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  1. JACK M

    ID DeSoto?

    Feet on one end, not sure I want to know what's on the other end.
  2. Yes, The 31 is a DG8, these are the caps that he has. The wheels in the side mounts are only for show, the wheels on the ground are modern aftermarket as is the suspension. Those are nice looking caps but must be for a different wheel.
  3. JACK M

    radial tires

    I can vouch the 'hub caps falling off' statement. (full wheel covers) However I have run lots of miles with poverty caps.
  4. JACK M

    Part id

    I bet there is a casting number on there somewhere.
  5. JACK M

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    I get it, you put in 70 but the system only bids you just above the other bids until it reaches your max bid. (shoot up to your maximum) So I surmise that your max bid doesn't meet the reserve. I'm kinda thick about this high finance stuff.
  6. Yup From the DG8 6 inch cap hole. 18" 5 on 5 1/2 Rick, John tells me you should have these. Apparently I broke one of them down since the pics. Pretty rusty but I know guys have worked with worse. You can come and get them or I can bring them to Portland in April. Less than an hour into Oregon depending on traffic. Its forty miles to the Bridge.
  7. Sounds like a deal. Will your old caps fit these wheels? And do they look any better than what we have? I have already found the Christmas present, but being that I seem to be the one chasing his parts, so..... Maybe a birthday. His bday I remember, May the fourth (be with you) You ever get up this way? Oh, I know of someone that makes the trip once in awhile.
  8. I appreciate the offer but as you know I sold my 31 and Craigs only has the two stock wheels in the side mounts. He may be interested in better ones. Kinda rough. and they don't match. I did stumble upon two of those wheels though if you can use them..
  9. I am happy for you John. You driving it yet?
  10. Very true. They all think we a BSing when we try and explain. Off topic, A buddy of mine lived way out in the woods in NW Oregon, an aunt came out to visit once from back east somewhere and was afraid that the Indians might come out of the woods. This would have been in the fifties. She couldn't believe that us kids would carry our 22s around for squirrel hunting, She thought we carried them to protect ourselves from Indians like in the movies. (the native American kind of coarse) Little did she know that the bears would have been something to worry about more. She was very uncomfortable on that trip and never came back.
  11. JACK M

    1920 Willys Overland parts car medford OR craigslist

    It would appear that this guy has a lot of old stuff in his yard.
  12. JACK M

    1950 Dodge Coronet D34 Axle Ratio

    Is this a question? The ratio is how many times the driveline rotates in relation to how many times the wheels rotate. Jack up the car and make a reference mark on a wheel and one on the driveline. Rotate the wheels being sure that they turn together while counting the driveline revolutions. 3 3/4 turns + 3.73. 4.3 turns = 4.30, Just under 4 turns is probably 3.90 and etc. (if the ratios are consistent thru the years it should actually be a 3.91-1 ratio (common gear in Mopars)). Pretty easy, just make sure that you rotate the rear wheels together in the same direction. Sometimes you will even find a tag under one of the third member housing nuts with the ratio stamped on it. Or take the third member out and count the teeth and do the math. Fun stuff !!
  13. JACK M

    Can Anyone Identify This?

    The bracket is backwards. If it was turned over it would hold to a hole in a panel.
  14. JACK M

    Can anyone tell me what car this is?

    Could be, I was never much of a Drag racer. I prefer the dirt tracks. We need big numbers so that the score keepers could easily see the running order. Albeit that is now mostly done electronically but not with out screw ups. Drag cars numbers are smaller as they only need to be readable at staging. I always make this argument. Which would you rather do, race one guy for a few seconds or race 15 or 20 guys for a half hour? Drag racers are disqualified if they touch the center line. I don't know what I would do all week if we had rules like that. When they got this guy off of me in the Late model I finished the race. You can see that his wheels weren't right after this mishap. Excuse my rant, That is a cool T-shirt . Fun Stuff for sure.