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  1. dibarlaw

    1931 Buick Firetruck????

    Chuck: I have seen this photo before. This was one of the west coast Howard Automobile company's service trucks. Oh yes would we not love to have that one!
  2. dibarlaw

    1918 Buick tail light

    Morgan : With the decorative bezel it is from a 1924 or 1925 Master series. I am running a double filament socket so my brake and tail are in the same unit. I ran the same Master taillight on my Standard for several years Now I am back to the correct simpler type A that came with the car. But, with the same double filament socket.
  3. dibarlaw

    1922 gear shift key

    Mark: Some of the cars had the composite sewn straps. That is how I made the ones for my 1925 Standard. Then I found out the Master Parts book specified Harness Leather for both the 1925 Master and Standard. Other years before and after were like yours.
  4. dibarlaw

    Any one else watch Perry Mason?

    Love the "Torchy" series for the same reasons. Glenda Farrell and Barton McClain work great together. Last night on Perry Mason there was a variety of FMC stuff. Edsel Convert, other Fords and Mercurys. But there was also a new, White 1959 Buick Electra convert and Lt. Tragg's car was a Black 1959 Electra 4 dr. sedan.
  5. It's in the mail. There will be a plastic Peanut Butter jar with a blue lid coming your way. That was how Gregg Lange would send the nitrophyl floats he makes. Works for me.
  6. Hugh: Stop, stop, stop..... Bingo!!! I see the problem. My pinion gear is 13 teeth 1.265 O.D. Gear face length is .967. I checked the 2 Master S/G (D 268) pinions and they are 12 teeth 1.420 O.D. . Somehow you have a Master pinion gear. I guess I have another package to send. Larry
  7. dibarlaw


    Before I removed the clutch and flywheel on my 1937 I center punched the locations on the crankshaft end for alignment and balance for the clutch. (Then "CARS" lost my clutch pressure plate.) Both my 1925 engines had a center punch mark to locate flywheel to crankshaft.
  8. dibarlaw

    ID for light

    This one was on the 1915 Buick model 36 Roadster I bid on at the R/M Hershey auction in 2015. A variation of the Beacon light but with BUICK as part of the glass lens casting.
  9. dibarlaw

    Any one else watch Perry Mason?

    Todays episode had Bette Davis replacing Perry who was in the hospital. She was driving a 1963 Buick LeSabre Station Wagon.
  10. dibarlaw

    Brian Heil Official Announcement

    Congratulations to Brian and welcome to the "Bright Side" of life.
  11. dibarlaw

    New Group

    Thanks Ron, see you then.
  12. dibarlaw

    WTB 1925 Buick Standard Top Sockets

    Thanks Mark: But I know that I have attempted to contact John several times since that Sept.18th, 2016 post. All I have gotten back since early this year (2018) was that he will check..
  13. dibarlaw

    New Group

    Ron: I have always avoided Facebook in the past since I taught at the high school. Obvious reasons of vindictive young people who would love to discredit a teacher by any means. I know my wife has an account. When I tried to access and join the new group it automatically used my wife's name. I like the forum as I am pretty used to it to communicate and post items. I fumbled around for a while to try and get set up and found it is not what I would call user friendly. Oh by the way the 1927 Buick photo is a 1928 sedan.
  14. dibarlaw


    https://youtu.be/4dnV6NsYQks Problem has pretty much been worked out now that it is timed correctly. I will adjust as Brian Heil has outlined. I have things pretty well buttoned up. Now just some tweaking and replacement of oil line to gage as it has a crack. Also make up a bit longer coil wire to route under the spark plug cover. I need to take a ride!