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  1. Hi NZ Buick, how is is your restoration progressing ? Norm
  2. A horn button assembly from 1915-D-E-H-K 1921/22 6 cyl, 22/23/24 4 cyl, 26 std 6 will like do the job...
  3. Earlier models may also fit , any condition working or not ... any help appreciated Norm
  4. Late eighties just bicycles and more bicycles.......
  5. Similar to a Lunkenheimer T style or is it a screw down feed thingy....?
  6. Another right hand drive Buick !
  7. Mark, did you need to do an repairs to the circuit breaker ? Norm
  8. Got to get one of those cleaners ! Thanks for documenting the process . Norm
  9. Brice I have been also seeking a Micky Mouse cap as well, my cars tank is cap less , it's been a search to find something that fits. It may be a Buick one off size designed by the guy who also did the the radiator cap ! Regards Norm
  10. At a guess a locking/closing mechinism to engage with the two lugs on the bottom piece...
  11. Mark, what cleaning solution did you use in the ultrasonic cleaner ? Norm
  12. A set of dollies / skates from your local auto parts store or eBay will make moving a car easier with or without tyres.