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  1. The '39 Buick grill is based on the Y job concept car.
  2. This picture from the 1918 Chas E. Miller catalogue of auto parts .
  3. 1940 had a beautiful grille, better than '41. But they looked too much like Chevy so they went to waterfall in 1942
  4. I think this picture will help. It's from a 1926 edition of Western Auto Supply catalogue:
  5. From 1914 on according to: Buick Pre 1930 General Specs (carnut.com) .
  6. Whatever the problem, it has to be something that can result from sitting 20 years. I don't see how camshaft lobes can just fall off due to sitting.
  7. Mine had 4 shims on each bolt and plastigaged down to 3 on some bolts and all 4 on the others, never 2, so if you have taken all your shims out I'm guessing you need to put most of them back.
  8. 21 inch rims were 1926 to 1928 but most people used 6 inch balloon tires, looks like 4.5 were cheapos. Buick Pre 1930 General Specs (carnut.com)
  9. I did the same but I used a Farmall Tractor hand crank and bored it out to 13/16. But if all you want to do is set the point gap, why not just loosen the distributor and rotate it until the points are on the cam? Then turn it back to time it. . .
  10. The 49 model goes back much farther, back to E-49.
  11. I have a steering wheel assembly but its for 1918, if you want let me know
  12. I wish I asked my grandmother more about cars. She was born in 1901 and talked about these old cars all the time, she said the first cars in her town (Durango Colorado) were Oldsmobiles. She talked about how they heated the cars with big soapstones they heated in the fireplace. She talked about the mud ruts in the road and when people got stuck they pulled them out with horses. She knew EVERYTHING about horses, which we know almost nothing about today. She lived until 1996. The only thing she didn't tell me was which way the rubber strip on the windshields went.
  13. If it's raining the bottom of the lower pane needs to be out, not in.
  14. Mine shows evidence of wood under the layers of mud and horse poop. . .
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