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  1. I converted my 1940 Special to 12V because I couldn't find a "check engine" light that was 6V. And when I wired the doors to make a dinging sound when they were ajar, they were all 12V. I put seat belts in the car, but the seat belt warning light I installed was too dim on 6V and was hard to see, I was afraid I wouldn't see it and forget to put my seatbelt on. This could lead to death, so I converted the car to 12V for safety reasons. NOT!!
  2. According to the time stamp on the video it took 7 minutes and 40 seconds to get to the dump, which is 2.5 miles. 2.5 miles --------------- averages out to 19.6 miles an hour. Might have gotten up to 25 MPH in there somewhere but those back roads and hills...... 7:40 min
  3. I found a picture of the flaps that go over the folded jump seats. This is a K-49 owned by Anthony Therieult . .
  4. Pistons expand until the thickness of the film of oil between ring and cylinder drops to zero, at which point there is no lubrication, so the engine stalls. I do think, however, that for this to happen, the coolant in the radiator is mostly boiled away, and if he has this happen 3 or 4 times the radiator must be pretty much empty. Did you check the radiator?
  5. Expansion of steel is around 0.1% for 80 degrees C (144 F) according to this chart. If the cylinder is 3.375 inches, the circumference of each ring is 10.604, with a .010 inch gap that would be 10.594 inches circumference. If heat expands that by 0.1% you get 10.605 which is bigger than 10.604, and too big for the cylinder. When it overheats, the pistons would get tighter until the engine stops. .
  6. Thanks for 1914, didn't know. The car sat and cooled for 45 minutes.
  7. With my glass bowl fuel filter I was able to watch the gas. It swirls around for 15 seconds as the vacuum tank fills, and it just sits there for about 2 minutes. This is at idle speed. If you are driving, the 15 second interval stays the same but the 2 minute part gets less. But if the car runs for 15 minutes at operating speed, the vacuum tank has cycled dozens of times.
  8. 1. Runs fine for 15 minutes, can't be the vacuum tank. 2. Sits 15 minutes and then runs fine again. How would a vacuum tank do that? The car is overheating, dude. Pistons expand and seize in the cylinders, engine stops. Cools and starts again.
  9. Not too sure about snakes in Michigan. Garter snakes are harmless, maybe copperheads. But at car shows? Yeah, and I hate all the alligators in North Dakota.
  10. At the end of the video the engine was trying to stall at a stop sign (stop signs are just suggestions up here in the hills, we never stop at them, rolling stop maybe) and I wanted to use the forward momentum to kick the engine back on which meant jamming it in first while it was still rolling. Hence the gear grinding.
  11. Yesterday I did a 5 miles cruise 2.5 each way, with a video camera in the back seat. Lots of fun on the hills.