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  1. Need a set of rocker arms for my Frontenac head. Anybody have originals or know of someone making reproductions? Thanks
  2. Anybody out there with a vintage Borg and Beck catalog that might help identify this clutch? 30sclassics? The Type ends with GY......maybe and RGY? The Model starts with a 7....... This is not for a vehicle but a 1928 Cletrac crawler....was hoping some of you car guys might have some literature with the info. Thanks
  3. I'll see if I can get that number on the edge although I don't own a pair... All it says on the front is: Guide-Ray TYPE-A HEADLAMP These came off a tractor or large truck. Thanks for the help.
  4. OK, if they're more common on commercial vehicles from the mid 20s to early 30s, what sites should I start looking on? Thanks!
  5. I was at one point told they could be 1925--26 Chevy but am doubtful as the Chevys have the power cable coming out the back. These have the cable coming out the side. They have a GuideRay lens. Is there a headlight collector guru out there?
  6. Looking for these headlight units. I believe they are from 1925--1926 Chevys Chevys seem to have the power cable coming out the center of the flat back. If the cable comes out the lower back or side that would be OK. The lenses are Guide Ray. Call or text anytime 541-761-1129
  7. I'm just being cautious. I'll be selling the R head eventually and don't want there to be any question as to its reliability. Thanks
  8. I know, but my machinist who builds lots of race engines/heads is being cautious and advocating a min of .040. I talked to another R head owner and he measured his valve gap and it was at .055-.060 I'm good with .040 myself. Thanks again for the response...... So the next question....what is the end valve stem clearance on the SR head?---the gap between the valve stem end and the inside/bottom of the large "tappets" in the overhead cam tower? I think I heard .008" a couple of years ago but of course didn't write it down anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the picture but what is the gap between the edges of your valves? Can you get some feeler gauges in between and get me a dimension?
  10. Rebuilding my Frontenac R head--new guides and stainless valves. The spacing between the intake and exhaust valve edges when seated is at about .020". This seems a bit tight for me and was thinking about trimming off about .010" total off each valve OD to increase the side to side clearance to a total of .030" I don't think the valves will "grow" enough to touch at that spacing. Any ideas if this will be OK or do I need more and if so why? Thanks
  11. 1924 Roadster-- SOLD SOLD SOLD $8,000. Need the space, thinning out the herd This is a California car Rare time capsule--second owner for 30+ years. Older complete off body restoration. Runs great New Brassworks radiator New coil, starter, and generator 4--new Firestone tires and tubes,----All new rims. Call with any questions, Roland, five 4 one, 76 one, 1 one 2 niner SECOND SET OF PICTURES WAS AFTER CAR WAS WASHED--call or email for those--files too big for here
  12. All 3 cars, $8,000. EACH. All clear titles. Need the garage space. Cars located in Los Gatos, CA Email or call me if you want more pics-- 1924 Roadster Rare time capsule--second owner for the past 30+ years. Older complete frame off restoration. Runs great. New Brassworks radiator New coil, starter, and generator 4--new Firestone tires and tubes--All new rims 1923 Roadster--"T KETLE" CA plate SOLD SOLD Great patina Snappy engine with Winfield carburetor and manifold Desirable Ruckstell large drum rear axle. New coil and generator. New gas tank and gas lines Good tires Midnight Blue/Black paint One wheel needs the wood spokes tightened. Backup wheel may be available. Still checking through the parts.... 1923 Four Door Sedan SOLD SOLD SOLD Runs perfectly Great aluminum body Desirable Ruckstell large drum rear axle. Original trailer hitch 4-new Firestone tires and tubes--All new rims. New Brassworks radiator. New starter and generator. Professionally rebuilt engine with rebuilt '26 transmission. Bolt of proper matching upholstery fabric. All sold as is. Roland 541-761-1129 cell
  13. Looking for a couple of each of the original LE 290 exhaust and LE 223 intake valves--1.875" diam. I'm still looking for a Buda headless engine models W or R with exposed flywheel or WU or RU with enclosed flywheel--either or. PM me with what you might have Also looking for BUDA M engine or parts for a friend.
  14. Does your McCord guide list the vehicles that used this as original equipment? What does the "GN" refer to?? Thanks