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  1. I recall reading that Leif Holmberg from Sweden had modified a VW Dist Cap for his 4 cylinder Buick Regards Norm
  2. Search on 1913 Metz 22 lots of detail and photo of chain guard ....
  3. The Master Parts List is a treasure trove of information chapter 6.301 for example gives details on front wheel assempliess and the available colours . My 23 - 35 wheels are only available in black with a white stripe. By 1929 different combination across all models totalled 50 if I am reading it correctly. If you wondering what colours to paint your hub, spokes,Fellowes,drums it an interesting place to start....
  4. Hugh, Do you not sleep ? Thanks for more valuable info. Kind Regards Norm
  5. Matt, Great work on the steering wheel , could you post a photo of your " wooden spoke wheel facing machine " ?? Thanks Norm
  6. Hugh, what is the title of the Delco Parts book ? thanks norm
  7. Peter, have you considered producing distributor . Caps for early twenties 4 cyclinder Buicks ? Norm
  8. Brice , Have a look at http://www.vintageradiator.com/radiators.php a New Zealand firm that hand craft radiators and cores they have a US distributer thefillingstation.com based in Oregon , page 269 of their catalogue mentions a few... With the exchange rate in the your favour may be an option Regards Norm
  9. Brice , good to see you back On the forum ........norm
  10. Reproduction tag makers, however they may know the application
  11. Pulfer and Williams autocorrect strikes again
  12. Similar tag from pilfer and Williams, could try delcoremyhistory.com goodluck norm
  13. Barry, 24-35 would be a 1924 car model 35, 24-4-35 would be 1924 car four cyclinder model 35 1924 saw the introduction of four wheel brakes, changed radiator surround ...... the makers plate will have the model on it either under the cowl or on the fire wall . regards norm
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