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  1. Yes, I understood what you shared was informational. Maybe you will run across one sometime and let me know. Thanks again.
  2. Larry, The 1922 Buick Sports Roadster radiator cap I am looking for is as follows: Outside Diameter is 2-1/2". Inside Diameter is 2". There are five (5) threads and they appear to be "fine" as opposed to "coarse". The cap is steel with what looks like to be a bakelite edge. Do you know if a Durant radiator cap would possibly fit? If you are comfortable to have Howard call you directly so the two of you can talk, please email me your telephone number and I will forward it to him. My email is: pjwc4@att.net. Also, if you receive texts, I can for
  3. Larry, thank you for your information. I'm pretty sure the inside diameter of the cap is 2-1/2". I will verify this tomorrow. Howard has a meter and wants a cap to put it on. I can visualize the cap thread but I am unsure of how to explain to you what I see. Sorry. The cap with part number 39898 on the drawing you included looks like the one he has. Howard is in the process of completing application for membership in the Buick Club. He lives in Chanute Kansas. Again, thank you. P J Clawson pjwc4@att.net
  4. Part found, purchased and installed.
  5. Still looking for the 1922 Buick Sports Roadster Radiator Cap.
  6. Looking for 1937 Cadillac Lasalle, rear bumper guard.
  7. Looking for 1922 Buick Sports Roadster/Roadster Radiator Cap
  8. Starter for 1929 Dodge, 6 cylinder, Phaeton.
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