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  1. This original print has a 1905 imprint on the lower right corner in a nice older frame. Paul Caldwell had this in his collection 10 by 15 inches. Very neat artwork.
  2. This is very interesting. Can you post something for us to see?
  3. Here's one I own. Made by Don Sommers American Arrow for the Packard Club. Centennial 1899-1999 Warren Ohio. Great reproduction on 18 gauge metal. As you can see on the reverse it is marked in the firing of the porcelain. This is a large sign 22 by 36 inches and looks great mixed in with the other signs and pumps. I notice that many of the new porcelain signs have Made in the USA and small date on the bottom corner. It's only there so the seller can claim it's dated. You better know what your looking at when buying signs unless you can afford Morphys prices and 20 percent buyer premium
  4. Try the Buck Company Foundry in Quarryville Pa mostly cast iron, Cattail Foundry in Intercourse Pa does Brass and Cast Iron they are Amish also Quality Alum in Denver Pa might help. Central Pa has many Foundries and some one should be able to help with info.
  5. Heard from a friend yesterday who sets up at Allentown that he was offered his money back or spaces at Carlisle Auction Building. He said the Fairgrounds will only allow 250 people in the building at one time. Vendors and help would probably be half of that. He declined the spaces and wasn't going to vend at Allentown this year anyways. So it look's like a possible show in January in Carlisle?
  6. Highlands NC today. Great for a drive thru the Mountains!
  7. Here are two pins from a small collection. During the 80's and 90's at Carlisle and Hershey vendor's would display large collections of their Pins, Spark Plugs, Maps, advertising, before the internet took control. I always enjoyed viewing the different collections in the old canvas tents and buying a few items. I have more neat ones.
  8. This would have been my 35th year. I really miss the Hershey of the 80's and 90's and the grass fields. The Car Corral at night in the Chocolate Field with all the fresh barn finds and all the activity. Kids running around with their wagons dragging parts back to cars. All the Million Dollar Motor homes lined up near all the Truck Transport Company. Hershey chocolate smell in the air with the sky filled with Helium Balloons. Whoever was the meet announcer was great. I bought many cars, parts, signs, gas pumps, leather hides from Hirsch and more. I had a business in Bird-in-Hand, Pa fo
  9. Some early Fall pictures up here in the Smoky Mountains Highlands NC. Drove the 65 Bug on a 40 mile drive and seen some color on the trees. Looks like maybe an early winter.
  10. What is interesting is the PPP which Carlisle Productions received $350,000 to 1 Million. This is online under Business in Pennsylvania who received government money page 91.
  11. Dealer Color Selection Album 10 3/4 by 13 inches. 10 Color pages. Had this from 1988 From my L37 Oldsmobile. $125 shipped
  12. I can only identify the Esso tag. It looks the same that was on my unit. Aluminum plate screen printed about 3 inches long. I have never seen another like it. It just happened to be on my heater in the basement. Probably the reason it was in the auction was because of the Esso Tag only. Could have been a fuel delivery truck or and or something service by the Esso dealer.
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