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  1. How about the "Down to seeds and stems again Blues"? I saw CC several times in my life time and am not ashamed to admit I don't remember all of them very well. There's a whole lot of things I ain't never done, But I ain't never had "to much fun". Thank you George.
  2. OK you guys, This is a version of hot rod Lincoln that will blow you away. Listen to the end. If you don't like this guy, you must be dead. Or to young to get it.
  3. Mine has a real urinal next to the washer and dryer. My buddies love that. But its a pretty big property, glad there are some trees and shrubs about.
  4. This one needs more than one Mexican Blanket. As for the patina comparison, apples and spoons come to mind. (not sure why)
  5. That is an elusive mechanism and has been searched here more than once before. They are very cool when they work properly. Sold my 37 a few months ago, Best of luck in your search.
  6. We have totally different views of "road trips" To me its an adventure, to you its a waste of time. Don't take that wrong, we all have different ideas of what is fun. The title issue is certainly something to consider and I don't know the laws where you are. But if the dead guy signed the title it would not be an issue here. If he didn't sign then a death certificate and power of attorney come into play. If the guy is sketchy about that over the phone then you might be right to pass. Texts and emails don't count like a phone conversation does. If I supply my phone number and don't get a call I surmise that the supposed buyer is not real and just wasting my efforts to sell. I have a guy interested in an old Chrysler right now and situation is similar. He wants to negotiate without even seeing the car. I will not go into negotiations via texts or emails farther than a brief description. The buyer needs to make a little effort if he is truly a buyer. Lots of sellers out there think the same, COME AND TAKE A LOOK !! You may be surprised, or you may confirm your suspicions. If nothing else you might have a fun road trip. Bring the trailer and the money, If this is not the car you want you may spot something else along the way. (yard sales, etc.) Just my opinion, lest I rant.
  7. Trying to recall which of my pickups had those depressions on the tail gate. One of the later ones for sure. Dakota maybe?
  8. I totally agree with this if you are at all skeptical. I don't much care to be the guy that unintentionally forgets to mention something, then get chastised for it. You might just find that it was worth the trip. Trust your own eyes better than any others.
  9. My opinion, Slant sixes from the 60s don't often give troubles. My Daily driver, However its painted in sealer now.
  10. Bill the radio guy posts here occasionally. www.billtheradioguy.com
  11. Marketplace - 1928-1929 ford model a fenders, boards, and all 4 braces. | Facebook
  12. Its weak in the cutting of anything heavier that .032 aluminum. Just keep in mind that it is for light work.
  13. Not sure just how one would fit in the black one. Looks like not inside and hot exhaust no matter where one sits. But I would love to own it. Good thing its to far away.
  14. Many historians will tell you that he was lost when he landed. He thought he was in India. Hence the term "Indians" when relating to our indigenous people..
  15. HB John, Time flies when we are having fun.
  16. I have one, I suspect its a cheapy but quite handy to have around for light work.
  17. To answer Rays question. One test I tried was to unbolt the MC and pull it away from the booster, It was still plumbed in so I only got about 3/4 of an inch. I pressed on the brake pedal without the engine running and made an observation about how hard it was to push the pedal. Then I started the car and the pedal effort was very much reduced. So the booster is doing something at least. In response to JeffH' comment, it is a 7 inch dual diaphragm booster. A popular hot rod item. Something bigger is something I have considered, but dot have much room under the floor. I know that these can be had by the inches of diameter and if it looks like maybe an eight (or larger) inch dual diaphragm would fit that may be something to consider. Will do some measuring. I think I am on the right track, it all comes down to not enough pressure. This is why I was looking for a 7/8 bore MC. Joe spotted a 15/16 bore on eBay for 53 bucks delivered and I have it on the way. When it arrives I will install it and see if there is any improvement. Fingers crossed. I was hoping to take a bigger swing than 1/16th inch but we will see what happens. When and if I can get more braking power I can analyze proportioning issues if I have any. Jeff also mentions about the front feeding the rear etc. In this case the MC is under the floor and is backwards from what a firewall mounted MC would be. (as per Joes examples above) But it is plumbed correctly. Trini suggests sleeveing the M/C and that may be a viable solution if I can find some one that could do that. I was reading on some Corvette forum the other day and that sleeve subject came up but the poster couldn't find anyone that would take on that task. Ironically, I have found on at least that one Vette forum that this subject has come up before. And 7/8 bore seemed to be the popular answer (and I think is what was original to the C4) but all the M/Cs that I have found that are 7/8" wouldn't be a bolt on which I would prefer of coarse. I thank you for all the interest and comments here and I will post results as I (and if) I get them. I am always amazed at the knowledge on this forum. I know this has been mentioned many times in the past and am thankful for it.
