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  1. For Sale: Running gear for 1937 Packard 120 Sedan Engine is apart. Located Potsdam, NY Contact Gordon "John" Perry. (315) 244-1347 after 2:00PM
  2. For Sale: Packard Twin Six (1916-1923) parts: Gas tank for 2nd Series $450.00 Front bumper parts. Tube and cast brackets $300.00 Front and rear wheel hubs $250.00 Torsion bar. Rear axle housing to frame x-member $200.00 All FOB Canandaigua, NY Cash, good check, or PayPal e-mail for photos: gnbboudway@msn.com Thanks, Bill B.
  3. Hi, Where are the award results posted? Thanks, Bill B.
  4. Hi, Gettysburg would be my 101st time for judging and schools, and also my 80th birthday! Wow!! something to celebrate. However, after checking out the protocols outlined in the Judges Newsletter, I have decided to pass and wait until there is better control of the coronovirous. Bill Boudway
  5. Hi, My favorite article by Tom is March 1971. He tests a 1926 Chrysler G-70 to see if it will do 70 MPH as implied by the model designation.
  6. Hi, I get those messages and delete them. Then I go to my PayPal account and log in . All is normal. An attempt for you to give someone your info?
  7. Hi, Any photos or more details on the 1926 B-70? Where are you located? Thanks. Bill B.
  8. Thanks, Steve. Information is good, especially during there times. Bill B.
  9. Hi, Where can we see the waiver of liability that we'll be required to sign for participation in the Grand National? Required for judges?
  10. Hi, Thanks for keeping us informed in this ever changing and challenging situation. Where can we see a copy of the waiver of liability?
  11. Hi, Check this out. The dowel should be a clue
  12. 4" hole?? That's when the torch comes out
  13. Hi Terrry, Take a look at the sparkplugs on Keiser's post.
  14. Hi, My guess is a spark plug wrench. Any other guesses?
  15. Hi, Yes, I know it's a bit brace. Extra credit if you can tell what trade might find it useful
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