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  1. "21-50 to headquarters" I am on the tail of the 2020 'Wachamacallit reproduction'. It looks a lot like a 32 Henway, am I chasing the right guy? I have my weapon trained on him/her.
  2. Being strictly limited will us peons be able to at least follow these discussions?
  3. OK, I have my Jeepster listed on Hemmings. A guy from Oklahoma wants to know if it would make the trip. I hope he buys it and I hope it makes it.
  4. One of the more serious yards may negotiate on this. It does say price negotiable. The way to do it would be to have your fleet of trucks available and your offer in hand. Might even be free (or even get paid) if done right. With a due date in the mix I would guess the place is sold.
  5. Sure is a handsome pick up in the background.
  6. Thanks, Yes a little fine finishing would do it justice. I don't really have the patience to do detail work. But its a long ways from that last photo. The first one that VL brought to us. I just listed on Hemmings. I figured for the money it would be gone by now. This is what it looked like with all the parts loaded up right when she got it here from Texas. Take note, those tires actually held air (for awhile).
  7. I hook the charger at the alternator on one of my cars because of a hidden battery.
  8. JACK M

    What is this car?

    Looks like a bunch of cool stuff hiding in those woods.
  9. It looks like the photos were taken at the Forest Grove Concourse.
  10. My book shows that 54s came in both short and extended blocks. Also the part numbers for the blocks 54 and 55 are different. Will it bolt up? I would think so if both are short but there must be some differences. A quick comparison shows different dampener, Several different crankshaft numbers, Heads late 53 and 54 same (appears that exhaust manifolds and 2bbl intakes follow this as well), Distributor different, fuel pump same, oil pan same, Motor mount brackets are the same, but showing different insulators. If there are any parts in particular you want me to look up let me know. (From Leo Lindquist's Hemi Engine data for 1950's guide).
  11. Hmm, fly? Bus? Hitch hike? Just messin with ya.... I have flown in to buy a sight unseen car several times. The journey is always more interesting than the destination.