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  1. some kind of compressed air or spring starter below radiator and running board jump seat ......shotgun!!! 😝 LOL
  2. Hello all, Where does the body to chassis ground, ( if it's suppose to have on...) go on a 1933 Chevrolet 1.5 tonner???? also the battery ground goes to frame now or should it go to transmission?
  3. No part numbers seen kinda heavy and quality for aftermarket???
  4. about 2 ft. tall and 6 in. around 20 ish lbs 200$ SE Wisconsin
  5. Was on the front of my 1933 Chevy 1 1/2 ton but working on a more proper one and will sell this. Nice to know what it fits though
  6. What does it fit? Has a Ford oval on headlamp bucket?? Thanks.
  7. Got this rather large water pump off a farm where it had been re-purposed, mounted to a board and run with an electric motor. Thinking it is off a large multi cylinder engine of some sort . Anyone recognize it? it is about a foot long and 5 " impeller?
  8. I'm thinking it is an 1914 Kissel-Kar from gap in hood louvers and all weather top. taken in Kewaskum Wisc. side door Remmel Mfg. were the cement mixer was made
  9. These came along in a bucket with my 33. I'm thinking modern Mopar these are all numbers found 31 176930350b7 l82zf
  10. I was going to use these on my 33 Chev truck but came across some NOS rims to complete my tire needs 3 are sand blasted 2 gray ones are primed 4 lock rings. going to need welding but SUPER hard to find 100$ for all
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