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  1. Mark, Your oil pump is really different from what is in the 1916. I want to visit with you about the distributor head, cap, and the timing on your engine. Just got home from a 1,500 + mile road trip to Indianapolis to deliver a 1917 D-45 to Andy Marone. This kid is tired and going to bed. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  2. There is extreme joy out in Doo Dah on this Saturday morning. The engine is back in the frame and I would have never thought that it would have went so smooth. I hooked onto the engine with the hoist and 15 minutes later it was all done and over with. The two guys in the photo are my son-in-law and his good friend. I could not have done this without their help. Terry Wiegand Out in Doo Dah America
  3. I spent some time this afternoon at my local 'long time' parts shop looking through their Brass fuel fittings. I think I found what I am going to use on the vacuum tank fuel shutoff fittings. One of the these will go on the 1916 and I will retro-fit the other one on the 1920. I am finding out that some of these fittings are getting a bit hard to come by these days. This is going to work well with the Copper line feeding the carburetor. By the way, the engine is going back into the frame on Saturday. I will be posting photos of that. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  4. I would like to go back and clarify something that I said in my earlier posting about this issue. Mr. Wright thinks that heat is the issue. I can agree with that and that is why I said what I did. Matt chimed in and related how heat can cause problems with the coil. I can also readily agree with that comment and that comment can somewhat give credibility to what Mr. Wright is thinking. I have a 1920 6-Cylinder Buick that up until a couple of years ago had its original ignition wiring still intact. The car got to the point that the engine ran terrible. I replaced the coil and plug wires and that engine runs beautifully now. As Ben P. stated, ignition issues can have a person going almost insane thinking that the carburetor is the culprit. I know all about that because I experienced it first hand. I can readily see where heat will play into how these old engines function. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  5. I'm going to have to agree with Matt also about a possible ignition issue. Been There - Done That. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  6. Mr. Wright could be on to something here. In 15 minutes worth of time the vacuum tank will more than likely 'cycle' more than once. In my humble opinion the fuel delivery system seems to be doing what it is supposed to do. It might be a good thing to have an IR Thermometer and take a look at the cylinder block in several places. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  7. Ben's my kind of guy!😁 Terry Wiegand Out in Doo Dah
  8. I sure can! It's a two-wheeled tricycle. Terry Wiegand Out in Rain-Soaked Doo Dah
  9. I do not believe the 1923 Distributor had the screw under the rotor. I think the rotor could be adjusted from the BOTTOM side of the rotor shaft. I'm sure one of the 1923 guys will correct me if this is not right. I believe Morgan is correct for all of the models up through 1922. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  10. I got just a little bit more done today. The valves are in place for #1 and #2 cylinders and #5 and #6. I will install the last 4 valves once the engine is back in the frame. I want to leave those out so that the hoist sling will not cause any problems with them. The Nickel Plated, original breather caps are back in place. In the one photo the new High Head Hex Machine Bolts in the oil pan can be seen. I chased the threads on the cone clutch studs in the flywheel and the last thing I have left to do is install the crankcase oil drain spigot and thread it in. Once that is done it is call my helpers and get the cherry-picker ready. This has been a long time coming to get to this point. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  11. I'm bringing this back to the top again. I made it up to the machine shop in McPherson this afternoon. The information was turned over to them and they are preparing a quote for me. There are 7 sets of sealing rings spoken for thus far. I am going to put this in the Buick Pre-War heading also. We are looking at offering the Valve Cage Nuts and the Valve Cages themselves for the 1916 and 1917 Light Six engines. The sealing rings will fit from 1916 thru 1923 Light Six engines. If anyone has Illustrated Parts Catalogs covering the Four Cylinder Models - I would like to talk with you. I have copies of Valve Cage Engineering Drawings that I do not know the specific model that they are for. I cannot stress this enough - if anyone is needing/wanting any of these particular pieces, then by all means let's talk. This could be the last time that I will be doing anything with them. Once this '16 is back together and out on the road, my free time is going to be behind the steering wheel. I've got 44 years worth of driving and touring to catch up on. Oops! I will get this in the Buy / Sell heading also. Terry Wiegand Out Doo Dah Way
  12. Ben, Thank You for the compliments. I try really hard to get this exactly right. The goal is to run the wheels off this car with touring once it has been all sorted out. A lot of folks haven't got the slightest idea just how much fun an open car can be. Next month this old Buick will start on 58 years of being in my family and I was 15 years old the first time my Dad let me drive it. I was instantly hooked and it hasn't gone away since. The rain needs to be turned off - we have had way more than our share in the last week. Terry Wiegand Out in Rain-Soaked Doo Dah
  13. I got the rocker post assemblies out this afternoon and made sure that they were fully greased and ready for installation when that time comes. I'm waiting on bolts from Restoration Supply and for the rain to finally stop. I want to put the new oil pan bolts in while the engine is still out of the frame. It will be so much easier that way. I'm getting there - just not fast enough to suit me. I am not ashamed to tell anyone that putting this engine back into the frame has me a little bit on edge. Experience has taught me that things always come apart easier than they go back together. I learned that real early helping my Dad with his 2-Cylinder John Deere restorations. We're not gonna worry too much about it though. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  14. Mark, I think that crush washers were used on the vacuum tank inlet fittings. They were on the tank on the '16. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas