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  1. So many posts about 'longest trip with your car', 'its all about driving them', 'a decent running car that is driven is better than a trailer queen', etc........ As soon as someone comes up with the idea of one for a daily driver there's nothing but negativity. I agree, I would not want to commute, nor would it be safe or smart, in beltway traffic. However, If I had say for instance a job from which I worked out of my house this would be fun. A run to the hardware store, grocery store etc. I live in a fairly rural area and daily driving a Model A would be a quite realistic endea
  2. I have received at least one PM, I humbly apologize if I have stepped on toes here. I do remember there was a bit of controversy a few years ago. However I assumed it was amicably resolved. They prominently display AACA everywhere, so I suppose that is part of 'the long story'. I dont need details. I stand by my submission for all things antique car, and think its a great place to visit. Mods If this is deemed offensive in any way to paying club members (of which I am one) please remove!
  3. 2021-04-17_01-35-23 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr Not sure why this hasnt been posted yet? Spent the day there with the wifes mustang for national mustang day. Really nice museum. Didnt get any chocolate though.
  4. I may have some info if you decide to come back. I will wait until I see some life.
  5. Do you belong to a national thunderbird club? I am sure there is one out there someplace. Car show season should be starting up, maybe hit up a couple and ask around. Any good shop will most likely be busy so you will have to be patient. I can understand you broadening your search, and you very well may have to, but I would imagine you already know that the closer you are and the better for you. Good Luck.
  6. YIKES! That will spoil the fun. I got bad chicken at RoFo, never again!
  7. I wish I could remember where I read it, Ed you may very well have more info. Back in the day, I dont think it was Groucho, may have been one of his brothers, had a Duesenburg as well as other celebrity's at the time. The blip I read was about the Marx fellow and 'street' racing, said they would strip everything that wasnt needed off the car, fenders and such, then run the heck out of them. It may have been some one like Clark Gable they were racing. I really wish I knew where I read that, it was quite interesting. UM!!! Senior Moment. SORRY Alsancle, I saw the post about Ed racing a MB, a
  8. I hate to open this can of worms, it may cause a flury of responses. BUT, back in the old days when we had car shows, there was a fellow leaving the local VFW show in my town. Cruising slowly through town on main street he noticed smoke started to come out from under the hood. He stopped immediately, grabbed his extinguisher, popped the hood open and VIOLA! The engine compartment was on fire!!! He used up his extinguisher in a second there were a couple of 'hot rods' following that stopped as well, all had their extinguishers out as well. They got the fire out before it did too much damage, e
  9. My understanding is that 1. Its visible for the judges to see at a glance and 2. IF it is needed, much easier for someone to grab it from there than to have to open a door, climb inside, figure out how to unhook etc. etc.........
  10. I would say the biggest youre comfortable carrying. If its in the passenger compartment it should be attached. Laying loose it can become a missile inside the car! Heaven forbid you would need to use it, but if you did would you want a minimum size?
  11. Although not highly valuable, my policy says that I keep my car parked in my locked garage at my listed address. I have never been on an overnight trip with the car, but in the event that I am lucky enough to do so I would def. contact my agent and tell them of my intent.
  12. Sounds like the OP has been satisfied, and I dont see any ill intent with the original post. He was seeking advice and got it. No need to divulge if he has a stash of Tuckers or 78 monte carlos. Just for the sake of discussion, I stand by that location has no effect on the value of the car. Condition and desirability are the driving factors. If warranted it may be necessary to move the car to a different location to achieve the best sale price but that still has nothing to do with its value. If youre selling a used pickup truck advertised through a local CL then location does ma
  13. Thats quite impressive Ed, thanks for the pics. Yes not only the cars, but that grass is impeccable! Looks like carpet!!
  14. Food is a whole different story! Shoo fly pie, homemade root beer, fresh horseradish, just a few of my favorites.... The first time I was there I was amazed at how quiet these behemoth machines actually run. Being used to hearing the diesel roar of a large dozer, etc.
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