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  1. cool looking horn.
  2. It was a toss up for me, I enjoy a shot now and again but how often do you see GOOD popcorn?
  3. Boy ain't that the truth, going thru some of that now myself.
  4. I guess LEDs are all the rage these days. But we do see quite a few people on here that have problems with them. Mostly flashing troubles, but some grounding problems as well. For the most part it would seem that folks are wanting brighter lights in the rear. (understandable) The head lights are just plain rude to oncoming traffic with little or no better lighting for the driver. You know, those guys with the blueish oncoming lights that you think must be on bright? Well they aren't gaining a thing for themselves. I cant recall ever having to many out of the ordin
  5. Often on sale with no core charge at summitracing.com
  6. Yea, counting the receipt's. I have a place that I put them, but never total them up and they always get tossed at some point. I don't do work for others for the money, Usually some kind of barter. And only with friends. Also I usually make a list of stuff for THEM to go and buy. Of coarse they always ask how I can afford all these cars, cuz parts are so expensive. All that is winding down now due to age and attitude.
  7. I was in Cuba recently. Its a hoot standing at a crosswalk and the 57 Chevys and the 52 Buicks sound the same. Four cylinder diesel engines from Russia. They are marine engines. Not that there aren't any original engines down there, but over the years they get hard to find parts for as they don't allow any US parts to be sold there. I was talking to a guy at the airport there and he said that many people travel back and forth for family visits. He said that they carry the oddest packages, like axles, cylinder heads, carburetors and many other hard parts that he didn't know
  8. Sure enough, found a couple. The red truck says Desoto below the grill.
  9. I was in Turkey in the nineties and clearly remember many large trucks with Desoto badging. Also Skodas, they were small pick ups for the most part. I may have to search for photos, I am sure I would have taken some. (pre digital)
  10. Being behind the counter is a foot up on being in the right place at the right time. I was in the boat business in my past life and many people that needed to sell, or garage cleaning or for whatever reason would come to me with boat stuff. That doesn't happen anymore as I am retired and don't have that connection any more. Also being a car guy there would often be some antique or hot rod parked around the place (we were on the main highway) and people would stop by to talk about their treasures.
  11. When I was a kid there was a wrecking yard near me that almost always had a $35 car for sale. I bought many of those and with a little fixing up could usually get $50 or $75 for them. I was in heaven and got to drive a different car about every week. Back then we didn't have to have insurance and the tires were usually bald. This brings memories of all of those scores that are very valuable now, you know, the ones we all wished we would have kept. AAHHH the old good days.
  12. 25 years old to be able to be registered as a special interest car in Oregon. That's 1990. The cars that are being produced these days will run a few hundred thousand miles compared to around 100,000 miles being considered used up in my parents day. A 1990 car is just an older car that are still daily drivers these days. Maybe 50 years old would be a more fitting number. Trouble is, 25 years ago was just like yesterday to most of us.
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