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  1. Mine grounds directly below the switch where the body meets the frame. A body mounting bolt does the grounding I believe. Mine is a 29-41.
  2. Currently Exxon Mobile carries a modern steam cylinder oil called Mobil Extra Hecla Super Cylinder Oil which has a ISO viscosity of 680. Has anyone used it?
  3. I fill mine to the top two times a year. I do this with the u joint life in mind. I prefer oil dripped on the drain pans rather than replacing an almost impossible to find u joint. In addition , on a 1929, the rear section of the transmission must be removed to remove the old u joint . The u joint must be pressed off.The rear bearing is usually lost in this process.
  4. Hubert if it runs satisfactory just run it. I have to accept many imperfections with my car to prevent spending countless hours and many dollars.
  5. To have such new plug wires leaking voltage like you described seems like voltage saturation due to high resistance, possibly in the spark plug. I have experienced this before as I created a heavy buildup on new plugs during break in and tuning. I replaced the plugs and the voltage leak disappeared.
  6. Thanks Mark. Do you remember the source that you used for your LED bulbs?
  7. When I replaced the wiring harness everything was wire wheel buffed or sandblasted. I guess I could have overlooked something.
  8. I have been experiencing short life cycles concerning headlamp bulbs in my 1929 Buick. Correct voltage is being maintained during use. Who has experience with the new LED replacement headlamp bulbs such as those sold by Restoration Supply?
  9. How is the engine rebuild coming? Any problems?
  10. The are many vintage cars with freeze cracked blocks, not all are fatal. Severity and location is important. I have used radiator stop leak successfully to play and have fun until ready to do a thorough teardown and repair. Cracks that could put coolant into crankcase oil is quite a bit riskier but I can assure you people still run them with careful observation. Show us some photos.
  11. A word of caution not related to your fuel delivery issue. I would strongly suggest replacing the standard hardware store flat washers that is used in your manifold mounting. Without this there is a risk of a cracked exhaust manifold. Originally the were cone shaped belleville type washers used. This allowed some thermal growth of the exhaust manifold. I always use them .I also grease both sides of my manifold gaskets. Lastly I am very conservative on the torque to secure them. I have also read that fuel pumps set up for updraft carburetors may have lower fuel pressure than required for the higher carburetor mounting. This can be taken care of by changing a spring or two. Fuel pump rebuilders can help with that. Good luck.
  12. Order of assembly is usually first the relief valve next the spring then lastly the threaded plug .
  13. My 29 drain plug ALWAYS dripped on the floor . There no way to stop it. I thought it was thread or drain plug washer related. I finally removed the pan and had radiator shop re solder it. No leaks at all now.
  14. Be sure to re solder the drain plug bung if it is riveted in place.
  15. 1929 Buick 121" wb and 129" wb use 6.50-20 tires.