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  1. odat

    10C touring top

    Both the straps and the top are equally loose. They where tight before a 1 hr. parade. I just sprayed water on it to see if it will shriek back. It looks like a big job to disconnect it and pull it tight.
  2. I got mine in MAINE. 5/28
  3. odat

    10C touring top

    How do I tighten up the fabric on my new 10C roof. It flaps at speeds over 25 . I looked at the small belt straps and they do not seem to help. I think it is just and adjustment but can't find any information.
  4. Who did your windshield and are you happy with it? I have had good luck with steele rubber on the 32.
  5. if you can't find one we might be able to make something close with some creative milling!!!!
  6. I wish you where on the east coast. A very simple job for any machinist that still can work manual machines. The big problem is that the new guys all want to program there computer to do the work!!! Its hard to find machines with handles on them anymore.
  7. This is a picture of the dash in a 32. this picture was taken behind the dash panel and I believe that it is the original paint.
  8. odat

    Flanklin Questions

    The Gemmer boxes on the franklins that I know of are 20500 and 34000
  9. Be careful, there are some reproductions out there made from SS. They are not very good!
  10. Thanks, I hope tire don't become the next "oil" All the help is great.
  11. How do you like the firestones? Checking opinions for the 32
  12. I run Michelin's on my 29 130. Bought from Cocker. 25000 and still running great. Black walls (please)
  13. Body's done ! Stopped to work on the 31 Coupe. I hope to get back to it soon as I have a bet with someone about finishing it before he finishes his Coupe!!
  14. I am the guy in Maine. You are ahead of my restoration. I will try to send some pictures. Mine is also Blue but on blue not black. Very close to the same colors though. It looks great and please join the club!!! What is you interior going to be? Cloth or leather?
  15. With all the fires, hurricanes, cold , and mudslides. How are all the Franklin members doing. We have been very cold up here in Maine but an extra log on the fire and all is well.