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  1. I'm 37, so no kid, but on the younger end of the spectrum. I think the important thing is what's discussed above - I'm in my local AACA chapter but I can't make it to everything. Went to a cruise-in with the club this Saturday, but had to leave early because my kids were going crazy and it was past their bedtime. I think the connectivity offered by the internet and forums like this will really save the hobby. I've gotten advice from across the globe as I've working on my Packard!
  2. If you don't have an owner's manual and a shop manual, I highly encourage it! I bought reprints very reasonably from PAC, and they are available digitally on Good luck!
  3. Guys - thanks for all the input, even though it's been a while! Thought I would post some updates. I ended up with a 24' cross trailer. No V. I added two strips of EZ track on the entire floor, a spare tire (of course), 5200 lb torsion axles, brakes on both, and an escape door on the drivers side. Not as fancy as some of the nicer trailers, but it has LED lighting inside and out, and I've had great luck with it. So far I've probably got close to 10K on the trailer, including several long trips with my car (37 Packard 120 touring sedan), workbench, motorcycle, and most of my tools. Using it like that while moving I've had it right up at the 10k GVWR with no issues. Truck pulls it really well, and it pulls smoother than my 5th wheel RV, even without an equalizing hitch! Couldn't be happier. My next trailer will be aluminum, just for the weight savings, and maybe a little taller, as my interest in cars veers towards older cars, but overall very happy with Cross. I did factory pickup (cheaper than freight) and was very impressed with the build facility and their customer service. I got a flat about two miles out of the factory, and since it was caused by a screw from their factory floor, they had no problems replacing the tire. Overall great experience so far.
  4. Ken_P

    1935 Model K

    I'm a Packard guy, but kind of looking at a 1935 Lincoln Model K. A ton of newbie questions: - Where can I find model info, etc.? It is a four door with dual sidemounts. I think it's a sedan, because I don't remember there being jumpseats. Is there a repository for serial number or body tag information? - How hard is it to do wood work on this car? The rear drivers door sags. - The engine was rebuilt in the 90s, which I find encouraging. - The upper body is aluminum. Is this standard? - How hard is it to restore the parquet interior? - What is the availability of parts? Overall, the car appears to be solid and complete, except for some rust under the door sills. Anything else I should be concerned about? Thanks in advance!
  5. Showing in the HPOF class, and I'm glad they have the trailer parking figured out since I'm coming from Norfolk! Looking forward to the show!
  6. Any experience with Cross Trailers in Elkhart, IN? After much shopping around, they seem to be the best combo of features, quality, and price. I am buying a 22' trailer with a 2' V, 10K GVW. Escape door, EZ track, and torsion axles. I know aluminum is better, but I don't want to blow my budget, and will have a covered storage location for much of the trailers life. I have a diesel 3/4 PU, so towing capacity is not a concern. Towing a 1937 Packard 120 1092 for now, who knows what in the future! Thanks!