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  1. Very Sad Steve, but I understand,do you know if monies can just be applied to our spaces for 2021 ? Thank you for all you do and to Hershey Region
  2. I am ok either way they decide, I am just not happy about the whole crap covid at all. My Father vended 52 years straight till his passing in 2012 he took me and my brother as lil ones then out of school every year since like 64-77 I missed many years 70’s 80’s in the Marines and USCS but came back with dad and brother 90’s then selling strong since 2004 every year since. It’s part of me but this one has no winners tuff, just don’t see how 100,000 people a day can social distance on a 8’ wide road let alone I have had times with 15-25 buyers in my tiny rows of tons of steel sheet metal handle bins and table rows of misc., how do I with underlying problems and how does the buyer avoid parts paths contact with them in tiny rows, do I bring less? I am already in for 10 spots @ 800 plus program ad fees and hotel and food fuel pulling 10,000 lbs trailer just to get there. It’s a tuff one for my livelihood as well, and as anyone of my age and up. I do not envy the Hershey region mixed feelings prepare for worst hope for best RB Chocolate South CH74-83
  3. Dale, Whats the three questions me and brother share 10 spaces but he controls the purchase every year of the 10, so I have not seen it, also I have 8 or 9 regular Foriegn customers out of 20 of them that stop by every year at my 5 spots and those 8 are emailing me they won't be coming do to there crashed Investment markets, flight restrictions, and there particular situations. All from Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia Also I am concerned about the 1000 or more volunteers that do so much are they willing to be around so many? but all in all I agree with Bob Giles Prepare for the worst hope for the best 🙏
  4. your welcome, good luck
  5. Maybe top left with better pics both inside outside with measurements
  6. Has 1929-1930 chevrolet interior handles which only means thats what the handles were joe shit the rag man did not know his car was ever going to be a hobby so the owners as pot metal handle crumbled and broke would put whatever worked. That being said since both the crank and door opener are 29-30 chevy it probably is the door cheers good luck
  7. Nice Car! That's around 10k plus US Dollars
  8. might do better to list in the parts wanted section your in the for sale section, Good Luck
  9. If I can get the old memory to come back I will tell you good luck
  10. if you use Tinindian's way it's very caustic and toxic fumes when mixed, use in ventilated area, but it works great the 50/50 mix breaking loose old parts
  11. I cannot remember what it fits, what you want for it? I will add to the pile lol Send me a PM