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  1. Im not a rat rod guy, but yeah. Mechanicals/safety stuff and this one would be a fun truck to cruise around in.
  2. Another that feels strange at first is an articulating loader. Takes a bit to get used to.
  3. Its been awhile since I have seen Bullit, but I also recall seeing some of the same cars from different points of the chase.
  4. As corny as it is/was, I started watching Knight Rider a few years ago. Was from my era, and its def entertaining, LOL. A lot of the times when the car is jumping you can see that it is nothing more than a hollow shell with 4 wheels. Not to mention the really crazy scenes like when he drives on water and its a small scale plastic model!!
  5. Walt, hypothetical question for you being the historian. Do you think far into the future the era we are in now will be a grey area of information? Most everything now is transmitted electronically, IMO will be lost to future generations. Looking back to the past we know what furniture and tools people had living in the 18th century. They wrote everything down for tax records if nothing else. Now I would surmise most people dont even had hard copies of family vacation pictures.
  6. Is it paid storage at the repair yard? The guys in my area do that kind of thing. It looks too nice to be sitting outside, in my weather it would be crapped out in a couple of years. Maybe the owner is waiting for his own storage space. Or perhaps parked the car there and has since passed away, his heirs left with the........I think dad had a couple of old cars stashed somewhere?
  7. Circa 1930's movies, I like the ones involving a chase scene, the bad guy is driving a big Lincoln or Packard. They crash off the cliff and its clearly a model T going into the ravine. As far as pulling a trailer, how about 'The Long Long Trailer' with Desi and Lucy?
  8. A guy passed us on the road yesterday in one of those modern raptor type 3 wheel vehicles. That would make a great platform to put a reproduction body of this on!!
  9. In 2010 my small town had a population of just under 3,000. In 1970 is was smaller yet. At that time we had a Ford/Mercury dealer, right next door to an AMC dealer and on the way out of town was the Dodge/Plymouth dealer. About 5 miles to the west in an even smaller town (just a widespot in the road) was a Chrysler dealer. To the north about 8 miles into PA in just a slightly bigger town were numerous dealers as well.
  10. In regards to it being late, I have given up on expectations for magazines at this point. I got my last AACA magazine about a month late, I get hemmings whenever they feel like sending them out and Old Cars, that ones really crazy. Some weeks I get 3 at a time, then maybe go a month and not have anything. The latest issue I got has all of the auctions for June! Glad I wasnt planning on going to any and buying a car.
  11. My band teacher in HS had a couple of wagons like that. Also had one of those fastback cars. My brother had the one with the trunk when he was living in Germany. VW's are ok, I respect them the same as all old cars, but I just dont get the hype.
  12. Maybe it wasnt a low rider, just worn out suspension! (sorry, couldnt resist)
  13. Unless its red, I know a guy that was getting some red for his RAM truck, it was something stupid like $800 a quart!!
  14. Very interesting. I have never sprayed lacquer on a car but have done a lot of furniture and custom made cabinets. Lacquer is wonderful for that as it indeed dries about as fast as you can spray it.
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