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  1. Got to the party late, your White shows up as being made in June 1917 according to the White erection records, also White made 518 cars and 9742 trucks in 1917 by 1918 this changed to 18 cars and 12150 trucks so good-by to car production. You made a simple job complicated by removing the wheel from the axle on the car, you don't have to remove the hubcap just turn the bearing retaining bolts and pull wheel and axle out together. Goes right back in easy as an assembly, turn bolts tighten and done. The rear end and front end are the same as a 3/4 ton truck.
  2. My Bentley has no keys is a real one made by WO. Guess no one stole them when new.
  3. My Bentley has no keys, no trunk just an ignition sw. Back then no one would steal a Bentley.
  4. Dual mags were used on some high performance cars and some racing engines, not just aircraft engines. My Bentley flies down the road but doesn't fly in the air, it is equipped with two mags that fire both plugs at the same time. Looks like this two cylinder engine uses two mags to overcome the V configuration problem.
  5. Boiler not Doble, think Dobile had 4 cylinder motors or should that be engines?
  6. Ran my 6volt Dodge truck for years with a 12 v battery used only for staring and a switch to change the ignition between 6+ 12. Ran on 6 v generator. Do not have any lights on while starting. Charged 12 v battery every so often. The starter and ignition will take ok if your vehicle starts right up.
  7. Yes it is. A collector in Ohio had it. At least one other Mercedes was burned up. There is an interesting story about this car's restoration.
  8. Arthur Gould passed away on December 13,2020. The company has changed hands at least three times.
  9. The white White is a 40 hp 1909 or 1910, the flags behind look like 46 star and 48 star flags making this photo 1912 or later.
  10. I noticed two of the cars have the gas tank for the head lights mounted property with the outlet valve at the top, one car has it at the bottom incorrect. The little things will make your model better. Also check out the side lights, two cars are the same the other is different, they all may be wrong? When cars are restored the brass gets upgraded or changed sometimes.
  11. White 30 hp 1912 or later lh drive. This one has head lights.
  12. Looks. Like a 40 hp White a 1911 being rh drive and fancy side lights also no head lights.
  13. Two Whites top one 1915 or newer bottom one 30 hp 1912/1914 probaly a GAH love the bumper.
  14. This is a 6 cly 1912/13 GF (oil side lamps electric head lights).
  15. The White truck is 1912 or later (left hand drive) up to 1925 they look the same.
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