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  1. I know what you mean Terry I forgot to turn off the ignition switch on my 25 and grabbed the coil wire and it knocked the stew out of me.At least that let me know the coil was working properly!
  2. Congrats Brian,Wishing you a long and happy retirement!
  3. Hugh, I found these at Lowes in the hardware department.They are perfect size for the 7 Mil wire and are dipped in rubber.The hole is a little large and will probably need a washer.
  4. Terry, Those black things are insulators that slide up on the terminals to prevent arking.
  5. Very Nice Hugh! I may have to check on those wires.I need to make one of those straps to hold the wires up to the block I've never had one on my car.
  6. I got busy soldering the terminals tonight and it is a lot better and in total darkness I see no sparking at all even with the light water misting but still have a very light miss at idle.I readjusted the carb to get it running it's best.I am going to keep messing with it till I get it right.
  7. Larry, I am using 3076 plugs also and they work good with the Spark Plug Cover. four of my wires are arking at the plug terminal.I am using the terminals off of my old Bob's wires.What I want to do is get a set soldered and assembled with the 90 degree boot.Brillman list a set for 28 to 30 model 40 Buicks on their website.Unless someone has a better solution I am going to see if Brillman can make me a setoff off the lengths that I give them.When you buy wires from Bob's they come unassembled and you have to assemble them yourself and I have never soldered them I just pushed the wire up against the plug.Maybe if I solder the copper wire to the terminal that will solve the problem.
  8. I got some spark plug wire from Restoration Supply and used my old terminals on them and they are arking where they clip on the spark plugs.I pushed the wire up to the round part of the terminal.I found a set of assembled wires from Brillmans but they only list for Buicks 1928 to 1930 6 cylinder model 40.Question is will they work on me 1925 model 25A if the will I want to order a set as they have the ninety degree boots and are completely assembled and this should fix my problem.I have cleaned the plugs off with alcohol and that didn't help.The car easily cranks up but has a serious miss.
  9. Larry I can't change the setting to get a join button on the site for about 30 days as per Facebook Rules.After that I can make the group private and anyone can excess the site but only members can see the post and it will have a join button which will make it a lot more user friendly.I don't know why facebook does it that way but public groups don't get the join button just private groups.
  10. Larry' I approved you just now glad to have you aboard.You can post pictures and make comments and tell stories .I appreciate you setting me straight on the year of that Buick I just took a shot in the dark on it.
  11. Where is everybody at?I thought everybody would love this! we are growing daily come check us out!
  12. Larry I put the link up there now.I would love to have you join the group! Ronnie
  13. I just started a new group on Facebook titled Wooden Wheel Cars of the Teens,Twenty's, And Thirty's.I am inviting everyone who has one these cars or would be interested in the group to join. This Group is not just for Buicks but all cars of this era that had the wooden[ARTILLERY] Wheels.You can post pictures and stories about your cars and tours you have been on just anything you want to talk about relating to your car or cars in general.
  14. I bought the wires last winter after rebuilding the engine and putting everything else in new.They worked fine through the summer months and the car ran perfectly until recently when it started missing.I have talked with another gentleman from this Forum that has had trouble with the wires from this supplier.These wires are lacquer coated and crack after a few months of use.they are not arking at the plug connections but on the actual body of the wire.