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  1. Well, they both burn gasoline. That's all I can think of.
  2. Or maybe it goes back to the year of The Deuce, 1932
  3. Both my fuel lines (both cars all original) are copper.
  4. My plan is to put my belly pan on, and drive the car into Jiffy Lube for an oil change, just for a laugh.
  5. I see a 4 x 4 engine in that time frame: Buick Pre 1930 General Specs (carnut.com)
  6. I think he means the aluminum crankcase.
  7. I'm no expert but I have my 2 cents. These cars have no seatbelts, no air bags, no crumple zones, my car doesn't even have a bumper. No test dummies were used for crash testing, real people were. Deaths per mile driven were off the charts in those days. I would never go over 30 in one of these flivvers. Besides dying, even worse, you would ruin the car! Deaths per billion vehicle miles traveled is the red line on this chart. THIS MEANS YOU ( I hope not).
  8. I think the E series were the first with the automatic lube:
  9. I thought the boards are supposed to have grey linoleum on top
  10. This is dated Jan 1917 but only applies to the E-49 (and later E 6 models after Aug, 1917) Note torque ball, and no separate place to lube the U joint
  11. Wow, totally different from my 1918. I have a torque ball that allows motion of the torque tube, not like that giant gimbal you have. Inside the torque ball is the much smaller U-joint for the drive shaft. There is no place to lubricate them, the torque ball is automatically lubricated by transmission oil. Not sure how the U joint for the drive shaft gets lubed.
  12. Be very careful of the spring when taking it apart. It can shoot the plate at you and hurt or kill you.
  13. You just need to resurface the discs. There are 10 disc surfaces in each clutch. I made a video of it, with a very handsome spokes-mechanic doing the work. (2) 1917 Buick sat for 80 years. Part 9---Clutch Job - YouTube . . .
  14. Bring your dog and your wife a 15 pound Tom turkey and see which one cooks you dinner.
  15. If it works I'll give the temperature probe a more permanent location in this in-line adapter for the upper radiator hose:
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