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  1. Just when you think things are figured out - the unexpected pops up. Gregg Lange posted two photos of a 1916 D-55 Touring on the Brass Buicks Discussion Forum. In the one photo it clearly shows the steering wheel in the car. The wheel spider is Cast Aluminum. I spoke with Gregg this afternoon and he affirmed that his Big Six Buicks do indeed have Aluminum steering wheel spiders. Very interesting to say the least. He told me that he has been playing with Big Six Buicks for 50 years and I have been messing with D-45's for over 50 years. We both got a chuckle out of that. Interesting inde
  2. I just had a good visit with Larry DiBarry about finishing the wheel. First I will use Old Masters Woodgrain Filler all over the wood. I haven't got the stain color decided yet, but it will be an oil based gel stain. Gel Stains have more pigment in them I have read. There will be two coatings of that. I will use an oil based clear polyurethane semi gloss top coat. I think there will need to be two coats of that also. I need to get some foam sanding pads to get the old finish completely off and then I can think about the filler. Larry and I think that the wood in this wheel is more than
  3. I have been working on the sanding of the steering wheel. It is coming out extremely nice. The next step is to apply the Woodgrain Filler and let it set for a day or two. It is going to take a little bit to get it sanded completely. I'm going to use foam sanding blocks to clean up the finger holds. The old finish is coming off very easy and leaving the surface as smooth as glass. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  4. Kevin, do you know when Buick went from a painted steel steering wheel spider (like mine is) to a cast Aluminum spider like Larry has on his cars? That would be interesting to know. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  5. Would anyone know what species of wood was used in these wheels? Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  6. I pulled the steering wheel this afternoon and will prepare it for refinishing. For being almost 106 years old, it is really in very good condition. The steering shaft is tapered and keyed to fit the wheel hub. Since it had been off once before it was easy to remove. The spark and throttle quadrant is being polished out and when things go back together it should look brand new. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  7. I got the 100 Year Medallion from HCCA mounted and in place this morning. We think this looks pretty good on a 106 year old Buick. Terry and Barbara Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  8. I talked with Russ Furstnow in Flagstaff before Chickasha a few years back about the speedometer in the '16. He had a unit that was the same model as what was in the car, but he had completely gone through it. There was a single, slight difference between the two with the unit he had. His had a 75 MPH speed cup in it and mine had a 60 MPH cup. I told him what the odometer reading was on mine and he set the same reading on the one I got from him and that one is now in my car. I think that the speedometer was still working in the car - at least it was the last time I drove the car. I just
  9. Gary, that odometer reading is just too cool! I have followed this restoration every step of the way and I want to tell you that you are the consummate perfectionist. You will need to be careful because you could develop a full time job restoring old Buicks. You did extremely good and it really shows. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  10. I sure wish that my friend, Larry DiBarry was a whole closer. I'd try to get him to help me out with this belly pan. I haven't found anyone in my area that knows anything about 'bumping' metal. We took the pan up to McPherson College this afternoon and had a good visit with Chris Paulsen about what I am wanting to do. He thinks that he might be able to steer some help my way with this project. Something that we talked about I had forgotten about. I told him about what my Dad had been told about these things causing overheating problems for the cars back in the say. He mentioned that the
  11. Don, All that I can tell you is that the fuel line from the gasoline tank to the vacuum tank on this car is Copper. They are the same material as the oil lines coming off the oil pump and running to the sight gauge on the dash panel. Maybe at some point some automobiles used Brass fuel lines. Brass is a much harder material to bend to the needed configurations. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  12. I am working toward getting the fuel system finished up. Several years ago my friend and I made some new fuel line connection plugs for my cars and some other friends' cars. I have new copper line to run to the gasoline tank on the back end and this connection attaches to the lid in the vacuum tank. Once this is all in place the fuel system will be finished. There are two copper crush washers that go with this connection also. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  13. What model of 1920 do you have? Certain models have shorter boards. Ask me how I know this. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  14. I have a correct belly pan (drip apron) for this car. The jury is out as to whether it can be used or not. These things were made from a very thin gauge of sheet metal and this one is REALLY ROUGH in one area. There is a very good reason as to why these things are so scarce. When my Dad got this car I remember my lifelong friend, Vaden Stroud, telling him that back in the day these things were taken off the cars and thrown away because they caused the engines to run hot. He said the reason for that was because the radiators were short and the cooling surfaces were a victim of reduced airf
  15. Bloo, Are these clincher rims on Ben's 1915 Buick the same as what was on T Model Fords? I am going to have to plead ignorance here. This is the first that I have heard of this style rim on middle teens Buicks. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
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