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  1. Very frustrating! I feel for you. I had a similar experience a year or so ago with a car 2 days away from me. Had a shipper all lined up, weeks go by and nothing. He finally admits he can't do the job unless he gets another shipment in the area to make it profitable. Well respected shipper too, left me SOL at the 11th hour so I had to drop everything and go get it. If you haven't already maybe try Bills Auto Works in Ohio, I don't know if he's operating at this time due to the virus but he has never let me down. Takes some time to ship (he's a busy guy moving lots of cars), fantastic first class service.
  2. I run a small lighting shop, custom lighting and such. When I get a special customer some days I question why I even do that!
  3. Nothing grinds my gears more than a customer coming out of the gate hot accusing me of running a scam, cheating them, being misleading, etc and threatening action against me. Customer is always the wild card, they can go to DEFCON 1 at any time. If anything they are great examples of how not to behave. Starting out kindly if you have a grievance goes along way! There is no way, place, or time you can make everyone happy all the time. Some of the stuff customers write though... dang.
  4. Working on getting this old girl back onto the road and back into original configuration... 1961 Mercedes Unimog, Swiss surplus. Its had a few 4wd modifications ( home made bumpers/winch/snorkel) to be removed to get it back to stock. Hope to get the timing chain guides installed today...
  5. Walk softly and carry a big stick!
  6. I was just thinking I liked the other one... but i'm not sure what those little critters are on it.... Cooties?
  7. Looks great... nice and bright! I've been considering LED replacements as my florescent bulbs go bad... getting pretty dim in the shop so I can't put it off too much longer!
  8. Where is this car located?
  9. They have the Frankenmuth Fire Muster in Frankenmuth, MI. I stumbled upon this show by accident one year while I was in town and it is a hoot! They some of the trucks by the river pulling water and pumping it, others are on display around the field. I'd never seen so many in one place. Probably the most fun antique vehicle show I've been too... there's that kid in all of us!
  10. No doubt. If the seller was inclined to put more effort into the listing and selling it could only help him reach a higher price. Never ceases to amaze me that a few pictures and a brief description coupled with slow (or lack of) response equates to a speedy sale in the mind of some sellers. Neat car, hope it ends up in an enthusiasts hands sooner than later. Thanks again for the price info!
  11. Too much gamble for me! Can't get much out of the seller, far less than needed to make the trip and check it out. It looks like a cool car. The seller did come down some on the price but is a long ways from 5k. I suggested he look into contacting the Franklin club and wished him the best. Thanks guys. I was surprised the value was so low, myself.
  12. I'm actually looking at purchasing, its not my car. The seller want's 16K+ for it and doesn't seem to know much about it, probably his dads car or the like. The likely hood of them coming down that much I think is slim to none but thank you for the info! I know next to nothing about Franklin cars... but don't mind 35mph!
  13. I don't mind a low estimate... I'm looking at purchasing! The seller may be living in dream land and I was hoping for a ballpark to counter with.
  14. I know this is pretty subjective, but looking at the pics can I get a ballpark value on a Franklin like this? Very good+ condition but not running. Stored indoors, heated garage.