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  1. You might want to have your attorney draw up some sort of contract to protect your assets. One photo shoot that was for something to do with Lincoln, be it a high school or whatever, had 20 something, Lincoln cheerleaders positioned all over this beautiful '40 Lincoln sedan. Well, you can guess what the car looked like when they were finished with the shoot. Dented hood, fenders and a caved in roof. Also, you might need to ask your insurance agent if there are any restrictions in your policy. One local guy mentioned to his agent that he rented his car out for weddings etc. and had his policy cancelled. I have been approached several times about using my vehicles and always said no.
  2. Very nice show today, great weather and beautiful location. Some of the most beautiful vehicles ever made were on display. Hope the weather cooperates Sunday.
  3. I hope he is joking around, but on of my friends wants to use my '46 Ford Station Wagon for his casket ride. Once in a while he will remind me and say, "don't forget, your driving me to the cemetery in your "Woodie".
  4. I'm not familiar with Cadillac, but I do know a fair amount about Model A Ford's. When the "pickers" purchased that Model A, they paid way too much for it. Wrong color, reproduction grill shell and headlights, wrong interior and lot's of add on's that screamed "don't buy me". It was later appraised at a couple grand less than they paid for it. Frank also punched a '40 Plymouth that was also appraised at a grand less than he paid. What Mike and Frank need is an automobile appraiser to advise them. On the other hand, when you are dealing with TV and advertising money and producers are throwing buckets of money at you, who cares how much they spend and loose.
  5. www.MaxwellEnamels.com, 760-941-1966
  6. I purchase all my hardware from McMaster-Carr. You can't beat the price and selection and you have them the next day.
  7. If you drive your car, it's only a matter of time before you get stone chips. When you live on Long Island and want to get to the mainland, you basically have two choices. One is the Cross Bronx Expressway, (parking lot) and the other is the Cross Island Parkway, (parking lot). I have seen ladders, paving stones, cinder blocks, wood pallets, a hand truck, among other items in the road. Be glad you don't hit one of those. The first trip I ever took in my '46 Ford Station Wagon, I got a huge stone chip in my drivers side windshield and it had to be replaced, first trip!
  8. For me it was late '60s early '70s. My first year going to Hershey was 1968 and I still have the program. I count over 220 Model A Fords listed, last year there were about 10 at most. The majority of cars on the show field now are 1970 to 1980 Preservation Class cars. Not really antique cars in my book. Oh well, times marches on.
  9. Another idea is a "bra". I know some hot rod guys use them, unfortunately I don't know the supplier.
  10. Just be very careful with the product you use! I tried a product called "Road Wrap" from California Car Cover and when I removed it, the car needed to go back to the body shop and be rubbed out. It was only on for about 12 hours and the product claims it can be left on "all week". I would hate to think what the paint would look like after a week.
  11. It would be helpful if you gave your location in your post. Apple country in NY State is fairly large. I'm up in the New Paltz, NY, area frequently and would look at it for you if you would like. I might also be able to recommend a member of the National Woodie Club that is near you to look at it also.
  12. No, your not in the wrong section, you will find a huge amount of talented individuals on this site that can steer you in the right direction. If it helps in any way, there is a fully restored 1930 Chevrolet Woodie Huckster, show winner, for $35,000 in the latest Woodie Times. I know a '42-'48 Ford Station Wagon re-wood is between 30 to 40K, but you car, having mostly flat panels, would be less expensive. I can see that most of the panels are de-laminating so they would need to be replaced, can't tell about the structural members though. The engine numbers you picture are casting numbers, not vehicle I.D. numbers. I would like to tell you that your car is worth a ton of money, but sadly it's not.
  13. Well on a much smaller scale I know of a body shop that did just that. They were restoring a Packard Convertible and over a year of payments were delinquent. The body shop owner called the owner of the Packard and told him that unless he paid in 30 days, what was owed, from now on the Packard would be stored outside the shop. Two months went by, so outside the topless car went. It sat there for well over two years. The owner of the body shop passed away and no one knows what ever happened to the car, but by then it was a mess.
  14. Does the jewell need to go around the metal piece? If not, I would find a shop that makes and sells costume jewelry, they might have what you need.