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  1. I live over by the Saginaw Bay actually, I wish I lived by the Gilmore! That farmhouse by the entrance would suit me just fine. We'll be back down there again for some of their events though. We didn't have time to see it all that day since the HCCA was there too, lots of brass cars to take in.
  2. It sounded like fun, don't know if I'll hear much on it... maybe by the highway? Rubber duck where are you? By the way... I talked with an acquaintance of yours two weeks ago at the Gilmore. I was there to take pictures of a chassis in storage when Fred started talking about this really nice Model T after he found out I'm a T guy. Long story short it was yours (I wanted to buy it so bad!). The Cadillac was a good choice!
  3. The arm rests were ratty so I pulled the old ones off and got some new ones, some junk hiding behind them but an easy cleaning. Also cleaned up the timing cover and replaced the front seal, a speedy sleeve on the pulley spacer where the seal rides as well. I've never used a speedy sleeve before, neat little device! For some more fun I picked up this old CB radio and installed it under the dash.
  4. Roughed in a gauge holder for oil pressure/warning light/motor minder and added a tachometer...
  5. The cab roof running lights were shot. Missing or broken lenses and bent internals abounded. The previous owner included a new set with the truck. Under the headliner is a factory harness with bullet connectors. It was a matter of soldering the correct connectors to the new lights and installing. The headliner was reinstalled with the now polished trim after the lights were tested and working.
  6. There was a strong smell of gas in the cab. Since #1 tank is behind the seat and the filler neck is 1' long it wasn't hard to find the problem.. New hose and fuel vapors faded and disappeared. I also replaced the outside grommet as it was shrunk and split too.
  7. Continuing on with the little stuff... I got the distributor rebuilt, I redid it stock but may do a petronix install in the future once I get some baseline performance information. I had to find a new old stock points plate after the new production one (china) was so poorly made it wouldn't work. I also tackled the neutral safety switch. The gear selector had to be jiggled about to allow starting so a look into the NSS showed it was gunked up with some heavy scuffing. I found a NOS switch for a few dollars more than a new one. I'd rather pay more for NOS than deal with some of the junky repro parts out there. Installation went without a hitch.
  8. Fixed the broken passenger side window crank, looks like it gave up the ghost eons ago... Gotta keep the Mrs happy! Meanwhile, the parts are accumulating...
  9. Got the windshield washer running also, gonna need that! It's a straight forward system, an easy victory. I'd be interested to see how they installed the washer fluid pump into the tank at the factory, hardest part is getting the filter screen screwed to the pump from inside the tank... The rest of the rubber hoses and plastic fittings are now replaced. Tested out great, ready to rock. I need to adjust the nozzles a bit so they hit the windshield a bit higher is all.
  10. Picking away at the little stuff... I had to get to the cab light wiring to replace the old cab lights so while the headliner was out I polish the chrome and reinforced a few spots in the headliner that had cracked or had a fastener pull through.
  11. With the bulk of the engine cleaned it was time to pull the heads (more on that issue later) and the oil pan. It came apart without any major fight, each part removed revealed original factory gaskets. There is no evidence anyone has been inside this engine since 1968. The bores in the block are smooth, no scoring or gouging, while all cylinders are dirty with carbon from running rich none show signs of oil burning. The timing chain is loose and will be replaced. Always drop your pan when you buy an old car! Not nearly as bad as I've seen but clean is better! Next steps are to replace the oil pump, crank seals and timing chain assembly.
  12. Work continued on the transmission this weekend... Just waiting on a new rear seal to finish it off. While waiting I cleaned the rest of the grime off the engine, popped the freeze plugs out and flushed the block out. I did get a bit of sludge but nothing major, mostly some grayish flecks of scale. The internal passages are very clean. The backs of the original steel plugs themselves were crusty, they will be replaced with brass plugs.
  13. I don't think I've ever bought a vintage vehicle that had a working dashboard light dimmer, no exceptions here. I was able to find a replacement, the only difference was the spacer was not attached to the switch as on the original... I spot welded them together, easier to hold one piece under a dash than two. For those that have never worked with this era Ford dash switch the knob is released by holding down this little hidden button on the top of the switch and pulling the knob out. The bezel in the dash can the be unscrewed and the switch removed.
  14. Another day of degreasing... Cleaning off the concretions and removing the water and fuel pump shed light on the oil issues. The fuel pump gasket had a piece out of it allowing oil to spew out over the engine. Looking forward to cleaner shop time!
  15. The transmission is leaking so I'm working of fixing those also. There was a good size leak at the pump. I pulled the pump by theading two of the holes, installing bolts and using an improvised slide hammer I made out of some bits. I did this with the transmission hanging tail down from my hoist with the drum band tightened to keep any bits from moving around while the pump was out. Pretty straight forward, the pump gasket, o-ring and seal are now all replaced.
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