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  1. Good suggestion. Thank you Ed. Interesting also that it is a 1969, not a 1968 as stated. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  2. The Riviera W15 interior option cost $2,900 in 1985. This is equivalent to over $6,800 in 2018 dollars. The W15 package was installed in 647 of the 65,305 Rivieras produced in 1985, less than 1% of the production. Please note that the largest production number for any model year Riviera was 1985. Even higher cost was the 1982-1985 convertible which added about $10,000 to the sticker price. This is equivalent to over $23,000 in 2018 dollars. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  3. Teemu, Suggest considering Hankook Optimo H724 - Size: P225/75R15 white stripe sidewall. Forum members have indicated this to be a good tire at a fair price. Please note that some do not like the embossing on the black portion of the sidewall. Welcome to the forum! Recommend joining the ROA if you have not already done so. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  4. Congratulations Rocky. Very sharp Riviera! Jim Vesely ROA #7437 BCA #39477
  5. jj5794

    1958 Caballero

    Joe, Congratulations on the BIG DAY! It looks better than terrific. Your restoration sure is well-chronicled as well. Jim Vesely BCA # 39477 ROA # 7437
  6. jj5794

    Buick cookies

    Steve, The Buick cookies tasted as good as they look. Your "50 Special is a very sharp original! Jim Vesely BCA # 39477 ROA # 7437
  7. Thank you Ed and Gord. I plan to attend and would like to contribute $ for the food. So far, that is five. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437
  8. Ed, Agreed. A beautiful and special Riviera! As I have said, the owner is a stand-up guy based on previous dealings we have had. Hope Jim might be able to bring it to the ROA meet. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437
  9. jj5794

    1966 Dodge Monaco Station Wagon

    Cool and clean! Jim Vesely BCA # 39477 ROA # 7437
  10. Sharp Riviera Bill! Jim Vesely ROA #7437 BCA #39477
  11. Jim Carter is a stand-up guy. I purchased a few parts he had advertised in the Riview some time ago. Unbeknownst to him, there was an issue with one of them. I brought it to his attention. Do not recall asking for it although he issued a refund right away. This vehicle was featured in the Riview in the past. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  12. The color of the Los Angeles Craigslist Riviera is not the same shade of green as Code S - Olive Gold Metallic, an exclusive Riviera color. Olive gold metallic was specified on 22.59% of all 1968 Rivieras per Darwin Falk's Options Not Included series of articles in the Riview. It was either repainted a somewhat different shade of green or or special color specified from the factory (probably less likely). Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  13. The full-length operating console was optional at extra cost on bucket seat models. The non-operating floor console was standard on models equipped with bucket seats. Therefore, the floor console was removed on the Los Angeles Craigslist 1968 Riviera or a non-operating floor console was requested to be deleted when the vehicle was ordered (probably less likely). Further, no chrome air cleaner lid appears to be present. This was removed, requested to be swapped for a standard air cleaner lid when the vehicle was ordered (probably less likely) or the vehicle may not be not be a genuine GS. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  14. Operating console was a separate option. This Riviera is fitted with the deluxe interior. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477
  15. Randall, Thank you for the clarification. Jim Vesely ROA # 7437 BCA # 39477