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  1. Beautiful! Did you buy that out of the north east a few years ago by chance?
  2. Looking for a good '59 Studebaker Lark, close to Michigan. Needs to be running and in good shape. I'm casting the net for a car to do some touring with this summer so I also have wtb ads for a rambler or a 1920-30's Dodge or Pontiac. Thanks!
  3. I saw this just after it was listed last night. A conversation with the seller has the reserve set at 25k. Cool ride!
  4. Beautiful car Andy, outside of my budget but thanks for the reply!
  5. Looking for a 1920-1931 era Dodge Brothers or Pontiac in good running/driving condition for some touring this coming summer... No projects please, stock cars only in VG+ or better condition. Thanks!
  6. Interesting... perhaps the heat from the nearby exhaust helped it spread out...
  7. I thought i'd go check out a Nash 600 I ran across recently... the seller sent me the attached photo of the engine and I noticed the black goo seeping from the passenger side of the head gasket (circled in red about the exhaust pipe)... Being this is a Nash and the intake is part of the head and runs all along that side of the block I wonder if this is a combination of running rich/excess fuel/intake grime creeping out. Anyone seen this before? It reminds me of the goo I see around the base of a carb that's been leaking for along time... The engine is reported to run excellently... I will of course be on the lookout for coolant in the oil/oil in the coolant etc... According to the seller the car does not smoke in the slightest.
  8. If I may ask, where did you get the paint for your block and do you have a code for the color?
  9. Interesting, thanks. A quick search of ebay turned up a surprising number of NOS parts. Learn something new everyday... Cool car!
  10. Where does a 1931 Desoto sit on the '31 car market... somewhere in the middle? Comparable in luxury/features to a Model A, Buick, or something more pricey? Were they a working man's car or would you have to be slightly better off to buy one new?
  11. Chrysler deal part deux!
  12. Must be because of its project status... Lord knows I've had a heck of a time trying to sell any of my projects, doesn't matter how high the work quality is. If its not a running driving car interest seems to be thin these days. I see a nice roadster with a lot of work already done. This would be a dream compared to other cars I've worked on!
  13. The carb caught my eye also... looked like a newer replacement....