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  1. carmover

    New Group

    Larry I can't change the setting to get a join button on the site for about 30 days as per Facebook Rules.After that I can make the group private and anyone can excess the site but only members can see the post and it will have a join button which will make it a lot more user friendly.I don't know why facebook does it that way but public groups don't get the join button just private groups.
  2. carmover

    New Group

    Larry' I approved you just now glad to have you aboard.You can post pictures and make comments and tell stories .I appreciate you setting me straight on the year of that Buick I just took a shot in the dark on it.
  3. carmover

    New Group

    Where is everybody at?I thought everybody would love this! we are growing daily come check us out!
  4. carmover

    New Group

    Larry I put the link up there now.I would love to have you join the group! Ronnie
  5. carmover

    New Group

    I just started a new group on Facebook titled Wooden Wheel Cars of the Teens,Twenty's, And Thirty's.I am inviting everyone who has one these cars or would be interested in the group to join. This Group is not just for Buicks but all cars of this era that had the wooden[ARTILLERY] Wheels.You can post pictures and stories about your cars and tours you have been on just anything you want to talk about relating to your car or cars in general.
  6. carmover

    Spark Plug Wires

    I bought the wires last winter after rebuilding the engine and putting everything else in new.They worked fine through the summer months and the car ran perfectly until recently when it started missing.I have talked with another gentleman from this Forum that has had trouble with the wires from this supplier.These wires are lacquer coated and crack after a few months of use.they are not arking at the plug connections but on the actual body of the wire.
  7. carmover

    1925 Buick Rocker shaft spring order

    That is why I love this Forum! With out all of the information I get from all my friends here I would have probably have sold my Buick a long time ago.
  8. carmover

    Spark Plug Wires

    Mark,Spraying a fine water mist on the wires was mentioned a while ago on this forum and I talked to a retired master mechanic that I know and he said that was a trick to use when you couldn't see any sparking.Last night in total darkness with my glasses on I couldn't see any sparking but could hear it jumping and the engine was running rough.After I sprayed the mist I could see where it was jumping fire.So my problem is definitely in the plug wires.
  9. carmover

    Spark Plug Wires

    Bob, Mine are 9 mm lacquered wires.I would like to check with John if you could give the web address. Thanks Ronnie
  10. carmover

    Spark Plug Wires

    Does anyone know of a good source of plug wires for my 25 Buick? I bought a new set from Bob's this summer and they are already arking big time.It ran good all summer and recently started to miss so I put it in total darkness running and put a light mist of water on them and they are jumping fire in several places.
  11. carmover

    Best Spar Varnish on wood spokes????

    I put four coats of tung oil and let them dry for 24 hours and then apply 2 coats of spar varnish.I have been very satisfied with Minwax Helmsman Spar Varnish.
  12. carmover

    1928 Standard model 27 issues

    Micheal, if I remember right the there is no way to adjust the shoe tension other than maybe stretching the springs a little bit.I would be cautious not to stretch it much though.
  13. carmover

    1928 Standard model 27 issues

    When you take the levers off of the steering wheel it is real hard to get the shoes and springs back in there.It will certainly get your blood boiling!
  14. carmover

    Lloyd Youngs Cars

    What are the two round cylinders on Lloyd's Buick?
  15. carmover

    Lloyd Youngs Cars

    What a nice collection that was!