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  1. I would probably be an old truck with a dead battery.
  2. Slant six Dodge Dart. Very reliable and easy to get parts and easy to work on.
  3. As for the cable, I always get one that is to long and cut to fit.
  4. But we are all smarter than the "rubes", so its ok right?
  5. One owner, Just bought it last year.
  6. I got to thinking, yours is probably a sliding control. I wonder if a clever guy could make a seven dollar universal cable work.
  7. If the looks of the knob doesn't matter then a generic choke cable. You might even be able to swap knobs but not likely. I have been reading a lot of good stuff about Evapo-rust in these forums lately. A really long address here, I wonder if it leads to a universal choke cable. https://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Quality-Universal-Replacement-Push-Pull-Choke-Cable-63-Inner-60-Conduit-New/253961118150?hash=item3b214321c6&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&enc=AQAEAAADMKvsXIZtBqdkfsZsMtzFbFsbX3WcW5fmB%2Fx7ZbaZTyexQ7mT6sTZf%2BIEyHbpUDmUCgfP4ieOQuNZDDUOwTEX3En6oXkc%2BGGDXDWE0ao%2FMgcJ6QxpHoasuRFkVLUx8WSJ35E3M9XbrftkQboyI0Cn8O7TQLPlTtQIS1%2BSfcPG4g90fowgvXQUtL85UsCANFACEGoGYUy1WGDEjboj1eANVC4ynwznHXG9LWieSPk%2B69kbNB5Y0xzgyyojkON0eWlouB%2BoEwPMIgbd39qZdBjq2NmQYd%2Fc3L8ohzvL3lf3aR5%2BofQhIVwj%2Bkrth3I3X2Nuy4pznAFLLM7cT2zhsBd29eEYxhkFVFjFBMTDUCnOPmeUPjLivmXlvmqQLP%2F7EISLGjxc0Bk6ZQvSCXKkjhGNcBT2rbV1S9wW3MbY1FoyjaY5fW5aUJYxKMFi%2Fq98LBL2emP%2FSzJ1IY0w%2FyEhOmM9JxWqCYzjVxyi9kOUZgAUy2essM0o4xuM8%2FtwOR4QgkZD8IDHFdSKFoQSK7arqRRVYr2yU%2FC3X8MpjxtY7YQe1kSfe9ysV4UrJICv3VwDyTeXmznd28%2F60iaXz1GOGd%2BnjX0rWww21zeWsmRb23qA6NAFmFB9aohhjHHlWd3HtfeJYa1%2BBGBuwCqgapC83i%2FTxleAFzkCa5rUfht7eUPr1mpG9xY4J4FHpwkkzrW%2FZCB6SPksHIZx8Ca%2B9Sp8QjIKTFJ4iGs8mKmpOlJ6NCWLWqvSTs5FiZ5hxPVCc3FFmoMYk9C3PCu2klVB1FfC3LZjmbE94i4kwvZdRohQK%2BbXbTKBUqMMdHEpyajlkg8UDcXL3%2BQkcfay0xtGm2THyYqSsyxKDmzmOfUzXesMMsbHsfh5PjerY8nSVq1nnn5KOLTo3wXwHX0lcX64%2Bf4t%2FP%2FjBfp0Ex%2BoApWZg85cXKGhcweAp0TfVACbfUydTu%2BWmN9PVJB4D%2FexJLzp%2FG25dMhJr5qZW8elJBor5cyEhOYWJZCdtnzVh8yn0xXqaKIwDofZsTFsBmOvsVXB8PrKoLICiTeXq4H2gWQ0QiakbCHG4cuSRWNgjRUVlDZyVheHD4Qwtg%3D%3D&checksum=2539611181502e72f95e3a714727b77f538a87a28971
  8. I've been using the newer plastic gizmos with the Christmas tree looking posts. You can get different diameters and different heads. Trim to fit. and cheap. I once ordered thru Ebay and I had miss measured. The seller recognized me when I ordered again and replaced with another bag of fifty at no charge and didn't want the wrong ones back. They are not ALL out to get you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/50-Pcs-Auto-Car-Fastener-Clip-Bumper-Fender-Trim-Plastic-Rivet-Useful-Black/283641768906?hash=item420a5debca:g:NCwAAOSwrD9donKI
  9. Just doing a little browsing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1928-Dodge-Victory-Six-VICTORY/323945075998?hash=item4b6ca1951e:g:Vr0AAOSwIqJdoNb7
  10. Jack it up and post a couple of good pics of your front (maybe rear too) suspension. It may have already been modified and someone might recognize it.
  11. No dog in the fight here but I do the Portland Race track swap meet and here is my take. I consider myself as able bodied, But certainly not as able as I used to be. That comment above about saving that half mile walk is me. If I walk a mile I'm done for a few hours to wait for my feet to come back. If I didn't have the golf cart I would not be able to get very far from my space because I know I still have to walk back. I often park the cart away from my space and take short walks. And I rarely drive it faster that the crowd is walking. Works for me. They don't allow carts at the Expo side of the show, They also make everyone leave at closing. (no camping or over night of any kind) I had to give up my spaces up there as all the walking (All hard surfaces) made it difficult for me.
  12. Makes it easy to find parts at the boneyards. If you know what they are.
  13. Most rodders don't like the MII with those open front fenders as the MII has the R&P in front of the crossmember. There are many suppliers that have that set up for sale if you don't care if the rack can be easily seen. However, an out fit called Fat Man uses a R&P from a Cavalier that is a rear steer. Not sure if this is available in power steering as I have only installed one of these and the owner supplied the kit and it was manual steering. Fat Man uses Granada brakes (easy enough to find) but they supply a custom bushing that marries the Ford hubs to what ever spindles that they use (It escapes my right now what that is but are more modern bolt ons). Before you make the front end decision make sure that there is an oil pan available that will accommodate your choice. Easy Peasy….. A guy that knows what he is doing can knock that out in a few weeks.