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  1. Mark: Readings sound very good. Maybe I should borrow your gage. My REBUILT 25 engine only shows 55-60#. I know my gage starts leaking around those #s as I can hear the leakage in the fittings. I adapted an old 2 piece 7/8 thread plug to match what was with my gage fittings.
  2. Welcome to the forum and thank you for showing us your car. I remember a similar Model 21 owned by BCA member Burgoyne J. Frank from Maryland back in the 1970s. Last I saw it was at a local car show in 1988. I will have to go through my snapshots at the time. There are some before and after photos of that car in the Horseless Carriage Gazette Vol 35 #3 June 1973. I hope to see your car some day..
  3. KHenry Welcome to the forum. The car you have looks to be a 1928 Model 47 Master Sedan 120" Wheel base. Check for data plate on the firewall. If it is a 7 passenger then it would be a model 50 on the 128" wheel base.
  4. Here is a 1920 Speedster. I took this photo at Hershey last year. 2 sets of double side mount spares! The previous car photos show possible side mount fitting holes in the side shield. Also shows some sort of hardware at the bottom of the windshield post.
  5. Thanks Jon. I know Hugh and I have done a bit of lapping of the needles on the carbs we have for our 1925s. Things would seem to work for a while on mine. One carb I adapted a Viton tip to the one needles and had to make a small brass cage for the needle to seek center. That worked well for a while also. On all 3 of the carbs I have worked on I have not been able to remove the seat. I feel if I would torque it anymore it would destroy it. Even after I went strictly with the vacuum tank, when shut down the carb leaks if I do not use my in line ball valve shut off. Even though the vacuum tank valve shut off is closed.
  6. 1973 Apollo 2dr Hatchback Midnight Blue 350 V8 2 Bl. No rust AZ. car. Excellent Cond. Ace, HEI 189,500 miles Asking $10,000 Contact Mary Ann Rizzo 570-856-4681 Berwick PA. (Northeast PA) As director of the Mason-Dixon chapter I get many calls about value inquiry etc. This is what the seller could tell me since it is a car that was owned by her recently deceased friend that she now has the responsibility to dispose of. I gave her my opinion of the value and how saleable the car may be in the current environment. I told her that it was not a high interest car and since I could not see it or have photos that It would be a hard sell. She indicated that it had been on Facebook marketplace @$11,500 with out any response. I am therefor just putting it out to another audience.
  7. Hey Pete... My 37 Special had that same CUSTOM steering wheel cover! I am jealous.. on that car the fuel gage actually goes up to Full!
  8. Mark: The rod is a special thread @ #12-32 Threads per inch. No 12-32 taps available unless special made. #10-32 nuts are common. What was done on my Standard was they took (2) #10-32 nuts made a saw cut and pried it open to fit the rod. On my Master they ran solder over the worn section and the block. Removing the block from the throttle bracket you can turn the block. Turning then works threads into the softer solder.
  9. Thank you Jon for posting the Fuel Leak document. When I go to start my 1937 after it has been sitting for weeks I usually fill the bowl on the carb and give a bit of gas down the carb throat. It usually starts very quickly. Another issue with modern fuel in older open systems is the amount of fuel evaporating in the tank just sitting. Over the winter several gallons can disappear.
  10. Mark yes I will check the thread of mine on Beulah as it has a jamb nut on either side but still loosens up. The pin that goes through the throttle bracket is also worn as is the bracket hole. One of those I never got around to it. I will make up a new block and bush the bracket hole. If the thread is the same I should be able to make a block for you as well. Are we about ready for a road trip?
  11. Taken at 2012 BCA nationals at Charlotte Motor Speedway. About 105 degrees that day!
  12. My complaint was not that it was cheaply made but it is awfully expensive for what it is. Last time I checked it was $42.00 + shipping from Cal. I made a similar SS screen filter from a Dollar Store sifter. Price .. $1.00.
  13. Skidplate: Yes the service procedure works. And again you will need help as things are quite awkward. My good wife helped me do the removal. I did use a piece of cardboard between the engine and the core. But I did have to have the radiator re-cored. Still a painful endeavor. The shop that did the driver restoration of my car assured me that they cleaned the block water passages and the radiator was in great condition. The radiator plugged up solid from what was left in the block on our way to the 2015 BCA nationals. Thankfully only 57 miles from home. After re-core I installed a Gano filter. I had tried several treatments with Evaporust in the system to clean the radiator and block. No success with the radiator but the block showed a decided improvement and a good bit of scale was still gotten out of the block. The car has done several 2,500 mile round trips to BCA events since. It rarely goes above 185 degrees on hot days.
  14. Jakes: Here is what I have. It was in a pile of 37 parts I cleaned out. I would have to go to the garage where I have my 37 stored to verify. Send me a PM if you need it.