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  1. Grecore: The 3 holes to the left side of the center license plate bar of the spare tire carier is where the tail light mounts.
  2. Zman804: Looks to be a nice driver condition car. Need many more photos for evaluation as to condition inside and out. As far as value many things must be accounted for. Would be worth a great deal for you to drive and have fun with. With it running it is a plus. Tires and brakes a negative. Are you are planning on selling it? Location is a consideration. I find that many may be interested, only they are 2,000 miles away. Each Buick I had ben interested in was usually in California Arizona or Oregon. Thousands of miles away... The one I finally bought was 28 miles away from me in P
  3. The Blue was the same color that my fathers 1948 2dr was. He sold it to my grandfather who had it until about 1960. I vaguely remember riding in it with him driving. By then the Blue had faded and dulled. It did have red wheels. One of my first attempts at buying an older car back in 1971 was in the form of a 1947 Olds 98 convertible stored in a garage not run for over 14 years. Owned by a local old car collector who had old cars stored all over various properties around Monongahela PA. It was a medium green metalic, low miles under 35,000. Hydramatic with the same fender skirts, leathe
  4. Mark. I had a coffee can full of various wing nuts. Not a match for anything resembling the Mickey Mouse ear originals. I had this nickle plated pair of what I thought was 1/4"X20 thread holes. Easy. Turn down the one end of a 5/16"X18 bolt, re-thread and solder. Nope... they were # 14X24. Still no problem I had a 14X24 die! They work fine on my car. We went to church on Saturday night and Joan had to hold the top down on her side as I forgot I had the clamp bolt at the lathe!
  5. One of my issues was when we were having a car show at our sponsors dealership. As the director of the club I was upset that one of the service managers arranged a photo shoot with a local photographer. Calendar images. Using our members cars and the seductively posed model with it. I took a photo of one of the sessions from a distance and got a thorough dressing down by the photographer. He had the all the rights to the situation of photographing this person and the car!! I asked if he had a release form signed by the cars owner.... No reply. Thought you would like to see the photo
  6. Great photo of a 1910 Model 2 Buick truck delivering a new 1911 Model 14 Buick.
  7. Ken: I did a forum search ... Vacuum tank rebuilding and found 3 pages of information. I would take some time and read through them. Even has some of my posts. This link was posted. Posted February 7, 2011 Here is a vendor that has tank repair kits. I have no idea as to the price. Vacuum Tank Rebuilding Kits - The Classic Preservation Coalition
  8. I had offered an ebay seller $400 for all the drive train to be disposed of from a 1925 Buick Standard roadster he was "RAT RODDING". A stalled restoration project that the owner had died. The engine had reportidly been rebuilt. I was out bid on all the individual parts components he listed. When I later called to check on some no bid items he said that no one sent any money or got the parts, engine etc. I asked about a bumper set he had. He said he cut them up for flat stock with a torch. What one can just make out in the photo of the incomplete engine is at the lower right hand corner that t
  9. The 4.50X21 were the most available for 1928 1929 Model A Fords.
  10. Ken: The thinner wire is from the coil - terminal to the distributer. All the wires were to live behind the spark plug cover. I will have to check as to someone who will rebuild the vaccum tank. There is a rebuilder on the forum who chimes in occasionaly when someone has issues with these. I know he sets up at Hershey. My tank had been rusted out and the bottom was covered with messy solder. I re-did the solder and then did a gas tank sealer. I picked up the rebuild kit from BOB'S . The kit only has new springs, cover gasket,2 copper crush gaskets and screws. I also insta
  11. Stuart: I know many of us have tried to assembel a correct period tool kit for our Buicks. There have been some other threads that others did show what tool kits came with their cars. I have tried to assembe kits for both my 1925 Buicks. Standard and Master, Also for my 1937. A piece here and a piece there but I do not have anything near complete. Here is a photo of the nearly complete set from a very original 1927-24 Standard Roadster.
  12. I agree that it would be a bad idea for a sealant to be used. I have had to cut off hoses because of this. A solution may to be able to use a high temp sealing tape to take up the space. I believe I bought some at a local chain auto parts store to wrap my leaking water tube for my 1925 Master It held up well in that application.
  13. Ken: It looks as though youn are working through your issues. It is good thast you can leave the car overnight and not have the carb dripping. I have an auxilary shut off valve in line just before the carb. I have tried to lap in the needle valve and the vacuum tank shut off valves to be able to truly shut things off when at rest but no luck. The tail clearance I had set at .007 and after 3 years it had closed back up. I had to file the block again. I had tested my riser by blanking off and turning it upside down and filling the outside chamber with gas. No leaks. That wa
  14. Mark: If none are forthcomming I can copy the ones from my cars as they are probably the same.
  15. Lon: Welcome to our Buick world! A lot of help on the forum. I am from Chambersburg and am the director of the Masion-Dixon Chapter. We will be having a Buick meet at the AACA museum in conjunction with their Summer Criuse-in. June 19th. Check out the AACA website for the flyer. Any other information as to local help please send me a Personal Message.
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