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  1. Yes the hydraulics are problematic from what I've been told, same as the SL series. Then electric gremlins double conspire!
  2. If you are going to buy a SLK make sure the top works!
  3. This is a very nice driver for way less than $10k. Reborn XK-E Type aka 1998 Jag XK8. Runs and drives phenomenal. This rig is 22 years old already!
  4. I like lots of modern luxury cars as well as muscle cars. Modern muscle fav of mine is the Challenger R/T. Just a base 5.7 Hemi is enough for me. SRT, Yes but insurance and temptation to stomp on it, get another speeding ticket I can't justify. The Charger R/T is the same, but better ride. Seats suck, so gotta go for the Daytona or SRT to get the good front seats. I drive a 2010 Genesis sedan for everyday and it really works well for a V6. 300 H.P. with instant throttle response, great handling, brakes, etc. Satisfying, but not truly visceral like you get from driving a 1955 Buick Roadmaster!
  5. Now that's a special Special! I was out early this morning in Ridgetown. Great weather but turned nasty heading back to London.
  6. I sure hope so! I know of a very nice 1966 Buick that didn't get shipped because the buyer wasn't going to go thru the hassle. The logistic's aren't a problem, just the current Aussie govt. regs.
  7. All the full size Chevrolet's from 68 on had "Hideaway" wipers as standard equipment
  8. It is a relatively easy process to ship from Canada. I know a chap who has sent many cars to Australia. Just make sure it's a car that's allowed in the country without having all the 'toxic" material removed. Such as brake shoes, clutch, insulation, etc. I do know that prevented a Buick from being shipped.
  9. Austin Cambridge's were very popular on the East coast of Canada in the 50's and 60's. Along with Morris, Ford Anglia, Zodiac's, etc. They were cheap and rusty by the time I was driving and a few of my friends had them handed down from their parents. A lot of them came over after the war.
  10. I knew this was a great deal, and not far from me. But I have no storage. Glad to see it went to a member here.
  11. I painted my 1950 Meteor by brush back in the 70's. It looked ok from 10 feet. Should've used a roller.
  12. You can have this one for $3900. 194 c.i. 3 speed bolt action with O/D
  13. R.I.P. Also a cameo and screenwriter on "The Graduate"
  14. BTW, I'm still a Studebaker owner. Just not a GT Hawk or Avanti owner anymore. A lowline 66 Commander is all I have now!