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  1. Thanks for the lesson on the irons, now I will be looking closely at all I see. I am with Billy, I would not mind having that car at all. A bit out of my price range though. Upholstery looks to be very well done, its a shame they used that material though. Please correct me, but from all of the old cars I have seen, it seems that the higher end vehicles always had cloth (i suspect wool?) interiors for the passenger compartment. The leather seems to be confined to the driver compartment. I suppose the cloth was the higher end option and with open driver compartments (which I suppose were mostly meant to be chauffer driven) the leather would be less affected by weather.
  2. Good Luck! I bought a project car, only reason I even did so was that it 'came with a title'. Lo and behold the day I went and got it the seller 'forgot' the title at home and was going to mail it to me. For the price the car was worth it if I did nothing else but cut up the sheet metal so no big deal. He did make good on his promise to send me the title but it was a skip. Like the one you have, the current owner never put the car in his name and it was still in the sellers name once removed. I did get it resolved luckily enough. On my current project, all of the vins on the car match but when the title was written there were two digits transposed. Without looking I dont know for fact but its something like a Z where a 2 should be and an 3 instead of an E. Obvious typographical errors. The format that was typed was never used by Pontiac. When I transferred the title to my name I took pics of all of the vins, brought Pontiac information as well as PHS to use as evidence that it was simply typed in wrong. The girl at the DMV was just about to sign off on the changes then at the last minute figured she better check with her superior. DENIED! Told me I had to get the issuing state to make the corrections. MAINE, which I contacted and they have no records dating back for car. I do have the title in my name still with the bad digits. Kinda up in the air how to get it fixed. I do have some connections in high places, not sure if they can help or not. Also thought about getting in touch with one of the guys that advertises cleaning up titles. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  3. Glad to hear they got the tank and its on its way back home. I had a dash insert lost and never recovered. I am in a rural area but within about 5 miles or so of 3 post office locations. The sender put the right town but wrong zip. I checked with the 3 post offices for about a month every other day and nothing came up. I will add, the sender (guy that restored the part) made good with sending me a new piece.
  4. As a contractor, I love the pics and would love to see more as things progress. Looking forward to a visit.
  5. Traded my 82 firebird for a '57 190 SL. Sold the Benz after about 2 years for $10k, that was about 20 yrs ago. Still makes me sick to think about it.
  6. I would have thought the lifetime would have ended with the first replacement. Anyway, that worked out to be a pretty good deal. I bought 2 lifetime subscriptions to Sirius radio when they first started, one still going strong. The other stopped working about a year ago, when I called and inquired they told me the radio does not exist!! I left an unhappy customer.
  7. Looks safe to me, horn and a headlight!
  8. 2020-06-06_11-09-31 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr Heres an old pic I found of me around 1980 in my ole F100. It was a custom cab model, I had installed a tilt tele, wheel out of a caddy. Paint was an early caddy colour Saturn Bronze Firemist.
  9. You do amazing work. Its obvious you are not the usual resto shop. Im a sucker for these trucks. My first vehicle was a hand me down 65 ford pu. It was first my sisters, then my brothers then mine. My brother had a 350 out of a corvette transplanted into it. 4 speed. Ran like a scolded dog. No weight in the rear and it would spin tires with the slightest touch of the pedal, I cant imagine what that coyote motor will do. Are you familiar with the ford lightweight race trucks? I think they made a few of them, I believe they were 63 unibody's. One of my brothers buddies ended up with one after its drag racing days. It had a cobra jet motor and was def. a sleeper. The guy would run street tires with drag slicks in the bed. He won many a street races. I ran into the truck at show a few years ago with an older guy now owning it. After hearing my story he let me sit in the thing, which was pretty cool. I had pics of it on my old phone but none that I have access too.
  10. Pintos werent bad cars. My brother in law had a pretty good job when he graduated HS. He bought 2 brand new cars at the same time. '72 Gran Torino that was his date night car, and a '72 Pinto hatchback that was his dd. Pinto was a 4 speed, light green colour. Then my sister got a Pinto (no hatchback, had a small trunk), it was dark green, automatic. I took my driver test in that car.
  11. Thanks, will do
  12. I am looking for a carb for a 1979 400 4 speed 17059263
  13. I am searching for a specific QJet carb. Must be for a 1979 Pontiac 400 motor with 4 speed trans. Below is the id/code number. 17059263
  14. I have trailered motorcycles all over the east coast and into Canada with no problems. I was doing a job in Western PA, as i pulled into the jobsite (a landfill) the State Police were there checking all of the trucks coming in. I was promptly pulled over and gone over with a fine tooth comb. With my construction experience and from driving a dump truck I had most things in order. Fire ext., all safety stuff, well maintained with records etc. Only thing was no DOT ( i didnt think i needed one for the size of truck i had). In the end after a 2 1/2 hr inspection, he gave me a warning and to get my dot asap. THEN he hit me with, 'let me see your license'. He was quite surprised that I had a CDL with a current medical card, I suspect that is what he planned on giving me a ticket for.