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  1. JACK M

    new owner to 1950 special deluxe

    Usually its because someone put the battery in backwards.
  2. JACK M

    What is your preferred degreasing technique?

    \ Sorry, I need the pressure washer once in awhile so have to turn the out door faucets on to use it. I like a steam cleaner, but they are expensive and I wouldn't use it that much.
  3. JACK M

    Aluminum Trim with Insert

    You can find that stuff in different sizes. I forget the name of the place in Portland where I used to get it for boats but I would bet a Google search would find you some. A light just came on, I think it was Trym-Tex or similar
  4. JACK M

    What is your preferred degreasing technique?

    I find that I have to occasionally 'unwinterize' the out side faucet during the winter. In my case it only takes a few minutes to go back and forth. My next place is going to have those frost proof faucets that drain out automatically when turned off.
  5. JACK M

    What is the story on this one..

    Obviously Bat related. I kinda like it.
  6. JACK M

    1917 Model T "Sears drivers training car"

    Ha, My neighbor had a speedster that he gave me a ride in once. He got confused and ran right into the car parked in front of where he wanted to park it. He should have taken this class. I declined the offer to give it a try.
  7. JACK M

    Gas Tank for sale

    I have seen a couple of Bentleys that had rusted out tanks, Might be related. I changed one of them out once but don't remember what the tank looked like.
  8. JACK M

    Ahrens fox decal set

    Sellers last visit was Dec 24th. You might try a PM. Those decals are cool.
  9. JACK M

    new owner to 1950 special deluxe

    Don't go to negative ground. Stuff will be problematic if you try to change from original positive ground. Not sure if there is a converter for 6v pos grnd to 12v neg grnd, but with the way electronics are these days you might get lucky. Another option would be to create a fully isolated system and charge that 12 volt battery once in awhile.
  10. JACK M


    Hey Sac, I am going to forward this to my buddy with a 31. If you have a price area in mind could you PM me.
  11. JACK M

    DB and Ford

    I remember my dad telling me he lived on a hill in Seattle when he was young and did that reverse thing when the tank got low. 10-4 on the hill vs. mountain thing. NW vs. SE
  12. JACK M

    What It Is?

    I was thinking the same. Looks to be some planks laying around on the ground.
  13. JACK M

    new owner to 1950 special deluxe

    You cant really add a 12 volt system because the polarity will be conflictive. It appears that you will be taking things apart to replace core plugs. Not sure if its easier to take the tranny, bellhousing, clutch and flywheel. Or pull the engine. But you should take all of the core plugs out and give the water jackets a good cleaning.
  14. JACK M

    bad news for Nissan

  15. JACK M

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    Our fifty year heavy ice and snow here in Oregon winter of 08-09. I realize that this is not much compared to some parts of the country, But the rain after the storm made it pretty heavy for these parts. My building survived. but I did have to replace a couple of plumbing vents that got sheared off as the ice slid. The scary part was the rainy days and freezing nights.
  16. JACK M

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    I just reread your post. You refer to a steering rack, I think you probably mean something else as these cars didn't use a rack. You are trying to drop the oil pan so by now you have it loose but it wont come down. Therefor you need to take something else loose that will lower the steering parts so that the oil pan can come down. The castellated nut I will assume may be a ball joint type of tie rod end. You wont have to hold the shaft of those, they are a tapered shaft in a tapered hole that will be plenty tight in there. In fact you will most likely need what is called a pickle fork to get this apart. It is like it sounds, a fork like device that has two tapered teeth. You get a big hammer and drive the tapered ends between the two parts after the nut has been loosened. I am guessing that Auto Zone or the likes will rent or loan you a pickle fork. The only chassis that I have around here at the moment that I thought may resemble what you are working on is a 47 Chrysler and a quick look doesn't match what you are describing. I have looked in a couple of manuals and googled a bit and cannot find an illustration of that suspension and I don't want to confuse you any further with my guesses.
  17. JACK M

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    I wish I had one of these to look at to make suggestions. An idler arm would be like in the same situation as the steering box except on the other side. It would move with a tie rod from the end of the pitman arm (that's the arm that goes from the gear box) to the idler arm on the other side. They may not be to far apart. I will look for an illustration so as to be sure what I am talking about. I take it there is no illustration in the Motors manual. There are better experts than me on these fora, I am surprised no one else has chimed in.
  18. JACK M

    Dropping the oil pan on 54 Royal Coupe

    The Motors manual may have enough info. But a factory manual would be the best. I have a full set of Motors, and factory manuals for a few of my cars. Many times the combination of both makes the light go on.
  19. JACK M

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    I might ad that you may or may not want the weight if the car on the suspension.
  20. JACK M

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    Well, the idler arm is usually opposite of the steering gear box and ties the right and left side together. Without actually seeing it I would look toward the passenger side for an arm that hinges to the frame (bracket). With that bracket taken loose the whole assembly should drop enough to let the pan clear. I would suspect that the front wheels will turn either toward or away from each other to let all the steering parts drop enough to let the pan down. There will be the oil pump pick up that will try and fight you but if you are following the book there should be a way. I sometimes have had to raise an engine or take more steering apart to get a pan off. Its not a very fun job, especially if you don't have a lift.
  21. JACK M

    Just retired - need some advice

    John, I have friends that seem to torture themselves with retirement jobs. One guy bought a strip mall, another a charter boat. TIED DOWN in retirement? Personally I feel that I have paid my dues and wont burden myself with anything that requires a schedule. Toss the calendar, EVERY DAY IS A SATURDAY !!!
  22. JACK M

    new owner to 1950 special deluxe

    I have made that 12 volt conversion on more than one old Mopar and the best way to make it work is to replace ALL of the gauges (except speedo) with aftermarket. The head lights if sealed beam wont be much better. You can carry another battery for the tunes.
  23. JACK M

    "Millennials Invade Classic Car Market"

    Its not just Florida Paul. Since it is not uncommon for cars of today to run for hundreds of thousands of miles the definition of 'antique' is skewed. Back in the day a 25 year old car was considered used up, especially if it had turned the ODO over, they were indeed antique. But times and technology has us so accelerated that we are all mixed up about the term. Now a five year old computer is an antique and 60 is the new 40. Go figure.
  24. JACK M

    1966 VIP. What's it worth? Selling!

    Looks to me like you have a couple of interesting field finds here. Fun stuff, but it wont bring you enough to retire on. Non running 66 Plymouth with no title ( 3 to 6 months maybe) sounds more like a parts investment than a potential restoration. I bought a similar condition 65 Chrysler 300 coupe (383, 4bbl, power everything) with title for parts recently for a thousand.
  25. JACK M

    "Millennials Invade Classic Car Market"

    We all turn (turned) antique at 25 right?