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  1. Chalmers - 1919 (?) You can see the emblem in the lower corner of the radiator - CMC (Chalmers Motor Company)
  2. Go to "Cars for sale" forum and check out "Diamond T trucks for sale. There is a 1938 - 39 dump truck with the headlights that I was thinking of. Note how the light stanchion covers and protects the wiring.
  3. The wire connection is the same as what Diamond T used. Could be 1938 - 41 Diamond T with a sealed beam conversion (note the terminal for parking light - Diamond T was late in changing over to seal beam).
  4. Many different makers of the fat man steering wheel. How about some pictures and the number on the Yale lock.
  5. Nice find! How about some more pictures (rear, inside trunk, interior etc.)?
  6. Dash looks different to most model M's because it has the rare factory installed radio. Missing its trunk rack and correct tail lights.
  7. Thanks Spinneyhill I had looked at the engine further down in the link but it is a totally different engine. Location of distributor and generator would not allow for a forward dump of the exhaust which I believe the L8 engine had.
  8. Thanks Ron Does the Schebler Duplex use a six bolt mount? Did find a picture of a 1929 Stutz Blackhawk L8 Continental engine without the manifold which looks like it may be a match.
  9. Had this on the Stutz Forum with out much success. Listed as a 1927 Stutz intake/exhaust manifold which it is not (8 cylinder Stutz has the intake on the left side and exhaust on the right side). Note that pictures are upside down as it would use an updraft carburetor, mabe a Zenith 105? Could this be for a Continental engine like a 1929 - 30 Blackhawk? or maybe a Ruxton - as I recall they used the Zenith carb. I have no connection or interest in this other than trying to identify.
  10. It has 8 exhaust ports so the only Stutz it may fit would be the Black Hawk with the continental engine. The only picture I can find is not very clear so am not able to tell if its a match. Also thought about Studebaker.
  11. Listed as 1927 Stutz intake/exhaust manifold - obviously not but could it be for a 1929 - 30 Black Hawk with the 8 cylinder continental engine? Manifold it pictured upside down. Looks like it would take the Zenith carburetor. Please note that I have no connection or interest in the manifold, just trying to identify it. Would post the ebay listing but do not know how to copy & paste it.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions . Went ahead and used the ones I had, look ok with a little extra work and some filler.
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