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  1. Bill, I might have the sill plate! let me look through my @#$%
  2. odat

    duel wipers

    Great thank you. The car is already set up and has a set that is painted black and in very poor shape. I have new blades but the arms have seen better days. I may be able to find a way to make a new cross arm in the shop!!!
  3. odat

    duel wipers

    I am looking for the source for new duel wiper are s and blade setups. this is for the 31 153 coupe. it has the pin and twist type hookup and a cross bar to drive the second wiper. Are they the same as a ford A? or do we need something different?
  4. Gentlemen, I am from the Franklin club and have rebuilt many if not most of the gemmer steering boxes in the club. I have just found out that I can get the proper rebuild kit to do the 1929 21500 gemmer box also. If there is enough interest I will order the kits as I need to buy in bulk. Please let me know at odat@odatmachine.com Thank you
  5. I get 185 long by 70 wide. With the rear mount spare.
  6. I will try to measure mine tomorrow. The chrome and paint are worth the price of the better deal.
  7. Just my .02 cents KEEP the wood!!!
  8. I put the larger wheel cylinder (NAPA) all 4 wheels. Not everyone agrees with themon all 4 but my 130 can drag the wheels in a hard stop.
  9. odat

    10C touring top

    Both the straps and the top are equally loose. They where tight before a 1 hr. parade. I just sprayed water on it to see if it will shriek back. It looks like a big job to disconnect it and pull it tight.
  10. I got mine in MAINE. 5/28
  11. odat

    10C touring top

    How do I tighten up the fabric on my new 10C roof. It flaps at speeds over 25 . I looked at the small belt straps and they do not seem to help. I think it is just and adjustment but can't find any information.
  12. Who did your windshield and are you happy with it? I have had good luck with steele rubber on the 32.
  13. if you can't find one we might be able to make something close with some creative milling!!!!
  14. I wish you where on the east coast. A very simple job for any machinist that still can work manual machines. The big problem is that the new guys all want to program there computer to do the work!!! Its hard to find machines with handles on them anymore.
  15. This is a picture of the dash in a 32. this picture was taken behind the dash panel and I believe that it is the original paint.