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  1. Dan, As you may be aware, Car-Part.com -"Used Auto Parts Market" is a very helpful resource to check inventories of salvage yards, at least in the US and Canada, for specific parts. Five carburetors are listed In Car-Part.com for the 1968 Buick Riviera. Two of these are specifically annotated as 7028240 and these are from the same WA salvage yard. These others do not list a part number. Hope this may help. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  2. I checked Lectric Limited's website. Unfortunately they list the passenger side power window harness for the 1968 Riviera although not the driver side. Best of luck. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  3. Lectric Limited sells the wiring harness for the 1968 Riviera with the 4 note horn option: HORN WIRE EXTENSION HARNESS Part #: 90594 $56.00 Best of luck. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  4. Chuck, Suggest contacting Briz. He is active on the V8 Buick website, has a '68 and is also a member of the ROA and BCA. Briz has reproduced Riviera items including the 1968 / 1969 Riviera center trunk filler as well as other items such as dash face plates for 1968, 1969 and 1970 Rivieras. At least some of his items are listed in eBayMotors if you search under itsjustbriz. However, I do not see the center trunk filler and it may be out of stock. Best of luck. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  5. Thanks Tim. Best of luck with the car.
  6. Welcome to the forum Tim! Private message sent. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477 ROA # 7437
  7. This era Riviera was one of the last vehicles styled directly under the the supervision of William Mitchell, General Motors Vice President of Design. He was personally invested in the 1979 - 1985 styling, very proud of its execution, and without whom there would in all probability have been no Riviera after 1978. I believe it is worth noting that the 1979 - 1985 Rivieras posted the high water mark production of any Riviera era, averaging well over 52,000 units per year. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  8. At the 2018 Overland Park Kansas Rivera Owners Association International Meet, five out of six eighth generation non-Silver Arrow Rivieras were white. I believe they were all diamond white by my recollection. The sixth non-Silver Arrow Riviera was silver. One 1999 Silver Arrow model was there. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  9. A very desirable: Lincoln year. Premier trim. Coupe body style. Amethyst color. A/C. Not a common option, particularly on a coupe. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  10. A very desirable: Lincoln year. Premier trim. Coupe body style. Black color. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  11. Chuck, Great looking '69! Much improved stance and terrific rallyes. Please show us the installed full-length operating console when possible. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  12. Another option to consider might be an aluminum radiator. For example, Griffin produces the Exact Fit series radiators including made for collector vehicles such as your Riviera. They offer OEM fitment and are made in the USA. Griffin has been in the business 30 years. They are not inexpensive although cool very well. Aluminum radiators can easily be painted black for the OEM appearance. I have no relationship with the company. Jim Vesely BCA # 39477 ROA # 7437
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