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  1. I love old service manuals... "the ratchet latches can be released by using two large nails, or cotter pins..." "...insert a wooden plug... the plug must be made of hardwood." Now, FOMOCO, or whoever, would use 2 or 3 special tools for $350. 🤣 Really glad you found the solution, or at least a very promising lead. Good luck!
  2. Ken_P

    Mounting tires

    Well, tires mounted and installed. Washed the blue stuff off, went for a drive. Now little black streaks are flinging out radially from the bead. Hope that goes away soon. Photo pre-streaks
  3. I think it is losing its relevance... but... I did find my car on Hemmings web page in 2015. Print ad, no pictures, just a simple description. I emailed the seller, got some pictures, and we struck a deal after I drove to the car and looked it over. I wouldn't be surprised if the magazine goes away, but the classifieds are useful, and a great way to search quickly.
  4. Ken_P

    Mounting tires

    Wow- all these horror stories makes me glad that: 1. My car has drop center steel wheels 2. Original paint on said wheels 3. I have access to a tire machine!
  5. Ken_P

    Mounting tires

    Thanks for all the thoughts! Any reason not to use a tire machine to mount the new tires, since I have access to one? I'll be doing the work myself, so I'll be able to control everything.
  6. Ken_P

    Mounting tires

    Ok, well I got the tires off. Remembered the Navy has auto hobby shops. I used their tire machine and dismounted five tires (spare too) in about 30 minutes. Now I’ll clean up the wheels, ospho and paint the backsides, and probably clear the original paint on the face. Interesting -there were no tube flaps. Are they not required on drop center steel wheels?
  7. Ken_P

    Mounting tires

    It's how I got the car. Seems to drive fine.
  8. Ken_P

    Mounting tires

    Thanks! The new tires are tube-type, so I’ll run the tubes I bought. I think the wheels are beadlock.
  9. Ken_P

    Mounting tires

    Thanks @Matt Harwood - the center sections are riveted on. I can post a picture later today, but not sure they would be air tight. No problem running tubeless on the old school bias plys?
  10. Ken_P

    Mounting tires

    First of all, forgive my ignorance... I've mounted modern tires on wheels with a machine, but not something pre-war... I have a 1937 Packard. Just bought new tires (7.00-16), tubes, and flaps. Stock wheels. My local AACA chapter recommended several places that could mount the tires, and so far, zero of them are interested in accepting my money for services rendered. - Are these tires spooned on? (meaning no safety bead on the wheel, right?) - If that answer is yes, I'll just figure it out and do it myself! Any tips or tricks? I've done a million bicycle
  11. Flush in progress! Up to about 150F, and color is darkening.
  12. The ‘35 Packard 120 checks all of those boxes, and by ‘38 all Packards had those features.
  13. Thanks for that info! I was going to just use Dawn this morning! I'll run it for 30 minutes with detergent. Repeat. Then I'm going to flush it for a week on just the block with hot evaporust - my heater gets here today. Once that is done, I'll determine if I should continue the flush, shift to driving it again with evaporust, or just put in antifreeze and enjoy! Thanks all for the thoughts.
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