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  1. These were a cool car back in the early 70's. A friend bought one (in Nova Scotia Canada). She lived along the ocean in a constant damp area. Wasn't much fun trying to get it running in the fog. Had to take the cap and wires off and dry out in the kitchen oven without cracking the Lucas Bake-o-lite.
  2. How about those St Louis Blues winning The Stanley Cup for the 1st time?
  3. This is about as far back as I will go for a driver. Pre Viet Nam War. My brother and I learned to drive in a '38 Nash LaFayette back in the 60's that my grandpa gave to him. The majority of my teen year cars were mid 50's Ford products back as far as a 49 Meteor. A 59 Cadillac, then a 63 Eldorado convertible when I was 17.I really wanted a Mustang and got a 1967 by 1972. By then (72-73) the late 60's muscle cars were getting rusty and cheap enough for me to afford after lusting after them in Hot Rod magazines a few years earlier. Now I'm ready to drive 70's full size luxo barges.
  4. I don't have much interest in a pre-war car these days. I don't have a garage or cheap storage close by me. Traffic is very congested and distracted drivers is a real serious problem. No signal lane changes and just really poor driving skills is the norm around here in the city of London Ontario. But we do have an abundance of country roads to rediscover, I just don't have the time or desire to go do it in a 40's or earlier car. I'm getting far too nervous to drive very far in a poor braking,handling car in today's traffic. Still love to look at them. Just not drive 'em. I just took a 1967 Buick Wildcat in very good mechanical condition into Toronto via the 8 lane QEW highway. No fun at all. In my world I'm getting too cranky to drive pre- Viet Nam War cars in traffic! Last year bringing a 57 Oldsmobile and then my former 63 Studebaker Hawk through the same 8 lane mayhem caused a few gray hairs. And it had factory front disc brakes!
  5. Some the worst cheapskates are Studebaker people. CASO (cheap a$$ Studebaker Owners) have driven me away from any club activities or participation in a cruise in. If you don't have a lot of money to invest in the old car hobby, I get it. Having been there most of my life! But when you just constantly low ball and bad mouth every Stude except your own and a few close bud's cars I really despise that. These so-called Studebaker lovers do more to drive away any potential new blood in the hobby than anything else.
  6. A lot of the asking prices are results of watching too much TV. From the idiots on reality shows to the B-J auctions any moron who has a rusty beater (sorry, patina'ed) over 20 yrs old equates their personal hunk of scrap to be the same price as "they seen on TV" Free ads don't really help as the old motto goes " It's free, so nothing ventured nothing gained"
  7. I'd look for a 59 Sunliner. Better looking, easier to drive and maintain.
  8. When I look at a Tucker it's easy for me to think he took a lot of design influence from Hans Ledwinka's 1930's Tatra's Some would say plagarized . I say he wasn't so revolutionary.
  9. Looks to be a wet weekend again in S-W Ontario. It's this weekend Steve Plunkett hosts Canada's biggest show. All I can say is thank you Mr. Plunkett for putting this on all these years!! Philanthropist Steve Plunkett set to pull plug on Fleetwood Country Cruize-In NORMAN DE BONO Updated: May 28, 2019
  10. As long as they stay away from Lakefront roads right now. Lake Erie hasn't been this high for over 50 years!
  11. Had a lot of fun at the Indy 500 weekends during the 80's. We would drive down from Ontario Canada and stay in the bowling alley parking lot on 16th ave in a motorhome. Those were the wildest weekends I ever had! No event I ever attended in Canada could compare to the party at Indy, and no race has come close, including the Daytona 500.
  12. I didn't make it out to Thamesford yesterday to the show. But I know well your frustration! Seems the DJ has the tape looping over and over (or CD) at maximum volume playing the same old crap,year after year. It's getting a bit ridiculous and I would like to see a " NO DJ" "NO RADIO" show for a change. I do tend to leave most of the local shows early and the reason is the same as yours Jim.
  13. I bought my 1st Cadillac in 1973-74. It was a 1959 Series 62 4 door hardtop in running driving condition for $225. I loved old cars and had to have it, but faced major ridicule from a lot of my teenage friends. So lets say this 60 convertible had been for sale at the same time it may have brought $500 max. There were lots of them for sale, and very few buyers so they just sat and rusted. No one got around to saving this one likely due to major rust at an early age. Leaky convertibles had bad floors very early on.
  14. There really isn't enough salvagable parts to justify the price.