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  1. Terry you are correct! The trailer and car inside have been located and returned. It was locate and picked up yesterday afternoon. By the time i got back some and got settled i was/am beat. I appreciate everyone's assistance in sharing and keeping an eye out for this. Thank you all!
  2. 24' Haulmark tandem axle Maroon Diamond plate chip guard and fender well. side door and full drop back door. Unfortunately no pictures.....b/c.........its a trailer 😃 closest thing i could find on the ol' interwebs is attached
  3. Sorry....that certainly should have been added. Outside of Buffalo NY
  4. *******UPDATE THE TRAILER AND CAR HAVE BOTH BEEN FOUND AND RETURNED SAFELY******************* Thank you to everyone for sharing this and helping to get the word about it. It was located and picked up yesterday afternoon with all law offices being notified. Also thank you to everyone for the suggestions regarding the safeguarding of both of these moving forward. I will certainly be implementing a few of them. Hello, I have the unfortunate news that someone today stole my 24' Haulmark enclosed trailer which inside was my 1927
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