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  1. Hello . yes the f250 4x4 and the f350 use a larger front fender radius. many parts from your truck will fit the f350 . I very much doubt you will find NOS fenders . They are very rare. I did find one in 1999 for the restoration of my 1965 f350 though . Love my truck . Have had it for 36 years. I am pretty sure i have fenders. doors and a hood plus many other parts . If you want call me at 6096180962 Jim
  2. You might possibly can get one made. There is a local guy here in NJ called Mr. Driveshaft. He can make it
  3. So Sorry about this. I posted on Facebook also. Hope you get it back.
  4. i am a carpenter with my own business and work on a lot of old houses in our town. An older fellow called me for some work and we went over and did it. I asked him if he liked old cars and he said yes very much. i showed him a picture of my 31 Franklin but he didn't believe it was my car. I said the next nice Saturday or Sunday I will be over. A week and a half ago my son and myself went to his house. He almost s@#t himself. He was so happy. We went for a long ride and he could not thank me enough. He was almost crying he was so happy. Really made my day and showed my teenage son what life is all about . This is one of the best parts of our hobby . By the way turns out he was a retired forklift mechanic and he GAVE me his complete set of Snap on tools . You never know .
  5. I collect dash plaques and have been doing so for a while. If you want to get rid of them let me know. i will pay all postage. If you were a little closer I would drive to your house.
  6. 29 franklin

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to All . Have a beautiful day
  7. Beautiful old White. That is all my Uncle ran. Those old Cummins run forever. He had a 63 with 1.3 million miles on 220 with 10 speed . Glad you saved it
  8. Nice car. VERY rare. My friend Lloyd young had two Elcars. They sold at auction in 2018
  9. I used Williamsons Instruments in Chester Arkansas. 479 369 2551 Talk to Ron. I had excellent service from them for my 31 model 151 gauges.
  10. Take a look at the HH Franklin site . Great site
  11. Call Patrick reeve at Reeve enterprises in Cazenovia NY. He may be able to point you in the right direction 315 655 8812
  12. To tell you the truth I have no idea how to put a picture on the computer.
  13. I have a 58 chieftain convertible. reefshell pink with ascot gray coves with white top and tri power. It is one sweet ride
  14. Misterc9 is correct Front fender 1958 Pontiac 100% sure
  15. I think Tom would be very interested in this find. His Fox is a beauty
  16. I put these on my 31 Franklin. I also polished the reflectors with simichrome at the same time. What a difference. Nice bright white light, can see much farther and people can see me better. I would definitely recommend them .Reduced amp draw is a plus My car is 6 volt positive ground . No problems.
  17. I just put a set of firestones on my 31. Love them
  18. I had my steering box rebuilt by Dick Pratt for my 31. What a difference it makes . You will be amazed .
  19. Alex, looks like Brainard and Cundiff or Gundiff. Looks like a palm tree on the left. Must be down south somewhere. Jim
  20. Welcome to the Franklin club. There were some articles about this car in Air cooled news . I don't know the exact issues but I do remember reading them. You Are going to love your Franklin. Good luck
  21. Does anyone have a source for window regulators for my 1958 Pontiac Chieftain convertible ?. Driver and passenger side . Does anyone know for sure if Chevy parts will fit ? Thank you for any help
  22. I have had two done by steering wheel Bob. Bob Monetti from NJ . Car guy forever, fair prices , excellent work. One was for my 31 Franklin and the other for a 65 ford truck . Very pleased with everything .
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