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  1. In the interest of keeping moving forward, I cut the gaskets for the headlight lenses this afternoon. Barbara got this really slick gasket cutter for me for Christmas last year. This was the first time using it and that thing is absolutely amazing. The brand name is Olfa and she got it off Amazon. The cutter wheel is razor sharp and then some. The cork material is adhesive backed and I will put things together when the headlights go all together. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  2. That's funnier than a chicken joke! Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  3. Gary Martin also found this Finishing Report from Buick Motor Company inside the rear passenger door when he put the new door panels on. I consider this to be the single most important document pertaining to this automobile that is in existence. The frame number, the engine number, and other component numbers are listed as well as an October of 1915 date. This verifies that this Buick is indeed a 'Brass Era' automobile. For me, this document provides the written proof that our Buick was built BEFORE January 01, 1916 and therefore will allow us to participate in any Horseless Carriage Club of America National Sanctioned Tour that we would want to go on. That right there will open the door to tons of fun with a capital F. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  4. When Gary Martin put the new leather upholstery in the '16 D-45 for me a few years ago, he found this tag wired onto one of the front seat cushion springs. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  5. I am wanting to have the emergency brake handle and button replated for the '16. I am going to get in touch with them and ask some questions. The pieces that Mark had done look beautiful - especially that water return tube. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  6. Kevin, The car should be registered using the frame number. The engine could have been changed out and then the registration would be void. There are quite a few things that need to be corrected on the car and then it could be a decent driver. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  7. Or, one can go to Blacksmith Bolt Supply out in Washington state and get the good stuff. They have Black Oxide finish fasteners and Nickel Plated Screws. You need to be warned about these folks - they DO NOT have Hex bolts or those hated phillips headed screws. My personal opinion about phillips headed screws is that the guy who came up with them should be taken down to the river and have his you-know-what's chopped off!! McMaster-Carr is a very good source for the scarce and unusual types of fasteners. I needed some 'cheese-head' screws once for a project and McMaster-Carr had them. Merry Christmas Ed from all of us down Doo Dah Way! Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  8. Marty, Thank You for the compliments. I try really hard to get things right. I kinda look at things like this - my Dad was a wonderful mechanic and I have huge shoes to try and fill. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  9. Hey Rod, I have seen those somewhere else before Terry Wiegand Out Doo Dah Way
  10. Mark, Please do not feel like your questions, or anyone else's for that matter, are stupid or dumb. This is the way we all teach each other and learn on here. It has been between 7 and 8 years since I made these pieces. My very good friend was living here in Hutchinson then and we did a lot of pretty fancy machine work for other car guys and ourselves. He had a Bridgeport Milling Machine with a very nice Indexing Head for it. I used that to mill the Hex flats before everything else was finished up. I had to do that first because the body of the terminal below the hex has an ever-so-slight taper to it. Originally, these Bakelite pieces like this were run through a squeeze molding process. We just didn't happen to have one of those over in the corner of his shop, so we did the next best thing and machined them out of the Vespel cast resin stock. So know you know, and I do think that they came out half swell. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  11. The last photo that I took today. Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together! Terry Wiegand Way Out in Doo Dah
  12. Here is another photo. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  13. We have a rather nice day going on here in Doo Dah (high in the upper 50's) and as promised, here are some photos with the cap/terminal assembly in place. I'm sure everyone wanted to see things like they will be when they are back together. Christmas times a comin' and I am having a hard time waiting on the engine! More later. Terry Wiegand Out Doo Dah Way
  14. Mark, We are all setting on the edge of our seats waiting for the photo with that newly plated water tube on top of the freshly painted cylinder block so that we can see what an old Buick engine is supposed to look like😂. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  15. Bloo, Yes I did make these terminals myself. I took the very best condition one of the originals and took all of the measurements from it and went from there. It took me a little over two days (off and on) to do what you see in the photo. They have a threaded brass insert in them and the threads are metric of all things. I have made several sets for others and it was a lot of fun watching them come together in the end. Thank you for your compliments. Details done correctly are what makes a restoration stand out in my humble opinion. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas