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  1. The engine # should be right behind the exhaust pipe connection,22 stamped into the alum , 23 it is on a metal plate. John B
  2. The clutch on a 22 M/G should make a clicking noise when it motors. John B
  3. Jon Try etrailer.com they have several camera systems Good luck, John B
  4. Hi Chuck, I have the parts you need, quadrant, throttle lever,and spark lever. I am on vac now, if you can wait I can gather the parts together when I get home. John 22-6-55 Sport touring
  5. I think the original was felt John
  6. Hugh, I think only the 1923 cage valve engines used steel timing gears. As a set (3) they will fit in older engines, this could explain why some older engines have steel gears. John 1922-6-55 .
  7. Terry, #62987 will fit models 41---47 the 48---55 long wheelbase uses a larger brg #65427 Still looking for the mirror bracket. John 22-6-55
  8. The metal gears started in 1923, and they will fit the older engines. John
  9. Tim, I thought I had an extra, but I can't seem to find it. I have one on my spare engine, sorry. John
  10. Still looking. I have one more place to look. John
  11. Tim, I think I have an extra 1922 manifold. I'll check tonight when I get home. John 1922-6-55 Sport Touring
  12. Mark, They connect to the two center main caps and supply oil press to them. The front and rear mains are not press fed. John
  13. Mark, Here is a pic oil the oil pump and lines. This one is from a 23. John 1922-6-55 Sport touring
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