  18. Kinda goes along with all the history changing that's been popular lately.
  19. Thanks Bloo. I am going to have to read that again in the morning. LOL It would be difficult to change the pedal ratio in this case. This system was supposed to be already engineered. I am also going to see just how much trouble it would be to fit in a larger booster. I know the vacuum is a bit low and in fact a few years ago when I complained to the seller they tossed it off as not enough vacuum. I put an electric vac pump and a reservoir in the car and in fact drove it for a couple of years with it installed. However there was no difference in the braking so I eventually took the electric pump out under the to many things to go wrong theory. Put the vac back on the manifold and the brakes were the same.
  20. Mike, I sold that truck several years ago. Fun stuff... I had to replace one head gasket to get it running. It ran ok, and believe me, there were no mosquitos in the neighborhood whenever I drove it.
  21. Thanks Joe, Weak meaning I can stand hard on the pedal and only slow down. No way I could ever lock these up unless I was on wet grass. No separate proportioning valve, but a combination valve supposedly designed for this application. This one, https://www.mpbrakes.com/pc_combined_results.asp?search_prod=(searchlike~p.sku~vl3360k|Or|searchlike~ p.nm~vl3360k|Or|searchlike~ p.ds~vl3360k|Or|searchlike~ p.search_terms~vl3360k|Or|searchlike~ p.child_rollup_search_terms~vl3360k)&search_keyword=vl3360k It shows as a disc drum however MPBrakes assures me that this valve assy that I have has been modified to disc disc. This kit has a pedal that looks just like your image on the right. I will measure the ratio tomorrow to be sure One test last night was to put a pressure gauge by removing the LF bleeder. As the car is fenderless and a few feet up on the lift I could start the car and see the gauge standing next to the driver door. I could push on the brake pedal with all my might with my right arm. Most likely that would be casual braking as my leg would be somewhat stronger. I got a hair over 500 lbs. I don't think that is enough pressure. This was supposed to be an engineered kit, it came with the under floor booster and master cyl. along with the modified combination valve. I also ordered the rear brake kit from them at the same time. I stepped up pretty big on this deal, when I put this thing together and was disappointed.
  22. OK older than 25 years however not stock. Just looking for some educated info. So, forgive me. I have this highly modified 28 Dodge. It has a 392 and a four speed. Problem is the brakes are weak. I am using a 9" with disc rear brakes kit that uses calipers from a early GM K body (Cadillac Seville). The front is basically a stock C4 Corvette. The C4 brakes are a two piston type. The booster is one of those smaller under floor jobs (I think 7" dual chamber) and I have 16 inches of vacuum. Master cylinder has a one inch bore. Its a cast iron GM type. I have the disc disc combination valve in place and 2lb Residual valves front and rear. I put this together several years ago and have never liked the brakes. Just ok if I don't have to make a panic stop. I read somewhere that the C4 used a 7/8" bore M/C. (HMMMM???) I have plenty if pedal but it takes a lot of leg to get it stopped, especially if its a hurry up stop. So I am thinking that a smaller bore M/C would make more pressure with the same leg effort.. For the life of me I cannot find a cast GM M/C for sale anywhere in a 7/8' bore. Not all that long ago I can swear that I found one by application but it had plastic reservoirs, I might be able to live with that but would probably have to modify the floor board if its tall. Or coarse I cant even find that one now let alone a cast iron disc disc in a 7/8". Sorry about the ramble but tell me your thoughts. Or chastise me IDC,,,,,,(need brakes)
  23. Yes, got two different proclamations. Same day.
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