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  1. I don't know Pop Rice personally but I do know that I have Pops 1931 franklin. He restored the car in 1969 for the guy that I bought the car from .It won an AACA 1st place in 1970. It is still a beauty. I drove it 500 miles two weeks ago at the Franklin Trek in upstate NY. Purred like a kitten . I have all the bills from Peggy Craft Restorers. He did great work.
  2. A bunch of my Franklin friends were there. They said it was a great show
  3. Beautiful work. Good luck with this project. Before you know it you will be done. Looking forward to more pics
  4. Try Brake and equipment warehouse in Minnesota 800 233 4053
  5. I guy in Nj named Bob Monetti has repaired a few steering wheels for me. Not recast but definitely major repairs . His quality was excellent. Real nice guy to deal with. 609 483 2642 was the number I found
  6. yes it is a Full Classic. It is a deal . I would be all over it but too many projects right now
  7. A little side note. The 1928 long wheelbase cars were the first to have a steel chassis. All 1929 cars had a steel chassis
  8. I have been going for 24 years . Never disappointed !!
  9. another satisfied customer for booster Dewey
  10. Mine came yesterday 08005 Barnegat NJ Jim
  11. Beautiful car Bob. Good luck with it .
  12. I also use Gardner Wescott. Very nice to deal with
  13. send to Patrick Reeve in Cazenovia NY. Him and his dad do all their own babbitt work and complete engine work 315 663 1569
  14. Yes this just came up a few days ago. One of the first things to do is make sure the valves are not stuck. This could cause the aluminum rocker box to crack if they are . Not good. Just tapping on them lightly will most times loosen them up. This car also has a vacuum type fuel canister which will most likely have to be gone thru. Definitely go thru the whole fuel system . I would redo the brakes and master cylinder also. I am sure the car will run but needs some care. Or you can buy mine and you wont have to do anything . 1929 on the website . will talk if interested