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  1. I sent Matt a PM about the Plymouths but no reply ---- any body have contact info for him and could send me a PM. Thanks Allan
  2. Matt with one picture you maid my heart sink to my toenails--- I have been rebuilding a PA convertible coupe and looking or making parts for the car to complete the top they are only for this car and the Desoto that matches. I have always wanted to complete my project with little to no luck finding the wooden top parts to do patterns. I have thought if I could find a car compete but unrestored I would try to by it......SO if you could think about what it may be worth AS-IS ----- Allan
  3. Per Don Butler's book the collegiate special started in May of 32 as a PB sport roadster special-order car --any college colors extra $40.00 the PA chassis woody is sweet --- most all of the 31/32 pa i have had all had 32 titles ---- we just say it's a PA car
  4. this truck is also a positive ground
  5. This car should not have the landau irons on the top -- I think the 31/32 pa was the last one that had them. But it looks good with them.
  6. valve discs stuck in fuel pump -- take caps off and free the discs up -- would you like to sell the coupe I have been looking for one --Allan
  7. Richard Hi I have been working on a set for my PA convertible --- I may be able to help --- PM me. where are you located -- do you have any part of you top?? Allan just to be sure PA or PB
  8. Richard Hi I have been working on a set for my PA convertible --- I may be able to help --- PM me. where are you located -- do you have ant part of you top?? Allan
  9. yes that is a 30u --- the radiator and bumpers are different for the 30U car -- if that is the hood off of the car you are working on ---a picture of your car would be nice and of the fire wall --Allan
  10. I do not have a 30u but I think Andy ( Plyroadking) in Des Moines Ia. may have one running and may be a good one to ask a few questions -- Allan
  11. Bob have you had the long pipe off of the silencer box?? when the unit is installed on the bellhousing pin and on the carb. it sets at an angle not strait up and down ---then if you put the pipe back on vertical to the motor it should open room for the carb linkage and cable. the silencer mounts on a slide pin and not bolted tight --IE. slips over the pin and on carburetor --- clamped installed on carb. --- the long tube slips onto the silencer box and bolts to the manifold bolt. it is also clamped on the silencer. I have seen one and the long tube is removable or it should be.---I had the silencer box and took measurements to build the tube. IT was removable and just clamped on ..my 2 cents worth--Allan
  12. thehandleman your pic's are of the 1932 PB air silencer set up --- it will work on the PA if you use the BB1 carb. The picture that Bob put up is of the late 31 PA --- the early PA did not use the long upper tube and the top part was just under the carb --problem was they filled with dirt and plugged up --- I think this was a dealer installed fix then used in later cars. Bob -- I know we have talked about this with no resolution --- I wonder if Bob Mcmulkin could help he is the Tech director for 31-32 for the Plymouth club or he was last I knew --- I do not have correct carb or cleaner on my car to help ---Allan
  13. sheet stock and Cratex sticks DIY if you have the time