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  1. Jim, Thanks! I thought I had notifications turned out for this, but I didn't. I passed your info on to my dad.
  2. That's great news! Glad to hear it turned out like that. Your White is built like a tank!
  3. I would add that usually, people convert to 12V because it's "more reliable" or "starts better". Most reliability problems with a 6V system can be traced to worn components or undersized wiring. With big battery cables, good soldered connections, and a good battery, she'll run just fine on 6V! Nice looking car, and good luck!
  4. My dad just bought a 1965 F250 that's in pretty good shape, except for the front fenders. Looking for both, but especially the driver's side. The vehicle is located in Viola, ID, and I am in Norfolk, VA, so we could do local pickup within several hours of either location, or arrange shipping. Looking at the major vendors, it appears the F250 4x4 uses a large radius fender, and the small radius fender is the only one re-produced. Is that correct? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Mal! I actually already have a 1937 Idaho plate on my car, and it is licensed for a year of manufacture plate. I'm looking for a matched set, so I can have a front plate (instead of just an AACA badge on the front!) and it would be really neat if I could find ones marked 2K, since that is the designation for the county I'm from.
  6. Bump to get this back to the top. Thanks!
  7. Roger, thanks for the input. I ultimately elected to just bolt it to the floor on the pre-installed winch mounting plate. If I need to remove it, I have to take off 2 battery cables and undo four bolts - super simple. I didn't want to mess with cutting a hole in the box, but I might go that way in the future.
  8. I thought that’s what whiskey was? If not, I don’t have an excuse!
  9. Ed, sorry to hear about the recent road blocks. I’m sure you’ll get past them. I wonder if the crack is why the car was parked, again, all those years ago.
  10. I got a scammy sounding email from the same person. Typos, no pictures, etc. I also noticed he only had 3 posts and had only been a member for a few hours. 🤔
  11. Exactly! I'm looking for some specific license plates. 72 hours after I posted here what I was looking for, I got a mis-spelled email, no pictures, just "email this guy and he has the plates you're looking for." I didn't email him, and today I got a more misspelled email with a phone number to call. Uh-huh... Still, thanks to the OP for sharing his experience. Glad he didn't get taken a second time.
  12. SWIFT - Sure wish I'd finished training!
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