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  1. What is the fuel needle start up setting for a 23 Buick. I am talking about the initial setting to start car before final adjustment.I opened mine 1 full turn and set the air even with the ratchet is this correct? Should it start?
  2. Hugh, it doesn't have a working vacuum tank.Someone gutted the vacuum tank and installed an electric pump and regulator and ran a copper line through the vacuum tank to the carb.Unlike on my 25 the carb hasn't been modified to stand any extra pressure.I am going to empty the carb bowl, drain the tank and blow lines out and replace fuel filter. and remove the inlet pipe at the tank and check the screen . Then refuel with fresh non ethanol fuel.
  3. Robert one of the mechanics said the gas had a funny smell to it but to me and the other 2 guys said it smelled like regular gasoline.I have been running non ethanol fuel in all of my cars but I did do one questionable thing I put 5 gallons of regular gas on top of the non ethanol fuel.Another thing is the mechanics said the way it is starting to want to run but won't fully start is characteristically bad fuel or water in the fuel.I am thinking about draining and cleaning the whole fuel system.And whatever this is coming from the tank is getting to the combustion chambers.
  4. I had three of the best old car mechanics working with me all day yesterday we got the car firing on all six and we did a cold valve adjustment and the car is almost starting but not starting.It is hitting and is making the last sound you hear before the engine starts but is not quiet starting.I set the carb adjustment with the fuel needle opened 1 full turn and the air turned even with the ratchet.We pulled the car down the road and never could get it to crank.We also checked the timing and is right on the money.We are getting a lot closer but not cranking yet.Any Ideas will be welcome.
  5. Thanks Hugh,I will try the jumper wire and see if it motors.
  6. I looked a little more closely and the small commutator is more up in the housing and is not going to be too easy to get to. You can't really see it in the pictures but the housing covers over half of the smaller commutator.
  7. Hugh Is there any way to turn the armature so I can clean the back side of the commutator.I may be able to cut a strip of sandpaper and use it like a belt around the commutator but if i can't turn it I can't clean the Mica out of the grooves on the back of it.I have an xacto knife that I believe will work to clean out the grooves. The commutator looks better in person than in the picture it is still pretty shiny but has some black on it.
  8. It is hard to get good pictures in such a tight space but here is some more.
  9. Thanks Hugh I will get you one right now.I wish this one was as easy as the 25 style.
  10. Here are the lower brushes.They are showing a lot of ware and the commutator is shiny.and it is definitely not motoring. are these the ones that control the motoring.The springs are pulling the brushes up to the stops which is as far as they are allowed to go.I wonder if I can find and replace these 2 brushes it will fix my problem.The top brush is standing off of the comm and I am thinking this must be the start brush.As I stated before the engine turns over fine once I get it to mesh.
  11. The car is leaving here next Weekend and heading for California.The 25 Buick left here last Weekend.I need to get this car as right as I can but don't have a lot of time.I am just wondering which brush I need to mess with.
  12. Is the 3rd brush the motoring brush? The engine will turn over when starter pedal is depressed and it seams to be charging fine but you have to keep stomping on the starter pedal and it will eventually go down and I am not hearing it motoring.
  13. I forgot to mention that my 23 Buick has a 22 or earlier engine in it and the S/G looks like this.
  14. My 23 Buick is not motoring and I am wondering if the brushes that control the motoring can be cleaned,adjusted or replaced without removing the start Generator.If not how much different is the 23 S/G to remove than on the 25?
  15. Jon, what I did to make stand alone power was make a rectangular 2x4 box cut a bottom plate from plywood and used a lawnmower 12 volt battery.These batteries don't have a lot of cold cranking amps but are sufficient for cameras and portable turn signals.I installed a cigarette lighter receptical as most of the portable cameras plug in.The only problem with using wood is the receptical needs grounding.To do this I ran a small ground wire with an alligator clip so it could be grounded under the dash.Most major auto parts stores have a good selection of portable backup cameras both wired and wireless.
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