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  1. I am saddened that the 2020 HERSHEY will be cancelled, it must have been a gut wrenching decision to make, by the Hershey Region. It looks like my run of 52 straight years will finally come to an end!
  2. From what I have read on other sites, it's almost impossible to return something to Rock Auto. I had a defective muffler made by Walker. I purchased two, as my car has dual exhaust. One of the mufflers was made completely backwards. The offsets and hangers were reversed. I called Walker and talked to one of their service rep's and he confirmed that it was somehow reversed and believe it or not, I was told by him that it has happened before. After spending hours trying to get thru to them on the phone, Rock Auto didn't want to hear it and I had to eat the cost of another muffler.
  3. By the way tjm, if your friend wants to restore and make the horn complete, Bratton's Antique Auto Parts, www.brattons.com, has everything he needs.
  4. Although it is a Model A horn, without the motor cover it will be hard to identify it exactly. There were 5 different suppliers of Ford horns, Sparton, Ames, Stewart-Warner, E.A. and G.I.M. As chudwah illustrates, all the motor covers were different and had the motor data plate and date code/patent plate riveted to the missing cover. Sparton and Stewart Warner were the most produced and used from mid to late '28 to the end of production. It was about simple as could be, as others have stated, the motor had a serrated, what they called a "ratchet" that simply rubbed on a nub on the diaphragm when the motor turned. The screw on the back of the horn is the adjustment screw.
  5. Try telling that to Farmers Insurance. On their commercials they claim to "have seen it all".
  6. When I purchased my '46 Ford Station Wagon, I had it shipped from Minnesota. About a month later I received a call from Discover Card, Fraud Protection, telling me of charges in the amount of several thousand dollars. They asked if I used my card in Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh and of course I told them it wasn't me. When I told them about the transporter, they couldn't believe how stupid he was. It was almost like he left a clue in every big city he went thru. Thankfully I didn't have to pay and I tried to follow up on their investigation but they wouldn't give me any information.I hope they got the guy!
  7. Very clever, but way too much time on his hands. I guess "cabin fever" got the best of him and he needed something to do! As Marty states, Rube would be proud. Marty, next, some of the young people will ask, who's Rube Goldberg?
  8. old ford, I do think that a lot of the sludge in a Model A engine that has no air cleaner or filter is caused by dirt inhaled into the carb. All that sediment get's encapsulated in the oil and over the years turns to "muck".
  9. We know it's true, but it's hard to fathom, that the Model A did not come with an air cleaner of some sort. Back in 1928, when they first came out, the roads across America were mostly unpaved and dirt. I can't imagine how much dirt was inhaled thru the carburetor. If you ever pull the oil pan from a Model A, you can find a lot of in in the form of sludge. I once tried to drain the oil from a Model A motor and nothing came out even though the dipstick showed about an inch of what looked like tar. I poked a screwdriver into the drain bung and the oil came out like molasses. When I got the pan down I used a 1" putty knife to scrape out all the junk.
  10. I agree with bill, if the wind gets ahold of the cover, you can kiss the antenna goodby. I bungee my cover down in three places but I don't have anything like an antenna in the way. Even putting the cover on will be a pain.
  11. As much as I was keeping my fingers crossed, it looks like we won't be going to any car shows this year. The National Woodie Club has cancelled the 2020 National Meet in Lake Geneva, WI, the Woodie show in Mystic Seaport and the Woodie meet in Ogunquit ME. This Chinese epidemic hurts everyone across the board. I cancelled all my hotel and ferry reservations so they all loose money also. Sad.
  12. Get it running, make it safe to drive and it will be the hit of any car show you take it to! In the condition it's in, it will draw more attention of any car at the show.
  13. You have to be crazy to work under a car that's on Harbor Freight jack stands. When are we going to learn that the Chinese stuff made by them is junk. Grinding wheels that explode, wire wheels that throw the wire like needles into your skin, hydraulic jacks that collapse without warning, electric shocks from welders, etc. It seems like every week we read about something else failing from HF. For your own safety, stop buying anything made in China!
  14. Most of the "good stuff" paint stripper has been taken off the shelf in my area. I wanted a gallon several months ago and my local paint supply told me they can't get it any longer. I tried the product they gave me, some environmentally friendly stuff and it simply didn't work.
  15. You could also get creative and find an old 1/2" drive socket, about the size of the cap and grind away everything except the four lugs.