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  1. That's what I use. Its even available in a spray can.
  2. To build one of these as a pit rig or the likes is high on my bucket list. Just for the fun of it. The hardest thing to find is one of those cool bodies.
  3. And will run for hundreds of thousands of miles with no adjustments. We had a slant six in the family that ran 300,000 in a Dart. Sold that car for more than we paid new.
  4. This was me in Mexico. I retired just as Bombardier bought out OMC. I was an Evinrude dealer for many years and hate to see them go. I still have a few dealer collectibles. Maybe they will increase in value before my kids toss them. I will always remember in 1976 (I think) when Evinrude introduced the new 200 hp V6 outboard at the Las Vegas dealers meeting. They rolled one out and a bunch of scantily clad cuties scrambled out with trays of Champaign.
  5. Hmm, I always thought that solid lifters needed a different cam profile than hydraulics. Of coarse all those hopped up engines I build the lifters come with the camshaft. Whether hydraulic or solid. (radical or more radical) (seems like I might have even tried it once a long time ago)(might have been by accident)
  6. I have had an open account with my local NAPA for about 45 years. Two owner changes. The outfit that owns it now is a local family that I know fairly well. They own about ten stores. I have NEVER been late paying my monthly bill with them The son runs it all now. He's around thirty years old I would guess. I have never really price shopped them until recently when I needed some brake drums that they didn't have. The relatively new Auto Zone did have them and for about half of the money. I had AZ check some other prices only to find out that I am not getting a very good deal from NAPA. I brought that up with the NAPA owner and was told that I don't spend enough money with them to get the good deals. So I asked if they would take better care of a long time customer with a good pay record. Cant do it, you don't spend enough here. My reply was "isn't part of something better that all of nothing?" A fairly good retired friends cocky dick head son wonders why his numbers are down. I rarely shop at NAPA any more as I don't spend enough for them to match what Auto Zone offers EVERYBODY. I do use the subject site if I can wait for parts. Which is about half of the time.
  7. So, I was perusing the Webb this morning and ran across and ad that the headline said Car (brand xx) for sale $27000. The text of the ad said something like $30000 firm. don't waste my time.
  8. Now that's funny right there....
  9. I just three months ago had to have a metal roof replaced on a 40' x 60' warehouse. R and R cost me $17K done deal and all cleaned up.
  10. I can see this swap work as these cars are quite different from each other. Similar cars swapping probably not so much. I always see swapping as one guy trading his junk for another guys junk. But no cash involved make it pretty easy to do and now there are two guys with something new to deal with. So there is the good and the bad I guess.
  11. Cant say about the pedal linkage but the slot is in the clutch inspection/dust cover.
  12. An old boy around here used to put kerosene as a polish on his car every time he washed it..