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  1. Finally remembered to bring the camera along. Took the 87 Regal Ttype that we have had since new and found a nice backdrop of high density apple trees in full blossom. Not sure the kind of apple but maybe Ambrosia or Gala. Leon
  2. Got the 25-45 out of winter hibernation and took it up our driveway to the main road. Not much of a run so will have to wait until this self isolating is over.😕 Leon
  3. I have had these brackets for years and haven't identified them yet. There are two different kinds, one is a single one and the other has two. Would be nice to know if they are for a specific vehicle or maybe aftermarket
  4. Wow!! Anthony what an excellent project. If you are in need of an ignition/light switch I have one like that in your photo. Mine is made by Kellogg and is part No1133 marked on the back of the guage. Leon
  5. My 1925-45 Mclaughin Buick has a brake light activated by the brake pedal activating a switch.Leon
  6. Thanks Mark, that eliminates the 1921 and 1922 years. It will go back in the stash of parts , maybe someone in the future will be reading your thread while doing an old buick and it will be needed and put to its intended use. I would certainly donate it to a worthy project although I wouldn't turn down trading it for a something I still need for my 25-45 McLaughlin Buick. Leon
  7. excellent work Mark. I knew I had a gauge that looked like that in my stash of parts so found it today. It is a Kellog 1133 Is that also for a 1922 model.? It appears to be in working order as the switches are not seized and at sometime the back side was painted black, possibly to preserve it. I have owned it for over thirty years. I have no need for it. Leon
  8. I watched the video of the blue Cole and was surprised to see the exterior door handles look the same as on my 1925 McLaughlin Buick, haven't seen them before on any other car. Old Sam must have got a buy on them from the same supplier as Cole!! Couldn't figure out how to crop and enlarge the handle on the screen shot Cole. Leon
  9. When I had a new one made for my 25-45 I had a talented fabricator use my old one as a pattern, easy enough to roll some sheet metal of the proper guage into the correct size and weld in ends and all fittings in the proper place. Check around for sheet metal shops or shops that fabricate tanks ie wine making tanks. Leon
  10. This was probably sometime in the late '30s and early 1940s. The car looks to be something of the late '20s, just not sure what? Looks like they are in a bit of trouble by the looks of the front wheel. And they have a two horsepower tow service at hand. That is my dad standing by the open door.
  11. I have had the 87 Regal T type out several times but always forget to take a picture . Today was our car club annual ice cream run. I bought the car new and it now has 109,000 klms on it, still all original and fun to drive!! Leon
  12. Took the 25 McLaughlin Buick for a tour this Canada Day to downtown Summerland for a coffee. It was a quiet morning with very little traffic. Leon
  13. The Reynolds/Alberta museum is in Wetaskiwin which is about 3/4 hour south of Edmonton. I was living in Wetaskiwin when the Museum was being built and the cars were being cleaned up for storage. Stan Reynolds lent me the tail light lens for my 25-45 so I could have the correct tail light when I took the car to Vancouver Expo 86. I am still looking for an original one as the one I use is a plastic repo, look OK but still not original. Here is what a Mclaughlin Buick 25-45 tail light looks like. Leon
  14. Sometimes it just needs a ride!
  15. Hugh, Nice to have so many friends that are willing to help, sure makes for a nice day. You are doing an excellent job on the restoration, congratulations. Leon