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  1. Hi, Space C2I-44 MOXIE tasting on Thursday afternoon. 4:00. Rain or Shine
  2. THANKS!! 55, I found it in my file. I'll copy and provide it to Security. I would suggest that this might be added to the info with the recent mailing. I question how we evaluate "excessive noise and fumes" . I take out my hearing aids before bedding down, but don't have a way to judge "excessive fumes", especially as I sleep and might not wake up. A few years ago, a flea market neighbor was demonstrating an engine with the exhaust directed in my direction. I began to experience dry mouth and nose and a headache. The indications of CO poisoning. Reporting to the Field Marshal and Security got them to stop. Next year, they put vertical stacks on the exhaust. problem solved.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I find no "General Requirements and Conditions" in my packet with my flea market sticker. Only two sheets with Schedule, Traffic, Security, etc.
  4. I checked the 2019 flea market rules and regulations and find no mention of a curfew for use of generators. I have two concerns for this oversight: First, is the noise, and second, is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Is convenience here being compromised for the noise and risk? Bill Boudway
  5. I signed up for trailer parking for Wednesday, 6/26 and see that from the info on line that the designated lot is only available Thursday through Saturday. What's the story. Bill B.
  6. Hi, My list shows: Ajax, Auburn, Buick, Cadillac, Chandler, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Durant, Elcar, Erskine, Flint, Gardner, LaSalle, Moon, Oakland, Oldsmobile, Paige, Peerless, Pontiac, Reo, Rickenbacker, Studebaker, Velie, and Willys-Overland. Is it for sale? Our '26 Chrysler G-70 is listed. Thanks, Bill Boudway
  7. Hi, I have the '91 and it can be yours. Send a PM to work out delivery. Regards, Bill Boudway
  8. Who has the link to the Pebble Beach nominating committee?
  9. Does anyone have a list of cars that were in the Waterman collection in Rhode Island many years ago? Looking to verify provenance of one of the cars there. Thanks, Bill B.
  10. Hi, Please forgive me if this has already been covered. Never give out your bank routing and your account numbers for someone to make a payment to you. You also know that this info is on all your checks. Instead, go to your bank (credit union, etc.) and have them set up a one-time account for the purpose of receiving the funds. Fortunately, I did this and avoided a financial disaster. Send me a PM , and I'll relate my experience with a scammer from Florida(?).
  11. Many years ago, I visited a shop in Jacksonville, Illinois and saw two there in various stages of restoration. I think the owner was Kenny Hembrough.
  12. Hi John, Yes, about the photos. I'll get permission to post them after Amelia Island.
  13. Hi Folks, Here's the link to the live stream on the 'net for the Amelia Island Concourse. Active from 1:00PM-4:00PM Sunday, 3/10. We have a friend there with his '17 Locomobile.
  14. For Sale: Parts manual for '20s six Packards. $125.00 with shipping to US addresses. PayPal or good check
  15. Hi, Is there a PDF copy of the report that was handed out at the Saturday business meeting? If so could I have the link VIA PM? Thanks, Bill Boudway