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  1. ted sweet

    Thoughts on BJ Scottsdale

    hobby has changed. i see very few pre war cars at the local level
  2. ted sweet

    Any Regions Accepting Credit Cards or EFT?

    only for dues and merchandise
  3. ted sweet

    Storing a car over winter

    put plastic on ground and install vents
  4. ted sweet

    Upcoming AACA Winter National Meet

    never seen online payment for shows
  5. ted sweet

    Dodge A100 Parts Interchange Question

    ask on www.moparts.com forums
  6. ted sweet

    Freshly Rebuilt 1958 Olds Oldsmobile 371 knocking at idle

    sounds the fuel weakened oil did major damage and likely rings never seated
  7. ted sweet

    Plymouth Owners Club Inc.

    no posts in 3 years?
  8. ted sweet

    One Time Registration, NY State

    no such bill was ever been introduced since
  9. guy was in this 60s is my guess
  10. ted sweet

    reference engine paint

    buick red engine paint is readily available
  11. i heard a gentleman walking past my 91 chrysler at hershey saying he doesnt want cars built after ww2 at aaca showsa
  12. depends if there was a taxable estate
  13. ted sweet

    Coker Tire - FYI

  14. ted sweet

    Long Winter's Nap

    6inches oft his weird white stuff last night