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  1. The PB is more desirable as it has a 65 hp four, mine will do 60 all day and if pushed 65 plus, The PB is all suicide doors don’t get me wrong 31 is ok as well but just more of them 32 is last year of the silver dome four and most hp
  2. This is Not a 1932 Plymouth PB Sedan it is a 1931 Plymouth PA Instrument panel on dash is PA the rear window should be square, go to engine serial number on left front upper block and if Original will say PA ##### and finally a PB has all doors are suicide Doors, yours pictured has standard door hinge in front. Door handles design will look like 32 33 and 34 Plymouth handle designs,a PA will have outside handles look like a old coffin box design. This is not a PB good luck with the Sale.
  3. Nice Truck, has incorrect Interior door handles those are 1928. Good luck with the Sale.
  4. Everything for 1930-31 Dodge DH star at serial 354#### up I found none in the 352 range 🤔 sorry no help here Rich
  5. Thanks for Info I guess holds no value if its not oem original Regards
  6. Humm now really confused lol Thanks
  7. John, What is your serial number of your car? as my early Hollander will give all the cars that will work for your DH6 What T# is on the case also Rich
  8. A tag just said 1938 V8 all you Ford experts what is it engine relay? Firewall ? Under dash ? Thanks appreciate as always any help Regards
  9. John, I think that is 1939 Plymouth 37 is skinnier
  10. I may have one or more I will look this weekend in my bins send me a private message with dimensions overall length and length of the round housing
  11. Look thru the dirt and dust and they been inside for years, If your a Franklin guy there solid enough to save and restore the 31 I would think with those wire wheels and the fender well spares big wheelbase nice car. if everything is there. Cheers!
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