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  1. Have seen the movie many times, pretty strange. A couple of other pretty cool cars in it as well as a neat ole cushman.
  2. 2020-01-01_03-47-21 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr 2020-07-02_10-50-57 by Kerry Grubb, on Flickr My 77 out and about last winter, and my 79 currently under resto
  3. Some good looking cars there. I like all old cars just for the sake of it, I surely would not turn down the chance to own a 32 ford. Vanderbrink has a knack for bringing out the high bidders!
  4. I was showing at the Keeneland concours a few years ago when the featured marque was Alfa. They had a 'bat' display, I think someone was recreating one of these? I did not really know what they were at the time.
  5. I think I would contact someone in the mopar world privately, maybe find someone on this forum. It may or may not be a valuable car. I am more in tune with 60's-70's cars but dont know much about that brand. I dont think I would 'over restore' it at this point for a sale. Example: if the car is valued at say $50-$60k as is, dont spend 7-8k into the engine that the next owner will most likely do a rebuild on anyway. A car in any type of original condition will bring back a better return these days than one that has been restored. Vanderbrink has made a name for selling cars just like this for r
  6. Agree with most post, only exception is to Ed comparing the cost of an F250 to a V16 Cadillac. I would imagine most of the new trucks seen running around come with a 6-8 year payment plan (just a guess as I buy used and inexpensive 🤔), I for one would not get into a car payment for an antique car. I may be alone here, but if I cant afford cash for a hobby I wont do it. Therefor my car shopping budget is limited.
  7. Looks to me like it may need a bit more than just wood!
  8. Even if the car is meticulous on the outside for appearance sake, that is still a big hump to overcome during a restoration. I would not mind buying a car that is of at least driver quality exterior and only needing mechanicals. I def would not buy one thinking it is ready for the road. In the past I have bought a lot of antique motorcycles, a couple have come from museums. I am not a mechanic but the first thing I did for every bike was send it to my mechanic for a once over. Some times I had the bike back in a few weeks, others it took a year and a full restoration!!
  9. In the car world only person I know of is Dr. Simeone. I have met him at his museum a couple of times. Great guy.
  10. Agree with all of the above, however if it is a car that has been donated and the museum is selling, that would propose a whole different aspect. If the museum is reputable they should be able to tell you everything you need to know about the car.
  11. I just read a post on another forum, very similar circumstance. A guy posted a want ad, got a text from a one time post/new member. Whole thing looked fishy. The scammers are out there as always. Just beware and not too desperate to find that rare part.
  12. For someone that is as mechanically challenged as myself an early electric car would be perfect!! I think I have been looking in the wrong direction for an old car 😁
  13. Great images! I am too young to remember the cars on the road, but the architecture was all still in place as I was growing up.
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