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Original pair of 1930-1940-1950 Brooklands windshield windscreen racing windshields. $500. GREAT for speedster race car See photos.

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From long term storage an original pair of aluminum Brooklands windshields windscreens. Perfect for late 1920s to late 1950s touring race cars,speedsters,Model A and T Ford speedster etc etc. Need safety glass replaced and soaked and cleaned and then polished. Seldom does an original pair come up for sale! Original and complete mounting brackets. Both are complete. Center of bottom mounting bracket across to center of other mounting bracket is 12 1/2 inches. Glass is approx 6 inches high. $30 USA shipping. Cash,check or paypal. George Albright Ocala,Fla.  cell weekdays 10-4 EST please  352 843 1624  email  gnalbright@gmail.com 




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