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  1. Not sure who A1915dodge was/is. Not making any comment about Brassworks. I do know Mr Trepanier who owned Harry and Sons provided outstanding radiator service for decades and was well known and respected in the local HCCA. As noted not clear why BrassWorks would comment about an ancient posting. Mr Trepanier has passed and his business is closed. Another artist gone who can provide expertise to help keep our cars on the road.
  2. The tires has been sold. Thanks for the interest from several folks.
  3. I have for sale four (4) 33 X 4 whitewall GF Goodrich Silvetown cord tires. These tires are of uncertain age , they were made in India. Two of them are still in factory wrapping. No wear nor flat spots. Seeking $500 for all four plus shipping. Two weigh 46 pounds, or all can be picked up in southern California. My cell is 310 413-9311.
  4. They were a factory option and it seems quite rare these days.
  5. Please see buy/sell for concour Model 80 Rumble seat roadster only $67,500.
  6. Concours quality restoration of this rumble seat roadster. One of the finest in existence. Recipient of the Pierce Arrow Society’s highest awards for restoration (Weiss-2014) and show (Rosenau-2015/2017). Has optional Budd wheels, BI-FLEX bumpers and three radiator caps (delrin cap, motometer, arrow/wheel) Show or tour. Needs nothing. Contact to receive additional images. $67,500 Email jwhalen@isi.edu or call during the day 310 413-9311 (PDT) Car is located in Southern California
  7. Unfortunately for the person having spent all of the funds on a fine restoration, they will be doing well if they obtain $35k for the car. From the general perspective of antique car lovers, the restoration helps ensure another piece of history will likely survive for a long time to come.
  8. Gentlemen, The 16 REO is a fine car and now available at $15K ! It has a very tight chassis. I can always upshift the trans silently and without double clutching. Lots of torque from the 306 CID 6 cylinder. I appreciate the favorable comments regarding the style of the car.
  9. Reo M

    1916 Reo for sale

    btt due to price reduction to $20K
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