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  1. https://hcca.org/Classifieds/admore.php?num=15799 Great Original Car!
  2. Hi Joshua, I Just talked to my friend Dale and he is sure he has the aluminum Hupp rod you need. If you haven't found what you need you should give him a call at 413-667-3902
  3. I asked the seller on ebay for his buy it price and he answered 95K. All right then.........
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1934-Lincoln-Other/132934379636?hash=item1ef381a874:g:pjkAAOSwI9FcUJ6H&vxp=mtr WOW! Another great car surfaces.
  5. "It sure does cast a shadow!" " Don't be the last guy." Those of you who knew Don as well or better or longer than I did will be very familiar with these quotes, a couple of his favorites. In today's car hobby it's hard to know when you are the guy paying "the last dollar" for a vehicle. With that said. It was my great pleasure and a blessing to know Don Carlson very well late in his life. He loved sharing stories about the cars he owned and had owned during his many decades in the business but for him it wasn't just business it was
  6. Hi Alex, I have a pair on a 1934 v12 parts engine, not positive if they are identical to 32 but we could compare them for fit and condition if that would help.
  7. Bill / Kyle, It sold back in July. Thanks for your interest.
  8. SOLD! 1929 / 1930 Complete Lincoln Dash Cluster Includes Speedometer, Clock, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Ammeter, Gas gauges, Switches, and Light Sockets $525
  9. Hard to find Roadster, Coupe, Convertible Coupe bumper step plat. in good original condition with a very old quality weld repair on the underside that is not noticeable on top. $375, Email rydersclassics@gmail.com phone 860-944-6940
  10. Includes nice working Waltham speedometer showing 27082 miles, oil pressure, water temperature, ammeter gauges, and gas gauge, needs clock to complete. Price $475 Email rydersclassics@gmail.com
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