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  1. vintageglass.com--- talked to them this week and asked about glass for my car they told me they do have the patterns for 31 PA convertible and would be glade to cut them for me --- check them out --Allan
  2. I wish it was my car -- this car was restored and owned by Paul Curtis did it about 10 years ago --out standing car. My car is all apart in every corner of my shop. When is a good time to give a call??
  3. sorry picture is of a 1930U -- see how the lower landau pin is high on the 1/4 the PA mounts in belt line
  4. Also the seals or run tracks are very interesting and different size than normal --- front one is very odd shaped --- we need to talk
  5. the set I have are 251/4 center to center --I copied a set from a friends car and it was a 31PA --- the set on ebay are marked as 20 center to center I think that maybe correct for a 30U car ---they mount in different location and are shorter --- pull up pictures of both cars and see how they are mounted -- what is your location?? You can PM me if you like -- Allan
  6. looks like you found a set of landau irons -- I looked for years never found a set -- finely had some cast and finished a set--what is the total overall center to center on mounting holes. Over the years I found sets but never the correct overall length. started to wonder if they made them to fit each car one set at a time --Allan
  7. the glass has a metal frame around it -- that is fastened to the lower channel by 3 small screws total of six - it incases the glass pane -- not sure what you mean about front and rear seal --picture of what you have would help me to see -- been working on mine for many years and it has been slow but getting their.--Allan
  8. I need most of the wooden top bows for mine --- the one I need the most is the one over the middle --- Allan
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