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  1. Great news! Please let him know that we would like to follow and help with his journey with the car.
  2. Here is how it was set up on my 1937.
  3. William: No the dash light is a separate circuit. The switch on the side of the post is what controls the dome light.
  4. Yes I forgot that the car had the silver accents when we visited Randy at his home. Larry Schramm and Randy in the back round after Chickasha 2016.
  5. We are registered to attend. Looking forward to the Auto Row tour. I want to bring my paper weight back home.
  6. William That gage to work with the float has to swing parallel to the length of the tank to the left so it will register, This is my 1925 Standard but the gage is out of a 1927 Standard tank. With new nitrophyl float from the Snyders Ford. Master tank arrangement.
  7. Mike: Here are photos of a 1922 model 50 a friend in Canada had for sale back in 2011.
  8. Thanks Pete: Sorry we missed being there. I hope the Randy Decker's Coupe finds a good Buick loving home.
  9. Don: It will be in the mail tomorrow.
  10. Don: I have one already unsoldered I can send you. Send me a PM with your address and it will be in the mail.
  11. What is the problem with it ? Is it cracked? If the tube inside needs replaced that is a doable fix.
  12. http://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/114/3400 McMaster Carr link from Mark's 2008 post.
  13. Thanks Mark: After being the test case I am now leaning in that direction. I told Hugh that the packing does not care if the shaft is .749 or .755. As long as the shaft is new and the bushings are fitted correctly we should get another 90 years of wear out of it. Considering that we be using modern coolant and pump lube additive. Also we would probably not be putting water from drainage ditches into the system along the road as they had to do 90 + years ago.
  14. Sent a PM. This is what the accessory stop light looks like on my Master. It was on it when I bought the car. It just seems that for such a common accessory that is found at flea markets most sellers want an awful lot of money even for pretty scrappy examples. There are some very nice stylish examples of the period. This Yankee model below was an accepted factory accessory tail, stop and back up lamp. The photo is of a 1927-24 Standard roadster. The square spot at the bottom had a celluloid BUICK logo. Dave Chambers in his April 1971 AACA article notes that there were at least 15 manufacturers that made accessory lighting for Buick.
  15. Jake : It is a Master series. Tubular front cross member. Water outlet manifold etc. It does look like some wood is missing. Pictures on the link also show the interior is stripped out. It appears like whoever originally got the car started pulling it apart and then said OMG what have I got myself into! Just think, with a little bit of elbow grease it could look like this. Danvers 2011