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  1. Thanks guys for the information. I am exploring the "heater problem" further with a visit to several machine shops. Going to see if the holes/breaks can be repaired. Will keep you posted. Frank
  2. Hello Everyone, I am rebuilding the engine in my 33 Olympic. The engine is out and on stands. So far, I have encounter only 2 issues [sure more to come]. Any feedback would be appreciated. 1. Gasoline heater. The gasoline heater that connects the intake & exhaust manifolds has a hole in the tube that is inside the heater. The other heater has the same problem ... holes and cracks. The tubes seems to be pressed into the heaters and made of brass. Am I right? Can these tubes be pressed out and new ones be installed by a good machine shop? Or are there things I should know? Picture Enclosed of gasoline heaters. 2. Air Fan. The nut holding the fan wheel on the crank seems to be tighen by someone pounding it on with a screw driver sometime in the past. It is tight, damaged and will not move. Is this nut tighen clockwise or counter clockwise. Do I need to cut this nut off without damaging the threads on the crank? I need to get this whole assembly off and over to Paul. Any advise would be welcome. Thank you in advance ..... Frank In California
  3. Wanted For Project - 1932 Ford Pick Up Truck. Just love the body style of that year. Rough or incomplete ok. Send pictures, price, and where you are. Frank In California (909) 296-0980
  4. Thank you. I will send the money as soon as I have your address. Thanks again. Frank Frank Castillo 6110 Crystal Lane, Lucerne Valley, Ca. 92356
  5. Hi, I would be interested in the magazines. Just let me know how to send you the $15.05 USPS cost.. My name is Frank Castillo. 6110 Crystal Lane, Lucerne Valley, Ca. 92356. (909) 296-0980. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know a good source to restore "dash gauges?" I am restoring a 1933 Franklin Olympic Coupe - 18A. Need all gauges restored as to working and faces repainted. Specially need gas gauge repaired and fuel tank pickup unit repair or replaced. Also looking for a good, reliable upholstery shop - one that deals in antique cars. Have had bad luck so far here in Soc Cal. Coupe is currently torn down to frame. Am repairing and putting back together now. I am in Southern California, but looking nationwide. Any leads I can check would be greating appreciated. Frank (909) 296-0980
  7. 1940 Cadillac La Salle offered at $2,000. Great starting restoration project. Mostly complete. Large V-8 engine with standard trans. Lots of extra engine parts. Manual trans on column. Hood side panels that go between hood and fenders are there. Extra steering column. Lots of "la salle body trim with la salle stamped." I did notice that the radiator and front bumper are missing. And all instruments in dash are missing, though there are 2 "glove doors" for dash. All glass there for patterns.Ask questions. Car sold as is where is with no written or verbal warrenties of any kind. Sold on a bill of sale. Cash only, but will consider partial/trade for Franklin or Rickenbacker car/parts.I came accross this car by accident. And as I have several Franklins & Rickenbacker cars waiting to be restored, I am putting up this La Salle for sale. No low ballers. I am in no need to sell. Just offering the car as I hate it sitting there. And I really am not a Cadillac guy. Car is in Southern California.Frank 1(909) 296-0980
  8. Thank you ... And to everyone who have replied. I am still searching .........
  9. Looking for a machine shop in the L A / Southern California area to do some engine work. I am tearing down a 1933 Franklin side draft engine. And would like the block (crank & cam) work done. I believe I can do the rest myself. Can travel as far south as San Diego to take the work. Maybe travel to the nearby states if shop is good. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Frank (909) 296-0980
  10. Good Morning, I would be interested in the first one, the bird. I need one for my 33 Olympic. What do you want for it? You can call me at (909) 296-0980. Thanks, Frank
  11. Hummmm. I brought a 1933 Franklin Olympic Coupe for $9,000 in Florida, shipped the car to Southern Cal. (open carrier) for $1,100., and am enjoying running it around over Southern Ca. Great, unrestored, very decent running good looking coupe with side mounts ... all original. Just needed new tires (tires were cracked from sitting) and the usual stuff to get a 20 year sitting car back on the road. In our immediate family, we have a 29 Pierce Limo, a 24 Chrysler Roadster, several Franklins and Rickenbackers, and the general 60s Ford and Chevy cars .... all drivers. We do our homework and not afraid to look anywhere in USA. If not local, we use a carrier. It is always better and more fun to buy an unrestored, running, original car to enjoying as you restore. Stuff is still out there. Just do your homework ....
  12. Not sure. Been talking with a guy who is doing handles for the Packard & Pierce Club. He is having some success making a few handles for them. I am meetinbg with him this weekend. Hopefully the cost will be ok to good if we can get enough people interested to buy. I will check out quality and condition of the ones he has made and go from there. Will keep you posted.....
  13. I am also looking for handles for a 33 Olympic sedan and a 33 Olympic coupe. And I too tried Jeff. Am thinking of getting some made through 3 D printing. Any thoughts on the subject. Frank out in California.
  14. Mine came on Tuesday 5/28 to zip 92356. The High Desert in California. Thanks ...