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  1. Over the years I've seen many local community pictures taken and made into post cards. Many have in the shot, a roadster sitting somewhere. I figure it's the photographer's car, bur it is always so far away to identify. Maybe someone could figure out what it is with this front shot The town is Fredonia Wisc. heading east
  2. Spicoli: " Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it. " Fast Times at Ridgemount High"
  3. looking this over I see I didn't show a pic of the Ford part number the part number is 48-18541-B one MIRROR and CLOCK
  4. Hello all, I got this rear view mirror/clock and it's box, instructions, and such at a rummage sale to sell online. Funny though, the more I futs around trying to put the mirror/clock into box, its doesn't seem to fit? Then I got to thinking maybe it's the wrong box for this mirror clock? Like sometime in the past someone replaced this mirror/clock with another one and thru the old one in the new ones box ? What you guys think?
  5. Would someone please give me the dimensions for the seat wood for a 1933 Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton truck When I bought it it had a bus seat in it and want to replace. I believe that there is a driver and passenger bottom so as to put gas in it without removing the whole seat Just the dimensions for the wood THANKS
  6. Hello, There is a trucking outfit near here that has a terminal in Union New Jersey usually coming back near empty please send some pictures of what you have. Thanks
  7. oh yeah, I know it's a Ford in the photo using it for box reference THANKS
  8. I recently bought this 1933 Chevrolet 1.5 ton truck. I knew the flatbed on it needed a-lot of attention, like it said Ford on back! and upon closer examination, pretty crappy all around too long, too wide, mounted poorly etc. So, I decided to look around for something else, Thinking of a low sided tipper like the one in the photo. My truck now has a PTO driven mechanical lift so any ideas? do people make metal boxes or is wood one the only option? Thanks
  9. Hi there I need an axle cap for my 1933 Chevy 1 1/2 ton truck thanks just the srew on cap. I dont know what other years it fits THANKS
  10. came across this nice photo of a high wheel truck dunno know what it is or were it is from not IHC I believe not enough spokes in wheels THANKS
  11. Bought this '33 Chevrolet 1.5 ton truck. It came with this front bumper mounted. It looks similar to the bumper my '30 Chev sedan had years ago but seem to be a heavier version. Along with the truck, came this unmounted bumper, which I was told it is for a '35 Chev.
  12. on the original Happy Coupe photo there is a radiator cap ornament of a chief's head looks after market though.
  13. Hello and thanks for looking, Any ideas what it fits. Thanks.
  14. OK here is my lil "fill in the questions" story, The boys went out one day with the folks touring car (unknown year make)notice the guy in the center is taking a pull of liquid encouragement. one of them meet the lil lass standing in front of car 2 a Pontiac. (unknown year) So they feel in love and had the wedding party come out to the folks farm 5 cars L to R ..1) 1929-30 Chevrolet 2) unknown 3)Buick year unknown 4&5) 1928 Chevrolet's Then they loaded up their fishing boat on top of their (Dodge ? year? and went on their honey moon to Slinger Wisconsin,,,,,, the neon Crosley sign in background was still there the last time I drove thru Slinger