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  1. thats a 1929 or newer carb. 28 had 3 screws on float cover
  2. Standard series 120" chassis. Looks to be a '29 front bumper also
  3. Boy I like that car and its colors......gives me a idea what my '28 Buick roadster would look like with black walls on it!
  4. his number is 573-392-7378. good luck with the carb you bought! I hope it works out for you
  5. Carbking sold me a kit and with new spring to adjust carb. Real happy with the carb now! And he knows lots to help out too!!
  6. on ebay he seller name is "sat1966" and he is from Geneva,Ohio. he makes the exhausts off of prints. Mine was exact
  7. there is a fellow in Ohio that makes a exhaust real close...….I bought 1 for my 1928 and fit great!! real happy with it. I'll look up his name but I found him actually on ebay….I know.... but lad I did. he sells them in aluminumized or stainless. Grant
  8. Brian I'm sure am glad to have found the BCA! Been a great place to find people for help and share info!
  9. I have that on now 2 years no issues Carmover
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