a brilliant job. Let me know if you need some more leeds......I'll help where I can. Cheers Ian
  8. Bit more progress. They guy doing the garnish molds has nearly finished them. A bit of a sand and another shot of clear and all done. Looking the part !!
  9. Hi John, Its a guy in Williamstown from a company called Charles Restorations.......google them and you'll see the work that they do. Wish I could do body work like some of these guys........oh well !!
  10. Bit further on the progression of the car. The upholsterer has now cleaned the stripped seats repaired any damaged springs etc... They then attach what looks like "shade cloth" to the underside to protect the base of the seat. He made a temporary cover for the seats in black vinyl to get an idea of the pleating pattern in the seats. The buttons have not been installed as this will be done on final assembly. He does this so he gets and acurate pattern for the seats before he cuts into the leather.......good idea I say !!! Next step is to start on the headlining. The guys doing the woodgrain effect on the garnish molds also came back to me and they have base coated all of these. They've done the woodgrain look and once dry will be giving it 2 coats of clear. Slowly but surely getting there. Cheers Ian
  11. I know he's away to mid January on holidays, but I too have found he takes a while to get back to you. His work is excellent, I think he needs to organise himself !!
  12. HI, His name is Dave Patten Replica Manufacturing Ltd, 160 New York Street, Martinborough, NZ Tel 027 247 7956 Email dave.patten@wise.net.au Here's a link to his web site : http://www.replicahubcaps.co.nz/ Cheers Ian
  13. Not a huge amount to report with Xmas and work in the way. When I got the car there was no roof lining, no carpet and one door trim in tact. The seats were badly deteriorated and a few things had been living in them. The upholsterer pulled the front seat apart, blasted and powdercoated it. The other seats are being pullled apart slowly. We've decided on leather for the seats, A light grey for the headlining and a charcoal carpet. Just waiting on them coming back from holidays. The guy doing the hubcaps said due to them being so deep dished they are splitting his molds so he won't be able to make new skins for them. I'll start having a crack at restoring these myself. Cheers Ian