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  1. Hi, Is there a list of Award Of Excellence for the newsletter editors?
  2. Have the 2018 National Awards been posted yet?
  3. Hi Wayne, Where can I find the newsletter awards for 2018?
  4. Hi Wayne, Thanks for your help with this. Our region, Genesee Valley region's "Brass Lamp" received the Award Of Excellence for 2017
  5. Hi, Two folks from Tiffin, OH,who might be able to help. Both early car guys: Wayne Coffman, (419) 477-3431 and Don Ballreich, (419) 447-1745 Good lLuck
  6. Hi, We have one on our '26 Chrysler. Not original, but it performs well. Got a rebuild kit for it from Daytona Parts
  7. Hi, Me, again!! I can't find the list of 2017 newsletter awards; Master, Excellence, Distinction, and Merit. Only find Master in the list of all National Awards Thanks, Bill b.
  8. Hi, Now that we're talking Speedsters, Does anyone know what happened to the chassis that John Hawkinson had about 10 -30 years ago? I wasn't able to go to the sale last summer, but would like to know. I saw it on a visit in the 1990s.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the post. We need to see photos and decide if you are allowed to restore it, or go for HPOF!!!
  10. My friend and late Packard expert says 1953 too.
  11. Hi, I use Mobil 600 weight steam cylinder oil. Purchased in a 5-gallon pail from a local distributor.
  12. Hi, I got the first of three replacements today. Easy exchange. FEDEX return label provided..
  13. Hi, Thanks for posting this. A little to modern for our '19 Twin Six
  14. Hi Folks, Where is the list of award winners posted?
  15. Wanted: 25" Firestone Type C rim Bill Boudway