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  1. Ed Luddy

    What does original mean?

    I was born in Woodstock. Bickle and King-Seagrave Fire equipment were long time manufacturers in our town!
  2. Ed Luddy

    ALMOST New Mustang sells for $500,000.00

    These B-J Auctions are just "reality TV". A way for deep pocketed people to get on TV. I don't see any cars that cross the block when the camera is rolling as normal priced. Maybe it's just sour grapes coming from me as I'm in Canada, in the middle of a deep freeze (-27c wind chill) and spending low value Canadian dollars$$.
  3. Ed Luddy

    What does original mean?

    Wow, a Wardsville Fire truck!! That has to be one of the 1st ones in rural Ontario that wasn't horse drawn?
  4. Ed Luddy

    Studebaker Buyer's Tips

    As a former Avanti owner be very picky when it comes to rust. Have it checked expertly before laying out the cash. I was hoodwinked by a charming dude telling lies and a car covered up and surrounded by lots of junk in an old garage less than 5 minutes from the old Studebaker factory in Hamilton Ontario. Follow the advice from the above posts and join the SDC. I'm a member and just the monthly magazine "Turning Wheels" is well worth the price! Below is my former 1963 GT Hawk which is my favorite Stude model. Some day I'll have another when finances allow.
  5. Does anyone know if there are any such places in Canada? Would likely be out of my price range, but I'd like to see one!
  6. The Canadian built cars differ slightly from USA built ones. The hood script may well have been placed higher on all Oshawa built cars regardless of engine.
  7. Ed Luddy

    1990 Buick Reatta convertible for sale

    Please post a price??? I'm looking to get rid of my Reatta convertible (It's posted in Reatta forum @ $1900) as it needs a lot of work or used for a parts car. When it's gone I'm looking for a decent one to replace it. No price? No response from me.
  8. Ed Luddy

    1990 Buick Reatta convertible $1995

    No too bad for rust. Shock towers are good, body is solid. Lot's of miles, cheaper to buy a nice one than fix this one up. The value of these is not too high, and likely not climbing very soon.
  9. I bought this car last fall. It was a non runner (due to crank sensor and dead battery) Got it running, looked at odometer and realized it was 215,000 miles, not kilometers as I was told by liar/owner. Maybe best as a parts car or ambitious project??? Or use to make a convertible out of a coupe if you have lots of free time! Runs decent, have to repair leaking tranny line this week. Brake accumulator is bad. Car is located in South-West Ontario, close to Pt. Huron Michigan (one hour drive) to BlueWater bridge. PM me for the details if you are interested. I'd hate to scrap it, but that may be the best choice?
  10. Nice car! I just got my 90 Reatta convertible running today. Crankshaft position sensor was bad. Mine is a beater compared to this. If the USA dollar and Canadian dollar were on par I could afford this!
  11. Ed Luddy

    1936 Imperial Airflow Canadian built car, 3 of 8

    Not Mine, posted for interest of members. Car is priced in Canadian dollars and only one hour from Pt. Huron Mich.
  12. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/mississauga-peel-region/1936-chrysler-imperial-airflow/1401756309?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true 1936 Chrysler Imperial Airflow. Number 3 of 8 Imperials manufactured in Windsor in 1936. Frame off restoration about 11 years ago by previous owner. Engine was rebuilt, interior done and paint, car has 3 speed floor shift with overdrive. Brakes and tires were done at that time along with wiring. The car was never put on the road after the restoration. She could use a proper rewire and will need additional brake work due to sitting for so long. There are a few small parts missing and some parts that are not correct for the car(gas tank and Air breather). I have purchased another project car, so this one is now 3rd in line for me. I have it's Ontario registration in my name, additional detailed photos and further information can be emailed at request. I am not interested in any trades or assistance in selling. The car is located near Ailsa Craig. Asking 18,000.00. Thank you
  13. The '57 98 Starfire coupe was a restored car. done to a very high level. the 59 Super 88 Vista roof was a very original Alberta car, one family owned, never painted. The 62 Starfire was a decent driver quality. None of these could compare on an originality basis with your 56 from what I can tell by the photos
  14. "The odometer numbers do not line up.a sign that its been turned back." Really?? That's a crock. I've seen and owned many GM vehicles that are verified original that the odo's dont line up perfectly. Nice Olds you have there Matt. If it were priced in Canadian dollars I could likely find a new owner for it. I've brokered a few 50's Old's in the last year or two and I think you have a genuine low miler.