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  1. Well, we rode in friend Dave's 1928 Buick for the Sugarloaf Mountain Nickel tour yesterday. About 75 mile tour. Gambrill State Park overlook of Frederick MD.
  2. 1920 Buick engine #s start at 540365.
  3. John: Not to disparage the car itself as I have the BD-1 Marvel on my car. Original spec is for a Stromberg. Because of the industry wide labor strikes of 1936-37. Buick had to outsource another supply of carbs and went back to Marvel for a short time to fill the gap. I knew this early on with my car and had the carb rebuilt back in 1988. No big deal. Then I had my spare rebuilt before the car went back on the road . Only this time for 6 times the price I had the one done for in 1988! And twice the estimate of the latter now no longer in business shop. Not until the forum enlightenm
  4. Jake: Of course this car is finished in lovely "Resale Red". Original color is in a Brewster Green or somewhat brighter Buick green. The dash is finished body color. Only the McLaughlin models had any wood on the dash) and a glove compartment. Charlie Steffy's 1919 H45 at Hershey. Only variation is that the radiator shell should be black baked enamel.
  5. I have recieved my October Bugle and the Roster. Excellent issue even though we only had a "Virtual" meet photo gallery. I did like seeing my shabby 37 in the gallery! Since leaving the BODs I have kept a low profile in regards to the club management decisions. Just trying to keep the Mason-Dixon chapter going amid COVID has been a trial. Since I am a chapter director I still do get many calls about BCA activity and some policy items. As a board member I had also pushed to have CORNERSTONE as our managers. Now to the concern... The Roster, as I have begun thumbing through has been fraught
  6. Yes Jake the color is correct for the model. The Model 26S and 28 coupes could be had in Delaware Green. A shade of turquoise.
  7. Jake: I was trying to get out to the Pittsburgh area where this car is. I had some contact with the owner but never got around to a visit.
  8. Jake: I have been seeing this one on other for-sale sites for years.
  9. I agree Jake: It will be a hard sell with those colors at that price. Note the landau bars are upside down and on the wrong side. A 1927 Standard Country Club in the correctly executed colors to me is a lovely car. Below photos of one I judged at the 2014 Portland meet. People used to say if you do not like the color simply repaint. To get a quality repaint would be in the $20,000 range
  10. Jake: Nice looking car. Much better in appearance than my 37-41. It still has the rear leaf spring "gaiters". I see it has a radio delete plate, the "miserable Marvel Carb"(as does mine). Also the Delco automatic choke. Which has been disconnected and manual choke cable installed. Price seems about right.
  11. Jake: Looks to be nicely done otherwise. I am not sure of the details with the Marquette. Whoever did the restoration has much more then $37K into it. I know we had a Mason-Dixon chapter member in the Harrisburg area with one before I became director. I do not know where it is now. There is a Marquette Phaeton in Greencastle PA.
  12. As one who resembles Ed's remarks about car buying advice, I am so glad he has the White on the road as a sorted out vehicle. It has only taken me 8 years to sort out my 1925 Buick to where I can jump in and take off to points unknown without major tribulation. There is always something to upgrade once the process is underway. Performance, safety etc. But it is a true joy to have a vehicle you have confidence in. I hope to see you and the White at Hershey someday.
  13. Jake: In the one photo there appears to be the/an engine with the flywheel facing out in it's side. It always hurts to see these type of cars out moldering in the elements in this day and age. The model 10 has always been my favorite of the Brass Buicks. It looks like something someone started on, stopped and shoved it outside. Here is a 1910 Model 10 (advertised as a 1908) that I went to bid on. I found out that mostly they shoveled parts together for the sale. It looks pretty nice from my photos. But many Phillips screws and fresh hardware store bolts. Then there
  14. Dave: I will have to get on to my 1937s rear light as I want to ad a dual filament socket so it also acts as a 3rd (higher) brake light. I will probably paint the assembly close to the correct Hampton gray. Thanks for the inspiration.
  15. My guess would have been a 1922-45 This 1922-45 John Fesser and I tried to get running for the owner about 10 years ago.
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