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  1. Great tip Hugh, just checked on eBay $4 - $20 AUD depending on size ..
  2. Hi Brice, Thanks for the reply, You are making great progress, keep the photos coming its a great resource and encouragement. Cracked engine mounts sounds like some damage may have occurred in the past , any accident damage in the cars history ? May be worth checking the chassis is still "square" I have been looking for a Horn Button since I brought my car, if you find two pls let me know. I would even be interested in your broken one should the worst occur !! My backup plan at this stage is to have some black resin or black plastic turned down to the right size. I have tried other GM cars but could not find a matching one. We had some family issues that's taken some time to overcome but back on track now , restoration can be a long term job, On the workshop front I am becoming skilled in termite repair / replacement of damaged building timbers. What started off as a post replacement has grown into a 15m wall of crumbling !@#$ . Sorted thru my stockpile of parts and discovered a Ford A and a Studebaker Radiator and shell, no idea how I came by those. More interestingly found a box with a steam governor and 2 gauges that was a $2 find at an auction some years ago.. I am endeavouring to build the body "first" I have little to no wood work and missing a few body panels , your photos, Hugh's and other forum members have been a great help. Just a few rust repairs to do ! Kind Regards Norm
  3. Brice, On a Two wheel brake vehicle best to find it now.. Norm
  4. Rod W, What do you make of the plate on the left hand side of the dash, ? Norm Not seen this before .. ?
  5. Rod W , What a find. Don't know how I missed it must have fat fingers. Thankyou for passing it on to me. I have emailed the seller for more pictures. Kind Regards Norm
  6. Thanks Hugh, the extra info widens the field a bit....
  7. I am looking for the following parts to suit a 1923 four cyclinder Buick 23-4-35 Horn button assembly Steering Wheel complete with wood Petrol (gas) tank cap Thanks Norm
  8. Hugh , Kevin Thanks this is great advice / info, this will save me much trial and error. Norm
  9. Thanks Hugh, I hadnt noticed the grooves before, yours is the only frame I Ve seen disasembled . I think my most challenging issue will be the outside curve the only reference points I have are the cowl, front door and a rear tub in poor shape. Also rust mark on the valance panel .
  10. Thanks Hugh , I was a bit hesitant about mentioning the no glue in case it stirred some debate . Our timber these days is cut from less mature (smaller diameter) trees so there would be a need to laminate and join pieces to get the required profile/size at a reasonable cost.
  11. Thanks Rod I think the local Bunnings stocks it as well. I met up with an old retired coach builder in 1980 most of his wrk was with Queensland Maple and Coachwood when in short supply they used straight grain Oregon. Interestly he said they never used glue as frame needed to flex. No doubt due to the poor state of the roads.
  12. Hi Rod, thanks for the tips in your last post very handy. What is your preferred body frame timber? Norm
  13. Hi Kevin, Great work , the forum is a great source of "how to" information for skills seldom seen these days. I look forward to follow your construction journey thanks for the post. What hardwood will you be using ? Regards Norm
  14. Hi Rod, The car was recovered off a farm and had been uted at some stage. Apart from a front door all the original timber was long gone, rear doors and centre pillars also missing when I got the car.! Given its farm use it will need a full strip down and everything checked and refurbished. I have collected over the years many mechanical parts but have never been able to locate anyone who saved replaced timber frame pices or a parts car with woodwork intact. It makes a more interesting restoration ? Kind regards Norm