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  1. click choose files below and then pick from where in your computer they are and add then send
  2. I don"t have anything close to that,I am thinking this is 1946 1947 but it does have red lines like some of the 39 dash parts ???
  3. send me a pm with picture of the heater that is suppose to go in the 39 and i will look
  4. The Desoto was Walter Chrysler trying to give the working man a Chrysler, at a Desoto's Price. The Plymouth and Dodge were below that and the Desoto was one under a Chrysler with a lot of fit and finish and a Six Cylinder and some eights like the Imperials etc., It will sell just like C Carl said get it road worthy
  5. Regal is a Replacement part company so it would never be listed as NOS! It's a NORS New Original Replacement Stock fyi: you may want to edit your listing and change NOS to NORS Good Luck
  6. Hi Don, The Three Pictured are 1933 if the escutcheon holes are 1 3/4" ctr to ctr The 1932 uses 1 1/2" CTR TO CTR , all three year Plymouth's handle style is the same except for the locker on 1934 uses the bent key lock cylinders some 33 models may use bent key not sure but escutcheon will tell year most likely and shafts may be notched and short and long, depending on Sedan 2 door or 4 door and door locations and models. Cheers
  7. I think the 30-31 Buick front fenders are the same I sold pass front with spare ai still have a drivers side front to be sure pose the question on the pre war section for Buick and ask them if 30-31 front fenders are the same where are you located
  8. Great save Dale, that changes things if you have a car with no engine then go for it. Good Luck
  9. They go by weight and what it is, I have done every angle to save money thats it, if I needed the engines, and I dont cause PA engines seem to be more plentiful then PB’s I would drive to it, but I am a lot closer then you. Since I don’t, its a local guy or someone with money bags to throw away. cheers good luck in your endeavors Dale. Regards Rich
  10. Min 250.00 per engine and thats there min after you expense crating and securing