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  1. Thanks Ed. Have always stayed with the vacuum system when original to the car. Never had any problems once sorted out. Dirt seems to be the biggest problem. A friend passed away and we were looking to get his 1931 V8 Cadillac started. It currently has two electric fuel pumps at the tank (obviously not orignal) and I am not seeing where a steward warner vacuum tank would have been mounted on the firewall or where a mechanical pump could go, hence the reason for my question. Ken
  2. Stewart Warner vacuum system. I should have said that to begin with. Was 1931 the same time frame for the 12 and 16 cylinder cars?
  3. What was the last year Cadillac V8 used the vacuum type fuel pump? Thanks
  4. Fun during the race but how long did it take to clean up that mess?
  5. The last post here is over a year old so I am looking for a little more up todate information. Just back from a 4,700 mile trip with our 24' inclosed car trailer. Had a rear spring bracket break which caused the rear tire to blow (the roads in some states are REALLY hard on equipment}. NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) came out a few years ago with the recommendation that any tire 7 years or older be replaced. As my tires are now 6 years old and have 25,000 miles on them, I am looking to replace all. Current tires are 16" load range E and are marked "Trailfinder HT" made by Discount Tire. I don't see where they were made and it looks like they are no longer stocking the ST. Looking at Les Schwab's Geostar load range G. They claim these tires are made in California but looking on line it looks like they are made in China. Does anyone have current experience/recommendations for ST tires? Thanks
  6. Would be interested in the pair for parts if you are willing to package and mail. Ken
  7. Per Steve Snyder, Car has been sold and paid for. Looked to be a very good car for not much money
  8. See updated listing, now includes transmission. Missing the drive line and hand brake lever.
  9. I was not aware that Dr. Davis had a 1928 Black Hawk. I do know he did own a 1929 Blackhawk speedster (roadster) and a 1929 Blackhawk parts sedan, both were 6 cylinder cars.
  10. Do you still have landou bars that were hanging on the wall in one of your earlier pictures? Thanks
  11. Believe this is a Golan mechanical gauge and not electrical. The float pulls a .012 piano wire to the dash gauge that uses a drum to indicate fuel level similar to a drum type of speedometer. A small spring in the gauge keeps tention on the wire. Stutz used this gauge from 1926 through 1928. Kissel used it in 1928 (could also be other years) as did Buick. The instructions below are from the owners manual showing how to lubricate the wire.
  12. Dashboard looks to be 1930 - 31 Hudson or Essex. Looks like I was off a couple years. After checking believe it to be 28. That what I get for relying on my memory.
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