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  1. raydurr

    high speed miss 39 Buick

    Waldrons exhaust supplies some prebent systems.
  2. raydurr

    1932 Buick horn shorted

    I would try this. Mount the horn in a vise. Connect negative lead to the horn body. Use a small non metal tool or something to hold the points open. Apply 6 volts to the input terminal. Then manually open and close the points to see if any sound is produced or better yet the points begin to cycle. Look for any damage to the metal disc/diaphrams. There should be a tension adjustment screw to adjust . The horns are usually simple to revive.
  3. raydurr

    1938 shifting noise

    It wouldn't cost much to play with different oil viscosities. Sometimes really heavy oil can improve shifting , sometimes the trannys like lighter oil.
  4. raydurr

    1932 Buick horn shorted

    Bob, does your horn have contact points? I have had them stick which produces a short. I have un-stuck them and adjusted them in the past .
  5. raydurr

    1928 buick strait 6 oil push rod

    Refer to www.29buick.ca . Go to photo gallery, repairs, then fuel pump info / repairs. This will show you how the fuel pump push rod is installed in the engine. The 1929 and 1930 engines are the same in the respect of push rod. By the way it appears that your fire truck has a 1930 Buick engine in it due to the mounting bolt pattern. Coat it with a heavy grease and slide it in. The grease will prevent it from sliding back out.
  6. raydurr

    My new 32 Buick Victoria - pictures

    If your oil pan has a riveted in place drain plug bung like my 1929 Buick has it can be easily repaired. even though the bung is riveted in place, it leaks where the solder has lost its seal. When you have your pan off take to a radiator shop. They can "sweat" the solder between the pan body and the bung. It takes maybe 10-15 minutes. This stopped my pesky leak at the drain plug .
  7. raydurr

    1930 Buick Identification

    A cracked block is not always the end of an engine. On these you also need to remove the large pushrod covers on the RH side. Freeze cracks occur there as well. Even though it would be quite a task , I do believe that a 1929 Master engine will go in its place. A 331 inch engine vs. a 309 inch. 1929 engines seem to be far more common to locate. I would even consider first removing the rods and pistons then removing the cylinders off the crankcase , leaving it in the car. With the cylinders off the crankcase it could be thoroughly stripped and cleaned , making a professional , permanent repair possible. I already know that the water jackets around the cylinders are packed with heavy rust and crud.
  8. raydurr

    Engine number help please

    Post a photo of the fuel pump mounting area . 1929 is unique.
  9. I am interested in a fuel pump . its lizdurrett@yahoo.com. Thanks
  10. raydurr

    Chevrolet 1929-1933 fuel pump

    Hello I am looking for a 1929-1933 Chevrolet rebuildable fuel pump core. Does anyone have 1 or 2 for sale?
  11. How to I go about purchasing some of these parts from Chipndayle?
  12. raydurr

    1918/19 Universal Removal

    Careful you can collapse your u joint frame like that. On my 1929 Buick I had to remove the rear section of the trans and use a press to separate the u joint from the shaft. I cannot remember if I had to replace the bearing or not.
  13. Once you have a complete list of parts needed contact Tony Bult. He most likely has the parts that you need.
  14. Pull your axle housing cover and inspect ring, pinion and axle gears. Rotate each tire to make sure the internals are rotating. I suspect a gear or axle shaft, maybe a key in the hub. The trans and u joint are very tough, and usually don't fail.