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  1. Try this. 1937 DeSoto | The H.A.M.B. (jalopyjournal.com)
  2. Good idea. I haven't been over there in years.
  3. Not a coupe, but has the side mounts and the running gear is complete.
  4. Its my car and I did all the work except the paint. I think I posted this here because of some previous comment, not sure. But its for sale and you can pick it apart all you like. I have a pretty thick skin, so can take it. I got upset with BAT because I was trying to post the car and the site didn't like my camera. They picked up on the fact that I had been trying and reached out to me with all the help I needed to get the pictures to go thru. I was grateful for their help, but then they rejected it. I guess my money isn't green enough. Or they are just a bi
  5. The Victory six I believe is the only one that has the distinctive pattern just below the windows. If a door from another another model fit it would look out of place.
  6. Looks to be setup for dirt late models. They are a low slung car that wont fit between the wheel houses, hence the built up ramps. The full width rear door is necessary for these cars as well. Also note that those shelves wont clear a tall car.
  7. I have a modified car that I need to sell. Since I want to avoid eBay I approached Bring A Trailer. They declined it, I guess my money isn't green enough. Although I threw quite a bit if it into the thing. And "Yea, its got a Hemi".
  8. Scrap metal is up right now, I don't think offering scrap price would be out of line considering the way his ad reads. (maybe $300 or so for a medium weight car). As for getting one or more onto your trailer without further damage? Price goes up, Fork lift loading is cheaper than recovery loading.
  9. I don't remember the last time that you had this problem. I can take a look at the accelerator pump any time you want to stop by. That last running issue you had was the condenser. The one I put in there was from NAPA. I checked points gap at the same time but did not put a dwell meter on it. I am pretty sure that what you describe will turn out to be the accelerator pump. As Ed says, it might just fix itself with some use. These old cars always have some issue or other and are not usually difficult to fix, Although I am not to sure if I am the right carburetor gu
  10. JACK M

    Mystery lens

    No? Any one else, I don't have any use for it. I figured the "pay it forward" thing would get it to someone that has or may potentially have a use for it.
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