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  1. Our car (1950 Crosley Hotshot Super) was accepted for Amelia Island and we decided we want to do something period correct for costumes for the show. Given that the Hotshot was styled specifically to appeal to GIs who had seen European sportscars during the war, we have settled on recreating the famous "kiss" from VJ day. So now the problem. I have searched the internet to find correct enlisted man's dress blues from the period, either original or reproduction in my size (38 waist ) and a correct period nurses uniform for my wife. Does anyone here have a reliable source? I have looked at a couple from overseas and they have very mixed reviews so I really don't want to take a chance. Thank you in advance!!
  2. Will have an empty trailer going South after Hershey. Pretty much empty pickup bed also. Can haul parts, small car whatever for small fee. For whole load figure gas and a reasonable hotel for 1 night for whole trip.
  3. There are a couple of "climate controlled" storage facilities here in Palm Bay
  4. DAVE A

    Tire Needed

    I am in need of a single 4.50 X 12 Firestone Deluxe Champion tire. Does not need to be perfect but presentable. I need it to complete a set for show. Can pick up at Hershey.
  5. Don't know how knowledgeable, but thanks. We had almost 170 Crosleys on the grounds this year. Record turnout for cars and people, record participation in events, big increase in flea market vendors, increase in banquet attendance, etc. Nothing but superlatives for the meet. Announced the 4th youth project. What a great group of people!! Check the club website www.crosleyautoclub.com
  6. Paul, we have a class for modified at Crosley Nationals. We would love to see it there
  7. John; We retired a year and a half ago from Pa. to Palm Bay. We are a few minutes from rte 95, just off the Atlantic /Coast and the Indian River. The Grant Valkaria area is probably what you are looking for. The Cape Canaveral Region (which we joined) is just North of us and the Vero/Indian River Region just south. A fantastic car culture down here!!. The big problem is that property here moves fast. Don't take too much time making up your mind or it will be gone!! If I can aid you in your search in this area, feel free to contact me. Happy to help!! Dave Anspach
  8. Deb and I and granddaughter Mady were out doing a nature walk today and then a little shopping. We stopped at the local WAWA for a slushie and as we started to leave we see a nice Brass car leaving the pump. I followed the gentleman to his home which ended up being less than a mile from mine. The car was a 1914 Apperson Jackrabbit. The gentleman said he was an AACA life member and he had just finished getting the car back on the road a week ago. He had driven over 100 miles yesterday and today was just going for gas. A great car to see and even greater to see it on the road!. The man stated he loves touring with his car!!. I really admire him. Made a new friend and a new car buddy!!
  9. The newsletter editor's manual has been updated and is now available on Line. Look under publications on the AACA web page. I realize there are a lot of format problems with it and I plan to get these corrected with a total rewrite . The old manual was done in an old format that is not very friendly to corrections. In any case we wanted to get the technical problems corrected in time for editors to use it this year. Thanks to Matt Hinson, Fran Shore, Kim Gardner, Mark and Marion Mcalpine , and Pat Buckley for all their work in making it happen. If you have any additions or corrections please contact me directly so we can fix it with the rewrite . Thanks to you all! David Anspach VP Publications
  11. Checking for a potential customer. 49 Crosley wagon. Enclosed preferred. Need an idea on price.
  12. It is a standard wagon. Deluxe is a different interior . Super is also.
  13. AACA Senior award winner at Charlotte 2019. Engine rebuild by leading Crosley engine expert. New interior. Car runs great. Currently located in Palm Bay Florida but may be able to deliver for small fee depending on location. Asking $8,000.
  14. Lisa , I am the current VP of publications. If you want to give me a call, i can answer questions you have. 4847697856. David Anspach