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  1. odat

    gemmer 20500 boxes

    Everybody that has bought 20500 kits. the Rust inhibitor that is on the parts in the kit has hardened. It is still working as a rust preventative but if you use the kit you will need to clean all the parts with a solvent.. Something like wd 40, any penetrating oil oil mineral spirits.. This will include the needle bearings inside the roller. To due this take out the plastic liner and the needle pins. clean the thoroughly then use a light grease to hold them in place while reinstalling the roller screw. I tried soaking them for a week and it did not release the pins. A bit of a pain but as with most new old stock the sealers harden up. the kit is still fine just takes more time to install.
  2. odat

    Lifting the car

    yes it is the Merrill coupe.. with a new engine , fuel line and all new brakes. It has very old (20+years)lesters on it at the moment they look great and ride great but I don't trust 20 year old tires. I have Michelins on my 29 and love them . I am putting Firestones on the 32. they are not on yet but I like the looks of the tread.
  3. odat

    Lifting the car

    Blackwalls!!!!! no question. this is mine in Blackwalls.
  4. odat

    gemmer 20500 boxes

    I could use a few more parts boxes for the gemmer 20500 boxes. If you have any in any shape that you do not need let me know. Dick odat@odatmachine.com Thanks
  5. I had a modern shaft made at the local drive shaft shop. You need to give them the measurement from the trans to the rear Dif and they can make one up.
  6. I Just got a new harness for my 32 163 from RI wire and they included the turn switch with the kit. I would check with them before doing anything as they are very good at makeing them work with what you have.
  7. I am still rebuilding boxes. BUT I only have about 6 kits left and do not plan on getting any more. I do know that there are many kits out there that people bought" just in case "they needed them so there are more out there . I am looking at the 34000 kits and may go that way by the end of next year. Look me up on the web page and send me an e-mail. Dick
  8. These are pictures of my original 25 interior. It is a grayish green.
  9. odat

    1928 value

    My vote is a 1925 series 11 Pictures of my originial attached
  10. Bill, I might have the sill plate! let me look through my @#$%
  11. odat

    duel wipers

    Great thank you. The car is already set up and has a set that is painted black and in very poor shape. I have new blades but the arms have seen better days. I may be able to find a way to make a new cross arm in the shop!!!
  12. odat

    duel wipers

    I am looking for the source for new duel wiper are s and blade setups. this is for the 31 153 coupe. it has the pin and twist type hookup and a cross bar to drive the second wiper. Are they the same as a ford A? or do we need something different?
  13. Gentlemen, I am from the Franklin club and have rebuilt many if not most of the gemmer steering boxes in the club. I have just found out that I can get the proper rebuild kit to do the 1929 21500 gemmer box also. If there is enough interest I will order the kits as I need to buy in bulk. Please let me know at odat@odatmachine.com Thank you
  14. I get 185 long by 70 wide. With the rear mount spare.
  15. I will try to measure mine tomorrow. The chrome and paint are worth the price of the better deal.