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  1. I really like these..., BUT the 3.6 engines have a habit of having the timing chain components grenading and taking out the rest of the engine with them. I did have a 2013 CTS4 coupe that I really liked until.
  2. The roof is a Skyliner only for 57 & 59. The wide B pillar and small back side glass is a Skyliner signature look that was carried over to the Thunderbird for 58, then also on the 59 as a optional roof treatment. Popularly called the T Bird roof. The 59 Skyliner may also be the same roof? But I'm not sure on that one.
  3. I drove my friend's 66 Ford Country Squire wagon out of storage today. It's a 289 and works very well in this heaviest 65-67 full size Ford models. It is plenty powerful, far from fast, but very competent in everyday driving. This pic is from last fall.
  4. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/markham-york-region/1955-citroen-traction-avant-convertible/1558272815e Rare 1955 for sale in Toronto Canada
  5. Born in 1955. I remember the CNR and CPR using old steam locomotives as yard and shunt trains. I loved watching them from my grandparents veranda. They had a "player piano" in their massive hallway that had came from the Klondike. I loved putting the rolls in it and pretending I was playing. Early form of punch cards! Transistor pocket radios. I had so many I lost count. They broke fairly easy when handled by 9-10 year olds like me. Taping them to the handlebars, then crashing my bike. Also having a "Dynamo Generator" to power the headlight on my bikes. As a teen starting to
  6. That's a truck begging to be left alone! After you go thru the mechanical/safety/ tune up take the advice offered here and just drive it. As suggested wipe the exterior exposed metal with a WD 40 mix, spray the chassis with a couple of cans of Rust Check and enjoy the ride. There's lots of trucking companies that will bring it to you, eliminating any border hassle for you.
  7. Uncle Tom McCahill loved these big Imperials. More so than the Cadillac's and Lincoln's of the day.
  8. Not at all. It's a Canadian built Pontiac. These were sold all over the British Commonwealth, Europe, South Africa and more. Due to export laws and tariffs is the reason for this. Most Canadian Pontiac enthusiasts consider the term "Cheviac" derogatory. From 1981 on all Pontiac's regardless of where they were built have Chevrolet engines. Starting in 76 Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac were built with some Chevrolet engines. Note that was the years (late 76-77) all GM's engines were painted corporate Blue and a disclaimer note added to all the brochures.
  9. If it's the original engine it will be the 261 c.i. one. Same block, different bore & stroke to keep the upscale appearance of Pontiac vs. Chevrolet.
  10. A Strato Chief is a Canadian Pontiac product built on Oshawa Ontario using a Chevy chassis and running gear.
  11. The Canada/ USA border is still closed so I'm not able to go.
  12. My former 1973. Beautiful car. I bought from the original owners son. Don't think I've ever owned a better maintained car. Last time I seen it was on it's way to Minnesota.
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