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  1. Sure would like to see this one go to a good home. Drop me a PM if you are for real.
  2. The old guy I worked with would toss a shop towel in the direction of the radiator. If it stuck there was enough air.
  3. If I am not mistaken there should be a stamped number near the base of the distributor.
  4. Does this engine hide its spark plug wires under a cover? Seems I recall Buicks doing that. If so try taking them off and run it at night.
  5. Mr. Natural, one of my favorites. Keep on Truckin......
  6. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1931-buick-80-series-convertible-sedan/ I always find humor in cars advertised as a convertible, but doesn't have a top of any kind. The convertible tag implies it would convert into something other than an open car. Questions what does it convert to if there is no top?
  7. Vacuum modulator? Or the vac line running to it? Could cure both problems. I am not a GM guy and am thinking of an experience from at least 40 years ago. So if this doesn't apply then disregard.
  8. Take it for a drive. If it lights your fire you should buy it. It looks a bit banged up but I wouldn't change a thing.
  9. Nice score. Maybe those plastic tools from Harbor Freight? https://www.harborfreight.com/trim-and-molding-tool-set-5-pc-64126.html
  10. I agree on the radial tire thing. I have had the same issues with full covers on older wheels.
  11. Looks like they were making a drag car out of the 60. You can see where they almost finished clearancing the rear wheel.
  12. Funny thing, I had to run up to Seattle over the weekend and as I was getting ready to head out I got a call from a friend up there. Car wouldn't start, so I grabbed a few things and stopped by his place while I was up there. One of the things I carried was an old rusty module that I know is good. Ran a few tests and then swapped out the module and it started right up. I don't think there is any tests for that box except to try a known good one. The one that we bought at O'rilies was made in Taiwan. Was working when I left. Update, It looks like I use
  13. I had to deal with this same issue on a 53 Chrysler I had years ago. I got a complete rear end from A Challenger I think it was. (same lug pattern) I don't recall if I had to move the mounting pads, but it fit. Then I fabricated the parking brake cables to the original handle and it worked well. The bonus was now I had the later self adjusting brakes and no longer needed that puller that we discuss often on here to get the drums off. I still had hair then.
  14. Jumping across the ballast resister is an old Mopar trick for hard starting sometimes. I have one that runs perfect 99% of the time. But once in a great while when its hot all it does is crank. I jump that resister and starts right up. (remove the jumper of coarse, if it dies then you have a bad resistor) I believe this could be chineseium related.
  15. Those HEI rotors have a square and a round peg on the bottom. Just a possibility of why it could be hard to install.
  16. Couldn't tell by the web site They do show hours but it looks like a repair shop. Near the fairgrounds in Salem.
  17. Next time I'm down there I will let take me on the tour while I ride in the back seat. These are pretty good cars. Complete wiring, brakes etc. ouch. Distribution tube can be a biotch.
  18. I just watched the video in the the general forum that is titled "Amazing Collection" The guy takes us thru what he calls 'the garage' later in the video. It would appear that they were using those very light painters plastic sheets to cover some very expensive cars. Probably OK if there is no moisture involved. I think they are supposed to be disposable so probably cheap. (inexpensive)
  19. Really? I have never heard of them and right out my back door. I better get out more often.
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