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  1. It could virtually be anything western, casino, Indian themed event, etc.
  2. Probably some sort of market or someone selling goods by the pound.
  3. The front plate on Model A fords were mounted on the headlight bar as 41 mentions. Brattons has the clamp set, PN18360 @ $5.50 for the set.
  4. Padgett, right you are. Most people tune out TV ads and really don't hear a lot of what is said. In my case, because of hearing difficulties, I have closed captioning on my TV and actually read some of the side effects. I think I would rather have the illness than the "cure" in some cases.
  5. Norm Grabowski's-Kookie Car from the TV series 77 Sunset Strip is on the cover of this months Hot Rod Magazine. It was recently restored to the way it was when Norm built it.
  6. CD, as you can see, this site is a wealth of information. Everyone on this site is involved in the antique car hobby in one way or another. I'm happy to see that your making progress. One suggestion I would offer is to reach out to your local A.A.C.A. local chapter. You might be able to get some very talented manpower to help you.
  7. Many years ago my wife and I were at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale AZ. We were looking at some of the outdoor exhibits when we heard a beeping sound and before we could react a golf cart backed into my wife. The driver got out and was apologizing to us and we realized the passenger was Carroll Shelby. After a while, after things calmed down, I said to Mr. Shelby, "if I knew you were here, I have a friend that owns a Shelby Mustang that want's your autograph on his glove box". He replied, "just tell him to sign it himself, most my autographs are fake anyways". He went on to say, "if
  8. Questions that I would have is, how long has the car sat without being started, when is the last time the car has been driven and the brakes been used, how long has the gas been in the tank or were the tank and fuel lines drained? Sometimes just sitting can be a cars enemy.
  9. I think it's hilarious that if you read the caption's that, "he wore a football helmet on his head". Never mind the fact that he did not have a seatbelt and that big old steering wheel was ready to break all his ribs, smash in his face and teeth and possibly worse. He was probably lucky the stunt failed and he landed in the water!
  10. Mark, I ran into a similar situation several years ago. It was a 1939, Ford Station Wagon that was stored for about 50 years in a heated warehouse. The owner lost the storage when the warehouse was sold. He had several offers to purchase the car, including mine. Rather than sell the car he moved it to the side of his house, where it sat for several years in the weather. I don't need to tell you what the car looks like now, sad.
  11. There were actually something like seven or eight of the James Bond Lotus submarine cars. Most were just "shells" and each was used for a specific shot in the movie. For example one car was fitted with neutral buoyancy foam and "driven" by divers, hence all the bubbles coming from the car in the scene. One car was located by accident. It was purchased on Long Island, N.Y. by a couple that placed a $100 bid on a storage unit, that the owner had defaulted on the payments. The car was sold to Elon Musk for $100,000. Not a bad return on your investment.
  12. Fossil, I'm racking my brain to remember where I saw them, but somewhere there is a site that has the aerial views of HERSHEY over the years. It's amazing to see the transformation from then to now. I'll keep looking, perhaps someone else can jog my memory.
  13. I just said to my wife this morning that we should be packing for HERSHEY, but!!! I suggested we take a drive and just walk around the parking lot's around the Giant Center. Let's hope 2021 is better. This will be the first time we have missed HERSHEY in 52 years, it's part of my life!
  14. I just said to my wife this morning that we should be packing for HERSHEY today, but!!!! I said we should take a drive and walk around the parking lots around the Giant Center. This is the first time we will not be heading to HERSHEY in 52 years. Oh well, let's hope 2021 will be better.
  15. 1929 Model A wheels are harder to find than the '30-'31 because of the rust issue. If you do find wheels, make sure you check the rolled bead. If you rotate the wheel you might be able to hear rust flakes rolling around in the bead.
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