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  1. Hi Larry, The seat has a mechanism that can be released by a lever under the passenger side. There are sliding mechanisms in both pass and driver side to release the upper seat portion. The steering column has an adjustable bracket. Clear as mud??
  2. Larry, the front seat on my 25-45 Mclaughlin Buick is adjustable as well as the steering column. Leon
  3. Larry is that depth measurement right? I have a drum with the same OD and ID that the depth is 2 1/2 inches. Leon
  4. What a great job. That is going to be a fun ride. Well done Terry. Leon
  5. After doing some tune up work ie the carb, plugs, points and condenser took it for a test run for total of 12 or so klms in 36 degree celcius it ran very well with no pharts, misses, burps, coughs or other issues so it will be good to go further next time. Wish I could say the same for me!!
  6. years ago I had problem with not getting fuel. I put an air hose to the fuel tank with about 5 psi and a rag wrapped around it and where it was sucking air it blew gas out. It was at the banjo fitting at the fuel tank. Just an easy method of finding a suction leak.
  7. This is my 1987 Regal with option LC2 and Y56 (T Package). I bought new but did not want a black car so ordered this dark red with the same power train as the GN also wanted the all the stainless moldings. Was our daily driver for 7 years and now has a little over 100thousand Klms on it now, and is still a blast to drive.
  8. David here is a better picture, you can count the teeth. Leon
  9. David, if you don't have any luck with Bobs I have a set of gears off a 1925 master that if you go by Bobs catalogue they are all the same for a large number of years. The part # on my set is 252693. I don't know what the difference is from your #252692 unless you read the last numeral wrong?? PM me if you are interested, I live at the opposite end of the earth from you in British Columbia Canada, so the biggest expense for this would be the ride down there!! Leon
  10. Couldn't resist taking it out after the deep freeze we just went through. Might be a little overdressed for the 0 deg celcious but thought I should be period correct. She started just fine in the unheated garage and just took it out in the yard.
  11. This is a picture of one in a 24-45, looks like is the same as the one in Larry's 25-45. (what you can see of it) I have yet to find one for my 25-45. Leon
  12. I am looking for one oval shaped outer Cello window frame, it is approx 12 inches by 7 inches and is nickel plated brass. If you have a complete window that would work as well but all I need is one outer frame. you can text me at 1 250 three two eight 9 three three 9. The moral of this story is to not leave these window in while on a road trip. Thanks,, Leon
  13. I lost the outer trim ring on a road trip on one of my windows. They are nickel plated brass and are approx 12inches by 7 inches. If you have one in decent replatable condition (no hairline cracks) or even a complete frame I would be interested. I can be reached at text 1 250 three two eight nine 33nine. Thanks Leon (the moral of this story is don't leave those curtains in when on a road trip)
  14. Way to go!!! I just hope I will be still around and able to drive mine at 92 years young. I am looking forward to driving mine when it is 100 years old in 4 years and I will be 81.. Leon
  15. Thanks Morgan....go to settings..click signature...highlight what you want to remove then hit delete..
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