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  1. LOL! Thanks thats what I am thinking a accessory lock the bolt screws in the tire mount holder and the dome covers the bolt so it cannot be removed,I have two others with keys that open the chrome dome to gain access to the bolt. was hoping someone had it on a car to ID it. Cheers and Thanks fore the Info
  2. My book says 10738 Clum light switch for 1928-1930 Chrysler
  3. Not at the moment, check back in few months never know
  4. Cheers Thanks for input always
  5. Hi , yeah thanks I knew that, as there was no dpcd logo in the hinge I asked a buddy that new Hudson's and he said he did not think it was Hudson either ? Maybe COE Truck ???? Thanks for input.
  6. I thought these were for 49-50 Ford but does not have the usual fomoco number or the same chrome top side angles and internals ?? Ideas?? Some part numbers are 676445 LH 676499 LH 676446 RH 676500 RH appreciate any thoughts or confirmation
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