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  1. make poly bushings for it
  2. what's it doing they are not to bad to work on.
  3. jack podell if he can't help fix it no one can http://www.jackpodellfuelinjections.com/
  4. check your front to see if it is threaded in side the open hole -- if so that should be the correct one for your car ----- the one you have out is a later valve..I had my wheel cylinders done with sleeves and when the came back they all had the later style valves. I had to call them and they sent the old ones back to me. You can get the later valves and most auto parts stores.
  5. mine has always had a vibration above 40. But I need change motor mounts -- the older owners always told me it will help on that if you change over to the PB crank . I would think that is true or the PB would not have the up grade and cost of the balanced crank. so at this point I would check all location that the motor could transfer vibration to the frame -- motor mounts - cross spring from bellhousing to the frame for any metal to metal contact. what's left over I would say is normal as stock.
  6. so did you put a PB crank in your motor or do you just have the stock un-balanced PA crank .
  7. I have complete trans and converter came off a 55 291 Desoto hemi motor -- not planning on using it --Allan
  8. vintageglass.com--- talked to them this week and asked about glass for my car they told me they do have the patterns for 31 PA convertible and would be glade to cut them for me --- check them out --Allan
  9. I wish it was my car -- this car was restored and owned by Paul Curtis did it about 10 years ago --out standing car. My car is all apart in every corner of my shop. When is a good time to give a call??
  10. sorry picture is of a 1930U -- see how the lower landau pin is high on the 1/4 the PA mounts in belt line
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