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  1. Hi Mark Where did the photograph of the firewall come from and do you know what car it is of? Interesting in that the cam cover is for a blown car, the intake manifold is 1928 style. Firewall is 1929 with bijur pump and it look like it had a vacuum fuel pump that has been removed. Thanks Ken
  2. Not Hudson / Essex. Looks more like 1929 - 31 Buick?
  3. Chrome strip on the side of hood and grill shape would be 1946 chevrolet.
  4. Universal after market for cars in the 20s and early 30's. Measurements of the base may help in detemining size of car they would have been used on (model A Ford or Cadillac). Look to be in nice condition.
  5. Just got mine today - zip 98346.
  6. I agree that someone can make more than one reproduction sign and, if you are a lazy type person, copy another persons ad on ebay so you don't have to write a new description and add pictures, just change the amount and you are good to go. But why would you use the original posters ebay ID and location? The original poster is a friend of mine, retired and moved out of the area. He did not have more than one sign made. He has tried to notify ebay of someone else using his ebay ID, but they have ignored him. Just trying to give everyone a heads up.
  7. Thats it - thanks for posting (some day I will learn how to do this). If someone does try to buy it I am not sure just what they may get, if anything. What I do know is they will not be getting this sign.
  8. I don't know listing how to post the ebay listing here - sorry. I bought this sign a couple of years ago and still own it. Same listing as before and same picture. The fellow that had the neon added to the reproduction sign only did one and no longer lives on Mercer Island Washington. We have filed two complaints with ebay and so far they have been ignored. If anyone knows how to get ebay's attention please let me know. Thanks Ken
  9. New car in the shop (not mine) so decided to check tires. Dunlop 650/700, only code I can find is G8917. This is the same on all four tires. Serial number? Date code? Tires show no wear and have no cracks. If this is not a date code does that indicate they are older than year 2000? Thanks
  10. Engine has been sold. Engine number 30247 so Smile was correct in it being a 1929.
  11. To edinmass Love the Stutz RA with mask in your ID picture. Good to see that responsible Stutz owners are taking COVID-19 seriously. Ken
  12. Am interested in the four brake drums as long as the inside surface is not rust pitted. Do not need hubs, locking caps or wheels. Thanks Ken
  13. Provides power from the distrubtor to the high pressure pump on chevrolet / corvette fuel injection units starting in 1957.
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