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  1. As I understand it, the 1905 design was that of John Wilkenson, made by Franklin. JR
  2. A D4 will not mount where a DU 4 or DR 4 is spec'd. They are entirely different magnetos with different mounting plates. The D4 has three horseshoe magnets where the DU and DR and ZR mags have but two. In any event, a 2-spark (not twin spark) magneto will provide an advantage over a standard magneto only if placed on a T-head engine. It will do nothing more than what any run of the mill DU or DR single spark would do if placed on anything other than a T head engine. John
  3. Michael, Glen Synder from Nazareth Pa makes steering wheels. What kind do you need? I have a few. John
  4. Looking for a multiple disc clutch from an Abbot Detroit. Thank you. akrendo@gmail.com
  5. Thanks a lot for the considered comments. What was said regarding the lack of reinforcement in the lip of the clincher puts an end to the discussion. Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment. John
  6. Person to make flat top pre-1916 fenders.
  7. WTB: 4 speed Warner Transmission 1915-1925
  8. Seeking comments on propriety of use of a clincher tire in a straight side rim Thank you.
  9. Need the engine number to discover the year of manufacture, but that engine is 1930 or later. It is nearly double the HP of the 1929 and would be a wonderful performer. It would be a wonderful road car. JR
  10. Hi. Looking for a Herz timer. John
  11. Looking for 72 mm Rudge. Hubs, caps, retaining rings. Thanks.
  12. It appears (to me) to be either a series 11A (1925-1926) or 11B (1927) rear axle. Can't quite make out the pinion casting to differentiate. John
  13. I have a set of Model 40 running board brackets; reproduced in brass. John
  14. Not just during acceleration but braking as well
  15. Here is my rear axle going back together.
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