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  1. This is a good suggestion. My first thought was valves, I would check the firing order and if correct do a leak down test. I am thinking maybe a burnt valve.
  2. These are cool pictures. I only looked at the first page. I like to see a cute girl with large pineapples.
  3. Molasses. mixed with water at around 6 to one. Get it cheap at your local farm store. Soak for a week or two. You will not be disappointed.
  4. Brake fade is caused by lots of heavy braking. I only had this happen once in a motor home in the mountains when I was in a hurry. I for the life of me cant seem to convince my kids that racing up to a light or stop sign will use up the brakes. They accuse me of driving like an old man, (which I am) but if I see a light change I am in no hurry to get to it.
  5. I don't keep a lot of things. Like receipts,,,,, and wives.
  6. I think I would weld the rear doors shut and put in a 350/350 with a cheap floor shifter. Then primer it. This works no matter what the car is.
  7. I like the 31s. This one looks a bit banged up, at lest the LF does. Is the plywood to protect the top or the interior? Wish it were closer to home.
  8. I probably have one on the parts car. Where are you located as I would want you to pull it.
  9. I was much younger than today. But I had restored a 64 Nova SS and took it to the Portland swap meet and came home with an Amphicar. I remember the first swim, Always glad it had a good bilge pump.
  10. Insurance companys.....GRRR All smiles and good hands to sell you, but will refuse you when you need them for some fine print that we missed. To me its one of the most required rip offs this country forces on us.
  11. First step would be to take the bleeder out and be sure it is not plugged up. my method is easiest with two people. Snug all the bleeders and start as suggested at the furthest wheel. open that valve, step down on the pedal, close the valve, release the pedal. wait a few seconds then repeat until you get clean fluid with no bubbles. (check that the M/C has fluid often) Then move to the next farthest wheel and do it again (it wont take as many pumps). etcetera, etcetera. I see some guys want to pump the pedal up before they open the valve. My opinion is not to do that.
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