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  1. odat

    What is it??

    That was Stardex!!! but the dam spell check got it. I had to force it it write this. So helpful it hurts!!!!
  2. odat

    What is it??

    I plan on having the stardust installed but not hooked up. I want it to be ready to go but do not like the function of it. I also shut off the stop at idle on my modern cars. But I do want this car to be as it came out of the Factory.
  3. odat

    What is it??

    Thank you. I will keep it on the car!
  4. odat

    What is it??

    This is the switch on the intake of the 32. I have a few intakes with this switch. What does it do???? it has a ew sets of point inside but does not move with vac or presure.
  5. odat

    masco heater

    Thank everyone for looking!!!! I found one with the open and close Tee still working.
  6. odat

    masco heater

    I have a very nice masco manifold for the downdraft engines. I know it fits a 29 and may go back a few years. I need a 32 Masco manifold. does anyone want to swap???
  7. Did this car sell and if so who got it?
  8. Sunny Great to have you still working with your Franklin. I was afraid we lost you. you won't find a simpiler car to keep running.
  9. Not yet but now have the printed sheets on paper to size. now I need to find someone that can print the wrap. I could also print on transfer and paint the dials and apply. Just finished painting the dash. very long process and frustrating as it took many times to get it right. I would guess 30 to 40 hrs total.
  10. Here is an AIR Cooled midget for you
  11. Sunny , Please don't sell it you are a great guy and as you can see Franklins are very easy to fix. I has been fun working with you and the car is just getting better each fix you make.
  12. odat

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all and please be safe but smile at someone today.
  13. There is nothing on your Franklin that you can't fix. Just ask How.
  14. I think that looks great. I like that we have one more very nice looking Franklin back on the road. keep up the good work. Dave Merrill had a sedan in that same color.
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