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  1. Welcome Barry, your car car looks in great shape, I have a 23-4-35 . There a great resource and knowledge in the forum, you will find the Buick Prewar Technical group a wealth of knowledge. Regards Norm
  2. I think Hugh is on the money here, my distributors are in several boxes on the shelf marked to be restored. Appreciate all the comments and I will be returning to this thread . Thanks Norm
  3. Terry, could you provide contact details for jeff Marshall in NZ , Google is only finding a motor cycle dealer ? Thanks Norm
  4. My 23 does not have a frame number but the fire wall id plate serial number matches the engine number. The car is pre vin number which doesn't affect registration in OZ. For full road rego a car must just pass inspection ie brake test, indicators, working seat belts etc irrespective of age. Most vintage car owners use club rego which is administrated by car clubs , cars still have to pass basic roadworthy inspections and are limited to sixty days per year of road use.
  5. The 26 was At a landmark auction 17 March in SA. Vendor was Neil Daniel 086262011371
  6. Now that's a find, you just need to know what to ask for , good work guys !
  7. Michael, I am on similar journey but with a 23-4-35 , to help with the interchangeability parts problem get a copy of the master parts list 1916-1932 . Very handy when buying parts from those expert sellers , it should fit your car....... Kind regards Norm
  8. Mark could you show the toe board trim in cross section ..Thanks
  9. Linus, A few folk make it their speciality to collect/restore/rebuild/remanufacture old stuff eg carburettors , speedos ignition switches, wooden spoke wheels, sheet metal etc some will even recast rare parts. There are swap meets, electronic buy/sell sites, car clubs and forums such as this one. After collecting parts over 20 years two things 1. 100 year old NOS Parts get harder to find and 2. They don't get any cheaper. Bolts, screws, bushings, bearings, brake linings, etc modern material can be adapted and work well / better than the originals in some cases. Good luck on the hunt !
  10. Hugh, Noticed on the L&L Facebook page sample work of some moulding around a Dodge Toe (Heel ?) board
  11. Thanks Hugh, all good info ..Regards Norm
  12. Hi Mark, I wasn't looking forward to wheel disassembly cleanup ,paint and reassembly, your approach is a time saver, the gray paint on the spokes , the original colour.? Same colour on my 23 spokes,. Norm
  13. Thanks Hugh a good lead , new page Anyone have two genuine Buick ball joints ? Parts manual suggests common thru the 20's ..Thanks Norm (23-4-35)