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  1. No. There's just an axle with a gigantic differential.
  2. I like the look of wooden spoke car wheels and I try to photograph them when I can. Also what's left of a Velie car that had been turned into a buzz saw rig. When I was a kid my neighbor had one made from a Star car that I used to help him saw wood with. Western end of Michigan's upper peninsula.
  3. I had a Dodge pickup like that. Mine was an automatic with the shifting lever sticking out horizontally from the dashboard and you moved it up and down in a vertical slot. It was great.
  4. Not so necessary now, but I had two 50's Jeeps without power steering and both had these knobs. Made steering a bit easier.
  5. I always kind of assumed they were illegal, but I got stopped once with one on my Jeep steering wheel and the cop looked right at it and ignored it. A couple years ago I asked the sheriff who is a friend of mine if they were illegal and he said not as far as he knew.
  6. IN the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  7. I have a suicide knob that is made for that kind of steering wheel.
  8. Don't know what this was either. In my list of old car pictures I call it the goldenrod car.
  9. Nice fender ornament. Not sure what it's from.
  10. What was this before it became a tractor? I found this out in the countryside in the western end of the Michigan upper peninsula. I have owned two other ones.
  11. West end of Michigan upper peninsula.
  12. Found this at an old railroad siding called Duke in the western UP Michigan. Pretty hard to identify. Probably was an old logging truck. There was a sawmill here a long time ago.
  13. This bus was a long way from anywhere. Alongside a grassy two-track trail. I'm sure some logger used it as a place to warm up at lunch time in the winter. Old busses were commonly fitted with a wood stove and remodeled into a logger's lunch shack and you run across them fairly often parked way back in the woods. This one was pretty far back. Michigan UP.
  14. I don't know what this was supposed to be but it reminds me of a giant insect emerging out of the ground. Michigan UP.
  15. I suppose you could call me a senior citizen by now. Yet I'm not too ancient. It happened that I grew up in an environment that was largely obsolete even when I was in it. My parents had me late in life and my world was very rural and quiet and almost locked into an earlier generation. Old cars, old boats, old darned near everything. Now new stuff I don't relate to even though I can somewhat run a computer. I am more modern now but even though that old life was harder, it really was better in a subtle way. Very hard to elucidate but still real and I'm old enough to compare the differenc
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