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  1. Thanks for your help on identifying these clips.
  2. Thanks for everyone's help on this.
  3. Attached are a couple close-up pictures of the exhaust ports. Thanks for your help.
  4. Trying to correctly identify the few NOS Buick Trim Clips in the following pictures. My Buick Parts Catalog only goes up to the 1952 model year, and they aren't in there, so the must be '53 or newer. Any help would be great. Thanks. 1388157 - Group #8.132 1391787 - Group #8.185 1388914 - Group #12.114
  5. Wondered if anyone could help provide any information on this cylinder head. It's a cast iron 4-cylinder, 16-valve head, only markings on it that I am able to find are the letters "MF" as shown in the last picture.
  6. Thanks for the pictures Larry, I too was at the Kalamazoo show...I did see those there...
  7. Attached is the picture from my 1929-59 Chevrolet Parts Catalog... As you can see, it lists the numbers underneath the picture, but can't find the numbers in the actual numerical listing or description pages... I looked over a dozen of my catalogs from 1955 to 1962...the part number, if in somewhat order with the other jack bases seems to be in the 1957 - 1958 era....
  8. There is no number stamped on the jack parts catalog shows a picture of this exact base and also references the part number for the base along with the jack assemblies it belongs to, but on the next page in the catalog with all of the text, descriptions and such, it doesn't list any of the part numbers shown on the picture, I've got all the correct part numbers, but no indication as to what vehicle or vehicles it was original to...
  9. Hello, Trying to identify this Jack Base to the original vehicle. I found the part number listing in one of my Chevrolet Parts Catalogs, shown on a page which depicts several difference bases, but the part number is not in the listing with a description of what it is for... The base part number is "3752407" from Group #8.820, and it also shows that the base is part of the jack assemblies "3752406" and "3755867"...those too are not listed... So, I've got the part numbers, but can't find a listing for those numbers in any of my parts catalogs. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  10. Hello, Looking to see if anyone can provide me with the measurements for 1934 - 1935 Chevrolet Master and Standard Grilles... I have one, and I am not able to determine which one it is and I know they are different from each other. The one I have has a 28 3/4" opening when measuring the height from top to bottom of the grille trim, on the inside edges of the trim. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.