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  1. A pretty car at a fraction of cost to get to this level. Soooo nice!
  2. As a serious Buick fan of this era I do want to get one of the GSX cars. Therefore I really would like to know 1) price 2)location 3) condition. Before I spend money restoring my current Buckeye GS 400 I'm still in the game. I have a solid standing offer on it which I have refused, but I will sell along with a very nice Mopar to get a 70-71 GS 455 or GSX
  3. I have a 1969 GS 400 convertible for trade in. Bought from original owner. Do you have any interest?
  4. Okay, you bought it new? What color, Saturn Yellow? What price? Restored??? Road Ready? Taking trades? Where are you? Any pictures? Does it run? 4 speed, or automatic? Documents? Pictures?, Price? What did I miss????
  5. Yes he did! My old car is likely worth 10x's what I sold it for in 1982. I think I got $6500 for it. It was far from mint, but looked great.
  6. The 69 models are far better than the 68 as far a build quality and general finish. But still not very good compared to later cars. I had a 69 coupe 427/435 car with the close ratio 4 speed and side pipes. The original engine was blown up long before I got it back in 1981. The 3X2 Holley carb set up looked nice, leaked gas, worked crappy. Much better with a single big Quadrajet. That car was a great looker, but not much else! Took less than an hour to sell though. I
  7. That's a 1969. Nice. 1968 has door opener buttons.
  8. "1958 Impala sedan" is the tip off to click bait. Anyone who is looking for a 1958 Impala knows there's no sedans.
  9. It certainly looks great the way it is! As I'm not able to play in that price range my opinion doesn't matter. But I think it should be made mechanically fit and leave the rest of it alone! It surely must be the last one left unrestored?
  10. I'm hoping to drive my 1969 GS 400 convertible next week, but that may have to wait for better weather.
  11. This probably doesn't count with most guys, as my 1990 Reatta I drove this week during a snow storm isn't old enough, but it made a 40 mile journey after being parked for a few years. Brake accumulators on these cars are bad news!
  12. I like driving this AWD 2015 ex-cruiser Interceptor in the snow!
  13. I prefer the T-Bird over the 57 Bel Air. Just a better looking car to me. I haven't driven one in more than a decade, but even longer than that for a 57 Chevy. Last time I looked at buying a baby Bird I had the chance to drive a 7 yr old 2002 T-Bird. Bought it instead. At least I could drive it on those 90 % humidity 90 degree days!
  14. Do you have a 1990 headlight switch for sale?