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  1. A six volt one wire alternator is not uncommon. pos and neg grounds are available.
  2. Something else about the one wire alternators. They don't get excited until it gets a good goose.
  3. I don't know Buicks specifically, but.... Check all the places that may have vacuum very closely with your stethoscope. Possible wiper motor? power brakes? All the length of those mystery hoses?
  4. Did you try taking out the fuses one at a time in an effort to find where the draw might be? I does sound like it may not be charging as well. Try for voltage at the alternator post rather than at the battery.
  5. Well, I don't drive it hard at all. But the tires are way old and it tends to wander a bit just like the old days before radials. Radial tires in my experience are a god send for older cars that didn't have them. I remember the first set I bought back in the 60s. It was like getting a new car.
  6. Radiator Springs PD Wheel cover on the back and fake spokes on the front.
  7. Here is my stupid question. Is it feasible to put radial tires on wood spoked wheels?
  8. Nine years ago, probably doesn't look the same.
  9. Saw that same one on eBay yesterday. I was searching Hemi parts, and someone posted a bunch of Ford stuff there. Probably one of those guys that uses a huge list of key words. Pretty sure we have covered this trick before.
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