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  1. One newer shop around here would show you your filter cut open to show you the sparkle and tell you that you probably wont go more that fifty miles before total failure. I had just bought the truck at 75000 miles and told the guy that I wanted to talk to the seller before I went into the tranny. I came back about a hundred and fifty thousand miles later to call him a liar. But he had been run out of town by then.
  2. Says not available. Must have sold.
  3. Absolutely positively make sure the floor is SOLID. Hose it out after every mishap.
  4. My kids had to have a license, and enough money for insurance. Then I would match what money they had saved towards the first car. So, a job was mandatory. I didn't have any help with my cars, but back in those days insurance was not mandatory.
  5. I am sure that shipping will far outweigh my asking price of fifty bucks. I also have new wood for the front header and the upper rear piece of wood as well but that one is cracked. (included) Don't have the rear tack strip. I will be happy to drop this off at the UPS store and let them pack it up and ship it on your dime. Alternatively, you could come and get it in Newberg OR. Or, pick it up at the Portland swap meet. (PIR swap, (its different than the main meet)).
  6. We had two brothers that when they turned 16 the grandma would buy them any car they wanted. This was mid to late sixties. Of coarse when the oldest turned 16 he got a new Vette, the younger brother got the nicest 57 Chevy they could find. Seems that all they had to do was tell grandma they wanted another car and they would get it. They always had EVERYBODY out classed as far as vehicles.
  7. I have a friend that outfits brand new police cars. He installs all of the electronics etc. Police cars these days are outfitted with cameras all around that constantly scan the license plates on every car they can see. In turn those license numbers are sent to the computer and a readout on the computer screen supplies the cop with every registered owner whose automobile is within his sight. So if a cop for instance cruises the mall parking he could know the name of just about everybody that is shopping there in real time. Or if the cop is cruising the hiway and the red light on his computer screen comes on he will know that the car he just passed may be carrying some one with a warrant. Big Brother may be watching you as well. !!!!
  8. It would seem that we all have the same concern. The systems that I have looked at all say the distance is an issue. My coach is a class A making the driver at the very front of the 38 ft. Then the distance to the trailer axels is about another 12 or 15 ft. Take into account that the signals from the trailer tires are directly inline with the pusher engine and the massive chassis of the coach and the trailer to the drivers area. (and all the electrical and mechanical things related) Ten wheels on the ground makes for an expensive system that probably wont work. The amplifiers that are offered in the camping world flyer don't sound like they will not be strong enough for this scenario. Therefore I too would like to hear from guys with similar rigs that have a real life solution.
  9. When I looked into that I decided its not worth the high price. Painted silver and clear doesn't really look chrome but works for me. Arm rest bases.
  10. Ok, first let me apologize that some how we got to talking about my New Yorker on someone else's thread. Yesterday I got the car on the lift and was looking it over scratching my head. I put a dial indicator on the part of the yoke the can be seen and it is perfect, like less than .001. So no bent out put of the tranny. I got to thinking what would happen ii I were to swap ends and put the weight on the rear instead of the front. Took the DL out and took the yoke off. Turns out that the U-joint loops on the DL and the clearance in the yoke didn't allow for very much angle and were bumping each other. I guess when they check for balance they rig it up dead straight and don't allow for engine angle. A bit of grinding and put the yoke back the way it was and 95% of the vibration is gone. I will now put the angle back into the pinion and will be good to go. This was a hidden problem, couldn't see it without removing the yoke from the driveline. It was simply a mismatch of driveline and yoke. Ahh the maladies of these home built cars....