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  1. They look like K-D Model No. 700's... I like the look also. Dirt cheap compared to the Trippe lights.
  2. If you've got powder coating to do Wednesday will cure it for you!
  3. I did a frame off restoration on a 1964 GAZ-69 (UAZ-69 to be exact as production had moved from Gorky by that time). Had to make some eastern block friends to get parts but I got there in the end. Neat little ride with lots of utilitarian features, pretty peppy with a fully rebuilt flathead 4... Interesting engine preheater that involved hooking a blow torch into a specially designed cooling jacket unit that also directed heat to the oil pan. Nobody knew what it was... always got a lot of "what is that?", the kids at car shows sure loved sitting in it though.
  4. Having worked in a museum and seen the way artifacts are sometimes treated I will never donate anything to one. Shocking how the "professionals" can treat irreplaceable items.
  5. Oh my lord! I checked out the reviews on Gateway, unbelievable. Can't think of where I've seen that many constantly bad reviews.
  6. X3 on this. You're going to have to do some work to sell these. Time invested in listings will pay dividends. Four pictures and two sentences will not suffice. Be prepared to answer good questions and annoying ones. Be prepared to relist if you get a flakey buyer, require a small immediate deposit at auction end and don't refund it if they change their mind about not buying the car. In this day and age with the internet its really not that hard to sell cars yourself, the wildcard will be the buyer though. Sometimes they are serious other times they yank you around, just part of the game.
  7. Personally, I'd skip that one... That engine is going to be a tough one to redo unless its in great shape internally. If you like to tinker and restore maybe start with one that you can get parts for. Case in point... I had a non running '24 reo and scoured the bushes for parts but never came up with much of what I needed. Currently I have a "good running only needs a little work" Model T in the garage I'm rebuilding the engine and other stuff on... its so nice to open a catalog and have parts show up on the doorstep. I got over the "hunt" for rare parts thrill along time ago. While I do like to tinker and rebuild I like to be able to get the parts I need and finish so I can drive around. Best wishes for whatever path you choose.
  8. Shill bidding maybe? I was bidding on a car myself with a reserve a while back and it went higher whatever I bid... 3 days later I get a note from the seller through ebay offering it for sale at my last bid, shocking.
  9. This easterner is toughing it out at -15 last night but your sunny pics give me hope! Great job, one of my favorite restorations on the AACA forum... always look forward to updates.
  10. Where ever you end up... consider the neighbors. I staked out my potential house several times at different times of the day to get a feel for the area. I was rewarded with two next door neighbors that are gear heads, nobody cares when we're making garage noise or what's in the yard. Only takes one crappy neighbor to rain on the parade! I purposely looked for a home in an agricultural zoned area... lowest restrictions on anything I could find for zoned plots of land.
  11. I have no interest in them myself but will pass on the location to anyone if interested who contacts me via PM. If I had anything requiring side mounts I couldn't go wrong with these.
  12. I ran across these and was wondering if anybody could identify them. They are not marked but they are large, heavy, quality pieces plated in nickel. These must have been for a big car by the scale of them... I was amazed how heavy they were when I picked them up. PS please excuse the blotted tags... I posted something once on another forum and it turned into a feeding frenzy that ended badly... lesson learned!
  13. Gotcha... I think they brought out the T-6 about 1920 and continued to offer both concurrently until '25 when the 4 was dropped. My '24 speedwagon had the big 4 cast in pairs but I have seen same year speedwagons with the single block T-6.... or the 4 cylinder cast in pairs until '25. No idea when they phased the 4 cast In pairs out of the passenger car line. Those 4 cylinders are neat to watch... never heard a T-6 yet.
  14. Frank would have more info on the engine you speak of? You may be thinking of the T-6 engine (6 cylinders), There was no 4 cylinder in a single block configuration as far as I remember, they were all cast in pairs I think.
  15. This is the REO F-head. They used this engine until '25 or so in the speedwagon's at least (updating to North East generator/distributor combo instead of the mag), not sure how long they kept it in the cars.