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  1. Tom the parts worked great.Thank you for having every thing I needed and for the fast shipping it was a real pleasure doing business with you.As for 8 degrees I don't think I could stand it.It was 22 the other night and if it wasn't for a raging fire in the fireplace I would have probably froze to death lol.
  2. Thanks Guys, I think you might be Right about lubing everything .I remember doing it on the 25 and it helped a lot.I am going to get after it today.
  3. Brian It is motoring and showing a charge when running. I think it is where the pedal Shaft meets the lever .On my 25 Buick back before I rebuilt the start/gen and it wasn't motoring The pedal would move a little bit but would not engage the starter.On this 23 the starter pedal will not move at all and after I hit it with my foot about six or eight times it will go down and start.
  4. The starter pedal on the 23 Buick is locking up at times and I have to Keep stomping on it and it will eventually turn loose and go down and start.It only does this sometimes but it does it often. Has anybody else have this problem?I hope to get this figured out cause it is very frustrating.
  5. Larry, I wouldn't mind finding a correct set But I think the ones on the car look better.
  6. Mike I haven't had it out in a while and just did a $850.00 tune up on it and it now starts and runs perfectly and does not flood or smoke anymore like it used to cold.I had the 25 Touring in there last year and decided to try this one this year and it really delighted the crowd.Next year it will be my 29 Hudson Super Six Coupe with Santa riding in the Rumble Seat.
  7. My 23 Buick Model 50 Sedan won the Grand Champion Award at the 2020 Liberty Park Christmas Parade in Alabama Yesterday.Here it is all lined up and ready to roll.
  8. Thank You Rod,This will be helpful.
  9. Actually I need specs for a 22 six engine as this is what is in my 23 Buick.
  10. Tony I forgot to mention that the tapered shaft has to be pulled back.I usually remove the starter pedal and manually pull the shaft back because I am usually by myself.If you have help you can get someone to hold the starter pedal down so you won't have to remove it.Be sure to pull the oil slinger ring up in the bottom of the brass piece or you will brake the ring.You will have to tap the brass piece back gently with a small hammer.
  11. Tony, on the shaft just before it enters the Start/ generator you will see a pin through the shaft.This will have to be knocked out and it is tapered and has to be knocked out or installed in one direction.Once this pin is knocked out remove the 2 screws from the tin cover on the s/g and remove the two bolts and take off the top of the pillow block.You can now slide the coupler out of the s/g and slide it all the way back to the pillow block.Here is the trick slide the brass oil slinger assembly out of the pillow block toward the water pump but be careful to hold the oil slinger ring up as to
  12. I made one for mine to help lower it.I have pulled that s/g a dozen times. once 3 times in one day
  13. I don't ever pull my water pump to remove the start/Gen.Take the top of the pillow block off and the screws out of the s/g and the S/g drive will slide back far enough to remove it.Be careful it is real heavy.
  14. I mean't 9mm for the 25 not 7 mm.My 23 has the threaded post cap on it which is worn out.Bobs sell a solid cap and list the same number condenser for the models 23 thru 28.The rotor looks like the one on my 25.My question is will the new style solid cap and new style rotor fit my 23 distributor.
  15. When we were discussing this car on this Forum years ago before I bought it Someone said it had an earlier Engine than a 23.Mine as you can see has the same Rotor and Condenser set up as the ones above so I am wondering if I need to order parts for a 22 or 23.Another question I have is are the plug wires the same size as the 25 which are 7 mil? The ones on the car are smaller and seem to be too small and I tried one of my 25 wires and it seemed to fit just right
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