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  1. Yes that is correct The 990 and 1090 series which includes the Ambassador and Advanced Eights are considered full classics
  2. Hibernia is closed . Doug Hull in Layton NJ does excellent work on older cars . 201 230 3300
  3. My friend went to look at it last night . It is a Special Eight 1080 with a 1080 engine . Serial number B69299
  4. I apologize about this. I went to Hershey for a few days and did not take the iPad with me . You snooze you loose . Very sorry . Jim
  5. Great job on a nice old Ford. I totally restored a 1965 f 350 dual wheel rack body many years ago. Have owned it for 37 years
  6. Hello I am a Franklin guy from NJ . Don’t hold that against me. Lol I will take it to have in my Franklin collection of “ stuff” . Let me know cost of shipping
  7. I plan on bringing one of my Franklins . Looking forward to it
  8. Laura S

    New member

    I have a 1929 Franklin model 130 4 door sedan for sale. It has a completely rebuilt engine and transmission. All the brakes are done . All new tires and restored wood wheels . Most bodywork done but not all. Car is running and driving and stopping. It needs paint , interior and to be put all back together . I have all parts to complete . If you really interested send me a private message and I can send some pictures. Thank you Jim
  9. A good friend of mine from Barnegat NJ is on his 1929 Indian ,in the Cannonball this year.
  10. Call Doug Hull in NJ 201 230 3300 .pretty sure he can help you
  11. Right now there is a 1926 touring car for sale for 25k . Probably can get a little cheaper. I drove this car at the 2015 Trek the whole week with absolutely no issues. Fred has passed and his son is selling it. There is also a 1930 that belongs to Brendon Hogan in Randolph NJ . It is a series 145 sedan . Great car for a very reasonable 19k. Join the club. If you love old cars you will have a great time in the Franklin club .
  12. Yes Definitely Brockway museum in Cortland if you like big trucks . The Norwich Museum has the largest collection of Franklins around . Great museum
  13. There is a 1933 Franklin Olympic grille shell for sale on the parts for sale section of the AACA website . Asking 500.00 Not mine and i do not know the seller . Just putting it out there .
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