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  1. Yes, a good place to look. I had a guy bring me a disassembled engine once and I made him buy me a strong magnifying glass so that I could inspect the machine marks on each of the main caps to the block. Rods were marked.
  2. That steering makes me think it is supposed to be towed. But I do see engine mounts.
  3. I knew that, I saw it earlier on in the thread. I guess it was easier to Quote a more recent post than to go back to the top. Sorry.
  4. I recall a bunch of late 40s DeSotos in Istanbul. Taxi cabs. Also some big rig DeSotos.
  5. I cannot agree with this exactly zero comment. Its not as bad now as it was a few years ago,,, but still, just sayin.
  6. Don't take this wrong, but I think you should put the oxy acetylene set up higher on your list as it seems like you are doing a lot of car work and the right tools make things a lot easier. It would have just about paid for itself on this hinge project.
  7. My dad (at the wheel)at sixteen and his late brother in 1934. Grandpa had just bought his new 34 Dodge. They drove it to Detroit from Seattle and back and grandpa used to brag "never had to lay a wrench on it"
  8. I got a chance to climb up into the seat of the one that Kindig restored one time when I was in Salt Lake city on a job. Wish I had taken a photo.
  9. The offer was more than 13. I did enjoy our talk. Good luck with your sale.
  10. I called the seller about this one. Nice guy and all my questions were answered. Be careful, he guesses the new tires are seven years old. Windows wont roll up. He has not driven it so doesn't know if the OD works or not. Upholstery is vinyl not leather. All good info and was offered up without question. However I think this stuff should be in the ad. He admits that he bought the car to resell and doesn't know much about it. I am still tempted but with the hydraulic windows not functioning and other unknowns it will certainly need some sorting. My offer was rejected without a counter offer.
  11. If you have photo documentation and proof that they were dropped off I would make the tire shop find you a set.
  12. I like the looks of these and when I first saw them I was tempted. (not sure where I first ran onto these, might have been eBay. But its been awhile) However I also agree that these are not all that vintage, as suggested maybe twenty years old if that. With that in mind I passed, as it seems 75 bucks for a shift knob is a lot of money no matter how cool they are. How much did these cost when they were new?
  13. When you say you cant get the propane from the RV to the small bottles are you referring to those small torches? Those things don't get hot enough to do much good. You need an oxy acetylene set up to get real heat.
  14. Just the opposite for me. Might depend in what's under the hood.