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  1. You will also need 24rim bolts and clamps I can supply them no rims though.
  2. Top car is a 1911 or 1912 bottom is 1910 or earlier both 50 hp 4 cylinder 1913 they tried a rotary valve 6 did not work in real world went back to a poppet valve setup. Not a tubing in tubing, a solid shaft with slots machined in it.
  3. For the light colored White, Note the horn an electric/bulb horn. This is a 1912 or 1913 car.
  4. The Loco is long gone and Newtons Garage was located in Ronkonkoma N Y. It burned down two years ago a sad loss.
  5. A friend of mine restored a 1910 car in the 70,s and restored the touring body kept the closed body and when he sold it, the new owner restored it again with the closed body, the touring body went to another chassis
  6. Of course the Ford owners who are ashamed to admit they own a Ford and advertise a three window coupe or a model A for sale, also every 1929 Ford ad includes A not needed, what else could it be?
  7. The clamps/wedges are jaxon/motor wheel used in lots of late 20s cars most popular is Chrysler.
  8. A collector in Milwaukee had a Speedwell roadster and he said there was a Frontenac in the same barn in upstate NY when he acquired the Speedwell did not say what happened to it. The Speedwell and Frontenac both used the Continental 5by5 motor.
  9. Wear the ones with holes in back every time take old car out regardless of weather keeps steady hand on steering wheel no slip.
  10. What is the weather going to be? Been looking at extended forecasts and they are all over the place.
  11. I have either clamp $3.00 ea plus postage will bring to Hershey space at CT25 Ed
  12. Used a serpentine belt for about 20 years after the leather one failed on a tour works great.
  13. Mount them outside on a hot day let tires warm up in sun for a while to soften them up
  14. The car with the no. plate on radiator shows a 1912 plate film made up out of many clips of era notice the two men eyeballing the ladies crossing the street 3/4 way in.
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