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  1. The PA car use a cap nut with a flange on the bottom --- kinda hard to find if you need one
  2. but that is if its a plymouth ---- and not chrysler just thinking out loud
  3. looks like 29 early 30 but some one will know for sure but the fire wall lines look early before the 30u
  4. Dale Thanks my car is a 31PA convertible ---- the 31 coupe/convertible with wood inner will work or a 32 PB with steel inner will work if I change the lid stop location. This would be rumble lid not the deck lid. Thanks for any help Allan
  5. Graham do you want to build a set of wood for me??? I would take a set in knocked down form I could fit and put it together --- the lower section of mine is bad . Allan
  6. Thanks all well I did find a lid but needs wood and a bit of metal work along lower edge --- better than what I had when I posted ---at this time also working different angle to the issue. 32PB cars had all steel lids but all of the 31PA cars have wood in them --- also coupe and convertible coupe are same but the roadster has different drip rail and the older lid. I had lid off of a roadster and put it on would not close due to drip rail issues and lid construction . nice too see people working on Plymouth cars .
  7. Well I'm starting to get a big smile on my face --can't wait to see car out side and good pictures --- i have a boy that lives about a hundred miles from you and have started thinking about the trip out after it -- just need to get together and chat about it. will be setting up time to call you -----Allan
  8. nice --- what a tease --- I see the well fenders have the locks and hold downs --also see the wood header may still be on windshield --metal looks good -- that's a good start -- some of the pic's have a metal piece sticking through the filler hole in the fuel tank cover is that the rt. door window frame?? --Allan
  9. That thing is as solid as a rock --- what a car ---- Is that a rt side tail lamp stand I see on the pile of parts??? --Allan
  10. I think Bob Nixon was reproducing the bracket on the radiator shell don't think he was doing the one on the cowl ---bob.nixon41@gmail.com
  11. If I recall correctly even the 31 PA lids are different between roadster and coupe/convertible due to drip rail inside opening --- roadsters have narrower lips than the coupe/convertible ---- I bought a roadster lid and tried to install on my convertible and it would not close --took a bit to figure out why -- took me about 2 years to find one that is correct and will fit car but it still need some metal and wood work ---- Allan
  12. The roadster looks good and solid --- will make a good car --Allan
  13. Glad you are thinking of me --- it would be fun to dig in the pile -- the rumble seat lids look similar but very different from one car to the next and not many have seen/looked at the differences --AK
  14. nice to see some of the treasure is starting to move --- big job but should be worth it --- wish i was there to see all the parts and cars ----Allan
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