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  1. Don't I know it. One of the first things I did when I got my E-49 was take the fuel tank to a radiator shop and have it professionally cleaned out. I was very naive to think that was enough, turns out there is just as much rust in the fuel line as there was in the tank. The fuel line runs under the car, the fact that it's lower than the tank and engine means it's basically a gravity sump to collect rust particles. Rust has a density of 5 and gasoline is only 0.7 so the rust sinks like a rock in the tube, only to be dislodged by modern "detergent" fuel. Basic 5/16 copper tube is available everywhere, and there is nothing "original" about 5/16 copper tube made 100 years ago, that you can't replace it, copper is copper, and if it's full of rust you better just replace it unless you can think of a way to scrub it out. I've been fighting this for 2 years, my carb gets full of rust until the engine gets starved for gas and I have to take the idle jet needle out the bottom of the carb and let the rust out. These are the filters I've tried but I think I'm also going to replace the copper line soon and be done with the problem once and for all.
  2. What's the latest news? Did you figure out the whole "motoring the generator" thing? When you turn the ignition switch on the starter should turn very slowly and make a clicking sound.
  3. This is the thread when I rebuilt my steering box. It was lot of "fun" if you know what I mean.
  4. OK I went out and checked. It's 2 and 3/16 inches.
  5. Don't do any of this. The way to tighten the steering on these cars is to tighten the really big nut on the column. It's a huge nut I'm guessing 1.5 inches or maybe even bigger, I'll go out and see, and report back. Hopefully some idiot didn't paint the nut on your car. Actually, I'm guessing all the cars with painted adjustment nuts cannot be adjusted so they get crazy loose like this. Might have to paint some bulldog paint remover so you can adjust the nut.
  6. I'm going to put some back where I lost it from mine. I used to trailer my car to car shows on an open trailer, and the wind would wreak havoc on the horse hair padding. Most of it blew off. Since my car is HPOF original I can't use modern padding.
  7. Don't breathe the fumes, wear gloves, and it won't dissolve the part if you take it out and rinse it off as soon as the rust is gone (usually under a minute). Lots of people use it all the time, and nobody gets hurt if they know what they're doing. Add acid to water, don't add water to acid, and always have a running hose next to you when working with muriatic. Only use outdoors and wear protection. Welding is dangerous, a grinding wheel is dangerous, fire is dangerous, driving a car is dangerous, and a lathe machine is the most dangerous thing of all. Don't sue this message board if you are hurt by any dangerous thing.
  8. What are you doing with your horsehair padding? I will buy it from you.
  9. I upgraded my fuel filter from a glass bowl Carter with the stone to a modern cannister filter. The stone was not filtering out the smallest rust particles. Glass bowls are great at filtering the sand-size particles but not the really small ones which can still clog the carb. .
  10. Speed kills, and I'm not talking about white crosses, bennies, or black beauties. Slow down, these cars are made of wood!
  11. Tell us what tires you have. Skinny tires, squeal is normal since only a little slip of rubber meets the road. Wider tires shouldn't squeal.
  12. Yeah, to put the ring in the port, I pretty much gotta take the manifolds off. Not something I planned to do in the middle of car show season. I just loosened the nuts, tapped the gasket over with a drift and a tiny hammer, tightened the nuts, and called it fixed. I'll get to it in the fall. I made this video of me driving 4 miles with the puff puff sound and showing the engine running puf puff puff when I got back
  13. An intake gasket, an exhaust gasket, and a pilot ring. Was I lucky? My chances are 6 out of 9 its an exhaust ring Exhaust port 1.38 inches, gasket ID 1.42 inches Intake port 1.50 inches, gasket ID 1.54 inches I put the pilot ring in a vice to compress it......it's 1.50 an intake ring
  14. I sold my spare engine to Tom Black but bought about 99% of it back......in buckets. I quickly found these things:
  15. The parts book says there is a "pilot tube" which looks like the ring you are talking about. Oh well, guess it will move again.
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