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  1. Interesting read if you are interested in such things is the New Departure ( a GM Division) handbook on Bearings 1939 http://wiki.vintagemachinery.org/(S(x0441pyeb030jg45asaohr45))/GetFile.aspx?File=%2FBall_Brg_Cross_Ref%2FND_1939_OCR.pdf Some detail on the 9 thousand front wheel bearings... Norm
  2. Hugh, I have a similar chain block but I dont think I'll be using it in that manner. They are very low geared with a low weight rating 1 ton from memory Norm
  3. Ron , Crown wheel and pinion available on Gumtree located in Sydney https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/matraville/auto-body-parts/vintage-buick-crown-wheel-pinion-1926-27-28-standard-buick/1232761189 $320 plus postage Regards Norm
  4. Hugh, Another beer we owe you ! Great information Again ! Regards Norm
  5. Leif from Sweden posted his version of using a 62 VW Dist Cap on a 1923 4 cylinder Buick under the post 1923 Buick 4 cylinder Distributor Cap broken...
  6. Hugh, I sort of recall reading about a modification to a VW distributer Cap for use in a 4 cylinder Buick , maybe Leif from Sweden ? Had a search but no luck... Norm
  7. I recall reading that Leif Holmberg from Sweden had modified a VW Dist Cap for his 4 cylinder Buick Regards Norm
  8. Search on 1913 Metz 22 lots of detail and photo of chain guard ....
  9. The Master Parts List is a treasure trove of information chapter 6.301 for example gives details on front wheel assempliess and the available colours . My 23 - 35 wheels are only available in black with a white stripe. By 1929 different combination across all models totalled 50 if I am reading it correctly. If you wondering what colours to paint your hub, spokes,Fellowes,drums it an interesting place to start....
  10. Hugh, Do you not sleep ? Thanks for more valuable info. Kind Regards Norm
  11. Matt, Great work on the steering wheel , could you post a photo of your " wooden spoke wheel facing machine " ?? Thanks Norm
  12. Hugh, what is the title of the Delco Parts book ? thanks norm
  13. Peter, have you considered producing distributor . Caps for early twenties 4 cyclinder Buicks ? Norm
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