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  1. I May have a extra gas tank, and a correct wood steering wheel, will need some restore, but its the correct one with the small arrow head designs pointing toward center, are you going to Hershey? I have the steering column and gearbox but saving that as spare for my own 29 Plymouth send me a PM or email
  2. I Sent PM,Next time send a pm quotes I do not always get those notifications thru aaca
  3. Dave, bought the Original GM with lock and the hard to find dust cover from me Cheers
  4. Hi Dave, Thanks for the PM, I sent you a email thru your contact info you provided me. Regards Rich
  5. thehandleman


    oh yeah you listed your wants in the parts for sale lol
  6. thehandleman


    you have a Dodge DA Winder with a Desoto escutcheon, and a Dodge brothers truck interior handle maybe instead of putting Mars as the title maybe the full car and model you seek lol I may have a desoto winder still emphasize may, I have da interior but not sure as winder send a pm with exact details Thanks