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  1. LeBaron still in it's shipping crate. LOL
  2. Wow Matt! I've dealt with many, many morons in the car business but this guy is the winner. My 1st instinct is to hang him out to dry for awhile and offer to buy it back at a 25% discount. But l now realize life is very short and these type of a$$hats make it shorter. A reasonable re-stocking fee is more than generous from anyone's point of view. A full refund ROBS Mr. Moron of a valuable life lesson. Education isn't cheap!
  3. 1968 Parisienne 2+2 convertible my friend owns. 327 4bbl, Powerglide stock original
  4. That's the cars I grew up with and have owned at least 12 of them over the years. They are REAL Pontiac's built in Canada and sold around the world in the British Commonwealth. No need to pity us poor Canucks.
  5. The yellow suits the 67 Chevelle very nicely. Black top, side stripe, matte black tail panel. Rallye wheels and redlines will make a sharp combo. My cousin had a Butternut yellow 67 SS 396, so I have always liked that colour. I'm working on a 1970 Chevelle and have the documents and trim tag that show it as a dark gray metallic with black bucket seat interior. I was thinking of maroon exterior with red interior at first. But I'm going back to the original combo after removing 2 layers of repaint. One in blue, then burgundy. After using razor blades I got down to the slate gray ori
  6. Driver seat doesn't have much wear. Engine still has A/C compressor hooked up. Frame is solid. Seemed to be worth the chance.
  7. The guy I bought it from bought the farm 4-5 years ago from family. Car was part of the deal,he doesn't know much about it. I took a gamble and bought it. Can't get it out til spring, but will have a chance to get at it and soak it. Time is on my side for this one!
  8. I'm heading over later this week. This is a perfect time to be wearing a good dust mask! This is a former animal barn and hay storage. I sneezed and hacked for at least a day after the last trip.
  9. Sorting out a "finished" restoration is a real skill that few people have. Seen this a number of times, mostly on 60's & 70's muscle and pony cars. Some of the recently done car's are scary to drive at anything over a show field speed. I purchased a done 1969 Mustang Mach 1 years ago about 6 months after it had a year long very expensive resto. It was unsafe at any speed to speak of. Looked and sounded great, but needed another pile of cash to get it roadworthy. I almost started as an apprentice in the body shop trade as a teenager back in the 70's. But working on rusty cars i
  10. Thanks! I have a camera for that. I'm going to go with the ATF and Diesel mix. Will post pictures of it soon.
  11. Happy New Year to all from Ontario Canada! My last day of 2020 I had a weak moment and bought a real "barn find" 1967 Buick LeSabre still in the barn and covered with much dust and straw. The 340 4 bl. engine is seized. I will not be moving it out of said barn until spring. So I plan to go out next week and remove the sparks and carb and fill it with........? I have great luck with brake fluid in the past. Car has been sitting for at least 5-7 years. Fairly dry barn. Any recommendations???? Thanks in advance!
  12. Because of your height, I would definitely check out the Dodges. I was really suprised the amount of interior room these cars have Vs. the 30's Ford's
  13. Right now it seems the US/Canada border will remain closed for some time. If it's open I have a shopping list.
  14. This 57 SDV was a $100k resto apparently. I didn't act quick enough to buy it. Another dealer did and is now asking $43,000. Far more than it was selling for. Still a major depreciation with probably less than 500 miles of post resto driving.
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