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  1. I can't seem to get the title of this posting edited correctly. It's 2 Riversides and 1 Goodrich with a price reduction to $50.
  2. If you've missed out, I have 49 consecutive issues from Vol 11-1 through Vol.23-1, plus Vol. 23-4, all for $99; and will offer to be sold with them 4 index issues covering Vols. 1-16 for $10, Northern Va. location. Dave. jrdshen@verizon.net
  3. At age 16 I drove my dad's '41 Chevy to impress my first date who lived 2 blocks away, to take her to the movies 5 blocks away. Her folks would have nothing of it, sensibly making us walk....
  4. Sorry, it's not gone away, except for the gas Shell was selling by the litre in Vienna, Va. at the start of the craze. I'm told that building permits in Fairfax County require metric dimensions, after all, who knows what A 2 x 4 is.....?
  5. Here is more about the Goodrich tire. It looks like it hardly ever went around the block, with the center mold mark still prominent on the tread. The 2 tubes are now thrown in, everything for $60.
  6. There was a stretched 810 Cord ambulance being serviced at Auburn when I visited there to get parts in the '50's. There may well have been a Cord hearse made, but more likely it would have been a more spacious L29.
  7. Funny, I don't think it's ever shown up in all the years of the ACD N/L. Real? Skeptical, but then anything's possible. I have an old snapshot picture of a Cord front end grafted onto a Jeepster body filed away somewhere.
  8. A technique that I'm told was used by the Navy to prevent re rusting is to pass a torch over the surface until moisture appears. After it evaporates from the heat the surface is ready to coat (promptly). You might be surprised at how much moisture is released by the heat from a surface that appears dry.
  9. Though lead is seldom used today because it is harder to work with, more skill is required, and it is more costly than other fillers, it is durable and won't cause future problems provided it is properly applied after thorough surface preparation and the acid flux is neutralized afterwards. Before bondo, lead was all there was to use if the problem couldn't be dollied and pick-and-filed out, which is always the best solution where possible.
  10. The floor pans rusted because of a leak somewhere. Fixing just the pans is only half the job. You wouldn't be happy if the repaired pans rusted too after all your work. Bite the bullet and find out where water is leaking in and fix that too .
  11. This Enginair Service Set came with adapters to fit various size spark plugs. It is a clever device which incorporates an air exchanger so that fresh air rather than cylinder air which could have oil or other contamination is dispensed. A second one also by by G. H. Meisner & Co. has Ford script on the dial, but says Enginair Tire Pump on the wrench.
  12. Hoses of the era were probably covered with a cloth fabric, whereas today's hoses have a rubber or neoprene surface. Some Model A Ford parts suppliers offer a tire pump hose with a simulated surface meant to look like cloth covering. That is probably as close a substitute as could be found. Try to locate the source of this type hose to obtain the length you need.
  13. I had a '37 Olds when I was in highschool. It had a nice radio but it wouldn't play right if it was raining or if I went around a corner in a certain way. I discovered that the under-running board antenna wire that crossed from one side to the other would short out on the open drive shaft.
  14. The renumbering of 1936 Cord 810's was done to unsold ones at year's end, I believe with different blocks of numbers assigned for cars still at the factory vs. those at dealers. Therefore it is easy to identify the renumbered Cords. While the '36's look like the '37's, there were differences, such as the change from Lockheed brakes to Bendix. I have been told that Packard did renumbering too, is that right West?
  15. Alllstate tires I bought in the '70's were from a line of tires offered in sizes for antique cars that Sears sold, and they had nylon cords. In the day Allstate tires and Diehard batteries were very big on the aftermarket. Factors determining the deterioration of tires also include exposure to heat and uv rays, plus whether or not they were kept properly inflated. Tires properly stored lying flat in a cool dark place could have an extended useful life. If whitewalls, they should not be stacked white side to black.