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  1. Wow, some of you guy's are tough. There are clubs for just about any type of collector vehicle. Clubs for Model T's, Model A's, Tri-Five Chevy's, T-Birds Etc. The C.C.C.A happens to have true Classic cars. You wouldn't join a Packard club with an Nash. The term "Classic Car" is thrown around too much. People see a 1950 Hudson and call it a classic car, it's simply not. The A.A.C.A welcomes them all. I think Lump sums it up perfectly!
  2. AZ, The C.C.C.A is a club that specializes in 1915-1948 vehicles if fine and unusual distinction. The cars that qualify for the club can be found on their website. As Steve points out your vehicle would be welcome in the A.A.C.A. As to when your vehicle would be accepted into the "Classic" category, not to hurt your feelings, I would say never.
  3. Because of the threaded end, I would think that it attaches to something electrical with the end with the rubber insulated fitting and the threaded end allowed something to be removed or disconnected. Of course you probably know that, sorry I can't be more specific. I would try touching it to a small 1 and 1/2 volt battery and see what I get from the threaded side.
  4. Sorry Pax, checked my stash and I don't have those years. As to the wooden nickels, how do you display yours? I deal with a company called Lighthouse for my stamp and coin accessories. I purchased a coin holder and they fit nicely for display.
  5. For sitting around in those long, wet, Michigan winters, it doesn't look too bad. As for the floors and chassis, that may be another story. Those sedan delivery's took a beating and the sides always seem to be dented, those pictured look pretty straight. Not too many around.
  6. Man , I'm giving away my age, but I remember reading a comic book featuring "Kookie". He was dating a Russian spy and picked her up for dinner in the Hot Rod and she thought it was a tractor.
  7. I agree with Bhigdog, make a pattern from 1/8" plywood and have it cut to size. I have done it several times and it always worked out for me. If it's a Ford you can purchase the "Bugs" from Third Gen Automotive and stencil the glass as it came from the factory. In fact they might have stencils for other makes.
  8. There is a company called Tanks Inc. that a lot of the street rod guy's use, they might have what you are looking for.
  9. Your uncle was an early Hot Rodder!
  10. I saw that commercial and thought it was really cool, very creative!
  11. Isn't the "D" motor an aircraft motor, that the shape of the head is in the shape of a D?
  12. It has a "rounder" shape for a Ford, I also vote Mercury. Can you take any pictures of the dash. The parts might be useful to someone.
  13. Very ironic that you should post this today, as I just read in the newspaper this morning, that Borden Dairy Co. has filed for bankruptcy. The article went on to say that milk consumption has dropped by 40% since 1975.
  14. Isn't it great to have a site such as this one to alert everyone about scammers like this this guy!!!!
  15. You might want to research someone that does antique fabric restoration. Depending how old the fabric is, modern dyes might be too harsh.