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  1. That will do it! I don't think the untrained eye will ever know that's not the original engine.
  2. No drivey... I've got the engine apart for a rebuild, it was pretty scary in there! Hopefully this fall. Lots of goofy previous owner fixes to fix. Love seeing pictures of that blueish green Cadillac of yours Carl, Its got to be my favorite car on the forum. Take care of yourself and drive when you can my friend!
  3. I ran a pertronix in my '61 falcon daily driver. I found that it was very picky about voltage. It needed an electrical system in tip top shape delivery max stock voltage or it would die, whereas the points would run the car with no issues on the same system. Mind you I was running a generator and original factory wiring that was in ok shape.
  4. Seems appropriate... you meet the nicest people on a Honda!
  5. Those old power hacksaws are great for cutting while you go and work on something else, slow but steady! I've got a Marvel 9a myself.
  6. This always give me pause when I see a car for sale that's still wet from a wash... And then there was the time I saw a vintage motorcycle for sale with a hot glue gun on the ground in the lower right corner of the photo...
  7. My handle is a chunky looking beautifully engineered Finish pistol, I've always loved a good piece of mechanical engineering...
  8. Seems they GROW in Michigan too...
  9. I typically pick the ones close to a good place to eat... working out well so far!
  10. Very cool! I've seen that set-up in vintage saw mills but never on a car!
  11. No doubt, thanks for posting it!
  12. I had the earlier two stroke version... they are a cute little thing. Parts for these are sorta hard to find though I do see more for the later V4 cars for sale... he states he has all the parts for restoration though so that's a plus! The motor is Ford unit. Seems like a fair price. I used to piss of the folks next to me at the car shows... got lots of public interested in the Saab while they kept their lawn chairs warm due to lack of interest in what they brought. A small car that draws interest for sure.
  13. Seller could sweeten the deal if he throws in the SS duds and the horse... my favorite kind of place, a little bit of everything.
  14. Its a mine field out there! I think for the general non old car public "runs well" for a vintage car means they can get it started, never mind it only runs on 2 cylinders and knocks like a solicitor. I too quit buying cars on Ebay, got tired of fixing other peoples problems. Ebay is the wild west, I find a lot of people list stuff "for parts only" no matter what it is and let the pictures do the talking to absolve them of responsibility.