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  1. The ones I remember well, were a 68 biscayne 6 cylinder that the neighbor would rev up and down many times after starting it. You always knew it was his by listening. Across the street a 73 buick 4 door and a few vw bugs. Next door had a olds cutlass about a 71. The one I really remember admiring was a 66 coronet 4 door, that was garaged kept by an older widowed lady. She truly was a take it out once a week go to church person. She drove that car probably for 25-30 years before she passed, and it always looked new. I wish I had the sense then to try to buy it....
  2. My grandfather was from a farming family in ND. He had to go back to the farm after losing his job in the depression. Besides the farming, did cattle hauling and building chicken and residential houses as a carpenter. Would travel to California to help build relatives homes and back by driving an old Oakland touring car and working at fields along the way to pay for the fuel. Later in life still built chickenhouses and used a 38 buick with the rear seat out as a truck. Had a Model A chassis with a saw blade setup to cut planks. WHen I was little drove a 56 and 57 Cadillac sedans that were cast offs from someone and again were filled with tools and other objects. You always fixed what you were using, whether it were tools or material. Never seemed to have anything new, nor did he need to. I will always remember him the same, dressed in worn bib overalls. Never wore anything else... I have a habit of putting my glasses in the cupboard top down. I learned that habit from my Grandparents as the Dirty Thirties would have dustbowl conditions up in the Dakotas. Your bowls and glasses would be full of dirt otherwise. He told me in one year they made $35. THat is all they could make other than the self sustaining farm work.....
  3. It's sad. I too read the latest issue.....not much to get excited about. I well remember the anticipation of the "big book" version coming in the mail every month. It was great reading material and all the classifieds were very full. Had to have been over an inch thick. Its been many years since then. Now.... well you know.....
  4. That picture is our Pontiac 6-28 Landau Coupe, not an Oakland 😄
  5. I did dirt/woods riding in the same era. 1970 and a 1971 Honda SL-350. Heavy buggers, but was faster in a straight line. THe nice part about the 70 was that if you stalled it, just push the electric starter button. The 70 had a hydraulic steering damper on the right side front. My Bell Moto3 helmet saved my face after hitting a rock and being thrown into a tree......fun times........still have the helmet. These arent mine, but exactly what I had in the same colors
  6. I worked for a chevy dealer in 86-87. I remember the chevettes very well. A neighbor lady bought a 79 new....Underpowered with a tiny gas pedal and the goofy steering column that was canted towards the drivers door. I guess engine frame clearance issues?. Even worse was the Chevy Sprint (Suzuki) 3 cylinder. It wouldnt get out of its own way with a automatic......
  7. The Logo is annoying to me, but wouldn't influence what I buy......I am gonna ask Son about it though.......
  8. I have and will again. I had a first gen traverse (POS) then went to the equinox in 2016. The latest is a 2019, and has been a trouble free reliable vehicle with all wheel drive. Its the wifes car. I am a bit biased as my son is an engineer in the transmission division of GM. Personally, I drive a 2004 Ram Hemi and has almost 200K on it. Been sticking it to the man for many years now payment free......
  9. I'm next to our then new 1970 GTX. 440 4bbl, 4spd, super trak pak 4:10. FY4 Gold with Gold interior. Poverty caps, AM radio. I remember going on a multi state trip sleeping on that vinyl seat for hours. No AC in this one. 7 MPG on Sunoco 260. I've been looking for it. Believe it to be in NJ as of 2007.
  10. I'd like to replace my leafs on the 28 pontiac. Passenger side ones are not arched anymore and flat. I've not seen any supplier advertise them, but have seen chevy ones from the same year available, Are they the same, or is the front chevy truck ones due to the weight of the 6 cylinder engine? Thank you Mike
  11. Had it on a new hunter machine which is very sensitive. Its actually not bad with the exception of worn king pins, so new ones have been ordered. Its a I beam front axle, so no caster adjustment save for bending it, but its OK. The slop is the king pins. Toe was OK too.
  12. Turns out the left side springs front and rear appear flat and have lost its arch. Measuring it, the drivers side is about an inch lower vs the passenger side. I guess not a major surprise after 92 years. I figure the car might sit up some and ride better too, Not a major issue, but now that I see it, I want to correct it. I see that 28 chevy springs are being made. Are they the same or do the front ones have to be from a chevy truck because of the 6 cylinder engine? Thank you Mike
  13. For a 1928 Pontiac Coupe. I want to get a king pin rebuild kit, plus a source for new leaf springs.... Thank you! Mike
  14. Thank you Fellows! Much appreciated Mike
  15. OK, will check out the alignment out first. My buddy runs a shop with a new Hunter system......Thank you!
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