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  1. From the photographs of 1926 Chryslers on the internet, the only ones I saw were No. 5 Buffalo. I was just approached by a fellow with a set of them.
  2. Well that was an excellent explanation. Especially the use of the word "corrugated". Never heard that before. Have you any literature you could share concerning the No. 4 corrugated? That was a real revelation. Much appreciated.
  3. Ford T used No. 2 Buffalo. From my experience, the exposed pie crust drive No. 4's were 66 or 72 spoke. John
  4. I have a radiator enclosure. JR
  5. Looking for No. 4 Buffalo stuff. Thanks. John akrendo@gmail.com
  6. Looking for 20" or 21" undimpled snap ring rims. They were made by Oakcrest Machine some years ago. Thanks. John
  7. I'd like to know myself. It would seem to me the differential suspended by a jack while drawing up on the truss rods, but how to determine the pre-adjustment sag and progress?
  8. Buick Wheels. Real nice. Wish they were Locomobile.
  9. ak

    Houk or Hayes wheels

    My recollection is 12 threads per inch on Houk and 10 threads per inch on Hayes.
  10. Bad advice. They will win and take down the building, and charge you to do it. Happens all the time.
  11. ak

    Houk or Hayes wheels

    Not interchangeable. Hayes has less threads per inch than the buffalo wheels.
  12. ak

    26 11a visor installation

    When I made my sunvisor for my 11B coupe, I used a piece of solid aluminum for the visor and then beveled three edges. This made a nice, even visor. This probably could be done with a nice piece of white oak or yellow pine as well. Would last for a hundred years the way the cars are garaged today. Series 11 A does not have a roof overhang. I'll check mine tonight to see where the visor attached. I may have a sunvisor bracket around. JR
  13. Thank you everyone for replying. I am in need of the rim only not the wheel. My needs are for a passenger car application. Thank you for all those that replied. The Oakcrest machine shop, Elster Hayes made rims for passenger cars. They are not marked, but have a small plate on the snap ring joining each open end of the ring which is held on with two screws.