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  1. Looking for decent, rear brake drums for a 39 120. Thank you. John
  2. WTB Rudge 72 mm driving hubs, not wheels. Thanks.
  3. Looking for spark and gas levers and quadrant for a 1909 to approximately 1913 Loco. Any leads appreciated. The levers would be marked "gas" and "spark" Thanks. John
  4. ak

    Victoria Top

    Looking for a Victoria top. akrendo@gmail.com
  5. Seems to me that most of that style have deteriorated pot metal holding them together. If it functions, I would not try to take it apart, but repair it with epoxy "in situ" as best as possible. Turn a screw and it will implode. Just my experience. John
  6. Alan, How did you make out? Find any? John
  7. Alan, the hub in the photo is exactly the hub I would like to find. That is the hub as made for a Franklin. Thanks. John
  8. this is what I need, both right and left rears.
  9. Yes They are for sale. I have a bunch extra.
  10. New running board castings of ductile iron (like steel)
  11. Hi, looking for Houk pin drive no. 4 hubs Thanks. John
  12. Hi, Looking for Pin drive Houk hubs. Thanks John
  13. If it shakes the car uncomfortably, it is probably none of the above although it is good to do all the things Paul suggests. The shaking can be eliminated by shimming the transmission's rear main shaft bearing housing. Good luck getting the brake drum off, whatever you do, DO NOT REMOVE THE NUT ON THE BACK OF THE SHAFT while you try to remove the brake drum flange, it may come off the tapered shaft with explosive force. John
  14. I could use an oil pump for a 135 or 137. John
  15. Do you think that this torque thing is really necessary?
  16. I had to have patterns made and new castings poured for these rear shackles. JR
  17. Hi, I could use an oil pump for a 135/137. Thanks.
  18. You will blow it up either at 50 mph or with an overdrive at 50 mph. John
  19. What progress have you made, Mike? John