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  1. With all due respect Mr Wright, You are correct in that vinegar will not attack copper. It will, according to my sources degrade Brass, lead (used to solder radiators), aluminum, and if spilled on some paints degrade them also. I would suppose if used carefully, be useful in some cases, but a safer alternative such as evaporust would certainly be superior for use.
  2. Peter, do we submit events here or send them to you privately?
  3. I have a friend there that needs a 450 x 12 tire that I have here in Florida to complete a set for a correct restoration. Wanted to save him shipping. Looking for someone who is going to Gettysburg show that would be willing to throw it in his truck bed or trailer . He can pick it up from you. Thank you for considering!
  4. Chuck, I still haven't heard anything from you. I do want to buy this if still available. BTW...Got anything else Crosley?
  5. Im sorry, I didn't check back. I got your email. I am at 32909. However, I am also coming to Hershey.
  6. By the way the show was VERY successful and we added a bunch of new members because of it.
  7. The Crosley Auto Club www.crosleyautoclub.com did a virtual show in July to take the place of or national show this year. Ut works well for a "people's choice" type show. I'm afraid it wont work for a judged show like we in AACA do.
  8. Sorry Jim.. just so excited about all you guys have done
  9. I wanted to take the opportunity to invite everyone to attend the Crosley Auto Club's virtual National meet. Like most of the rest of you our National Meet in Ohio this week has had to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions placed on us by the various governmental entities. We decided to do a virtual meet and show instead including seminars, displays, an auction of various donated items, and of course a show. Of course it won't be as much fun as being there, but it will hopefully keep our club members involved until we can get together again. Plans are for everything to go live tomorrow. You will find it at www.crosleyautoclub.com . If anyone is looking for information on how to create a similar event, we would be happy to help. Just contact us through the club. I hope you enjoy it.
  10. I was approached today by a neighbor who works at a National parts store. He has a customer who needs tune up parts for a 1960 Morris sedan. I know very little about them, But I told him, I would try here to see if anyone could suggest where to get quality parts. He is not interested in any Chinese knock offs. Thanks!!
  11. I'll tell you what Marty, you come next year and bring the Corvair, and we will name it an "honarary" Crosley!!
  12. I thought people might be interested in what has happened with Crosley Nationals. Like many (most) National meets and shows, we have been forced to cancel. The restrictions placed on having a show (less than 200 people, distancing, masks, cancellation of many of our activities, keeping a list of attendees to surrender to health dept. on demand, and still the risk of being shut down with no notice), were far more than we felt we could tolerate and still have a fun time. As a result, we have decided to have a "virtual" on line show. The on line show is limited to Crosley Auto Club members and will be divided up in our normal show classes and have a picture of each car posted to be voted on by the participants. We are in the registration phase now and if anyone is out there that isn't a club member and is interested there is still time to join and participate. Trophies will be awarded to the highest vote getters in each class. Entrants will be required to pre register in order to submit their pictures and receive a ballot to vote. Everyone will be able to view the show at www.crosleyautoclub.com from July 11 to 13th. There will also be a number of demonstrations and seminars recorded and put on the site for anyone to view. We hope that this will help to hold our group together for a year until we can meet again. Please feel free to copy any ideas you see there for your club. If we can help with anything , feel free to ask!!
  13. My favorite says "My wife says if I buy one more Crosley, she's going to leave me. I'm sure going to miss her".
  14. I wanted to compliment our Cape Canaveral President Walt Kostrzewa for his novel idea to serve our members during isolation. Walt took the time to set up a camera and hold a meeting and record it, then loaded it on You Tube. He then sent out an email to all members with the location of the recording so everyone could see it!! It was well done, interesting, and informative. Just an idea for everyone else that will help you to hold your membership together during these difficult times!!
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