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  1. odat

    Lipe pressure plate

    Thank you , the information was just what the Dr ordered! it look great but we will know when it is in operation.
  2. odat

    Lipe pressure plate

    Attached are two pictures of what I have and need. I need the distance in the picture with the scale. It looks like somewhere around 3/4 to 7/8. but could be anything. I need the distance from the finger to the bottom of the crossbar. or the finger to the top surface. both are the same thing.
  3. odat

    Lipe pressure plate

    No but I need some measurements off one. I need the distance from the top to the fingers.
  4. I have rebuilt my Lipe pressure plate and had to make some new springs. Now putting it all back together I am not sure how to set the 6 bolts that hold it all together. Theses are the studs that go through the 6 fingers that the throw-out bearing presses on. there must be some type of procedure to get this adjustment correct. long winters here in Maine and it just gets us in Trouble!!!
  5. This is a photo that our local club just sent me. My untrained eye thinks 15s. They must have had a tough life as the caption says Great Norther Paper. That means they spent there life on logging roads.
  6. odat

    Franklin Gas gauge

    I use POR gas tank sealer kit. Eastwood sells it. If the tank is very rusted fill it with dawn dish soap and smooth rocks. I have a big tumbler that I set it in but if you do not have that luxury find a big cement mixer and strap it to the inside. roll it for about 15 min or 1/2 hr. then use the kit. They look like new after this procedure.
  7. I will take two as they come from the foundry. I may know someone that can do the machining!!!!!!!!!
  8. Do not Kasenite drill rod. It will chip and crack as the heat involved in applying the Kasenite wil harden the substructure of the rod. you need an 8620 or 4140 to case harden. you can also use CRS but not have the rod straight. If you torch harden tool steel you HAVE to draw it back at around 600 to 900 degs to reach a stable hardness. Sorry just the toolmaker coming out!!!
  9. odat

    What is it??

    That was Stardex!!! but the dam spell check got it. I had to force it it write this. So helpful it hurts!!!!
  10. odat

    What is it??

    I plan on having the stardust installed but not hooked up. I want it to be ready to go but do not like the function of it. I also shut off the stop at idle on my modern cars. But I do want this car to be as it came out of the Factory.
  11. odat

    What is it??

    Thank you. I will keep it on the car!
  12. odat

    What is it??

    This is the switch on the intake of the 32. I have a few intakes with this switch. What does it do???? it has a ew sets of point inside but does not move with vac or presure.
  13. odat

    masco heater

    Thank everyone for looking!!!! I found one with the open and close Tee still working.
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