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  1. According to Fit Bit and I phones we did about 25 miles in total. My excuses for taking a walk with my wife can't be used any longer! "If you can walk 25 miles in a flea market, you can walk a mile with me after dinner". Oh well.
  2. I also got a message this morning. Hit delete as soon as I saw who it was from.
  3. On Thursday, we were entering the car corral and I actually witnessed a security guard not let an elderly gentleman, driving a Rascal scoter, away from entering because he told him that he didn't have the proper documents. As he turned and started to leave another guy ran up to him and gave him directions to the other entrance. I guess he was allowed in because I ran into him in the corral. The grounds were full of bicycles, tricycles, electric scooters etc. You're right, the golf carts are the biggest p.i.a.s.
  4. In my 51 years of going to HERSHEY this was the first time the flea market and show area was buzzed by four airplanes trailing smoke. The first was on Thursday and again on Saturday. I don't know who was responsible but they should make it a new tradition!!!!!!!
  5. You are aware that the '41 Ford Station Wagon was equipped with rubber mats, not carpet. If it's something you would like, rather that the rubber matting, you might need to go to an auto upholstery shop and have them custom made.
  6. Steve, I give you guys (both male and female) a lot of credit. I'm sure you start planing for the next year on the Monday after HERSHEY. When does the A.A.C.A get access to the grounds and start setting up the A.A.C.A. tents and the space markers on the ends of the aisles and probably dozens of things we don't see? I remember the old days when every aisle had a lettered sign on each end of the aisles, I have several hanging on my garage wall. Thanks!
  7. I agree, why the heck wouldn't he pull out all the parts and then list them. At this point you are purchasing a radiator and a wheel. How long has that radiator and motor been out in the weather filling with water and freezing? The entire back half of the frame could be rotted off.
  8. Another consideration is that if you have your car judged, you can have points deducted for whitewalls, if the car did not come with them. I have a 1946 Ford Station wagon and it wasn't available with whitewalls. I don't care however, I like the look.
  9. As Restorer 32 points out, prepare for anything. This is our 51st year and have seen it all from being roasted in shorts and T shirts to a record of 9.5 inches of rain in 2013. It's not about us, it's the vendors that weather affects the most, especially the literature venders. As for long range forecasts don't even waist your time, HERSHEY has it's own weather. I have, framed on my garage wall, the weather map from the USA Today newspaper, the year it rained 9.5 inches. The entire country is clear except a dime sized, unmoving, rainstorm directly over the Harrisburg/HERSHEY area!
  10. Buffaloed Bill, I do agree with you that judging does play a role in our hobby. However, there is a huge difference in judging an antique car and judging a hot rod/custom. At most large hot rod shows there could be many cars that could qualify for a trophy and that's why some guys take offense to who won a trophy. Every year at the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville KY, they pick a top 25. If you walk thru the over 10,000 cars on display it would be hard to pick a top 100. Our local show of over 500 cars, allowed members of our City Council to pick some of the winners, including Best of Show. Well, she picked a reproduction Bugatti that is built using VW parts. I cannot begin to tell you how much trouble that caused for the host club. Many people were so p.o. ed that swore that they would never be back. It took several years to rebuild the shows reputation and attendance and the club had to admit they screwed up.
  11. How true John S. and yet I have witnessed fist fights and screaming matches over some cheap, $10.00, plastic, dust collector!
  12. It often amazed me about the people that box up and transport every trophy they have ever won and display it in front of their car. The theory behind it is simple. First, it shows the judges how many trophies my car has won, so it must be the best. Second, it tells the judges that if my car does not win a trophy at this event, they, the judges, don't know what they are doing. Some people need a lot of "stroking", to tell them how great they are.
  13. Sounds like a TV commercial, "try the new HERSHEY'S CRUNCH". I'm sure you will get the car done and have great success, good luck! What's the car, so we can check it out?
  14. We had a similar discussion a while back. Many of us do our own restorations. Let's say we sell one of the cars that we have totally restored and the person that purchased it has an accident. Can they sue us for something pertaining to the restoration, brakes, steering etc?
  15. John in Pa, I hope that the bill you picture belongs to you, because at Unc-65 that baby is worth about 90 grand.