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  1. Yes, a '30 Model A. Split windshields came in vogue in the mid '30's and that is emulated here by a bar having been placed vertically in the center on the flat glass. Later Ford wheels from '32-'35 and '40- '48 would fit right on any Model A. These look like 16", a common switch during WWII because the original 19" size tire wasn't as easy to get. Bald tires such as seen here weren't looked upon with disfavor as long as the fabric wasn't showing through during the war. The headlights aren't Ford either, and the top may be other than canvas.
  2. C'mon guys, scratch your heads hard and come up with your thoughts as to its application. KKK where are you....
  3. The Super and Roadmaster can be ruled out because the subject car does not have their "torpedo" styling. That leaves the Special, Century and Limited series. I believe it is the 80 series Limited because of the way the concave side of the trunk looks to me.
  4. I've had success by tying a strong thin rope about 3 feet or so long to them with the gauge inbound and whirling it around.
  5. There was an invasion of lithographed tinplate toy cars from Japan after WWII and they often bore no identification of the maker. The yellow speedster was "Tootsietoy made in the United States of America". Clearly inspired by the Auburn with suicide doors, but out of proportion and having various incorrect details.
  6. They fit the Victoria and other '31 slant windshield Model A Fords. To the best of my knowledge they are not being reproduced, and originals seldom come up for sale. I believe they would fall into the approximately $75 range, perhaps a bit more.
  7. Chris, The number plate is yours, please email me, jrdshen@verizon.net. Same place where you got the 2 wheels. Your message to me via AACA had a no return email address. It's the second time I've not been able to reply to a message sent via the club. Clicking on "Hurrst" for personal info also gave no option to send a PM back either. Can't understand what's going on. Dave
  8. Terry, You are right, thanks for pointing it out, I have it waaay over-priced. The shape perhaps should be flat, but the bumper and lower valence do have a similar curve. I couldn't find it listed in a download of Moss's MGA catalog, probably just missed it. It is in a Victoria British LTD's catalog @ "$13.69 list, "$10.69 sell". I came up with the price without much thought, having erroneously made a mental comparison to what one for a considerably more expensive British car costs and reducing to a fraction of that. New price; It's a u-pick-it-up freebie now. I admire your collections. Dave
  9. Thanks for your help, I sent him a PM.
  10. Several years ago, in 2016 I believe, I advertised that I had a quantity of original K B mirrors available. I can't find the thread any more. I have receiver an inquiry from "72 LeSabre", signed "Ashby" seeking mirrors that was forwarded to me by AACA from a "No Reply" address, so my response to Ashby bounced. Perhaps he had made note of my ad some time back, and did not include his contact information when inquiring. Ashby, if you are out there please PM me. I have one mirror left for your '47 Buick that you may want. Does anyone know Ashby? Any help appreciated. Dave
  11. Your response to my previous message didn't help. To recap, I received a message from "'72 LeSabre" signed "Ashby", that was forwarded to me from an AACA "no reply" email address, about king bee mirrors I had advertised on the forum several years back. I can't find the old thread and my attempt to respond bounced. Can you help? Why do you forward such messages from "No respond" email addresses? Dave
  12. Note that the only functional difference is the existence of a flat screwdriver like projection only on the Jaguar wrench that is for nudging the hubcap loose.