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  1. Is this the formula? (14.7 x .8 x 4.51.3 ) - 14.7 I can't do 4.51.3 in my head
  2. Last year I was catching 3 or 4 mice a day between all my cars and the garage. Mousetraps everywhere. Last mouse I saw was in October. A series of early very snowfalls last year---it snowed 8 times in October, a total of around 25 inches---put an end to the mice. But I thought they just went underground. They normally run around under the snow also. And they usually run around on top of the snow as well leaving tiny tracks. This winter, never saw any mouse tracks. This spring when the snow all melted, I saw no trails under where the snow was, and I have not seen a single mouse all this year even though all my traps are set in all the cars. Not complaining, but are mice extinct where you are?
  3. In the mean time, what you show in that pic is a valuable parts car. I bet with a little work the engine even starts.
  4. Take a flat file and shine up the copper on both sides of the banjo and also on the top of the tank or vacuum tank, and on the caps. A little Permatex helps too.
  5. 14 pounds is a whole lot of vacuum. Maybe 14 inches (out of 30).
  6. Gas tank is back in. I flushed it out last summer with Dawn detergent, the inside is clean as a whistle.
  7. I rebuilt the carb and vacuum tank last winter. See the pics I just put in the "Ribbed for her pleasure" thread.
  8. Then I stuck the straw of a can of WD 40 into the fuel line and put a few ounces in. Stuck the banjo in my mouth again and blew more crud out. Repeated 3 more times until crud stopped coming out. Then I wired and soldered a piece of fine screen on the end of the fuel pickup. I blew that out with my mouth too, lots of crud came out. .
  9. First I took the front of the fuel line off, then I put the whole banjo in my mouth (it fits) and blew real hard. I had a white bucket hanging from the rear end of the fuel line to collect whatever came out. Got a few thimblefulls of green, smelly gasoline and a lot of black specks, in the bucket.
  10. "Every picture tells a story, don't it" -Turner
  11. I'm putting my fuel tank in today, then all I have to do to get it started is...........put a battery in and mess with the DELCO for awhile. .....and change the spark plug wires which are 80 years old. Almost there!!!
  12. I recommend this one:
  13. You can clean that crud off first with a wire brush, maybe even soak it with vinegar on a rag. Not a chance. You need to fill it. Get a Jager funnel, they are cool to have anyway for filling the flask.
  14. I don't know how corroded your pot metal top is, but my brass plug came out easily, no problem. I have a tiny whisky flask funnel I got with a bottle of Jagermeister, I pour gasoline in the brass plug hole with that.