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  1. send to Patrick Reeve in Cazenovia NY. Him and his dad do all their own babbitt work and complete engine work 315 663 1569
  2. Yes this just came up a few days ago. One of the first things to do is make sure the valves are not stuck. This could cause the aluminum rocker box to crack if they are . Not good. Just tapping on them lightly will most times loosen them up. This car also has a vacuum type fuel canister which will most likely have to be gone thru. Definitely go thru the whole fuel system . I would redo the brakes and master cylinder also. I am sure the car will run but needs some care. Or you can buy mine and you wont have to do anything . 1929 on the website . will talk if interested
  3. 483 is definitely 63 ford galaxie. I have a beautiful set of these
  4. Good luck getting your parts back if you send them there .
  5. How about under the serial number plate? old rivets?
  6. Call Fred at 856 784 4044. See if he can help you
  7. I know someone who has all the original color chip book from Dupont from the 1920s. That is how I picked out the color for my Franklin. I picked light fast maroon which is darker than what you are looking for. Maybe you can find someone with the books?
  8. Very Nice garages. I used Sherwin Williams industrial 2 part epoxy with Sherwin Williams Rexthane clear over it. It looks like the day I did it. Be careful with some products as a hot tire will remove the finish. This product works in all situations. gas, oil, chemicals, hot tire, turning tire . The concrete will have to be completely dry. I think there is a special product to level out the floors that would not break apart. I will have to check . That is a shame the contractor did not do a better job.
  9. Call Patrick Reeve from Cazenovia NY . He has rebuilt many Franklin engines including mine . 315 655 8812
  10. Welcome to the Club John. Hope to see the car in Caz. good luck with it.
  11. Take a look at Logo lites . small, LED. Very bright
  12. I do not know this car personally. It looks like a decent car. I would call the owner and talk a while. See if any work has been done to the engine and trans.and by who .How long have they owned the car.Etc. Looks like much work has been done already.
  13. The canister on the firewall is the brake fluid reservoir. The exhaust gases heat up the intake. This is a 1931 Franklin most likely a model 151