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  1. Not yet but now have the printed sheets on paper to size. now I need to find someone that can print the wrap. I could also print on transfer and paint the dials and apply. Just finished painting the dash. very long process and frustrating as it took many times to get it right. I would guess 30 to 40 hrs total.
  2. Here is an AIR Cooled midget for you
  3. Sunny , Please don't sell it you are a great guy and as you can see Franklins are very easy to fix. I has been fun working with you and the car is just getting better each fix you make.
  4. odat

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all and please be safe but smile at someone today.
  5. There is nothing on your Franklin that you can't fix. Just ask How.
  6. I think that looks great. I like that we have one more very nice looking Franklin back on the road. keep up the good work. Dave Merrill had a sedan in that same color.
  7. Hi Steve. Did you get a chance to get some pictures of your dash? Just asking in case I did not get them. This distancing is giving me a lot of Franklin time. Dick
  8. Great input Thanks I do like the darker look and hope that is the way I can head. I feel very good about the straight grain. It is the glove box doors and the embossed bar across the dash on the 32 that I am trying to duplicate. I have some original Pictures coming. The Franklin club is a great group of people. Not like my artistic ability. Where is Bob Ross when you need him!!!!
  9. I have been working for almost 3months trying to get the burl correct. I have watched dozens of on line videos and bought to much stain and supplies. but this is where I am so far. i feel that I am close but not quite there yet. opinions are welcome 'Good and bad"
  10. There is a gorgeous 32 airman on the club for sale sight now. Selling for less that my paint job cost.
  11. I am looking at the car wrap guys to see if we can cover the faces with a high quality wrap. these could be printed on sheets and applied by the user. Stay tuned.
  12. odat

    gemmer 20500 boxes

    Everybody that has bought 20500 kits. the Rust inhibitor that is on the parts in the kit has hardened. It is still working as a rust preventative but if you use the kit you will need to clean all the parts with a solvent.. Something like wd 40, any penetrating oil oil mineral spirits.. This will include the needle bearings inside the roller. To due this take out the plastic liner and the needle pins. clean the thoroughly then use a light grease to hold them in place while reinstalling the roller screw. I tried soaking them for a week and it did not release the pins. A bit of a pain but as with most new old stock the sealers harden up. the kit is still fine just takes more time to install.
  13. odat

    Lifting the car

    yes it is the Merrill coupe.. with a new engine , fuel line and all new brakes. It has very old (20+years)lesters on it at the moment they look great and ride great but I don't trust 20 year old tires. I have Michelins on my 29 and love them . I am putting Firestones on the 32. they are not on yet but I like the looks of the tread.