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  1. I wonder how they figure compression ratio. Atmospheric pressure is 15, but if the pressure in the cylinder is 60 that's not really 4 to 1, because the 60 is a gauge pressure not the real pressure. So, with a 60 gauge pressure, its real pressure of 75, which would be a 5 to 1 ratio. If you use gauge pressures, you are comparing 60 to 0 which is impossible. Gauge pressure of the atmosphere is 0.
  2. This morning I installed piston 5 and 6 and plastigauged the rod bearings to 0.003. Perfect results all around. Everything is smooth, the babbit on 6 was like new. I did not have to remove any shims, they were already the right plastigauge. Ready to do 3 and 4 tomorrow. I spent 3 hours on my back a few days ago trying to get piston 6 in. No matter what I did, it wouldn't go in all the way. The 3 compression rings jiggled right in, in less than a minute, but the oil ring was hung up on something, because the piston at that point had no wiggle room. I could get the oil ring into the casting but not into the sleeve. I took the piston in and out half a dozen times trying to figure out the problem, maybe the bore was too small at the bottom and the rings went to zero gap and got stuck, maybe the oil rings weren't the right shape to taper into the cylinder sleeve. I thought of everything and experimented, and then after 3 hours I discovered, about a quarter of the way around the bore at the bottom, the cylinder sleeve was not tapered smoothly at the bottom, there was a small ledge of around 0.025 inch thickness where the sleeve stopped at the block casting, that the oil ring was getting stuck on. I could actually stick my thumbnail into it. I thought all week how to solve the problem. Maybe get some really thin feeler gauges around 0.08 to straddle the ledge like a shoehorn. Then I thought, it would be better to get some thick feeler gauges, shove them in around the ring and butt them into the ledge. That's what I did, I aligned the gap of the ring to the offending part of the sleeve, stuck two feeler gauges of around 0.030, one on either side of the gap, and shoehorned the oil ring on them, couple soft taps with the rubber hammer, and BINGO the piston went up and the feeler gauges fell down. I had to do a similar thing getting piston #5 in, but by then I had the knack.
  3. My peanut butter gets mildew and blue mold after a few weeks. Always gotta change it here.
  4. No way. The pistons are 3.365 inches and the bore is 3.375 which is a difference of 0.01 which is 0.005 on each side. These buttons are 0.07 thick.
  5. Yeah as recommended and sold by Dave at Otto. The others are new too.
  6. I still have not seen a mouse since October 2018. Not inside the garage, not in the barn, not outdoors. I used to see them every day and catch them in mousetraps on a daily basis, in old cars, the truck, etc., where I had 10 mousetraps set up all the time. Now, not a single mouse anywhere.
  7. OK I got piston 5 and 6 out so far. Here is 6 before and after: . .
  8. The guy at the machine shop said it would be 2 or 3 hours labor to make these buttons, at $80 per hour, so I took the rod back. I made them myself using a hack saw and a miter box like so. This is after I drilled a 1/8 inch oil hole down the middle of the rod. I made them 0.06 to 0.09 thick, some wrist pins are deeper in the piston than others, some are only 0.06 deep. Being 3/4 inch diameter, they just snap right in place perfectly. Note the oil ring Dave gave me and the holes I drilled in that ring groove. . .
  9. This is the crankshaft on my spare engine (1918 six cyl 242) Looks like the babbit is in great shape, if anybody wants a crankshaft with good babbit I offer a U-pick-it service, just give me $200 and you pick it.
  10. OK I'll do that, and then I won't worry about the oil getting out the wrist pins, because it can get out here just as easily. So the teflon buttons are no problem regarding oil getting out.
  11. My rings came today. I stuck 3 of them and an oil ring in the cylinder, and they had gaps between 0.013 and 0.015 The oil rings he sent me were same as yours. Do I have to drill little holes in the pistons for them? .
  12. OK I'll let you know how much when it's all done.
  13. I ordered 3 feet of this teflon rod, and the guy at my NAPA shop says he can make 12 buttons for me. If you want to split the cost he can make 24 of them.
  14. Dave at Otto just sent me a set of 3/16 rings for 3 3/8 pistons. This thing is going to fire up like July 4 in a natural gas field in California during a drought.