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  1. 46 woodie

    mechanical brakes

    Mechanical brakes are fine as long as all the "slop" in the system is eliminated. All the levers, bushing, cams are in good shape. You might evaluate you brake's while you are working on your car. Quick question, you say that your 1927 Chrysler has mechanical brakes on the rear only?
  2. 46 woodie

    Chrome plating

    EPA restrictions are getting stricter and stricter for plating shops and state regulations are even harder in some states. The disposal of heavy metals waste is a real concern and very costly to even transport to a waste/reclamation facility. I fear someday we will need to send our parts to be plated to China or India.
  3. 46 woodie

    Photo help please

    I have also seen them with what looked like steel round rod sewn into them for re-inforcement and to maintain a shape.
  4. 46 woodie


    You could remove your distributor and install an oil pump drive. It hooks to a hand drill and drives the pump to pre lube the motor before start up. I would think once or twice a month should suffice.
  5. 46 woodie

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    Hey C Carl, we have a "matched set". We were learning to shape copper bowls in H. S. metal shop and with the lathe still spinning after I shut it off, I though I could slow it down with my hand. Well I couldn't and it gave me about 15 stitches and a 2" scar to remind me not to try it again. Do kids even have metal shop anymore?
  6. 46 woodie

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    Great winter restoration project. Get it cleaned up and purchase a drive belt and you're in business.
  7. 46 woodie

    What does original mean?

    JV, so right you are. It drives me bonkers to hear people say that they own a "classic" '57 Chevrolet or a "classic" Model A Ford.
  8. 46 woodie

    What does original mean?

    I would call a vehicle "original", if it's an unrestored, as it left the factory, vehicle. If it has been restored, I would call it "restored to original condition". As the saying goes "it's only original once". It can be the finest, most expensive restoration, but it's not original it's restored!
  9. 46 woodie

    The next generation and keeping it in the family

    I don't know if you are familiar with a company named Rootlieb. They make speedster parts, seats, fenders etc. for both Model T and A speedsters. Might be useful for your project.
  10. 46 woodie

    Model A value

    I would tend to agree with Mercer. So so interior, stuck engine, 17 year older restoration and to start with, not a high dollar car. What kind of restoration, how deep did the owner go or is it just a rattle can cosmetic restoration? Pictures would help. In some of the classified ad's in Model A Club magazines, fully restored and nice cars are going for between $10K and $15K.
  11. 46 woodie

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    The problem is that we're car guy's and we know what things, are and what they should cost. I have a new car and must be returned to the dealer for certain items to keep up the warrantee. When I get the bill for service, I notice items like "top off brake fluid", $13, "add anti-freeze", $12, "adjust headlights", $18. Who the heck are they kidding, we all know they don't do any of it. I told the service manager that I checked everything before I took the car in for service and the fluids were fine, and why did he need to adjust factory installed headlights? He just looked at me and he knew he was caught and he took the items off the bill.
  12. 46 woodie

    Just retired - need some advice

    Why not purchase an antique car? Depending what your interests are, you can purchase something like an entry level Model A Ford, that's easy to maintain and repair to a 60's era vehicle.
  13. 46 woodie

    Motor upgrades?

    WHAT? It's a small block Chevy, the most hot rodded engine on the planet. Summit Racing is loaded with SBC parts!!!! As Rusty points out, you can get a crate motor of just about any HP you can want, probably cheaper than you can build it AND it will come with a warrantee.
  14. 46 woodie

    Thinking about a 1927 "T"

    I would search for a local Model T Club and ask a member to come along and evaluate the car for you. As Matt states, if the car is properly maintained, a babbited engine will do fine in a T. If you need a new engine, then it must be sent to a specialty shop geared to pouring babbit, it's not a do it yourself job. There are several places you can get Model T parts, mostly reproduction. A word to the wise, a re-babbit job won't come cheap because once you tear down that motor it will evolve into a total rebuild.
  15. 46 woodie

    bad news for Nissan

    Along the same lines, I heard on the news this AM, that one of the worlds biggest container ships, the MSC ZOE, was caught in a storm near the German island of Borkum and over 300 containers went overboard and have washed up on Dutch islands in the North Sea. They reported everything from TV sets, car tires, clothing, canned food, sneakers and machinery is in some of the containers. I'm sure all the electronics are trash but car tires might still be good.