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  1. Is there anyone out there that would have a GUIDE catalog that would actually reference/picture this headlight? I believe its a # 729 Thanks
  2. Thanks, the ONLY reference to compression height for a 3.5 piston was on the Egge site.. So the 288 pistons then evolved to a shorter comp height later?
  3. I can find 3.5" pistons but its the 2.5" compression height that is elusive...Any idea? Thanks
  4. I am using these for another application but heard Packard made a 3.5" diam piston with a 2.5" compression height. These were used in one of their 8 cyl motors... Anybody know which engine these would have been used in? Thanks
  5. These are long rods (11.25") center to center for a 4 cyl, low rpm, 3.5" x 5.125" stroke, jug motor. First prefernce wouold be steel but alum would be fine if it will hold up...This motor will see limited use pretty much as a driver at 2-3 shows a year. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  6. Need a set of rocker arms for my Frontenac head. Anybody have originals or know of someone making reproductions? Thanks
  7. Anybody out there with a vintage Borg and Beck catalog that might help identify this clutch? 30sclassics? The Type ends with GY......maybe and RGY? The Model starts with a 7....... This is not for a vehicle but a 1928 Cletrac crawler....was hoping some of you car guys might have some literature with the info. Thanks
  8. I'll see if I can get that number on the edge although I don't own a pair... All it says on the front is: Guide-Ray TYPE-A HEADLAMP These came off a tractor or large truck. Thanks for the help.
  9. OK, if they're more common on commercial vehicles from the mid 20s to early 30s, what sites should I start looking on? Thanks!
  10. I was at one point told they could be 1925--26 Chevy but am doubtful as the Chevys have the power cable coming out the back. These have the cable coming out the side. They have a GuideRay lens. Is there a headlight collector guru out there?
  11. Looking for these headlight units. I believe they are from 1925--1926 Chevys Chevys seem to have the power cable coming out the center of the flat back. If the cable comes out the lower back or side that would be OK. The lenses are Guide Ray. Call or text anytime 541-761-1129
  12. I'm just being cautious. I'll be selling the R head eventually and don't want there to be any question as to its reliability. Thanks
  13. I know, but my machinist who builds lots of race engines/heads is being cautious and advocating a min of .040. I talked to another R head owner and he measured his valve gap and it was at .055-.060 I'm good with .040 myself. Thanks again for the response...... So the next question....what is the end valve stem clearance on the SR head?---the gap between the valve stem end and the inside/bottom of the large "tappets" in the overhead cam tower? I think I heard .008" a couple of years ago but of course didn't write it down anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the picture but what is the gap between the edges of your valves? Can you get some feeler gauges in between and get me a dimension?