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  1. I was not aware that Dr. Davis had a 1928 Black Hawk. I do know he did own a 1929 Blackhawk speedster (roadster) and a 1929 Blackhawk parts sedan, both were 6 cylinder cars.
  2. Do you still have landou bars that were hanging on the wall in one of your earlier pictures? Thanks
  3. Believe this is a Golan mechanical gauge and not electrical. The float pulls a .012 piano wire to the dash gauge that uses a drum to indicate fuel level similar to a drum type of speedometer. A small spring in the gauge keeps tention on the wire. Stutz used this gauge from 1926 through 1928. Kissel used it in 1928 (could also be other years) as did Buick. The instructions below are from the owners manual showing how to lubricate the wire.
  4. Dashboard looks to be 1930 - 31 Hudson or Essex. Looks like I was off a couple years. After checking believe it to be 28. That what I get for relying on my memory.
  5. kbeach


    Can you see any casting numbers? Are they machined for insert bearings?
  6. Do you have any of the wedges that hold the strap in the axle attachments?
  7. Here are some pictures of this car from a couple of years ago when it was for sale in California. If the fire was hot enough to destory the wire wheels makes one wounder what else is not safe to use like wheel spindles etc.
  8. Hi Mark Where did the photograph of the firewall come from and do you know what car it is of? Interesting in that the cam cover is for a blown car, the intake manifold is 1928 style. Firewall is 1929 with bijur pump and it look like it had a vacuum fuel pump that has been removed. Thanks Ken
  9. Not Hudson / Essex. Looks more like 1929 - 31 Buick?
  10. Chrome strip on the side of hood and grill shape would be 1946 chevrolet.
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