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  1. If for sale, suggest contact auction houses for their help in determining a fair reserve pricing. If for insurance or estate valuation, then contact a certified appraiser of International Vehicle Appraisers Network. www.I-van.org Good experience with a local representative with help on NY State DMV documentation "project"
  2. Live, black widow spider under the running board when the Packard Twin Six arrived from Texas.
  3. Hi, I just checked the list of states that exceed the 5% positive tested infection rate for Covid. Looks like we might have a long wait to find a reasonably safe place to re-schedule the Annual Meeting.
  4. Hi, I like my Hercules Model C rim jack along with Dave's hand tools for the split rims on our '26 Chrysler.
  5. Quick question: Has the 2021 Annual Meeting been re-scheduled to February 2022? Heard that through the grapevine.
  6. Hi, Don't know about the single six models, but our Twin Six has a casting date of 3/20/19 cast in the base.
  7. I believe it's for "First Series Single Six". Model # 116. Our friends here had a single six, Ser # U-11971. They called it a 1922. I have a "Standard Service Manual" For the 116-526 series.
  8. Does a pasture find count?
  9. Thanks Mark, Looking forward to this year's Annual Meeting. We believe a friend will get an award, so we'll wait for his phone call.
  10. Thanks, Peter. I'll check with HQ. Good to see your message. Hope that all is well with you. Bill B.
  11. Hi, Me again? Is there a list of all the AACA National Awards with the description of what they represent? Thanks, Bill B.
  12. Does anyone recognize the folks in our '26 Chrysler? Main St. ,Canandaigua, NY 11/27/2020
  13. Looks like BSF, or perhaps Whitworth. Might be Packard from about 1920. Good, safe and happy Thanksgiving to all wrenchers on DF
  14. Hi, Here's a tool that I inherited. Marked "Cole Tool MFG, Chicago Heights, ILL". Have only one clue as to what it's supposed to do. It looks like something I might use to take out the screws that hold the field windings in a starter or generator. Have it for over 30 rears and never used it yet. Any other guesses?
  15. Hi Kean, I have parts of a 3rd Series transmission. E-mail me if you have interest. gnbboudway@msn.com
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