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  1. finally someone understands that the vacuum unit on a PA/PB -- turns the distributor and retards the spark some I don't think that has ever been stated here before ---- Thanks I think this is good info. Allan
  2. this is correct carb for the PA car note the accelerator pump and cable placement
  3. full vacuum to the wipers and ported to vacuum unit on distributor.
  4. the picture is of rt. side motor of a convertible that Paul Curtis restored. possibly one of the best done that I have seen for a long time I hope you can see some of the details --Allan
  5. the wiper line to manifold and the advance line to port on carb.
  6. air cleaner unit is correct ---- the carb. looks like a Chevy style carter brass bowl and not the Plymouth style. Both look similar but the accelerator pumps are different. the vacuum unit is also incorrect looks like some one modified a chevy unit to work but not correct for car. yes I would say the tubing under dash is for the wiper --should go up through pillar by windshield
  7. From what I have been told helps with bump steer and spring shutter --- But not sure about that.
  8. The balanced PB crank will fit into the PA blocks ---- would be nice to see pans off to check for balance weights.---may not be but possible.
  9. cloth covered like the rest of the car --- not sure of size or hash mark but cloth covered for sure
  10. the 32 pa thrift also just had three gauges in the dash not 5
  11. yes #5567 can be cut down to work --- most of the PA motors never had an oil filter on them.