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  1. Get some copper sulfate and wipe down the surface with it. When the surface darkens wash and dry it, it will be conditioned for painting. Google it if you would like more details.
  2. I use a short ratcheting box end wrench which one of a set sold as VW clutch adjusting wrenches. It's the kind that you just flip over to reverse. Works good.
  3. The number is 1236 if it's the 3 passenger coupe, according to The Production Figure Book For U.S. Cars by Jerry Heasley
  4. Naw, it's ok, you can't see it, there's a guy holding onto it by the hood ornament through the truck rear window.
  5. Ed, I don't see that all of your questions about the "Flying Wombat" were answered. The car is on a Cord 810 platform and was designed by Maurice Schwartz and Rust Heintz of pickle family fame who commissioned it. While it had the "Wombat" dubbing for the movie, in real life it is the Phantom Corsair, a one off. A late friend who was a Cord expert here in Fairfax County, Va. worked on it in the late '40's or '50's when it was locally owned, and said he never could figure out why it was so fast. It passed through various hands including Herb Schriner who made modifications to it. A subs
  6. It's a wheel for a Ford. Figure out what size tire bead fits it, 18" would be '32 Ford, 17" is '33-'34, 16" is '35.
  7. Has some characteristics of Cunningham.
  8. Steve, For what it's worth the MoToR's Specification Tables covering American autos from 19' to '24 does not list the Piedmont until 1919, in which year there is shown a model N-30 and an S-40. The former had a Lycoming engine with 4 cylinders, 31/2 x 5. There also was an S-40 Piedmont which used a 6 cylinder Continental engine. The 4 cylinder is indeed shown to have just 2 main bearings, a Carter carb, Delco ign., Dyneto starting-lighting and voltage, B&B clutch, G Lees-3 (speed) transmission, and Peru rear axle with 4.45 ratio. Piedmont wasn't shown in the '20 charts but returned
  9. You could be correct Sophie, about '53. Nice piece.
  10. That rang a bell for me too. Sure enough, there it was among an accumulation of the great old 75 cent Fawcett books of the '50's which I hadn't perused in decades. It was a good read, but I noted that for some reason Uncle Tom left Porsche out of his Top 10 Sports Car article, which imo included one or more that now-a-days would be considered relatively inferior.
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