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  1. Yes I still have one left. Send me your email and I will send pics. Tom.dierks@gmail.com just cover shipping, and it’s yours.
  2. BTW the brake drum may need to be removed and that is really what I am trying to figure out. Basically from which end do I get at the seal area. I am not looking forward to either method. Removing the bearing with possibility of damage to the bearing, or taking the drum off and dealing with all the staked nuts and studs. Hoping someone out there has been there, and done that. Tom
  3. That is a possibility Leif. I had to pick out the old one, and I tried cutting a section out of the larger seal to see if I could make it fit. However the seal is supposed to 9/16” thick and Bob’s seal is incorrect at 3/4” thick. So I couldn’t even begin to get it to fit. keep the comments coming, all good advice. Thanks
  4. I have had an adventure lately trying to figure out the rear wheel seals for my 1925 Master model 40. I bought seals from Bob's only to find out that they were way to big to fit (the only ones Bob's offers). After more research going thru the various parts manuals it became evident that the short wheelbase and long wheelbase masters have different rear axle assemblies. The 128" has a bigger bearing, seal, and shedder than the 120" wheelbase Masters'. So after contacting most everyone in the know I think I finally might have a source for the felt rear seals. But here is my real question, how do
  5. That would save me a lot of grief, please let me know if you find one. Thanks Tom
  6. I came across a couple of old hand cranks the other day at a junk/antique store. Looked a lot like mine (for a 1925 Master) so I bought them in hopes that someone could use them. I actually kept one of them and so offering my old one. Take you pick $10 each plus shipping. Both have the rotating handle and fit my 1925 just fine. Tom Dierks
  7. I totally destroyed the two pieces pictured below. They retain the E brake shoe on the rear wheels of my 11925 Master. Looking for one of each if anyone has any. Thanks Tom Dierks
  8. So I need help from members with 1925 to 1932 cars. In trying to come up with something of a universal kit for the conversion of the fan hub to sealed bearings. I need help in confirming the dimensions of the various versions out there. This is what I need for all 1925 to 1932 cars, Just tell me the year and model and the dimensions below. SHAFT: overall length length of shaft- distance to center of groove from the rear end of the shaft- diameter of shaft- PULLEY: overall length of pulley piece- diameter of the pulley where the leather belt would ride-
  9. Looks like I may have jumped the gun. My further research shows that this kit may only be good for 1925-1926 Master and 1927 series 120-128. If anyone has further interchangeability for these please feel free to weigh in. Tom
  10. Correct this fits all 1925 thru 1929 and 1930 model 40 50 60.
  11. I am seriously considering a run of "Fan Hub Conversions". I have a CNC house lined up to make the aluminum hub and steel shaft, and I have sealed ball bearings lined up as well. My intent would be to provide this as a kit. The hub the shaft and the bearings. The user would need to drill the (8) fan mounting holes in the aluminum flange, press the bearings in and press the shaft in. The user would use his old hub and fan. It looks like I would be right at or very close to $160 each plus shipping. What I am trying to gauge is how many people would be interested in buying one as I will need to m
  12. Don, I cant tell you how grateful I am for the info you provided. Just 30 minutes ago I decided to see if what you were pointing out would actually work. Grabbed a 15/16 wrench and discovered that the nuts were barely snug. If these old fingers were any stronger could have taken them off without any wrench. So step one complete, and now the axle and hub are supposed to just slide right out (sure) so a grab a thin screw driver and a small hammer just in case and go after it. And yes the axle just glides right out , no resistance, no hammer just pull it out easy as can be. I find the big h
  13. The eBay one looks to be more like a 3-1/4 thread. My major diameter is close to 3.425 (diameter of hub thread) and the minor diameter is 3.377 (ID of hub cap ). So maybe not a 3-3/8 but more like a 3-7/16. Thanks for the eBay lead maybe someone else can use this one. Tom
  14. I am looking for a wheel hub puller for a 1925 Buick Master. Thread looks to be 3-3/8" with 16 threads per inch. Anyone out there have one they want to rent, sell or loan me? I know I can order one from George, just looking for a more economical option for a onetime use. Thanks very much Tom Dierks
  15. Thanks for all of the replies, and I have taken care of all of these except a couple of half way decent spare tires and the felt retainer. Here are some pics. As you can see someone decided to stake the felt retainer in three places around the edge. Any good ideas on how to now get this out besides grinding the heck out of it and then requiring new retainers? Also a couple of pics to show what it looked like when purchased in May and progress to date. Just starting at the front and working my way back. This is not going to be an accurate restoration so no nickle plate on the steering column a
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