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  1. A lot of keyboard nitpickers chiming in on a nice quality car. No, it's not mine, but I wish it was! If you're not buying, quit bitchin'! Next!!
  2. In excellent shape. Will ship anywhere for postage cost.
  3. How's this for stupid? I sold my 1970 Chevelle Malibu 350 convertible and a 1969 Grand Prix to buy a 1974 El Camino SS 454, loaded, swivel buckets, A/C, full power accesories,etc. This was in 1978 and as I found out by spring of 1979 it was 1/2 rusted! The mid 70's Chevy's are rare to find now, why? Ugly, slower, and rusty!
  4. Now that's the truest one I've read yet! So for an interesting twist Here's a good one on Chevelles. I bought a barn find, really folks in a real barn on a farm in Ontario Canada. It was on a local website, listed as a SS396, not orig. engine, now 350. It sure had all the right stuff. Big Sway bars, 12 bolt posi, factory exhaust hangers for duals, black buckets, console, front disc's, spare rallye, etc. Easy car to add and "clone". So taken with a grain of salt. Did the body tag search, Oshawa built, bunch of the right codes, etc. To avoid the insurance premium here in Canada on "muscle
  5. My taste in cars changes daily, but there's so many I've never owned and still want to own I sometimes question my sanity! I'll always want a 37 Studebaker 8 cylinder coupe but something shows up weekly that I get that "gotta have it" impulse. This was last week. 57 Roadmaster. Going to a friend of mine. This week,71 Ghia. Big or small, I love 'em all! Next is 95 Vette
  6. Ok. I had an Anniversary Special also. 2 tone silver/gray exterior with the spec'd Oyster interior. Liked it a lot, but the Pace car seats are so much more comfortable. I changed out my orig. 78 Anniversary seats for a pair of 1980 seats. The bonus was how much lighter weight they are as well as better support. The mahogany colour interior is a nice looking choice.
  7. All the 78 Pace Car replica's had a different digit as well as a Triple numbered trim tag. 2 exterior codes and only 1 interior code for the silver leather
  8. Never seen a 78 Pace Car with mahogany interior. They were all spec'd for the silver leather. Do you have any photo's? Mine is a L82 auto. Parked for 20 years.
  9. That V16 39 is a whole lotta car for chump change. But as I couldn't afford the resto cost I've been dreaming of what to do with it if I owned it. If you spent another $10k on it for mechanical and drivability, clean up and aftermarket seat covers it would be a showstopper at every cruise event!
  10. I really like the car, but it's very over the top with the pink. The original paint scheme would work better for me.
  11. Maybe encourage them to get the tires pumped up, wash it, clean out the interior, etc. Then list it on Studebaker sites as well as here. Ive owned a 66 Commander and they are not an easy car to sell as the market is very small. So everything you can do to improve the looks and condition will help with very little time and money involved. My 2 cents worth
  12. Sure is a lot of negative comments. Maybe ease up a bit and gain a friend? Easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar! This seller is totally new to AACA and I'm sure he won't be back. Most people don't know stock from modified, other than the educated proletariat. It should be the job of the prol's to educate and encourage those great masses of the uneducated and unwashed!
  13. How about fireproofing your buildings for a start? Clear the trees, brush, and combustibles far from the housing. Use metal roofing and siding and eliminate eaves that hold burnable leaves, etc. A fire truck would be additional insurance for sure as long as a water supply is available. I watched a video somewhere showing a person who did survive a few wildfires by changing his housing and it also showed his neighbours houses all burnt out.
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