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  1. I used Rhode Island years ago in restoration of 150S. Excellent harness. Nearby is Bassett's which has been in business since 60s and used for some parts with many Jags, but not a Mark V. Bob
  2. Well, I am the happy new/recent new owner of this car in the topic header. Is it still 1932 Cadillac convertible coupe? I have 3 grands for the rumble seat. They will remember the first drive. A few minor tune ups being done including a recoring of the radiator. A 1932 Cadillac which set in storage for 40+ years and needs the radiator recored? Outrageous. It is a beauty and now is happy to be on the east coast with working wind wipers. More questions to come and sources for parts. Great car and great history thanks to recent caregivers. Yes, just saw. My first post. I was recently a Jag guy. My 2013 CTS-V got me off Jags.
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