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  1. Thank you ... And to everyone who have replied. I am still searching .........
  2. Looking for a machine shop in the L A / Southern California area to do some engine work. I am tearing down a 1933 Franklin side draft engine. And would like the block (crank & cam) work done. I believe I can do the rest myself. Can travel as far south as San Diego to take the work. Maybe travel to the nearby states if shop is good. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Frank (909) 296-0980
  3. Good Morning, I would be interested in the first one, the bird. I need one for my 33 Olympic. What do you want for it? You can call me at (909) 296-0980. Thanks, Frank
  4. Hummmm. I brought a 1933 Franklin Olympic Coupe for $9,000 in Florida, shipped the car to Southern Cal. (open carrier) for $1,100., and am enjoying running it around over Southern Ca. Great, unrestored, very decent running good looking coupe with side mounts ... all original. Just needed new tires (tires were cracked from sitting) and the usual stuff to get a 20 year sitting car back on the road. In our immediate family, we have a 29 Pierce Limo, a 24 Chrysler Roadster, several Franklins and Rickenbackers, and the general 60s Ford and Chevy cars .... all drivers. We do our homework and not afraid to look anywhere in USA. If not local, we use a carrier. It is always better and more fun to buy an unrestored, running, original car to enjoying as you restore. Stuff is still out there. Just do your homework ....
  5. Not sure. Been talking with a guy who is doing handles for the Packard & Pierce Club. He is having some success making a few handles for them. I am meetinbg with him this weekend. Hopefully the cost will be ok to good if we can get enough people interested to buy. I will check out quality and condition of the ones he has made and go from there. Will keep you posted.....
  6. I am also looking for handles for a 33 Olympic sedan and a 33 Olympic coupe. And I too tried Jeff. Am thinking of getting some made through 3 D printing. Any thoughts on the subject. Frank out in California.
  7. Mine came on Tuesday 5/28 to zip 92356. The High Desert in California. Thanks ...
  8. Mike, Check out the "Rickenbacker Automobile Club of America" for information. Person there to email or call is Roland Klix - (425) 228-6376 The club has members with their cars all across the country. And we have plenty of information on Eddie Rickenbacker and his car company. Frank
  9. Selling mostly complete Franklin engine out of my inventory. Apart. Engine came with other parts I brought years ago. Engine parts are: 1. Complete block with crank, cam, & fly wheel installed. Piston journals still wrap as when block return from machine shop. Block # 35-157446 2. Oil pan, rebuilt oil pump, and oil pump tubes/lines included. 3. Both intake & exhaust manifolds included 4. 6 jugs with new heads/rings installed and 6 piston rods included (you will need rod bearings) 5. Rebuilt top valve caps included 6. Fan hood, fan wheel, front u-tube exhaust, & bottom air hood assembly included/no top air hood 7. Rebuilt oil top & distributor included 8. You will need a top air hood, gaskets and other parts I can't think of at the moment to have a complete "35" Franklin engine. You will also need a carb, fuel pump, a starter, generator, etc. to complete engine. This is not a complete engine. Again, missing top air hood and other parts I am not aware of at the moment. I was going to assemble a complete engine, but just too many projects. And as my Franklins are complete with extra parts, I decide to thin out my inventory. Questions are welcome. Asking $7,000 for everything. Sold as is where is with no written or verbal warranties given. Delivery possible at cost if paid in full first. Frank (909) 296-0980 / Lucerne Valley / Southern California
  10. I am cleaning out garage. Have a pair of heads and gaskets to go. They were brought as "back up parts" for our 24 Chrysler roadster. Have too many "back up parts." One head is in great shape. Second was told had a hairline crack, though I didn't see it. 1 new head gasket still in package. Others are used. Sold as is where is with no written or verbal warranties. $500 / offer for lot plus shipping through UPS. Frank (909) 296-0980. PS: Always looking for Franklin or Rickenbacker cars or parts.
  11. Thanks for asking the owner. Can you send year, model, numbers, and a picture if possible. We are always looking and recording information on existing cars out there. And having him as a member would be great. New membership is always welcome. Frank
  12. Rickenbacker Automobile Club of America is alive & running. Mission Statement: The Rickenbacker Automobile Club of America & it's Web Site is dedicated to the people interested in Rickenbacker Automobiles, which were manufactured from 1922 to 1927 by the Rickenbacker Motor Company (RMC). Our aim is to generate interest in this unique marque, and distribute information and tips helpful in the restoration and operation of these cars. Hopefully, more of these cars can be rediscovered and become operable again. Come visit us at: Further information on these cars or joining us can be reached by contacting Frank Castillo, Membership Services (909) 296-0980 -
  13. Thanks Mark for the info. Will contact him.
  14. I have a 1933 Franklin Olympic .... basically the same body as a 1933 Reo. I am missing most of the inside door and window handles. Interior is being done now. So am looking to buy sets of inside door and window handles. Does anyone have door or window handles from a 1933 Reo they would like to sell? Or any information where I can get them would be appreciated. Thanks, Frank (909) 296-0980