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  1. Thanks for the pics. As beautiful as the Auburn is, I think my vote would have gone to your Packard. What a stunning automobile.
  2. One thing I will ad about the element, IF I were, say, at a car show and spotted a fire😬 My instinct would be to grab any fire extinguisher I could find, usually placed at the front tire. I would know how to pull the pin and squeeze to work it. IF I found an element, I would have no idea how to make it work? Striking the cap across the end and lighting like a flare would be the last thing on my mind. I do know now after looking at above videos but prior to this I would have been lost in a emergency situation.
  3. I think it can have an effect at the right altitude but like was mentioned, I dont think anything in NC will make a diff. I drove a carb. motorcycle from Phoenix to the top of the Grand Canyon. At higher altitudes I was getting about half the mileage as I was on flat ground. That is my experience (other than not being able to breath in Breckenridge!).
  4. Congrats on the win, beautiful car. Any pics of the Packard?
  5. General discussion is good, and some ideas to consider posted. But if I were shipping said parts I would have gone with the lower quote and shipped the stuff. $300 to cross the country with a large box sounds like a bargain to me. Its not like diesel fuel is $4!! I shipped a pair of exhaust outlets in a cardboard box about the size of a small suitcase. Went from MD to TX, only cost $150!! As mentioned, a couple of things to consider, find a local LTL freight carrier and ship from or pick up directly at their terminal. If thats not available use a commercial address. Maybe a friends auto shop or such. Rates are usually lower that way.
  6. Besides, how many of us are willing to put our cars waist deep in water, No comment from the Amphicar crowd, LOL.
  7. I dont think it looks completely horrible. But all of the opinions listed above would have me second guessing my self? All black, yes that would be the cats meow.
  8. 'Not a rust bucket' because a bucket can hold water!
  9. AJ, the picture looks good! I have premium AAA as well. The 2 times I tried to use, it was no good! Once for a stupid reason the other because I didnt have the rv endorsement (which by the way, this past weekend was the one anniversary of my trailer break down adventure picking up my sons GTO). I still keep the bill paid though. One of those that you think is nice to have but dont want to use it.
  10. After watching that second video an Element fire stick (notice I did not say extinguisher) is the very last thing I will buy! I will spend the money on something good. About the only thing I see going for it was the run time! I think fire extinguishers are kinda like a car cover. Someone will spend 20k+ on a paint job then want to buy the cheapest car cover out there, or even just use a bedsheet. Same deal with a fire ex. You have a 30k+ car and dont want to spend a couple hundy on an extinguisher! I dont get the mentality?
  11. Just caught the tail end. Looks like you are moving forward and things are looking great.
  12. I mean no disrespect but, if the customer is expecting an original colour quality paint job (which I would assume is the case as he has taken the car to a professional), then HE should invest in a Marti report. One of the good things about Ford products. The painter should have asked for that info, or at least informed the owner that it is available. OR, take the bull by the horns and order it themselves so they can get it correct. Otherwise its a pop shot as to what the colour should be. IF its a case of 'I want a blue mustang' then just pick something out. There is a right way to restore a car and a wrong way!
  13. Back when we had service stations in town, Dad was good friends with the owner of the Sinclair. He would grab the empty oil drums for trash cans. I remember we had 2 big ones and 2 of the smaller ones. They were def. heavy duty and lasted throughout my childhood. When I was in HS I dated a girl whose father worked with the EPA. He said any empty drum/barrel is a huge red flag. I dont want any of those things around my place! LOL.
  14. I know what you mean about shelf space. My shop is only 30 x 40 and is primarily used for my woodworking business so floor space is at a premium. I have all of the perimeter filled with shelving, tools and storage. I have seen some really good deals at Home Depot on rolling work bench/tool carts. The only thing that stopped me from buying a couple was 'where will they go?'
  15. In all seriousness, I have been working on the restoration of a car for at least 5 years now. I do have to say its nice to have another in the garage ready to roll at a moments notice. I remember when I was restoring the first one I would go to car events and only dream of the day in which I could attend something, only to have to go back home and see my car sitting in pieces. So yes, its good to have 2 😁
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