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  1. Yes- I was beat to the suggestion, but pull the muffler and try again. Cheap and easy. We’re all pulling for you brother. Best of luck!
  2. Most printers have a fold out tray for individual feed that will accept much thicker paper. Designed for card stock, not a gasket, but great tip! Thanks @carbking
  3. Sounds good man! I might be your acolyte as king of overkill. Those studs look pretty beefy though. Can’t wait to see it run!
  4. Well, I owe Ed a bottle of something brown. He called it. The radiator core is supposed to flow 28-32 gpm. It flows 12. I know it’s a newer core, so that sure looks like my culprit! The shop said radiator looks great, except for the fact it doesn’t flow the right amount. No amount of evaporust in the world is fixing that!
  5. Me three! Matt, is your radiator as mounted as it’s going to get? Looks like it might have a chance to wiggle around a bit. I know you’re not running the mechanical fan, but just a thought.
  6. Another Lazarus thread! I don’t like any extra lights. Too often people seem to think if you have a big classic, or a mid range sedan like mine, you have to throw the accessory catalog at it! I like to key the lines of the car do the talking I don’t drive my car at night often, and if I do, it’s typically for short distances, in more populated areas (well-lit). If I was going to tour at night, I might to try to find a way to temporarily mount a 6v LED light bar or driving lights just for driving, and remove them the rest of the time.
  7. No apologies needed! I just thought it was interesting. I’ve learned some things for sure.
  8. Nope. I get them close to the frame, then pick up the front of the trailer with the trailer jack, and that presses the back of the trailer frame into the jack stands. If you want more adjustability, you may be able to find a short set of screw jacks for the same effect.
  9. It's amazing that a 1 word reply resurrected a 10 year old thread! We should start calling these Lazarus threads. 🤣
  10. In the past, I’ve been successful by putting jack stands under the frame at the back of the trailer, just forward of the rear door, then unhooking the trailer. Gives you three points of contact plus the wheels, and prevents the front of the trailer from lifting the jack off of the ground when unloading or loading a car. For the show field, may want to have 2 squares of plywood or something similar to prevent the jack stands from sinking into the turf.
  11. I see you re-posted here in the technical section. I won’t repeat my advice here, but it’s a great looking car! Tons of knowledge on this site. Good luck!
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