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  1. I have compiled my research on the 1956 Desoto Fireflite Pace Car. I welcome-and encourage-any help making corrections, additions, etc. The idea is to be factual. It is a Facebook Group-sorry if you don't have it but it is the best way to set up all the photos and info. Thanks https://www.facebook.com/groups/450716022690467
  2. I am researching the various Indy 500 Pace Cars and am now on 1940. the Pace Car was a Studebaker Champion, but Buick supplied the cars for the AAA Track Officials. I am. not sure how many, but at least four. Could someone identify the model Buick sent? I could sue any specifics about the car. I colorized a few of them. thanks
  3. After the race the cars were purchased by local sealers through the Zone office. It appears from this ad the decals were removed from the Riviera so most people may not even be aware of these cars. In 1992 Cadillac removed all the decals from the Festival Allantes and I have been able to find the VINs of these cars-not one of the current owners I was able to contact knew the past of their car. In 1997 Olds did the same thing with the Auroras. I have that VIN list and about 70% of the cars have already been junked-probably because nobody knew the history of the car.
  4. Here is the day the cars were assigned to the directors, March 15, 1976
  5. Any information on this white car with the bulge hood?
  6. Two things to point out in the photos. The round gold decal on the door designates the car as a "500 festival Director" car. these only go on the cars assigned to these people, They do NOT go on the other cars used at the track. The second round decal on the rear quarter panel is the Bicentennial Log for our countries 200th birthday in 1976.
  7. Still researching the various indy pace cars. Now looking at 1976. The Buick Century was the actual Pace Car and about 1290 Replicas were made for sale by dealers. Is there a Registry anywhere for these cars? Also, there is a group that began in 1957 called the "500 Festival Associates". they not only promoted the race, but in an effort to get the visitors downtown they began a Festival Parade, Festival Queen, and a number of other events. There were 33 Festival Directors in the group-to equal the amount of drivers in the race. In 1959 they were given the use of 25 Buicks by a local dealer to use to promote the events-though they were various models and colors, not the same as the Pace Car. In 1960 each of the 33 Festival Directors received an Oldsmobile for the month of May. Once again they were not just Ninety Eights, but other Olds models. This is the beginning of the tradition where the Festival Directors (and the Queen) would receive a car, now known as "Festival Cars". Over the years the 500 Festival Directors would receive a car but they were not always like the Pace car-for instance in 1978 the Corvette was the Pace car, but there were only four at the track: two actual Pace cars, a display car, and a car to be given the winner (The winner often did NOT receive the actual Pace Car as is commonly believed). The 500 Festival Directors each received a Camaro for the month. But there are other cars used as well, often called "Track Cars". These go to dignitaries, local officials, and track officials. In 1978 these "Track cars" were Monte Carlos. In 1976 the Pace Cars and Track Cars all looked alike, but the 500 Festival Directors each had a Riviera with the Pace Car decals. I can find no info on these cars. Does anyone have or know who may have the Car Assignment Sheets for 1976 with the kist if cars, VINs and names of who received the cars? I have been able to find the 70, 71, 73-75, 78-80 sheets so I am hoping these are still out there. Here are some pictures from the 500 festival Parade with the Riviera Festival Cars. At most, there would only be 41 of these based on other years.
  8. Has anyone been able to figure out a way to filter results so you just get what you are looking for? If I type in Reatta I get all sorts of other cars and stuff, not enough time to go through everything.
  9. I am still researching the various Pace cars and am now on 1959. This is the first year there were a number of cars in Indianapolis being used by the 500 Festival Committee. Two Indianapolis dealers -Ogle-Dellon and Monarch Buick-supplied 25 Buicks to the 500 Festival Directors and two Pace cars for the track. Though the actual Pace Cars were white with red interiors, the other 25 were various colors and interiors. The actual cars were Electra 225 convertibles, but the other cars may have been another model Buick convert. I have a number of photos of the festival cars in the 500 Festival Parade. What is a quick way to see from just the exterior view if the cars are Electra 225 or other models? It was not uncommon for the 5000 Festival to use various models and colors as they were resold by the local dealers and to have so many exact cars might make them harder to sell.
  10. It took awhile, but I have completed my research on the 1946 Lincoln Pace Car. Here it is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2533559130192053
  11. Would you know if this is the actual pace car Packard? thanks
  12. A number of Beretta converts were made and 50 were earmarked for Indy. tests showed they were very unsafe, but the press releases were already out. Three berettas were retained as pace Cars with substantial mods, the rest were either donated to technical schools or scrapped. Beretta coupes were still used as part of the track program, in both teal or yellow, along with the mentioned yellow or teal Corvettes. Little known is the fact there were also white 1991 Camaro converts also used at the track, with the same pink graphics.
  13. And the 1978 Pace car festival lists is one I really would like to have. The festival cars awarded to the 500 Festival Associate Directors and track personnel were Monte Carlos. I believe only 4 of the special Vettes were at the track.
  14. I am researching the various years Indy 500 Pace Cars. Since the 500 festival Association was formed in 1958 a number of cars were delivered to Indy for the 500 festival Directors and track officials to use during the month of May. Sometimes they were replicas of the actual Pace Cars, while other years a different model was used. A sheet was generated with the VINs, car color, model type, and who was assigned the car. I have a number of these sheets, the oldest being 1970 but I am sure there were older ones. Does anyone have a copy of these sheets? I am finding there is so much misinformation about the Pace Cars that some significant cars are overlooked or passed off as "not real". Here are some facebook groups I have started for the various years I have completed. It really helps to have input from the hobbyists to set the records straight. thanks for any help.
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