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  1. It is with great sorrow I pass along to you the fact that Judy Edwards passed away yesterday. Judy was a friend and mentor to many of us in the AACA editorial area. She was a long time member of the Buzzards Breath Touring region and multiple award winning editor of the Buzzards Droppings Newsletter. She was creator of the "Wheels" young peoples newsletter. Judy was on the publications committee for many years and created the scoring sheet used for evaluations today. She will be sorely missed. Services will be held Saturday Nov. 10 at the Brown- Wynne Funeral Home 1701 E Millbrook Ave. in Raleigh NC. from 1-2 pm with visitation with visitation with family from 2-5 pm. Address to send her husband Barker a sympathy card is Barker Edwards 116 E Front Street, Clayton, NC. 27520.
  2. DAVE A


    Forgot to say, free delivery to Hershey. Contact by my e-mail tmkldwwj@yahoo.com
  3. DAVE A


    I know this is supposed to be for parts so if moderators wish to remove it OK. I have a 3 wheeled mobility scooter that I picked up at a yard sale as a non working item. It took a few parts and new batteries, but it is now a running item. It appears to be an older scooter and isn't for cross country or hillclimbing but it scoots right along on macadamed surfaces. It is missing a taillight lens and the side turn signal lenses, but everything works. 2 brand new 18 AH batteries. Charger included. 325.00 or best offer by the time I leave for Hershey. Less than you will pay for a 3 day rental!!
  4. DAVE A

    Say it ain't snow !

    Still in the low 90s here in central Florida. (Sorry)
  5. DAVE A


    For all in the path of Florence, BE SAFE. Our prayers are with you and your family.
  6. DAVE A

    The Crosley Sports Utility

    I knew you'd find a Crosley eventually!!! Very rare model. I know of 1 beautifully restored, 2 complete originals and 1 incomplete original
  7. Couldn't handle Bob's request. Still available
  8. The Sabre Body and frame, disc brake axles, a couple engines, misc parts
  9. DAVE A

    Found a Batch of 20s Reos Today

    I was out on a Crosley search today and came accross a guy that had about a dozen Reos of different models both cars and trucks. All of the 20s vintage. Stuff was a little rough but there was a lot of it. He also had a lot of other stuff . It seemed overpriced to me, but I'm particularly cheap. I was told they wanted to liquidate a lot of stuff, but who knows. Place was named Orlando Pickers Emporium, just outside Orlando Florida. Maybe you guys already know about him, but it was fun looking and they were real nice. Phone number is 407 600 3983. Text only. Address 2812 Apopka Blvd.
  10. Will be empty going North. Arriving Tuesday, can go earlier. PM me to discuss.
  11. Did I just see this car at Dunkin Doughnuts in Melbourne on Saturday?
  12. DAVE A


    To all who submitted: I inherited the newsletter review system we have and really find it a fine way to do things. The electronic submission was done, I understand, to try to keep costs down for smaller regions. As has been stated, many regions have gone over to electronic newsletters exclusively. Many do paper only, and a large amount do both. Every region is given the choice if they want to submit a paper copy or an electronic one for review. Currently around 70 newsletters have been entered for the Newsletter Awards Program. A lot of regions and editors choose not to submit for judging, just like many of our car owners choose not to be judged. To review them we have 15 reviewers that are a hard working and dedicated group. I am thankful for every one of them. Roughly 3/4 of the newsletters submit electronically and the balance are paper only. Some reviewers only want to do electronic newsletters, and some want to do paper only (so John S we would welcome you if you have the time and you could do hard copy only). It is interesting and very satisfying to me that with the newsletter scoring system we have, if you look at the scoring done by different reviewers ....just like scoring of judging of cars, they come within a few points. Personally when I score a newsletter whether electronic or printed I use a hard copy score sheet. Just makes it easier for me. I welcome anyone with editing experience to get involved in the newsletter program, either as an editor or as an evaluator. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at Tmkldwwj@yahoo.com Dave Anspach VP Publications
  13. DAVE A

    FS 1947 Crosley

    If you buy this car and need help with finding parts and doing a correct restoration, the Crosley Auto Club will be happy to help. Feel free to contact me at Tmkldwwj@yahoo.com
  14. DAVE A

    Almquist Sabre

    John, I appreciate the thought. Each of my grandchildren will get a restored Crosley. 5 have gone out already, and 3 are being shown currently. If they decide to sell them, then so be it. I have tried to choose a car for each one that fits that kids interests. I hope they will have something to remember grandpa by, if not a source for a few dollars some day for each one.
  15. DAVE A

    Almquist Sabre

    Thanks to all so far. There was a zd Crosley frame to lower it included. The doors and hood and headlight panels were also included. I have pretty extensive Crosley experience, but I don't know squat about fiberglass. There were also some Braje stuff in the deal and a couple engines. I'll look at the stuff on line and I already sent an email to Mr Hacker with no reply. I'm still in PA. And will attach pictures as soon as I can.