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  1. All original paint, interior and running gear. 67,000 miles.
  2. Stock Sunroof and Side Window pop-outs. A German who married a GI returned to Germany on vacation and ordered this car thur the Tourist program. Drove the car very little then traded in at Chrysler Dealership in Minn. Car was then raffled in town in a partnership with dealership and local grocery store. New owner then towed it behind Motorhome to arizona. Now down here in Florida with 80,000 miles.
  3. 1979 Dodge Lil Red Express
  4. 1960 Volkswagen Bug 36 HP
  5. I remember Hershey after 911 a ghosttown compaired to 2000 and I believe this year Hershey will take a hit. I've been vending since 1986 and will probably skip this year. I had 8 spaces but down to 4 spaces. I hope we do have an option to apply funds toward next year. Like most vendors I'm not a youngster. 70 years old with a condition. Travel, Hotel Room, Crowded Restrooms, Food courts, bridge between fields and looking over my shoulder. It's a gamble. Who knows it might getter better by September or maybe the same as now? I'm sure the Governor will have the final say.
  6. Back in the 1980's and 90's when the car show was in the center of the fields the swap meet was more popular. The rows were wall to wall people. This was my 32nd year doing Hershey and 10 years ago I decided to tear down on Friday afternoon and get up early and enjoy the Car Show. I own 3 antique cars and enjoy the swap meet but Saturday to me is Show Day. I setup on Tuesday and deal until Friday and that's enough. I guess to each his own.
  7. Downtown Highlands NC Today in the Smokey Mountains. Colors are changing fast. Drove our 1960 Volkswagen on the backroads today.
  8. Ken`s Hershey Posters are a great tradition. Hope all goes well.
  9. Has Ken made the new Hershey Poster available for viewing?
  10. The best way to solve this is to limited the amount of window stickers. Why does anybody with 4 spaces need 4 stickers? I bet a lot of the vehicles on the field the owners don`t belong to AACA. I have 4 spaces but only 1 vehicle. Hershey changed after 911 . Check the old video`s for the 90`s when all the rows were packed. There was excitement in the air and you didn`t want it to end. Every year between fall Carlisle and Hershey I go to Adamstown Antique Capital of Pa. This year on Sunday was like a ghost town unbelievable. This was my 32nd year vending at Hershey and I will continue and enjoy what I have.