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  1. If it was a Harrah car call the National Automobile museum in Reno Nevada . 775 870 7456 . Ask for Peter in research . He will tell you if it was or not .
  2. Karl, I have a 1929 and a 1931 Franklin. I have no tools for either car . Do you have any tools or know where to find something like that ? I am restoring the 29 and would like to show it when I am done . Any and all help appreciated . Thank you Jim
  3. Did Doug paint the plates ? Will take the 1931 plates W 6872 . Let me know. Thank you
  4. I have a funny feeling your father in law is Doug Hull because in the one picture it looks like a 29 Franklin grille shell . Might i be correct ? If it is tell him Jim Bockin from the Franklin club was asking about him .
  5. Hello, are you located in NJ? Do you know if we can use a year plate on our cars instead of the QQ plates ? I might possibly be interested in the 31 plates . thank you Jim
  6. What are you thinking price wise on the lot ?
  7. I would like to offer $100 for this part. I will pay shipping. Please let me know asap. Thanks.
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