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1918 Locomobile Model 38 touring

Reo M

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As I recall, Tom Lester had a very early Renault Limo painted that color which was featured on the cover of either the VMCCA or HCCA publication. 

It worked on that machine. 


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On 2/21/2024 at 7:46 PM, alsfarms said:

It looks to have a Splitdorf ignition system. Does anyone have update information on this Locomobile?


Based on the photos, this model 38-2 series 3 on offer is today equipped with a Berling dual ignition magneto and a Berling ignition coil with switch in the dashboard.

I have an early spare parts catalog (No.68) for 38-2, it shows a Bosch ZR6 2-spark dual Magneto and Bosch Dual ignition switch with coil.

The Berling equipment is for example matching with the spare parts list for models 48 series 7 (catalog no. 78). I don't know when Locomobile changed from Bosch to Berling. Anyone of you has a parts catalog between 68 and 78?

The dowel pin locations in the magneto bracket (which is bolted to the crankcase with 3 bolts) could probably give the answer whether the car was built with Bosch or Berling.

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