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  1. It could still be a titled 32 just a late production but if engine is in it with PA I would say its a 1931 but so many opines out there. Both models are good value mine is a pb roadster with low windshield and suicide doors but i had a pb sedan and it had all four doors suicide so they are different slight less horsepower you should be able to do 50-55 all day my 29 U is shaking at 45 lol i like the coupe though cheers
  2. Top left forward of block engine serial number will start with letters and number that will at least tell model of car if engine is original for example Q=1928 U=1929 and 1930 U and 1930 model U PA=1931 PB=1932 PC , PD = 1933 and so on
  3. your car has the headlight buckets and bar of a 1931 PA grille a PA and Door handles are a PA whats the engine serial number as I learned before it may be a 32 but a PA model the PB has dif grille and handles and single headlight stands,don't want to start anything Just asking, I also agree with 32plywood you need babbit job poured
  4. Had people at mine and brothers spots till 5:30 easy on Friday, even though I had no sales on Saturday cause it takes me 6 solid hours of packing and taking down canopies my brother had sales whole time he was packing up on Sat. Another observation since chocolate south lost people entrance, my buddies in corner of Red both said they would have droves of people all morning where my mornings now are slow till about 11:00 and then crazy so that may take people longer to get over to our fields 🤔 just a thought
  5. Friday was my Second best day of Sales from Tuesday setup thru Saturday, why all the tired bail on Friday more and more customers keep coming. Great Hershey! thanks for the pictures TJ Cheers!
  6. you need to post this in the parts wanted not the for sale section
  7. And if Johns (keiser31) is not what you want, I have the Nickle plated 1931 Plymouth PA Freewheeling knob and cable
  8. Fantastic! As a vendor, was one of my better shows met new and old friends being buyers of past and many of my AACA forum friends stopped by for a quick Hello, I did not get away much but people traffic was a mob then a breather then a mob. Great weather and had our friends from other countries they come along way to keep the hobby and Preservation of the Antique Automoble alive from abroad and they spend a bunch just to get here from places they told me like Poland, Norway, Sweeden, Great Britan, Austrailia, New Zealand, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico Overall Thank you to all staff and first responders,and volunteers.Thanks!