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  1. looks like a 1925 buick to me.
  2. Well the old girl is back up and running thanks to the suggestions from this group and in particular Hugh. Leon
  3. OK just another update and to thanks for the suggestions for looking for a fix. I removed the switch as the relay looked to have overheated and because I had anther switch in parts that looked to have a better backing plate and relay I decided to clean it up and install it..Tested the relay first and the points opened and closed as I thought they should, so thought it would work. The s/g works as it should and the car starts and runs fine. Just the the lighting systems don't work. The horn works because it's now on the #1 terminal (hot one) where it was supposed to be to begin with. So it i
  4. Thanks Brad, I am sure that is going to come in handy. Hope I don't need to go that far. This site always amazes me at the talent there is and that they are willing to share it. Leon
  5. Just a little update... Got the car running, appears problem is with the ignition switch. I am in the process of removing the switch to to have a closer look. I do have some spare switch parts and hope I don't run into problems with that as I know they are hard to come by. I recall a previous post awhile ago that detailed the restoration of one, so a search for that is my next step. Leon
  6. Last evening (Thurs) we headed into town to a 6pm gathering of car guys/gals at the local DQ. A few hundred yards before we got to parking lot the car started to buck and then not run. Good thing it was a downhill gentle slope into the parking lot as I coasted into the area and had to push it into a parking spot. Spent an hour or so visiting and then an hour or so trying to solve the no start problem. The battery was good but couldn't get lights or horn or get the S/G to rotate. Figured something may be wrong with the ignition switch so fiddled with that for awhile. Finally got the S/G to
  7. Thanks Brad, I had the upholstery shop guy from Edmonton come down to Wetaskiwin to look and take measurements of a 24-45 that Reynolds Museaum had to replicate that into my car. To decide on the side curtains we looked at old pictures/photos of cars in that era and went with that. I like the name 'asphyxiator' very appropriate. I never kept it as it was too far gone and the thought of keeping it never crossed my mind. In hindsight I should have, but that was 43 years ago and I guess thought differently then. Leon
  8. Thank you Fargoguy, now I remember his name haha. Say hello to him from me, Leon Rumpf, we chatted a few times as I had my 25-45 at that meet. Glad to hear that he is still around.
  9. Hello Craig and Gary, my wife and I lived in Wetaskiwnin from 1983 to 1990 and belonged to the Central Alberta Car Club.. There was a gentleman from Shellbrooke Sask that had a Jasper park Lodge McLaughlin buick #3 at the International meet in Edmonton can't remember the year but it was in the 80's.. maybe you can remembers this one.
  10. My McLaughlin 25-45A started out from the factory as a 25-45A which apparently was an option for colder climates like we have up hear in Canada. The remnants of the fixed top were still with the car when I got it as well as the infloor exhaust heater was in the back seat floor area. I had no desire to try to restore the fixed top and as the top bow saddle mounting brackets were still on the car, they had been cut off flush with the body sheet metal I decided to restore the car to a folding top.
  11. Took the 25 out today on our 53 wedding anniversary. about an hour long run into town some side roads.
  12. Finally remembered to bring the camera along. Took the 87 Regal Ttype that we have had since new and found a nice backdrop of high density apple trees in full blossom. Not sure the kind of apple but maybe Ambrosia or Gala. Leon
  13. Got the 25-45 out of winter hibernation and took it up our driveway to the main road. Not much of a run so will have to wait until this self isolating is over.😕 Leon
  14. I have had these brackets for years and haven't identified them yet. There are two different kinds, one is a single one and the other has two. Would be nice to know if they are for a specific vehicle or maybe aftermarket
  15. Wow!! Anthony what an excellent project. If you are in need of an ignition/light switch I have one like that in your photo. Mine is made by Kellogg and is part No1133 marked on the back of the guage. Leon
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