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  1. My local library had an ap that included Hemmings, among a bunch of other magazines. I liked reading it, but didn’t get enough value that I’ll pay for the subscription now that the ap is discontinued. I find the majority of cars in Hemmings to be overpriced.
  2. A trophy shop can silk screen the art onto a plaque, if you want the metal finish.
  3. I can't find anything with the doors that open like that. The closest I can find in body shape is a Plymouth, but both doors are wrong for that. With the windshield rake more tilted, whatever it was, I'd guess it was a '32 or '33 model year.
  4. I don't think they changed just the hinges. Looking at the firewall, I think the entire body behind the engine was swapped.
  5. Bingo. I like how it’s described as a rebody, like the folks at Murphy laid hands on the car. 😂
  6. Left without comment 😲: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1931-buick-80-series-convertible-sedan/
  7. I didn't notice the trim around the windshield wasn't there and now I can't avoid noticing it. The C-pillar trim missing doesn't seem objectionable. Any idea how hard is the windshield trim to source? I'll preface this by saying I know nothing about this model: The car looks like a decent value if it is solid with original paint.
  8. I like this. Any thoughts on the price and condition? My experience with cars like this is the photo flatters the car and up close it looks like it was painted with a brush.
  9. When they were young, I drove my nephews to school in the rumble seat of my ‘30 Buick. When we pulled up to the building, a neighbor kid runs up to one of the boys and asks sincerely “Did you travel through time”?
  10. I carry a second Optima battery.
  11. I haven’t seen one of these in ages and have to say, the design aged nicely. My dad had an Eldo of that vintage which, at the time, I thought looked overly shortened. Now, the proportions look perfect. These things were “shrunken” to 205”, which is the same length as the current Honda Odyssey. 😮
  12. You're right, the blue one is in much worse shape. The brown fenders and grill on the other one would make it a non-starter for me. My car is a similar shade of cream, so I'm partial to that color. Of course, the lack of a choke knob would make the blue one a non-starter, literally. ☺️
  13. Good points. Beyond the color being correct, I didn't give it a good look. It seems like '30 46s coupes pop up for sale every 6 months, which is surprising to me. Here's another one:
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