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  1. 46 woodie

    Help with my 51 Chevy Wagon

    You don't indicate where you are located, but I used Kline Family Workshop, located in PA, 717-266-8696 for the wood for my '46 Ford Wagon. They are great people to deal with and do fantastic work. Trying to find a part such as the tailgate lock you are looking for can take some searching. As I mentioned in my original post by joining the National Woodie Club you get the Woodie Times magazine every month and it has classified ads that might help you. There are about two dozen members listed in the 2018 Roster of Members that own tin woodies. The Roster also includes names and contact information that may be useful to you. One of the reasons "tin woodies" are fairly rare is, that as cars got old they were sometimes passed down to new drivers, usually teenagers. What teen wanted a station wagon, they wanted coupes or convertibles. Wagons went to scrap yards. Enjoy the heck out of your car!
  2. 46 woodie

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    Genius? What kind of "genius" puts large opening trap doors as in Falling Water, over a creek. The dark, wet forrest breeds mosquitos. Once they opened the trap doors the building was inundated with mosquitos and other bugs and even a bird. The tour guide told us that when they suggested screens, Wright went ballistic and wouldn't allow it. He told us that the trap doors were never opened from that day on. Only after his death were screens added. The man didn't believe in insulation, his remark was "install bigger boilers". Take a tour of the Guggenheim in NYC the amount of "waisted unusable space" is greater then what is usable. Sure it's futuristic, but something like that could never be built like that in NYC in this day of energy conservation regulations. One thing I have learned in building design is, just because you dream it doesn't mean it can be built.
  3. 46 woodie

    Help with my 51 Chevy Wagon

    EOB, most of the mechanical parts for a station wagon, Ford, Chevy, etc, will be the same as the passenger car. It's the unique body parts that will be hard to find. Rear cargo floor mats, all the one of a kind glass pulls, tailgate parts, etc will take some searching. One other note is that you might consider joining the National Woodie Club.
  4. 46 woodie

    Help with my 51 Chevy Wagon

    You don't state what parts you are looking for, but If you log onto E-Bay Motors, under "woodie station wagon" there are always several tin woodie parts for sale.
  5. 46 woodie

    Square Hole purpose in advertising giveaway ??

    Great minds think alike.
  6. 46 woodie

    L29 CORD CRASH == Frank Lloyd Wright?

    Well if it was Frank Lloyd Wrong's car the roof probably leaked. Wright's major flaw was that he refused to listen to his help and had an ego as big as a barn. Some of his designs were failures from the start. Falling Water needed millions in "fixes" that could have been avoided if he just listened. The cantilevered patio was in imminent danger of collapse and needed a total rebuild. His junior architects told him that it wouldn't work but he built it anyways. Many of his buildings are ahead of their time but have many leaks and other issues requiring millions of repairs. In fact there is a book about his failures.
  7. 46 woodie

    Square Hole purpose in advertising giveaway ??

    The "hook" is probably a bottle opener. As for the round and square hole, the wheels and the blunted screwdriver can probably used as a multi tool. Just some sort of give away from a car dealer. The square could be used on a water, valve stem.
  8. I have always wondered where cars wind up. My first year attending Hershey was 1968. I have the 1968 directory and counted over 220 Model A Fords. Last Hershey there were about a dozen. Are all of them tucked away in garages? Have they been turned into hot rods? Where the heck are they?
  9. 46 woodie

    Rust Valley Restorers , a new low ?

    The sad part is that they throw buckets of advertising money at those guys. If you Google the net worth of some of the cast of those TV shows it is down right incredible. I don't usually watch those shows but on occasion I catch one and some of the work they do is comical. I remember one show and they used 1/4" x 2" cork instead of frame webbing on a '34 Ford. How long do you think that lasted?
  10. 46 woodie

    Film rental

    Just make sure you get a contract and have a lawyer look over it. I read about some gentleman renting out his '36 Lincoln Sedan and got it back with the hood and roof crushed. He later found out that 20 or so cheerleader's were positioned on the car for a team photo. I don't know if it's worth the aggravation.
  11. 46 woodie

    Upper Radiator Rubber Shroud Seal

    The part from Mac's is for a '46-'48 Ford. The part you need is something very rare and you are probably going to make do with what you can find and modify. Steele Rubber might have something you can adapt, but I don't see anything in their catalog like you picture. Good luck in your search.
  12. 46 woodie

    Heated Running Boards

    Ironically, there is an article on running board antennas in the Nov/Dec issue of the V-8 Times. There is also a 1935-1936, article on how to use your rear mounted spare as an antenna. Ether way, I'll bet the reception was dismal.
  13. I would assume that you are talking about the article and rear cover picture of the 1957 Corvette. Yes, the car has been modified and the only modification that you can see are the mag wheels. Now if you read the article, the owner participates in the DPC, Drivers Participant Class, and drive his car he does. The article states that the car has been driven to Texas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Alabama and Canada. I for one don't have a problem with putting radial tires on a car to make it drivable. So he has a set of stock wheels, hubcaps and tires and uses the mag wheels to travel. I give the owner a lot of credit for using his car. "Unofficial"' "pseudo" Facebook Group, I can't even figure that one out.
  14. 46 woodie

    1886 Mercedes

    Very cool, do you have anymore information on the car? It's obviously a recreation, but done beautifully, by a very talented craftsman.
  15. 46 woodie

    just finishing up my 1915 shell gas station

    What a great project, I'll bet all your pre 1915 friends want to take pictures of their cars with your station. I just finished a 1925 era National Simplex, hand crank. When I started the restoration, I had no idea that my cylinder was brass, as yours are. Mine is covered by the "tins" so I didn't polish it as yours are. What are you using for your hose and where did you purchase it, if I may ask? I am using a white hose, that's ok, but I would like something that was correct in 1925.