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  1. I would stop in there now and then when they first opened, something fun to do while downtown. Then they started charging to see the cars so that was the end of that. They did have a Mercedes one time with a back story that it belonged to Herman Goering's Doctor, beautiful car. I never saw more than a dozen cars there at any one time, it wasn't a big place. Hope the owners get made whole!
  2. I've been on Ebay since 1997, its a far cry from where it used to be. I used to sell alot and buy little, now it's the opposite. It's set up for the buyer these days, they hold most of the cards. I don't enjoy selling there anymore and only do small items now due to their policies. I run into the occasional scammer but most sellers I deal with are honest. Their money back guarantee is a scam, they have several excuses they use to not pay out so don't count on that if you're looking for security in buying from Ebay. Mediation is difficult, other than tracking showing it
  3. The crank used large ball bearings while the rods used the needle type in a cage for both the crank end and and the wrist pin. The crankshaft has to be taken apart totally to replace the bearings and then pressed back together, then it needs to be straightened to run true. Neat little engines, I lifted the whole thing out of the car without a hoist. The rod bearings could have issues and were known to trash the crank throws, the original style of rod bearing is no longer available, I don't think that issues exists today with the replacement bearings.
  4. I'll show my license plate if I can write off my losses!
  5. My Farmall F20 has the same setup, as did my 1961 Saab with a two stroke engine. I think its interesting also, I wonder how it compares to poured bearings for longevity. My F20 still runs great on the original engine at 83 years old.
  6. I was surprised as well. I've always just been able to insure as historic without any papers, never a problem until now. The cost difference was minimal going with JC Taylor, not a problem. I had an issue with Hagerty years ago as they denied me service on a antique for not having a new enough daily driver but they never asked for historic registration then either. Maybe its just Michigan, no clue.
  7. He marched to his own tune for sure... used to varnish his hair.
  8. Might be worth keeping an eye on Auctionarms.com or Gunbroker.com, artillery shows up there from time to time. Maybe a nice 37mm would make an appearance, I have seen 3" guns listed there.
  9. Might be too big but IMA has a howitzer for sale: https://www.ima-usa.com/products/wwi-155m-howitzer?variant=26157261701
  10. After doing some more investigating I am able to secure insurance. Hagerty wants to insure it the standard way until I can get into the SOS for the registration, then get the historic plates and insure it as that, they will back date the historic registration by a number of weeks but not the full time it would take to get into the SOS here in MI. JC Taylor had no issue with insuring it as historic without the historic registration. The cost was a bit more, but no substantial. I decided to go with them. Thanks for all the input guys... weird times!
  11. I've had numerous sellers come back to me recently asking if offers I made several months ago were still good... Lots of options out there for buyers in my area it seems, lots of cars for sale sitting on FB marketplace and Craigslist unless its a smoking deal.
  12. Thanks Padgett, I forgot about them... I'll give them a try. Michigan is so messed up right now it's not funny. They did open the SOS back up but only with one employee serving customers... they may be open but they are still falling behind at the rate they are going.
  13. Anybody having issues getting insurance for antique autos during the covid pandemic? I recently bought a vintage army truck and got a quote from Hagerty in which I noticed they required the historical registration. In Michigan you need insurance to get the historical registration after you transfer the title. Currently the secretary of state in Michigan is appointment only with November being the soonest you can schedule one. You can do the historic plate through the mail in MI but not transfer of title (which you need for the plate application). They were closed until
  14. Cute! I actually like the color. I have to chuckle at "won't take much to get running". Seems to be a common thread among non car folks trying to get rid of a car. I just spent 2 months sorting a truck that "didn't need anything", I knew better and wasn't disappointed!
  15. Nice, don't see many of those around. I restored a GAZ-69M a number of years ago, surplus out of East Germany that ended up in Florida where I bought it.
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