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  1. Don't fret, your expertise in everything else more than compensates!
  2. This Chevy is very similar to the Kamloops Canada mystery car appearing in the first frame. Look at the hood sides of the mystery car, it has fixed vents, not vent doors as the Chevy pictured here. The mystery car is a '33 Pontiac.
  3. My biggest gripe of all is non-bumper plastic "bumpers", some spanning a car's whole rump, an insult to motorist's pocket book. They offer no protection, but do carry a guarantee....that it will cost like hell upon receiving a 5 mph bump. And all those dash buttons, how many accidents have they caused by being so distracting? I LOVE the two knob radio on my '80 Cutlass. Missing too are the vent windows that circulated FRESH air, that my '64 Caliente has. Reverse cameras, nope, I prefer cars you can just see out of the back of. Just an old fuddy-duddy I guess.
  4. Getting away from the Gal, (if you can), those headlights aren't Auburn. Maybe both the setting and the girl are foreign. Oops, there I go getting back to the gal.....
  5. I used one back in the day, working as a trainee grease monkey mechanic between college semesters. It was indispensable for setting up proper advance curves when replacing the vacuum spark advances. Not difficult to get on to.
  6. A Model T friend just obtained a title from Vermont for a garage find T, even while giving his Maryland home address. He had to have Md. police inspect and verify the "vin". Then Vt. ran a stolen car check on it, which it passed. He got the title. Virginia has a similar process for obtaining a title for an abandoned vehicle that could be useful too (maybe with using a little "creativity") and costs $25 at last sighting.
  7. Grand children Robbie and Caroline taking an imaginary spin in my XK 120 roadster. I think she was enjoying it more than he was. Sorry for the poor picture.
  8. Auburn and Cord abortions weren't too uncommon in the '50's when the cars could be bought on the cheap. Pictured is a '50's custom dubbed the "Cord-O-Matic". It housed an Olds Rocket 88 with Hydramatic and a Columbia 2 speed rear end. The front clip was from a '47 Lincoln. I bought it in badly deteriorated condition to salvage the remaining Cord parts on it. During the dismantling I melted off 32 pounds of lead! Surprisingly there has been a reincarnation. I sold the body hulk to a friend, whose father had owned it in the '40's when it was a real Cord. It is now a well executed Cord resto-rod. Other examples which I have pictures of somewhere are a first generation Auburn Speedster crossed with an air cooled Franklin, and a Cord 810 front clip on a Jeepster convertible.
  9. Yup, I gotta brag a little, I told everyone why it could be a Convertible sedan way back on page 2 and no one listened, so there!
  10. Congrats are definitely in order Auburnseeker. And maybe even more so, getting back to figuring out its body style consider this; If what I see at about the back end of the rear door is in fact its handle then it's a Convertible Sedan. The closed sedans had suicide rear doors!
  11. This fuzzy picture is of a 1907 Gale from the Standard Catalog of American Cars. It shows the car having louvers on the hood side, further indicating that the mystery car may be a Gale.
  12. The $485 Roadster was a Ford,. the bottom end of the "food chain". We're talking about Model A Duesenbergs here, quite the opposite!
  13. Boy, wouldn't it be. Model A Duesenbergs valued at $35 to $100 in the 1935 Kelley Blue Book!