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  1. I wonder what sort of treasures will be buried in the rubble. I owned a century old building for a while and whenever we did work, we'd find an interesting old relic.
  2. I was just looking at the registration form for the show and it states the first 200 cars get a goody bag. So maybe I'm wrong about it being small. One of the cool things about the show is trophy winners get to drive a parade lap around the old track. I received Judges' Choice in 2018 and got to do it. The front straight is still there, but the rest of the track is a narrow nature trail. Still, it was pretty cool. If you go, shoot me a DM. I should have a car there along with all the other shows I posted.
  3. I have a bit of a bias towards Road America. To give you a sense of it, I’ve instructed my family to scatter my ashes there after I die. I’ve never been to the fall vintage event, but the summer one has always been great. If you head up there, the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee is really good. And that’s from a guy who is not fond of “The Motor Company”. There’s also a Wisconsin Automotive Museum, but I’ve never been and can’t speak to it’s quality. https://wisconsinautomuseum.com There’s a car show on September 11th at the old, long closed Meadowdale raceway in Carpentersville. Not a huge show, but an interesting mix. The weekend after RA vintage event, Eyes on Design is going on in Dearborn. http://www.eyesondesign.org/carshow
  4. The Geneva Concours is August 22 in Geneva, IL. http://genevaconcours.net The British Car Festival is September 12, in Palatine IL. https://www.britishcarunion.com/index.htm Ariens Art on Wheels Vintage Weekend featuring VSCDA Sept 17-19 at Road America. https://www.roadamerica.com/ariens-art-wheels-vintage-weekend-featuring-vscda
  5. For someone on the tour whose car is not reliable: Bob's car came with a tow package....on the front.
  6. This car was on Bring a Trailer last year. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1940-lasalle-model-50-convertible/
  7. There are some good vintage Ford tractor groups on Facebook.
  8. @stripgear Your comment on BaT, June 18 was honest and comprehensive. It also was like buyer repellant. It reads like you’re selling a car that will need some work. BaT buyers pay a premium for nothing-needed cars and avoid those with a todo list. It’s a beautiful car that will find the right next owner. It’ll just take time.
  9. One more year and we can put antique plates on it. 😊
  10. Dan Neil is the WSJ auto writer and is pretty informed about cars. But, he’s also a bit of an EV fanboi. I’d expect him to have an enthusiastic take on this topic. Since he’s really more of an opinion columnist then a reporter, it’s his job to give his perspective.
  11. I get Old Cars, but through an ap called Libby my public library offers. With it, I also get all the Hemmings publications, some interesting British classic car magazines and a bunch of other stuff. All for no fee (other then my property tax, but I won't go there).
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