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  1. Note the paint colors in the remarks section !
  2. Hi Mike, Interesting how paint colours are well interesting ! In addition to my earlier post if you google bca judging manual pdf , You will be able to download the Buick Club Judging Manual. Page 22 onwards has all sorts of interesting info , engine numbers by year, rear window shape by year, Tyre sizes .... External paint colours , yes your model is listed as available in Black. Other models in 1922 in a range of colours , Cars assembled in other countries may have used a variety of local colours. Regards Norm
  3. Mike , The Master Parts List is a treasure trove of information chapter 6.301 for example gives details on front wheel assemblies and the available colours . My 23 - 35 wheels were only available in black with a white stripe. By 1929 different combination across all models totalled 50 if I am reading it correctly. If you wondering what colours to paint your hub, spokes,Fellowes,drums it an interesting place to start.... Norm
  4. Mark Is there any material on the back of the front seat ? Norm
  5. Mark Thank you for documenting this process. It also shows the structure "underneath" which will be helpful to those of us without any.. Great work .. Regards Norm
  6. Thanks Kevin, its a box of everything, .. ! Norm
  7. Can anyone identify this body ? It is sitting on a 4 cylinder Buick presumably a 23, however the rounded doors do not appear to be from a 23 or later model. Thanks Norm
  8. Interesting read if you are interested in such things is the New Departure ( a GM Division) handbook on Bearings 1939 http://wiki.vintagemachinery.org/(S(x0441pyeb030jg45asaohr45))/GetFile.aspx?File=%2FBall_Brg_Cross_Ref%2FND_1939_OCR.pdf Some detail on the 9 thousand front wheel bearings... Norm
  9. Hugh, I have a similar chain block but I dont think I'll be using it in that manner. They are very low geared with a low weight rating 1 ton from memory Norm
  10. Ron , Crown wheel and pinion available on Gumtree located in Sydney https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/matraville/auto-body-parts/vintage-buick-crown-wheel-pinion-1926-27-28-standard-buick/1232761189 $320 plus postage Regards Norm
  11. Hugh, Another beer we owe you ! Great information Again ! Regards Norm
  12. Leif from Sweden posted his version of using a 62 VW Dist Cap on a 1923 4 cylinder Buick under the post 1923 Buick 4 cylinder Distributor Cap broken...
  13. Hugh, I sort of recall reading about a modification to a VW distributer Cap for use in a 4 cylinder Buick , maybe Leif from Sweden ? Had a search but no luck... Norm
  14. I recall reading that Leif Holmberg from Sweden had modified a VW Dist Cap for his 4 cylinder Buick Regards Norm
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