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  1. Happy Holidays to you too Jim! I noticed on your 23 carb it doesn't have the dash pot on the bottom and I noticed in Larry's pictures that they do not have the dash pot so I must have a 22 carb and maybe a 22 engine in my car.I have had several early 20's experts tell me something didn't look right.One thing is mine doesn't have the oiling ports on the valve covers.
  2. Mark thanks for the picture. Mine looks exactly like that one and I went down and checked and I found the fuel needle right where it is supposed to be.The dash pot has a ratchet so it must have some kind of adjustment on it. but mine screwed right off and I didn't feel any ratchet to it.
  3. Hear are some pictures of the carb I have on my 23 Buick maybe someone can identify this marval and shed some light on it as I know nothing about it.
  4. I'm not sure if it is an earlier carb than a 23 but it was what was on it and it is working pretty good but it has a little white smoke when it is cold and warming up.It clears up when the engine is warm.Someone shared some carb adjusting information that it showed the proper adjustments advancing and retarding the spark and whether and when to open the throttle or not when adjusting and I tried it on the 25 and the engine is running smoother and getting better fuel economy than before.So whatever marval this is I want to adjust it as perfect as possible
  5. Brian I know about the air adjustment under the clicker but my 23 has a cup under the bottom and a float or some kind of plunger in it that goes up and down and Ican't find any fuel adjustment on it .This is a 1923 Buick model 50 sedan which is a master not a standard and has the six cyll engine.
  6. The 23 Buick is back starting and running as it is supposed to. I just need to find out how to properly adjust the carb.
  7. How do you adjust the 23 Buick Marval Carb? I don't see any fuel adjustment on it.It is a different animal from my 25.
  8. Mark the quality of your engine rebuild tells me that eventually if you keep plugging away at it you will have as good or maybe even better car.
  9. Hugh you are right on the money! one of the pins is sheared off.I am going to temporary install a double switch under the dash until I get ready to send the switch to Bob's.
  10. Don it will start by hot wiring the coil. I found the problem it was the pins under the lever is sheared off and not letting the fingers move on the contacts.
  11. Many of you have seen an earlier post on my 23 Buick not firing. This all started a couple of months ago when I took the car to a car show and and an unexpected little rain shower came up.When I went to start the car for the trip home the ignition switch acted like it was frozen in place and I put a little pressure on it and it came loose and started flipping on and off properly but the car would not start. I went to get my trailer and when I got back I heard the electric fuel pump running with the switch in the off position when I turned on the switch the pump quit running.This is opposite of what it should be doing.When I got home I checked it out and found it was not firing at the points.I took the wire off of the hot side of the coil to isolate the ignition switch and ran a jumper wire straight from the battery then checked the points and was getting fire.I got in and the car started right up.I decided something was going on in the ignition side of the switch all lights and horn are working fine.I pulled the switch and checked it and see nothing inside it that is wrong all contacts look good and the fingers are not bent and are making contact.I put it back together and wired it back up and have accomplished nothing it is still doing the same thing. I need some fresh Ideas if anyone has any.
  12. Thanks Neil , This is the first time I ever decorated it and was proud of how it turned out.
  13. Mike the 23 is down right now with a problem in the ignition switch and I am going to get it straightened out over the Christmas Holidays and have it ready for next car season when it starts up in April.
  14. I don't know how it is set up but the tank is just for looks and the fuel line goes straight to the carb.It seams to have a good regulator and is doing good on its lowest setting.I use a Holley regulator on my 25 and am very satisfied with it.As I stated I had my carb professionally modified to work with the electric pump and runs well on 1 psi.It has a larger rochester needle and seat in the carb but looks original.I just took the car on a 62 mile trip with no problems.As for the 23 I don't know how it was set up and by whom so I am a little More concerned..All I know is right now it is doing like it is supposed to do but I am keeping a good eye on it.