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  1. Alex, looks like Brainard and Cundiff or Gundiff. Looks like a palm tree on the left. Must be down south somewhere. Jim
  2. Welcome to the Franklin club. There were some articles about this car in Air cooled news . I don't know the exact issues but I do remember reading them. You Are going to love your Franklin. Good luck
  3. Does anyone have a source for window regulators for my 1958 Pontiac Chieftain convertible ?. Driver and passenger side . Does anyone know for sure if Chevy parts will fit ? Thank you for any help
  4. I have had two done by steering wheel Bob. Bob Monetti from NJ . Car guy forever, fair prices , excellent work. One was for my 31 Franklin and the other for a 65 ford truck . Very pleased with everything .
  5. Cool Picture. We had Pentons. Those bikes were great
  6. Beautiful garage . Many happy hours working in it !
  7. There is a guy in NJ named Doug Hull who can fix that fender. He is busy but call him 201 230 3300.
  8. there is a video on you tube on this car already
  9. I also had some handles made . they fit perfect
  10. Rudolph Diesel came up with the idea and built the first diesel engine but Clessie Cummins is the man who perfected it . Most early diesels in the US were from Cummins in some way shape or form . . Still building them today !
  11. John, would love to have a set of metal covers but I do not think that is going to happen. Cloth is going to have to do . Just want Ed's car to look a little better .
  12. Paul, Getting new firestones 650 x19 as we speak. The same as Tony Adams. I like his covers . No shops like that in my neck of the woods. Any ideas?
  13. Looking for sidemount covers for my 31 Franklin with 650x19 tires . Any ideas welcomed
  14. I would recommend McPherson college also . The Franklin club will also pay your way to the Franklin Trek in Cazenovia NY every August .It is a special program. I think they may even give out scholarships. We have many people at McPherson come to the Trek.
  15. I have to take my car to a place in upstate Pa. I have my truck and trailer. Is there a place to park at Hershey for my truck and trailer even though I am not a vendor? Just want to walk the fields on Friday and deliver my car on Saturday . Thank you